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  1. Funimation is putting out a DVD set for Yuri!!! on Ice next month. I think this is the first dubbed version, but I'm probably wrong. Here's the trailer. In case you were wondering . . . yes, "History Maker" is a big part of it, and it is the definition of "earworm."
  2. Rolling Stone interviews Jonathan Murray and Julie Pizzi. Basic gist: show is awesome, they get great characters, Johnny is good TV, and the "Champs Vs." series might be an ongoing thing. as well as a place for Mark Long to return. Oh, and it was MTV's idea to import cast members beyond AYTO, which probably means the series will become "Battle Of The Viacom Stars" in about five years.
  3. I could have phrased that a lot better. In my mind, the Big Brother casting department brings in a lot of nutters. Perhaps nothing but. And there was a time -- back in 2001 --- when a contestant got ejected for holding a knife to a woman's throat. I think that might be the most extreme case, but I don't keep up with BB controversies. I saw that Cody spent a lot of time in the military, there is a part of me that is thankful for his service. But mostly, my brain goes, "Shit, a Big Brother contestant that can fire a weapon and once had the authority to do so?" That's a bit scary, even if Cody is "better" than the average BB contestant. Also, I tend to see a lot of people on reality television which I consider "Section 8," regardless of being in the armed forces . . . like Philip Shepherd (two seasons of Survivor, bad mix of clueless and arrogant) and Abram Boise (longtime Challenge veteran, whom I believe to murder drifters and hobos on a semi-regular basis). ETA: Ah, spit. Sorry about that, @Whimsy.
  4. Mets reveal Free Shirt Friday designs. Only three feature players, and just one has a face . . . who is that for June 22? I can't read his neck. My fave is the pizza place shirt, but it's white. I never wear white t-shirts. Too easy to see me sweat.
  5. Oh, I thought the official term was a French word, either from TARCAN or wherever that got started. "Face-Off" sounds good . . . though given that hockey isn't as big in the US as it is in Canada (which is not a disparaging jumping-off point, I swear), "Head-to-Head" works. I stand by my ideas to tweak it, especially if those get planted at the end of a leg.
  6. Nice premise for the second season: the League has to track down all the villains they held. Illegally. In cells like they do with The Flash and STAR Labs, and I bet they didn't have toilets, either. Also, Rex has a huge secret. Subtopia was supposed to invade the surface world? Probably not that basic. Cooch and Eagle made for a pretty good team. I reckon most of the team are capable of chemistry with each other. Except Black Saturn. He is the absolute worst.
  7. The Melissa/Natalie cheerleader footage got posted on Instagram by the show. I saw that posted on Facebook with this reaction from Jordan: "I legit got dumber after watching this..." Dude, tell us what you really think. This is The Challenge. All optics are average at best, and the players don't give a flying fuck.
  8. Challenge stuff up for auction to benefit MedGift. Item with the biggest bid thus far? Diem's game-worn Gauntlet III jersey at $320. Terrell Owens' jersey from CvS is currently at $56. which also equals the amount of money he left behind bailing out. Probably not, but it's fun to imagine.
  9. One more idea: if you wind up waiting for an extended period (like Goat Gals last week), you should get an advantage when the contest begins. From what I heard, the Firefighters kept the Goats waiting for three hours. I know that the ladies probably would've imploded over time, but that ending for them didn't seem right.
  10. Shit. Le Gimmick returns at least once next week. And it centers on bocce ball? *sigh* Why, Elise & Bert? Seriously, I'd like to know what stuff was their ideas, and what CBS "recommended" for the series to continuing airing. I'm not rooting for anyone in particular yet, but the Kristi & Jen bandwagon probably has room, and they have finished in the top three every leg thus far. And "Well Strung" has finished fourth all three episodes.
  11. Theory: Cedric is smuggling something, and Shawn does not know about that. That's the only things I can think of that remotely makes sense. Watching teams greet the Gnomemaster reminded me of a scene from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. Here's the original Japanese version and the English dub. It's the sheer enthusiasm of Joseph and how brutally he got shut down that's funny to me. Three heart attacks. DAMN. I'm thinking there was a physical and Cedric probably passed it with room to spare, but has there ever been a Racer who came in after one heart attack?
  12. Wild leg this week, which basically was LML: Last Mistake Loses. Cedric & Shawn made the last mistake and came in last, but got spared and lived to make more overt basketball references. If Phil had decided to drop the hammer anyway, I wouldn't have blamed him. Cedric had three heart attacks. And he ran the Roadblock with his backpack on. Why?!? If he's a fan, or if he really did see the other 29 seasons (whole or in part), wouldn't he have left the bag with Shawn? That shirt cannot be laundered. The only remedy for that is flame . . . and the sweat would just snuff it out. Nobody really bugs right. I don't want Cody & Jessica to win because they're Big Brother, but now I find out Cody was in the military, and he might have been the first BB contestant to have killed people before showing up. I have no faith in the Big Brother casting department. And it looks like one of the twins loves puns. Luckily, he's good at it. The only reason now to hate Eric & Daniel is because they sound a little too close to "Eric & Danielle," and that might lead to traumatic TAR11 flashbacks. GnomeGate was nothing. Brittany was at fault, and she wound up realizing it. She got so pumped getting guided by the local ladies, and she didn't notice her arms were free. Once again, no gnome got broken. Last week, I read somebody fantasizing about a team breaking one by accident and finding an Exemption from The Mole inside it. Hey, I'm happy one intelligent reality show has lasted this long.
  13. Funny115: Tina interviews about Rupert being counted on to build shelter, Mario runs off on a tangent. Basically, it leads to "Tina really, really, REALLY hated Jerri."
  14. One, I don't think Lewis Black was ever young, and I've read his autobio. Two, I don't think Ronnie can reach the levels of loathing Lewis hits in his acts. The man was cast as Anger in Inside Out for a reason. Were you wearing clown makeup at the time of conception? And yeah, I'm not buying the results. On the bright side, I wouldn't have to lose too many pounds to get below the president's "official" weight, so there's a reason to hit the gym some more. So weird that Trevor and the others can now say "shit." Slightly jarring, mostly because it usually got bleeped, even though some Comedy Central shows running 10-11 p.m. did not do that.
  15. Just in case you haven't hated Johnny lately . . . this is from his Twitter. Seriously, he runs his mouth everywhere and he doesn't seem to hide a lot. How has he not been pummeled for this long?