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  1. The Bachelor in the Media

    Arie and Lauren bought their first house for $876,000. They’ll be married on January 12th in Hawaii.
  2. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    I got what he meant by the highway patrolmen remark - thanks for the clarification regarding the universe comment.
  3. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    Kamil was 60% embarrassed and 40% sad at being let go. Leo is an a-hole if I understood what he said correctly. At the rose ceremony, around the time the bitch faces make their appearances on the women on The Bachelor, he made a comment about “the sea of highway patrolmen” in reference to the other men and then made some sort of crack about how he would question “Miss Universe” (presumably in reference to Becca) if she chose them over him. Maybe I misunderstood. As usual, the funniest line on opening night was said by Chris Harrison when he said that twenty nine (or whatever number) of “America’s most eligible bachelors” were on their way to meet Becca. Riiiiiiiiiight. (Also, either one is eligible or they’re not; it isn’t a matter of degree.)
  4. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    Jordan thinks Connor is a “smooth criminal” because he “stole his playbook.” LOL He annoyed me in his intro but if he keeps on with comments like this he can stay. That dunk over Becca was very cool. He can stay too.
  5. Roseanne Revival

    ABC is airing a special 20/20 tonight on the revival of the show.
  6. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Trista and Ryan are going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow for anyone who is interested. That engagement seems like a lifetime ago.
  7. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    There was a piece on the news tonight regarding Mary's death. The knit hat she threw up into the air in that famous scene was given to her by her aunt. Rest peacefully.
  8. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    If that was the first time you saw Barron smiling, then you haven't been looking very hard. There are numerous photos on the internet of a smiling, happy Barron. He was born into a loving family who support one another. There's no need to feel sorry for him. Perhaps the people you should feel sorry for are the ones who are so full of hate that they would use a ten year old child to take a shot at that child's father. Because that's exactly what that "joke" was all about. I wonder how the families of the victims of mass shootings feel about the "joke."
  9. S21.E02: Wedding Photo Shoot

    I mentioned that I thought the slap went too far, but I want to make it clear that I never thought it was part of a real argument based on the previews. I've been watching since season two so I know all too well how they like to trot out these "most shocking previews ever." Those of us who have been watching since the beginning, and likely new viewers as well, can spot these promos a mile away and knew it was part of some group date challenge. But the slap did, indeed, look real and I still think it went too far.
  10. S21.E02: Wedding Photo Shoot

    Now, damn it, if there's one thing I can't stand, it's being re-interrupted. Poor Corrine; not only was she re-interrupted, but it happened on national tv. On the one hand, she's annoying and I hope she doesn't stay around for long. On the other, it's somewhat amusing watching these little princesses stew in their own juices and pull out the bitch faces when they're told "No!" probably for the first time in their lives and aren't the center of attention. I've liked Danielle from when I first saw her intro package. When talking about her job, and the babies she cares for, she said something to the effect that she takes care of the ones who "need a little help at first." In no way should Nick catch hell for the Liz situation. He dealt with it as soon as was reasonably possible, and he sent her home when he saw through her bull****. In addition, I suspect he wasn't too happy with her passive aggressiveness during the group date. Speaking of the group date, the slap went too far in my opinion, even if it was meant to be just in fun.
  11. I liked it. Whenever I see a show like this, I find myself amazed by the creativity of people - the costumes, the make-up, the story line, the performances, the entire production - just everything. "It's like being in a dream or something; there's truth, but no logic." (TM Rose)
  12. The Bachelorette in the Media

    A big congratulations to Desiree and Chris. They are most definitely one of my favorite couples (along with Ashley and JP), and I've always thought Desiree is stunning.
  13. I don't think it's live. It seems I recall reading the reason Adam Lambert wasn't at the American Idol finale is because he was taping Rocky Horror, but I could be wrong about that. I agree that a live audience would add to the experience, especially given this is Rocky Horror.
  14. I'll likely watch. I recall going to a movie theater many (many!) years ago armed with all my props for a midnight viewing. I was with a large group of friends and we had a blast. It won't be the same experience, but I'll enjoy the show for what it is and hope it brings back some good memories.
  15. S23.E09: Week 6

    I had not even heard of Amber Rose until she was cast so I don't really have an opinion of her one way or the other, but I always feel bad for someone when it appears their participation in the show turns out to be a disappointment, particularly when it seems it's due to their partner. I get that sometimes it just comes down to a personality conflict or lack of chemistry, but Maks seems to be someone who can be a bit intimidating at times.