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  1. S14.E02: Starter Home

    I didn't like how Reid and Tara always questioned that old lady towering over her. They should have pulled up couple of chairs. It was so intimidating, I'm not surprised she would not talk to them.
  2. The Blacklist in the Media

    Any idea when this season is starting?
  3. All Episodes Talk: Is he good or evil?

    I have watched other shows produced in Australia and could follow along. I don't know if it is the production of the show or what. I was sorry to see that he had to kill the wrong guy in the second episode. He felt bad and gave the widow some money. I would just like some stuff explained a little better.
  4. I was bored waiting for new shows in the fall so I started a re-watch of this show. Looking back I realize what a great show this was. All the call-backs to the original first and second Terminators. I just love Garret Dillahunt! I an so happy that he is still being cast in popular shows. I was really hoping for a season 3 that could have gone in fantastic directions.
  5. S01.E01: Pilot

    I liked this. Most new comedies do not interest me because they seem so phony. But this was funny. I hope it stays around for a while. but with my luck it will probably be cancelled.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Is he good or evil?

    Well, I'll start this. Seems like it would be a good show. My problem is the accents. Very difficult to understand the characters. Especially the man with the speech problem. Also who is he in relation to the main character. I was guessing a brother but I could have missed it not understanding what was being said. I like the main character and his daughter. I don't know if I will be back.
  7. Another open house scheduled for Saturday! Sheesh!
  8. S04.E04: Talk

    As we saw with Jimmy's production of the Sandpiper commercial and it's unauthorized airing, Jimmy feels it is better to ask for forgiveness after the deed than to ask for permission. Also, Jimmy is not adverse to doing outrageous things for his benefit. (The rescue of the billboard painter in the early episodes.) Jimmy has his own style that leads to his becoming Saul. ie. his cons in Chicago with his buddy in the alley and the Chicago Sun Roof incident. As for Kim, she knew exactly what she was doing "observing" that judge. Remember she asked Viola to take her to the courthouse after the display of Mesa Verde's new projects. She asked for the docket for the day and picked his courtroom to sit in. She knew that judge would do exactly what he did. Kim wants to get back into courtroom trials without actually asking for cases. She is disillusioned with Mesa Verde. Sure it's a lot of money but that is not the reason Kim got into law. As for Mike, he is my favorite character of this whole franchise. Such a bad a$$!! He does not express his grief or any major feelings to others. He can't understand why some need these support groups. He does it for Stacy and in doing so for Stacy he is doing it for Kaylee which is his sole purpose in life now. On another subject, I was watching the Cubs game Monday night and Bob Odenkirk was up in the booth with Len and JD and sang :"Take Me Out To the Ballgame. They talked a little about Saul and how they missed Chuck and BO mentioned that there might be some flashbacks with Chuck coming up. So we have that to look forward to.
  9. S04.E04: Talk

    If I remember correctly, when the car alarm went off the first time the burglar (don't remember his name) snatched the glove left in the case and then hid back under the desk because guy came back too soon. Forgive me if this has been answered but I am late to the forum and see that there are four pages already.
  10. Where I live there is no Chinatown. LOL But we do have farms!!!
  11. Why not just take them to a chicken farm and have them chop the heads off and then pluck them. That would make great ratings....NOT!!
  12. All that shrieking by the contestant who wouldn't touch the chicken was ridiculous. But it was also ridiculous that they gave them chickens with the heads and feet. I have never seen in all my 59 years seen a chicken for sale with the head and feet attached. . You would have to go to a special chicken farm to buy them like that and you know these contestants would never do that. I would never do that. All the talking heads with the phony reactions and sound effects just makes me want to hit the mute button.
  13. Okay, there is a commercial for Seventh Generation Laundry soap. It is supposed to be all natural and made from plants. The lady hawking it at the end of the commercial says that it's a really big "dill". Now is she supposed to be saying "it's a really big deal" but can't pronounce it correctly or is she saying "dill" because it is made from plants? I just scratch my head every time I hear this.
  14. S04.E02: Breathe

    Thank you Bryce Lynch for this info!!^^^^
  15. S04.E02: Breathe

    Good discussion of the episode!! I really don't have much to add. I believe the doctor that was accessing Hector in the beginning of the show (in the dark) was the same Dr. in BB that was in Mexico when Gus, Mike and Jesse went down there to show the cartel lab how to make the blue crystal. Gus poisoned the bottle of tequila and need immediate medical care. I love that this show brings in the characters from BB.