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  1. Caught last week's episode. Not much hope for the Leaf, as Pain fucks everything and everybody up, including brutally taking down Choji's father and murdering Kakashi. I know, the latter won't stick. And Choji is just the biggest wreck, with tears and snot. Not a great look. Will we be seeing all of our favorite ninja before Naruto shows up? I want to see Rock Lee and/or Might Guy deal with a Pain. I think The Power Of Youth!!!! can only be so effective.
  2. I dunno about that. If Stee's recaps from MightyBigTV are still around, that might be safer. Seriously, you would not believe James and Theo had flings with various BMP girls watching Maximum Velocity Tour. Also, Stee interviewed Msaada after the season aired. I kept hoping she'd do a Challenge, but I knew we was way too normal for BMP.
  3. Bleeding Cool puts up posters, including a new one for Karolina. Dang. Also: Is Xavin still impersonating her in space? If I had to redesign a Runaway, I'd give Molly a growth spurt. Nothing to turn people on (re: "Damn, girl, puberty loves you!"), but I think the youngest kid growing about a foot is funny. Also, if she goes to school, she can't bring herself to play any sports for fear of hurting others. The "classic" version is still sweet, though, even though it looks like she's aging backwards from the original series.
  4. Suckier way to lose: bad cabbie or lack of gaming expertise? I will say this: if you're coming from far behind, and Street Fighter determines whether you run for a million dollars? You do NOT PICK Zangief. Even if that's your guy back home, you need a guy with fireballs. Or Chun-Li or Blanka. Anybody where button mashing benefits you. Damn, I will check to see Matt & Redmond had a better leg average than Andy & Tommy. They would've been good with passing an overwhelmed Tara. Easily the best team of the season, at least on the race. Anybody else getting a TAR3 vibe barreling into the finale? Fan faves get sidetracked and eliminated, followed by the alpha males. Another bad sign: the end is in Chicago, where the last embers of hope got snuffed in TAR6.
  5. This was fun. Really. I mean, there was the chance of a competitor getting hurt, and some of our favorite ninjas might have been in similar risk in helping their partners, but I was content. They probably could have done ninety minutes, with no "While We Were Away" and one more call for donations, but sixty was good. Honestly, I liked how some of the celebs skipped past obstacles. Nikki Glaser falling into the water and piloting an inflatable raft past it was cute, as was the "Ninja Ladder" for Mena Suvari (I think). Of course, Stephen Amell crushed the course, and he got to show his skills on the salmon ladder, which was there for future competitions. I also liked him voluntarily splashing down on the new Floating Pegboard. He gets hurt, we'd get a "Reign Of The Green Arrows" arc in Arrow. In other news, Chris Hardwick can pronounce Akbar's full name without difficulty. Good for him.
  6. Stuff I learned watching G.I. Joe back in the day: You can get off a land mine if you put something heavier on it. Granted, that nugget came from Footloose. In retrospect, the elite anti-terrorist organization must have been really lax about recreational drug use. At least we didn't have a "Save Moira" scene. "WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT NAME???!!!?"
  7. Lucky as in the producers feeling that viewers needed another gimmick, as well as how Sierra found it and Sarah pried it from her. Without the Advantage, Sarah would've been toast. At the very least, she might have been considered more "dangerous" than Cirie, even though the jury probably wouldn't have just given the million bucks to Cirie like the S22 bozos gave it to Rob all season.
  8. Before I go to bed: ease up on ending challenges with puzzles! I respect how that's a big equalizer, but lay off on them. Have players complete a puzzle, then do other shit to get the win. It's like if every episode of The Amazing Race came down to who got the best cabbie in the area.
  9. A few minutes ago, I realized that if nobody in F6 was safe except Brad, Sarah would have bounced. Where does that rank in lucky breaks on reality shows? The only case I can think of this late is the time Dorothy was going to be "executed" on Mole 2: The Next Betrayal, but her coalition partner Elavia took a bribe to leave the game, unintentionally saving the eventual winner of that season.
  10. I'd leave the door open for Malcolm. Maybe that's where Eobard and Damien picked him up. A Barrowman is a terrible thing to waste. Basically: S5 Arrow finale = 1985(?) SNL finale; Oliver Queen = Lorne Michaels; William = John Lovitz. As certain Internet people might put it: "WERE VIGILANTE?!?"
  11. Alternative: only a certain number of players can whip out idols at any given Tribal. In this case, the only ones safe would've been Tai and Troy, and maybe Aubrey if Tai is allowed to play two idols at once. If the Legacy Advantage supersedes the process, then it would've been Tai/Sarah/maybe Aubrey. Once again: Cirie took the Immunity Train a lot better than I would have. Would've taken five guys to pry my hands from Probst's throat, and that would only happen because Mark Burnett wouldn't have been close to the festivities.
  12. Two things: 1. The record-holders for most immunity wins in a season: Colby, Tom Westman, Terry, Ozzy (Cook Islands), Mike Holloway and Brad Friggin' Culpepper. 2. Who is your favorite four-timer? Mine is Cirie, and I would put her and Ozzy at the top. I know, Rob made it to Day 39 twice, but he missed the jury the other two times. Had Rupert not tossed himself under the bus in Blood Vs. Water, he would've been a contender.
  13. I think this is the note Cirie should go out on. She wound up bowing out in the finale episodes of three seasons (she lost the cliffhanger tiebreaker in Exile Island), and she was booted in perhaps the most bizarre/dumbass way a person can go without being Bobby Jon. I think she can contend with Ozzy as the best four-timer in series history, even though she never made it to the end. I know she rubbed some people the wrong way, and Probst tends to back people we can't stand, but I think she's a class act. Period. I would be open to her dropping by in a future season. Perhaps upon a floating couch.
  14. If you want to read a book about people who shot themselves in the foot, give So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson a look. If he did a new version, he could devote a chapter on Varner, who aimed a rocket launcher at his foot and pulled the trigger. I don't hate you, Varner, but it's shit like that which makes me sigh in exasperation. You didn't get booed, nobody threw shit at you. Why didn't you take that victory?!?
  15. Dang. I think Archer might have earned its second Emmy. I have a few quibbles, the main one being Poovey killing Lana. Wouldn't Cyril have been a better fit? I mean, shooting the wrong people is his M.O., at least in the world we're used to seeing. Why didn't the dogs eat the cat? Not like he/she would be aware, what with the constant bathing and all. Cecil & Trinette probably wouldn't work in regular continuity. Whatever happened to her? I only found out recently that she's voiced by the actress that played Janice on Friends. At least Woodhouse got a little love from Sterling somewhere. Better tribute than everybody's most-harried valet getting the vinyl figure treatment. Mr. Zerk: first initial "B"? "Auflösung" = "Resolution." I was curious.