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  1. S03.E05: Pies

    Yes and funnily enough Ryan's quite clear that you should follow the recipe from the book, not the BBC website version. People who used the BBC recipe all say theirs were delightful though. Regarding Hollywood's attitude on American pies, I see how he was unfair or plainly wrong on some points. If I play devil's advocate, as said above, this was made many many years ago, when the show was still on a smaller channel, before becoming the ratings juggernaut, a cultural phenomenon. And he seemed to feel free to be unnecessarily flippant. I also agree that after a couple of stints as a judge on the US version plus traveling around the world for a few bake-themed shows he's gotten more open-minded or just wiser with age. (Incidentally the occasional 'never heard of [some foreign ingredients]' act, presumably for the audience, can be a bit jarring.)
  2. S03.E05: Pies

    You think eel pies are bad, there are also jellied eels, said to be sold with pies and mash in those shops. And then there's a thing called Stargazy pie that makes you murmur 'why...?'. I admit I'm not exactly an adventurous person when it comes to unfamiliar fish or meat food (no problem with any fruits or vegs) but those were some of the most bizarre looking foods I've learned recent years.
  3. Along with the white pants one would say it's a very Wimbledon-esque look. Personally I loved the casual vibe of it. Direct link to the image. Just to be clear, it was taken in 2016, 'around the same time she was set up on a blind date with future husband Prince Harry.' according to the report.
  4. S08.E01: Cake Week

    Better than nothing but it's unfortunate. Having moved to a commercial channel in UK, it's now given 75-minute air time to compensate 15 mins of commercials & to maintain the same 60-minute format.
  5. S08.E01: Cake Week

    That's some bold editing decision. They definitely did the technical round (12 chocolate mini rolls). With showing only two challenges I wonder if some final decisions (Star Baker / who to be eliminated) wouldn't make sense for the viewers.
  6. GBBO In The Media

    Really glad to hear that. I hope you would give the new presenters and the judge a fair chance. Not that it's that poor at the start but naturally they need a few episodes before fully finding their feet and for the viewers as well to get used to new dynamics. IMO, it got only better throughout the season and over the year-end specials & the comic relief series. So have fun!
  7. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Initially I was with the English team and thought seeing that their fans tried so hard to remain cautious but couldn't help but get hopelessly optimistic was fun. Not anymore. After the quarterfinal, the football fan mentality and their nationalistic mindset seem to have overflowed to Wimbledon and Formula 1 (It happened to be the British Grand Prix week) over the weekend and it was not pretty. Also the condescending attitude from the football fans, 'It's coming home, who cares about tennis / F1 anyway?' was tiring.
  8. Small Talk: Groovy, Baby!

    I heard there's also an Aussie one.
  9. S03.E02: Bread

    Maybe it's because I was binge-watching but I didn't notice until you guys pointed it out. This episode was even worse, as only seven out of eleven showstoppers made the cut. Danny and Manisha were edited out two weeks in a row and Cathryn and Sarah-Jane were also missing. At least we get to see what Cathryn, Manisha and Sarah-Jane were up to. There was about one second footage of Danny during the whole showstopper challenge/judging segment. I understand time constraints issue and the editors had to do their job. Still it feels unfair that it happened to the same contestants again and I don't believe those bakers were particularly boring. Anyway some screenshots of their bagels. Sarah-Jane, the savory ones in the first two, and the sweet bagels in the third picture. Cathryn Manisha, only the sweet bagels but each process was shown. And Danny...
  10. S03.E01: Cake

    I guess it's a bit confusing out of timely context. 'The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II was a multinational celebration throughout 2012, that marked the 60th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II on 6 February 1952' Basically why he chose to make a Union flag cake. Too much time on my hand... I've done some investigative work on the unseen cakes! All twelve cakes on the table. From left to right, 1st row: Cathryn / Peter / Natasha / Stuart 2nd row: Victoria / John / Danny / James 3rd row: Sarah-Jane / Ryan / Brendan / Manisha Brendan's green batter & the final result Danny's two-tone batter. Some greenish bit in the bowl for the center of her cake. Manisha's said to be 'White Chocolate Cake with a Red Velvet and White Chocolate Mousse Heart' Hope that helps. XD
  11. One of the strongest first episode of talk/comedy shows I've watched. The desk bit was my favorite but the monologue and the strong female lead trailer were great, too. I wouldn't have minded if the interview segment was longer and a little less frantic.
  12. It was fascinating to witness from a first person perspective Avenatti revealing the bombshell information and monitoring how it made ripples through various types of media. Hopefully Donny Deutsch's comment that at some point Avenatti may find himself juggling knives will never come true. So far, he appears remarkably competent at his job though, things seem to get bigger and more complicated. Maybe I'm too sensitive but it's truly frightening and disheartening that I cannot bear any of these 'let's talk to Trump rally people and listening to what they are saying' segments regardless of which show does. It's a completely different kind of frustration from listening to politicians and pundits spewing bullshit talking points, it makes me feel like crying.
  13. For some reasons BBC decided to sit on it for another several months and the final series is currently on the air.
  14. Series 2 (2017)

    Never mind