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  1. S09.E05: Spice Week

    Judging from their tweets and comments in various forms, Rahul was loved by the fellow bakers and the judges and hosts, although you can say that about almost every contestant this year. They showed some footage of the bakers having meals, partying together as an epilogue and he looked far more relaxed there. So, I guess it was partly due to the nature of the environment and his upbringing but also due to editing. Unfortunately all we can see is what the editors let us do and Rahul or any other bakers can't do anything about it.
  2. S09.E02: Cake Week

    According to C4 subtitles, it's 'pond water'. As for Hollywood Handshake, I didn't mind either way though. Someone did a serious research(?) on that subject... (*Spoiler alert* It was made post-Spice Week) https://www.buzzfeed.com/scottybryan/paul-hollywood-handshakes-too-many
  3. GBBO In The Media

    My bad. I was less cautious, as now all the latest series are available and assumed only people who've watched the whole S09 would click the link...
  4. GBBO In The Media

    And an interview with another contestant from S09.
  5. [Sandi] Today, Prue and Paul would like you to make a spectacular biscuit selfie portrait... Your selfie should be constructed from layers of decorated biscuits and sandwiched together with fillings of your choice. Your portrait needs to be of you somewhere memorable. This Showstopper is a fiendish test of our bakers' biscuit-making ability. Not only must they engineer a giant biscuit canvas, but also make multiple intricate elements to bring their portraits to life. [Prue] This is the first opportunity these bakers have had of showing us artistry, skill, imagination. We want the selfie to be built up with layers of biscuits because we want some depth to it. [Paul] We want a proper portrait displayed on an easel, so obviously, the biscuit sliding is the big problem. They could use caramel, they could use royal icing. They're the perfect things to bond with biscuit and stand the force of gravity. [Prue] Importantly, we don't want style over substance. If they don't taste like the most beautiful biscuits you've ever eaten, they're not going to get anywhere. It is a monumental challenge. [Noel] As well as a dough that results in biscuits sturdy enough to construct a 3D work of art ... it must also deliver exquisite flavours. So yeah, I guess they had to.
  6. I'm still not sure if I like the self-portrait challenge or not. Nevertheless, it definitely helped me get to feel closer to the bakers from the get go & memorize their names more quickly.
  7. Yes, the link in my post was from last year and the same photos were used in the ABC link above. I'm not sure if they really brought the same bakers or just haven't updated the page yet. Come to think of it, it's actually a bit too early to announce the lineup.
  8. Unless it's a mistake, indeed it's exactly the same lineup and they even used the profile photos from last year.
  9. ABC wouldn't mind pulling it out at all. The ratings have been horrible, probably the lowest rated show on the major 4 networks currently.
  10. S03.E10: The Final

    From your post above I can see why you consider them spoilers. However, the confusion comes from PBS using odd order to air the seasons. (for more information). This was the fifth season for the US viewers who've already watched UK series 4-7 (= US season 1-4) in the previous years. That's why people didn't bother using spoiler tags to discuss something from those seasons.
  11. They don't waste their time. :p
  12. Yeah, it seems really noticeable this season. And now I recall Sue and Mel would use swearwords loudly anytime someone starts crying, to make the footage unusable. Someone pass on that tip to Sandi and Noel, please.
  13. It's said that Danish week was chosen, not surprisingly, by Sandi, Vegan week by Noel, which turned out to be two of the most disastrous weeks... Kim-Joy's decoration skills are extraordinary. Her creations are so refined and elegant and I like the fact that she achieves them by using mostly subtle colors. I also loved how Manon carried herself through the showstopper challenge despite all sorts of troubles. In fact, the young ladies are such a cheerful bunch. Each baker is so delightful in their own way, I can't pick my favorite. On a different note, I found the way they zoomed in on Kim-Joy's face when she was trying hard to hold back tears and the tears were falling down unnecessary and a bit distasteful. I've been enjoying C4 version of the show a lot, but that moment made me wonder if they would've edited the same way a couple years ago.
  14. GBBO In The Media

    Random Graham Norton show clip posted by BBC Comedy today. 🤭 Speaking of which, a couple weeks ago Paul, Prue and Noel were on The Jonathan Ross Show (air date Sep. 29, S13E05), Sandi was said to be feeling unwell. The episode guide provides quite a detailed description of the show, so I'll put their part in spoiler tags just in case.
  15. S08.E10: The Final

    That's how I understand it. The show always has been produced by the same people, Love Production and the broadcast companies buy the rights to air it on their channel. They most likely get to have some say in whom to hire and what to put in the show though, especially in the early years when the show went through some tweaks. Regardless, the judges and presenters were cast by the production team and have contracts with Love, not BBC or C4.