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  1. Grease Live

    I caught Peter Pan live, but missed The Sound of Music. I'm really looking forward to this. Grease Live will air on Fox and, so far, Julianne Hough has been cast as Sandy, and Vanessa Hudgens will play Rizzo. Looking forward to more casting news. http://insidetv.ew.com/2015/01/17/grease-vanessa-hudgens-julianne-hough/ Any thoughts as to who might be cast as Danny?
  2. S01.E02: Episode 2

    And in addition to being unforgiving and mean, you also hold grudges and can't let things go.
  3. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    My apologies if a topic for miscellaneous celebrity news has already been started and I missed it. Given Tracy Morgan's accident and the news that a judge has given Casey Kasem's daughter permission to stop medications, food, and water, I thought it might be appropriate to begin a thread for celebrity news. Regarding Casey Kasem, these situations are never easy, but that's what Living Wills are for.