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S01.E14: Darkness 2014.08.09

It looks like the show is cribbing off The Dark Knight, at least in terms on how much of a racket Ra's Al Guhl is willing to make. He's blacked out Gotham, and it looks like the city will be needing a new police commissioner. Apparently, calling Ra's a "pajama-wearing freak" (or something similar) is a no-no.


Batman manages to escape with Silver Monkey's help, as the bad guy winds up getting cut down (offscreen) by the Soultaker sword. Ra's seemingly drives a wedge between Tatsu/Katana and Alfred in regards to Alfred getting her father killed. I get the feeling that they're both playing Ra's and everything's good between them, but I don't think that would be the case given the show's intended audience. Oh, and it turns out Barbara Gordon can hack the Ion Cortex, because science and demographics. For an extra kicker, Bruce Wayne's backdoor password to the Cortex is "ORACLE." And she didn't even need a slug to the spine to get her there. On the downside, her father isn't happy with her lifestyle choices . . . nor the theft of a police van.


One more thing to make stuff interesting . . . with Batman making a comeback, Ra's decides to turn to Blackgate and all the villains Bats took out in prior episodes. Nice cliffhanger, even if you question the wisdom of gathering all the lunatics in one place. Then again, we had to get past that in regards to Magpie and Lunkhead two weeks ago. The future looks interesting, though I'm starting to see that this series will be filed away as a clunker.


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Ra's Al Guhl needs to learn item # 36 from the Evil Overlord List: I will not imprison members of the same party in the same cell block, let alone the same cell.


Some comedy gold with Gordon this time around:

Gordon - "Call me Dad!", Officer - "Uhh...Dad?"

And also "Batman is not..."


Looks like the Silver Monkey got spanked for the last time.


The Batmobile's rocket launchers can be used to flip it back upright. Of course they can.


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