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S01.E13: Fall 2014.08.02

With the climax of this episode, I think maybe CN was justified in pulling the show from the morning schedule. Having the main bad guy cause a massive power outage might have been a little too intense for some viewers. Or maybe CN is just predisposed to hating DC series that aren't Teen Titans Go!


The Cypher-controlled Jason brings the Ion Cortex to Ra's Al Guhl, who is now wide awake and rocking with Lance Reddick's voice (yes, I checked the credits). Batman & Katana try to stop him, and seemingly succeed in snapping Jason out of Cypher's control. A few minutes later, Jason is victimized by the Soultaker sword, Ra's humbles the Batman in combat, Alfred is forced to bring the roof down to allow him and Katana/Tatsu to escape, and Gotham City is blacked out . . . presumably for League of Assassins-type fun.


I thought the episode was okay, though I'll understand if some people's highlight was the Darwyn Cooke-written Batman Beyond vignette during the break. Interesting to see history through Alfred's eyes, as he's betrayed by Tatsu's father and brings up young Young Master Wayne. Still doesn't explain why he wound up playing butler to the Waynes in the first place, but it's a start. And we finally get a canon villain (does Lady Shiva count?) messing with the Batman to a degree that would anger Key & Peele's superfan valet characters.


BTW . . . Bat-computer with a personality, yea or nay? I liked B:TAS, where you had Richard Moll doing the voice because Bruce's BFF was Harvey Dent. And did Tatsu take too big a risk in unmasking and kissing Jason to snap him out of his evil trance?

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So that's the big plan? Cause a blackout? Not impressive. Is there some logical reason that the utility people couldn't just cut the lines to that substation? No, never mind. I'm sure there's some energy field technobabble mechanism involved.


Thumbs down for the AI Bat Computer. Just have the damn thing spit out answers without the back-talk.


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I liked the gender reversal of having the girl kiss the ‘sleeping Prince’ to wake him, but I did not get how kissing Jason led to Cypher being electrocuted or zapped with feedback or whatever. I guess it was supposed to be Jason fighting back mentally like Batman did?


It made me snicker regardless, because I kept thinking of nonsensical taglines like “Kiss a Nerd, Zap a Cyborg!” modeled after that “starve a snake, lose a fortune” line from Buffy.


Bat-computer with a personality, yea or nay?



Yea. Batman’s affect is so robotic and monotone sometimes, I enjoy the computer as contrast. I laughed out loud when the Bat-computer said Humpty Dumpty’s location was “a wall,” for example.

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