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  1. S06.E19: The Dragon

    The whole newbie team: Oliver put Rene in the hospital What Oliver should say: He ๐Ÿ‘ tried ๐Ÿ‘to hit me๐Ÿ‘ with an axe๐Ÿ‘. What Felicity should say: He ๐Ÿ‘ fucking ๐Ÿ‘ shot me๐Ÿ‘.
  2. S04.E18: Lose Yourself

    Barry got Ralph killed with his moralizing. DeVoe's been killing people like Ralph for months now and is very ruthless and dangerous, especially to someone who doesn't have super speed and lightning fast reflexes. Ralph was right about needing to kill DeVoe if they got the chance because DeVoe won't quit and there isn't enough difference in the power level to safely handle him. But then I'm the type of fan that thinks that Batman should kill the Joker around the fifth time he's unleashed a neurotoxin laughing gas into Gotham.
  3. I would expect either Hulu or NBC will have it within 24 hours.
  4. I absolutely loved it! I'll start off by admitting that I'm one of the filthy casuals who might not have watched without John Legend starring, but wow Judas blew him out of the water even though Legend did fine, especially since he was starring alongside and against seasoned live theater performers. It was great to see Norm Lewis as I really liked him as Javert in Les Miserables. That Crucifixion shot was AMAZING, that's what a good production value gets you! Pontious Pilate and Herod were also standouts. Sara Bareilles was great as Mary Magdalene as well. Judas: If you knew why I did it- Jesus: I don't care why you do it! Loved that scene. Just in love with theater right now. If I had to choose the next live performance NBC does, I'd pick West Side Story.
  5. S06.E14: Collision Course

    That's always been an unclear point aboiut what exactly Diggle and Rene are shooting. I don't think they're just shooting bullets, so what are they?
  6. S06.E14: Collision Course

    Rene went from being the best of the newbies to the worst. He dares call Oliver a thug even though it's Rene that's willing to screw over Oliver to get his daughter back even though he choked when he had a perfectly non-shady way to do it. Him taking an axe to Oliver meant that Oliver could do whatever he wanted to Rene as far as I'm concerned. He tried to murder him!
  7. Ralph: ...I sweat in my sleep a lot. Iris: YA NASTY
  8. She's probably going to be Pestilence. Her being a doctor is a perfect fit.
  9. If Supergirl Season one had such magic, then why did it lose over 50% of its viewers during its first season, from 12.9 to 6.1 million? Not being combative, honest question. Was the writing too poor or were audiences really looking for a Superman show and Supergirl wasn't a good enough substitute? Supergirl seems to be steady in the 1.8 - 2.1 million viewership range, and this is deceptively low because of the people who only stream the show through CW (like myself). I'll agree with you that when Supergirl was on CBS it was a better show, even removing Cat Grant and Maxwell Lord, though I can't put my finger on what the difference is. If I had to guess, I would just say overall better writing and the show really misses Cat Grant in terms of the type of no-nonsense authority figure she provided. I was hopeful that Snapper Carr would fill that hole but I guess not. The show's take on gender politics is very clumsy and could do with a lot more nuance. Making the blue star be a male killer instead of supercharging Kryptonians was a confusing move, as were Livewire's comments on men being the weaker sex, I don't remember her being so anti-male in her last appearance. Kara punching the security guard that was only doing his job and then made the comment "Don't grab women sweetheart", is another example. Alone, they're all small moments that don't mean anything but when they consistently happen, there seems to be a vibe of the show communicating to male viewers that not only is this show not for them (which is completely fine), but the show doesn't even want them watching it. I wonder if Supergirl is trying to replace its male viewers with more female viewers for some reason? I'll also say that this show is the best CW superhero show right now because it manages to hit genuine emotional beats almost every episode and it should be commended for that and I really like the way the Worldkiller plotline is going. It also benefits from having the best performers of the CWverse imo. Melissa Benoist is especially strong as the lead. I'm scared for a resurgence of Karamel though. I liked that Mon-El got married and Kara had moved on and now it seems like the writers may be moving back towards Karamel, especially because of the way it splits the fandom and if not handled correctly, the way Imra and Mon-El break up and Kara and him get together could wind up making all of them look really bad.
  10. Yeah, but they did have Mina killing people, that was the character they decided to write. To a certain point, we've got to at least accept the basis of the story the writers make. Mina was remorselessly killing people on her way to achieving her goal that she deemed getting in her way and also didn't care at all about collateral damage. With the security guard at the beginning of the episode, Mina didn't even give him a chance to give her the artifact, she just killed him using the stone lion. Becky wasn't actively hurting anyone, that was a pretty passive ability, though one she could've taken steps to mitigate. Ralph does arrange for the last artifact she steals to be sent back to the Native American tribe it originally came from.
  11. Here's my theory: In 3x10, Imra said that in the 25th Century, there's an unknown cataclysm that wipes out Earth's population and its culture, leaving a massive gap in history. Mon-El says in the same episode that all that's known in regards to Supergirl and Reign in the 21st century is that Supergirl recovers from her injuries and that "Reign leaves". And now Imra's saying that she needs to tell him the real reason they came to the 21st century. My theory is that the Legion has traveled back in time to change the timeline from their current one and to help Supergirl either kill or defeat the Worldkillers; I'm leaning towards "kill". In the original timeline, Supergirl has her initial fight with Reign and it ends the same way that we saw in 3x09 with Kara badly beaten, but the DEO's able to heal her and Alex helps Kara out of her coma with the same tech that Alex used to get Kara out of her Black Mercy fantasy. At some later point, Kara and the DEO fight Reign, Purity, and Pestilence and this battle results in Kara's death and the heavy wounding of Reign, with possibly Purity and Pestilence being killed. The Worldkillers leave Earth to recover and take centuries to do so until they return in the 25th century to "cleanse" Earth, resulting in the cataclysm that Imra talked about in 3x10. There's several clues that support this, but I'm doing a fair amount of guesswork. First off, Reign's fate is left so ambiguous that it begs a more defined reveal at some point in the season. "Reign leaves", meaning that she isn't dead but also because the destruction of Earth doesn't occur until 2455 means that she didn't finish her job, and we know that she's got a very singular focus. Her job is to cleanse the world of sin, but she's an extremist with a "if you're not for me you're against me" viewpoint, so perhaps Reign's mission evolves into wiping out life on Earth to start fresh. And after seeing Purity in last night's episode, I feel like she might be responsible for wiping out the Earth's culture; it could just be a byproduct of the apocalypse, but it fits with Purity's name to purge the world, especially depending on how broad her definition of "sin" is. I also think that whatever Imra saw when Psi accidentally blasted her is related to Reign and that her vision will serve to drive the plot later in the season. So why not tell Kara or Mon-El from the beginning? The Legion knows based on what Mon-El's told them that Kara is strongly against killing, especially if she were to find out that Sam was unwillingly Reign. And if they told Mon-El, he'd tell Kara. Now if this theory is true, what does that mean for the Legion's timeline? Idk.
  12. Oh, well forcing metas to fight in cage matches and drugging them to be compliant is so much better than just selling them to people. As a black guy, I saw what Devoe did to Dominic as very much like "Get Out", but I didn't really think about the racial politics past that, because Devoe's take over of Dominic made sense, he's got a super brain and Dominic's powers made him a perfect match to be taken over - he was just unlucky. This past episode though...woo. So we've got Ralph (who I'm still on the fence about) doing an elaborate form of blackface, Iris referring to a Scottish character as "Braveheart" (which was funny, but still), and Devoe giving his wife a meta-roofie so she stayed with him. It's like the "The Flash" writers saved all their controversy for this episode. Thoughts?
  13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    So my opinion could very well change about this movie, but I didn't like it, but it was extremely interesting in the choices the director made. And if you really liked The Force Awakens and it was your entry into Star Wars, I don't know if you'd like this movie. It has a very different tone from The Force Awakens and while TFA played more like a traditional Star Wars movie with only one main plot line to follow, The Last Jedi has three: Rey and Luke on Ahch-To, Poe's conflict with Holdo (which was also pointless as she could've just been upfront with the crew and had better morale and teamwork), and Rose and Finn trying to find a hacker that can disable the First Order's tracker. Rose and Finn's plot line could've been completely removed from the movie and I don't think the main plot would've changed. The FO still ends up chasing the very remnants of the Resistance to Crait and Finn and Rose don't impact that chain of events in any way. I'm disappointed with how Finn's character was handled because it seemed like the writers leaned on making him a comedic character and paired him with Rose and yet made Rose the more competent of the two. It feels like Finn was basically made the "funny black sidekick" even more so than TFA. Kelly Marie Tran did a great job with Rose, no question, but I wonder why more time wasn't spent developing Finn. Kylo killing Snoke was the first thing that made me genuinely interested in where the movie was going and I liked that if a redemption is coming for Kylo, it was held off until Episode 9. Kylo was the most interesting character in the movie, because how long had he been planning to kill Snoke? Was it when Snoke electrocuted him or had he been planning earlier. In a way, Kylo's an angry young man, sick of the current system that the galaxy runs on and wants to burn everything old away to create a new system, which is very interesting and echoes a lot of the young people in America that find themselves on the right and left of the political divide. However, it's still unclear why Kylo turned to the dark side and I wish we had gotten more background on Snoke before he was killed because he's very old so where did he come from? The show of the Resistance cruiser bisecting Snoke's ship was fucking gorgeous and the complete silence of the moment and the black and white coloring made it more so.
  14. Just throwing it out there, but maybe the dynamic between Curtis and Oliver doesn't work because Curtis is basically a male version of Felicity? I don't know if I just noticed it this season, but it really seems that most of Curtis' lines could easily be things that Felicity says and they both have the habit of rambling for too long relative to the urgency of a situation and saying things that the average person might think unwise to say. And Oliver's very broody and no-nonsense when it comes to superhero activities so combine those two mannerisms together, and I feel like the dynamic between them comes off as stiff. Oliver's in love with Felicity so her rambles and comments are cuter and break through his brooding. Curtis with his current personality is redundant. Dinah has potential but she feels very one note a lot of the time as she's too broody and she doesn't get many scenes at all of her being playful or flirty or vulnerable. The writers didn't develop her at all in Season 5 except for her intro episode and it seems her feud with Black Siren has been dropped. Whatever her relationship with Quentin was in the beginning of season 6 was also dropped. I feel like her character would almost benefit from a romance, because at least we'd see a different side of her, being more flirty or softer, but there's no one to pair her with that would allow large amounts of time to showcase the romance without sacrificing the plot. Oliver's married, Curtis is gay, Dinah would never get with Renee, and Diggle, who she's got great chemistry and sexual tension with, is also married with a kid. Renee's the most developed of the newbies and that's probably when the writers chose him as the betrayer.
  15. S06.E09: Irreconcilable Differences

    My problem isn't Felicity as a character and when Olicity is handled with minimal bullshit drama, it's very cute. That's why I said that the larger problem with the episode was the earlier parts of Season 6a. Imo, a midseason finale needs to hit the ground running from the title sequence on, not waste time by sprinkling little bits of plot through the first 10 minutes. I'm not specifically hating on the reception, it's just that for me, the plot really began 10-11 minutes in.