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  1. Congrats to The Daily Show for the Emmy nod!
  2. S13.E22: Exodus

    Seriously? They brought Gabriel back just to kill him in the most pointless way before the finale? Why bring him back now that Heaven is low on angel juice to keep Heaven afloat? Why do I get the feeling that Jack is going to go darkside at the end of the season or the next season once he finds out what Sam did? They shouldn't have at least not be surprised that JAck was curious about knowing his father. And don't they need archangel grace to do the spell again? No Gabriel and no Lucifer, it's going to be hard to reopen the dimensional door.
  3. NHL Thread

    I can't watch the Bruins/Leafs game anymore, it's becoming predictable. The Bruins will do goalie interference or crash a player into the boards and the refs do not see anything wrong. But when a Leafs do something similar it's PENALTY BOX/3 game suspension. It feels like the series is rigged so unevenly it's not funny anymore.
  4. Curling

    Probably. But there's no guarantee that they'll win a spot to go to the Olympics at all. And also to add even if they are a team that won a world champion that doesn't mean they don't need a coach/advisor to help them provide an extra POV on strategy and techniques. Every athlete still needs a coach to help/push them improve their game.
  5. Curling

    God...DAMNIT!!! Team Canada (Women) were playing like they want to go home. And I know they're the world champions but that doesn't mean anything in the Olympics. You start with a blank slate and work your way up to earn your way to an Olympic medal. Ugh.
  6. Curling

    FINALLY! Team Canada (women) finally woke up and starting to play like they want to win.
  7. Curling

    Augh the Can vs. Swiss men's game was so frustrating. Are they playing to win? I swear they threw the stones like they had no energy left or any strategy.
  8. I wonder if they'll continue their curse streak of having a Superbowl sketch featuring on one of the teams which ends up losing the next day.
  9. S14.E09: 1-800-799-7233

    Kudos to Maggie giving Jackson the most mature and responsible response. Just because they're not blood related is not a free card to do it. And she has a point, there might be a possibility that they break up, and then what? They can't walk away as long as their parents are married to each other. My fear though is they'll hook up spontaneously for sweeps. Matthew Morrison tapped into a psychotic gaslighting asshole way too well. He was definitely giving me the creeps. God, I hope Alex/Jo were not involved with the hit and run. That hacker intern was sweet trying not to violate his "probation" even when Bailey was dragging him into it. I was worried for a sec that Bailey got him in trouble with the Feds and they might suddenly appear to arrest him. Loved how Meredith gave Jo's ex the stink-eye and immediately smelled the BS he was trying to spew.
  10. NFL Thread

    I was hoping to see an exciting game but seeing the ref helping the Patriots it's a massacre. The fix is in.
  11. NFL Thread

    the refs ruling so far in the Titans vs. the Patriots makes me feel like the refs are trying to help the Patriots win just like the last two games the Patriots have played.
  12. It reminds me of Snowpiercer where they kept the lower worker class subservient with substandard food and massacres as population control to keep their numbers under control and emotionally broken. I think the Daisy destroying the EArth is a misdirection. The Kree just happen to appear just when the Earth is destroyed. This season is setting up a mystery.
  13. Now the show is Pandorum? Agents of Shield ....in space. There was a Daily Show parody sketch of producers who pitch premises and just add "in space" to look distinct. You know if they had been inadvertantly flung into the Kree homeworld where humans were "kidnapped"/"sent" to work for the Kree and they try to get back home to warn the planet about possibility of a Kree invasion I think that would be less ridiculous. Time travel? So instead of establishing they have to fix the mess they had created in season 4 the show decides to forget that and focus on time travel and saving the future? And the agents of Shield are now legends? I guess this episode was also meant to clue drop for the agents to figure out what had happened or how to prevent the invasion but I get the feeling they're making it sound like it's Daisy did something to make it worse. Where's Fitz?
  14. Nathan, I think is overcompensating with Meghan. The last time he saw her they had a fight and then years later the guilt of her being left behind, he's trying to make it up to her for all those years. Not saying a part of him doesn't love her but it's a gap of many years and then trying to continue where they last left off is not the right time. It should be about her recovery time and leave the relationship issues for a later time. Jo on the other is addicted to doing stupid things. Sleeping with glasses guy (it's not as if she was attracted to him or even desired to sleep with him, she just did it) and then immediately hooking up with Alex after the fallout from the previous season. Are they sure that Jo doesn't have a tumour too? Because she's just out there. Amelia. Well I guess it explains her behaviour lately. Although I agree it sounds like a cop-out. She's not out of control it was the tumour. I wonder how long will the show make Amelia keep this a secret from Owen until it's too late. And since it seems like she's the only brain surgeon in America who perform the surgery, she's screwed. April/Jackson. I thought they were a couple after Montana. Jackson doesn't seem like the type to be vague with the status of their relationship. And no no no to Maggie and Jackson, they're step-siblings. This is not Days of Our Lives where it's okay to hook with pseudo family members.
  15. S08.E20 & S08.E21: The Finale

    I don't know why but everytime Dino said babydoll it reminded of Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad if he had lived during the 1930's.