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  1. What gets me is so much of this is left up to chance. The episode I just watched had a lady come into the store with a box she ordered online. The box was of a doll and the the woman wanted to trade it for something else. The gag was Carbonaro laid the doll down next to a real baby and the clothes were switched when they checked back to the baby. How does Carbonaro know that this certain lady who ordered this certain doll is going to come into his store on this certain day to return the doll? Everything had to go perfectly for this to happen. Too much is left to chance. That is leaving me wondering if this is really a magic show or a scripted show.
  2. I just watched him restoring an old church. He fooled his helper into believing that an old chalice found in the wall turned items to cement when touched by it. The best part was the man who touched it and turned into a statue. I don't know how they switched out the man and statue so quickly and quietly. He was standing right next to the helper and she only turned her head for a moment.
  3. That Pink commercial for Jeep!!!! The song has nothing to do with Jeeps. And Pink is not from Michigan!! Yeesh!
  4. Don't they know that a bed bug loves dark places? A black mattress is a haven for these bugs! YUK!!
  5. You never know with this show. Sometimes everything is connected. Good call on the rose on the door.
  6. In relation to the face, after every conversation Kai has with Ally, he says "Have a nice day." Just thought it was weird. Also, I don't know if its a thing or not but so far every woman but Ally has a first name to do with nature. We have Ivy, Winter, Meadow and Rose (the unfortunate woman in the casket). Just another weird thought.
  7. I agree!!!! I like food with a little spice but something call 400 degree chicken would turn me off!!!
  8. Maybe hypnotism would work. It might be worth it to try. Having positive thoughts for the son and his family.
  9. I like the commercial with the two women sitting by the pool in swim suits watching their kids play. They end up talking about bad choices and the camera shows their back with bad tattoos with four girls on spring break. They both have regretful looks on their faces. I don't remember what the commercial is for. Another favorite one is the Fenwicks. "Which one of you is Fenwick?" "I am Fenwick!" repeated by each man in the group. Now we call all of our 9 animals our Fenwicks.
  10. This was a really sad case. All the stories changed over time and even if someone knows what happened who would believe them. I feel that the son knows who did it. I can't see a ten year old boy staying in his room for that long. He would get hungry, thirsty, have to go to the bathroom. He would of had to come out and at least seen his mother's body before that evening. I live in a mobile home. Those walls are paper thin. You would defiantly hear a gun shot anywhere in the house. It was so sad to see the son in prison knowing that he has a wife and child. What a messed up case.
  11. I completely agree. My first thoughts were, they are supposed to use a code word to let the company know they are speaking to the home owner and not the burglar.
  12. Doing a re-watch of all the seasons. I forgot in season 1 that they had the winner give his choice of who should be sent home. Makes it a little more interesting. Season 1 had more reality show drama and video of the face-testants at their home away from home. They stopped doing that in later seasons. I enjoy reviewing the earlier challenges. It would be interesting to see some of them revisited maybe with a little new twist.
  13. Yeah, they never did specify who legally owned the farm. From what I understood it did not belong to Gale as he wanted her to move out. I would think a search warrant would be easy to obtain since they would be searching the property of the individual who disappeared. Unless Gale or her mother were on the deed they have no legal right to be there. (I'm not a lawyer so I could be wrong.)
  14. Any BMO Harris bank commercial. But especially the one with the kid in the bank office who keeps asking Why? Why? Why? I just want to smack her. (Sorry no child abuse here.) But just shut that kid up. And all the mom can say is "These are good questions."
  15. I want Allison back! Allison 2.0 does not cut it.