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  1. S01.E12: Anima Sola

    She was able to see again because of the magic of TV! It made no sense. Apparently, complications of childbirth caused her to be blind and she had been unable to see for years, since the kid was probably 4 or 5. I have no idea what would have caused this nor how it would be correctable with some sort of ultrasound gizmo. I also don't know how anyone would magically regain their vision instantaneously, that's not how it works. If those pathways have been non-functioning for years, they don't just pick up where they left off once the problem is corrected. She would've had very limited vision at best, if this had been a real thing, which it probably isn't. People who have benign tumors pressing on their optic nerves do not regain their sight when the tumor is removed; the loss is permanent. I also have no idea why, after the procedure, someone thought it was cool to tape a couple of pieces of gauze over her eyes, no sense there. Then, I have no idea why an ophthalmologist wouldn't have been involved from the get go and why her glaucoma (which was apparently just a coincidence) was never picked up nor how the neurologist diagnosed it right then and there by pressing on her eyeballs. I also have no idea why he would have medication to treat glaucoma sitting right there at her bedside nor how putting a couple of drops in each eye magically restored her vision within seconds. Of course, I'm a gynecologist, I am better at 'below the waist' medicine; but I though this was one of the silliest 'medical' storylines I've seen in a while. There are people writing fanfic who do a better job than this. Also, maybe I misunderstood, but didn't Kapoor tell Max they needed a 'C-arm' for the procedure? if so, that is a common piece of equipment and a hospital the size of New Amsterdam would have a half dozen or so, including at least a couple set up in the OR where it is used frequently in ortho cases. I hope I just misunderstood what he said. As for the two docs fighting in the ER. locking each other into or out of rooms; I have no words. That is not how this works, it is not how any of this works. The ER doc, Bloom?, telling Helen that she didn't have time to explain why the guy needed an antibiotic and not a pacemaker? Huh? It takes less time to say 'tularemia' than it does to lock a door. The oncologist deciding that the guy needs a pacemaker and that it is something SHE should be doing? Once again, no words. Max' beloved, cooking steak, baked potato and broccoli for a guy who's been puking his guts out from chemo and just started radiation was probably the least unbelievable event in an episode full of them. Maybe he has great life insurance and she wants to kill him? I am not sure how a babyfood grinder is going to be able to work with a steak.
  2. The problem is that, at most of the homeschooling conferences attended by Michelle, education of children is not the primary goal. Even the ones that aren't deeply fundie, often promote homeschooling as a way to prevent your kids from being influenced by people who are not just like you, not as a path to a superior education. In that, the Duggars have succeeded admirably. 19 kids kept out of the public school system completely is something that a certain category of homeschooler would admire; regardless of whether the Duggars were adequately educated to pursue higher education or simply well educated for life in today's world. Not the point for many of these people. There are a lot of legitimate homeschooling advocacy groups who do emphasize the quality of the education that the children receive and make it a primary goal to see that their kids do better in academic pursuits than the public schoolers; but the Duggars wouldn't be invited to their meetings to speak. Or, if the particular homeschooling group recognized that fundie homeschool families were particularly enthusiastic and likely to purchase various wares at their meetings; I could see some of the more mainstream groups inviting Michelle to speak to try to draw some of these folks to spend money on travel and admission to their convention. After all, plenty of people would come to see the reality TV star who homeschooled her kids and not actually know how poorly educated those kids actually are.
  3. It seems to me that, if the lasagna is properly made, the tomato sauce would end up covering up whatever shade the ricotta was dyed. The lasagna in the photos looks to me like it doesn't contain any tomato sauce, therefore, it is not really lasagna, IMO.
  4. It's hard to tell because the blogs got scrubbed of all references to the courtships and engagements, and its tough to tell who got left at the altar mainly because, like the rest of the extreme fundie world, these guys all had short courtships and engagements. Fundie wiki says Joseph began courting Elizabeth Munck in May 2012, they were engaged by June and the breakup was announced in August and he said she was the one who initiated it. Meanwhile, Christopher, who I agree is the creepiest of the creepy Maxwell boys, began courting Sarah Smith in Dec. 2006, was engaged to her by February 2007 with the wedding planned for that October. They only note that the engagement ended sometime before the wedding day.
  5. Televangelist Ernest Angley, TV preacher and megachurch pastor in Akron, Ohio is being sued by a former assistant pastor for sexual abuse. Turns out, Angley, who regularly preached against the sin of homosexuality, apparently regularly required male employees to strip and masturbate in front of him, amongst other things. Angley countersued the guy for defamation. Apparently, the statute has run and a civil suit was the pastor's only recourse. Today, the Akron Beacon Journal published excerpts from a tape recording of a phone conversation between Angley and another church pastor in 1996 in which Angley admits to multiple same sex encounters with church employees. The pastor involved in making the tape wasn't the one to release it, but has verified it. At the time, Angley was spreading rumors about the guy and his wife and various sins they were committing and eventually fired this pastor which is why he made the tape accusing Angley of various sexual improprieties to which Angley admitted. Anyway, Angley is now 97 years old, but still powerful. He announced to his church recently that the Akron Beacon Journal was Satan's newspaper and should not be read by church members a couple of days before the story broke. https://www.ohio.com/news/20190121/in-recording-televangelist-who-calls-homosexuality-sin-admits-relations-with-another-man
  6. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    Yes, that is unfortunately true. I thought the same thing when I noticed that the full set of Star Wars figures fit neatly inside the stadium. Kate is a Pearson, she gets to keep all her stuff, even get new stuff. Toby, not so much.
  7. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    If nothing else, they might want to discover if their father might've told their mother the truth about their uncle while withholding it from them since they were kids and it was easier than explaining why he didn't want anything to do with them. For that matter, we know Jack told Rebecca that his brother was dead when they were just starting out in their relationship but do we know for sure that he never told her the truth once they were married, particularly considering he did have some contact with him?
  8. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Hamilton's America originally aired in the fall of 2016 and was part of the Great Performances series on PBS, if that helps.
  9. Thanks for the info, need to set the DVR!
  10. If not, perhaps the guillotine is handy? If there ever was a less surprising development than Chris Brown being violent to another woman, I don't know what it would be.
  11. http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/kitten-bowl-vi The Puppy Bowl will be on Animal Planet Both are annual events featuring animals from shelters participating in games (mainly being cute) that air opposite the Super Bowl. They're pretty cute and totally silly and do an excellent job of reminding people that shelter pets are the best.
  12. If Anna ever expressed her true emotions over her husband's betrayal, let alone cried about it, her in laws wouldn't be asking her to talk about it. They'd be telling her to cut it out, she needs to wear a happy countenance 24/7 and remember that Josh' bad behavior was all her fault since she clearly was a failure as a helpmeet. Which is at least part of the reason why Anna undoubtedly keeps her negative feelings to herself.
  13. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    There was an episode where Kevin returned to the high school that he and Kate attended and participated in some sort of school assembly, but I don't think it was a full-on reunion. That was when he hooked up with the girl who had crushed on him in high school and ghosted her the next morning, leaving behind Jack's necklace. And, yes, I agree with everyone else on this thread, the Big 3 have absolutely no right to trample on their uncle's privacy by showing up unannounced. Even if they hadn't thought he was dead, they don't get to magically appear at his door and demand explanations. Because we all know that that is what is going to happen. Send the guy a note, give him your cell number, offer to meet him at a diner in town; but do NOT ambush a guy who you know was estranged from your family for the better part of 50 years. It isn't fair to him and it is just not right.
  14. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    ER did a really good job of casting family members. Sally Field, annoying though Maggie was, certainly looked like she might be MT's mother. Remember Lucy's mom coming to clean out her locker after her death? From the moment she came onscreen, we all knew who she was even though it took Malucci a minute to realize. Every single med student and resident in the ER would have been at the very least, subjected to significant disciplinary action if not expulsion. Back in the pilot, Ross rolls in before his shift still drunk from the night before and Mark starts an IV on him and nobody even questions whether he should be working. For that matter, Carter came back to work way too soon after the stabbing; he could barely walk, even with crutches and was obviously in significant pain. How did no one catch that? Why would anyone let him work in trauma? How was he allowed to return to the place he nearly died without a psych eval? Mark was wandering around getting radiation and chemo for a brain tumor, suffering significant aphasia, and everyone was feeling more sorry for him than worried about the patients. That ER was a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  15. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I second the PBS tip, that special is terrific, lots of inside information on the writing of the show. And, may I say, I am so jealous of you seeing the man himself in the role!