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  1. Here's what I got without my middle name: I can live with Class B. And I used to like Chicken McNuggets a lot as a kid. ETA: Where can I see the OVAs? And has there been word on a second season?
  2. In regards to Polly possibly popping up: Was the Doctor ailing when "The Tenth Planet" started? I mean, I know Hartnell was ailing, but I don't know the state of the Doctor heading into that arc. I had a weird idea about how the special would be set before "An Unearthly Child," some bad stuff happens to Twelve, and he regenerates as a young girl with no memories of his life/lives. So the First Doctor adopts her as his granddaughter, calls her "Susan," and they eventually flee to Earth. And then Jodie Whittaker pops up at the end, decades after "The Dalek Invasion Of Earth," having regained her memories. Biggest problem -- aside from people's minds exploding -- would be that Jodie wouldn't get the torch passed to her from Capaldi. And I liked the last regeneration, where Eleven "popped" into Twelve with minimal SFX.
  3. Just saw that. Who's the blonde woman supposed to be? Polly? And nice of Bill to come back. "I gotta make this short . . . me and the water entity are having dinner at Clara and Ashildr's TARDIS diner." "Wait . . . who's Clara?!?" And here's a retrospective on Capaldi's time in the TARDIS. Got a standing ovation at Hall H. Did not notice his hair got a little higher from his first season.
  4. From Bleeding Cool: 1. Pearl Mackie will be in the Christmas special. The story ends with "Developing . . .," which means that more stuff might be added on. And edited. Apparently, Michelle Rodriguez was at the panel. How the heck would she be worked into the series? 2. Steven Moffat does not believe in the backlash towards Jodie Whittaker. C'mon, Steve, Sherlock Holmes would have confirmed that. It's like I said on the Thirteenth Doctor thread: test fans on their knowledge of both versions of the series. If you score 75 percent on the classic era and/or 90 on the modern, and you don't like the Doctor being a chick, then you can be allowed to complain. I doubt that the two circles overlap that much.
  5. 1. I'm interested to see if any fans remember that this finale got moved to Sunday. It must get some decent numbers. Otherwise, NBC would've dumped it on a Saturday. 2. Fifteen obstacles in the final?!? Damn. I mean, we'll probably be drowning in backstory all night, but that sounds like a race that would be spread out to an hour.
  6. How about Strax? He delivers a ridiculous one-minute monologue. Cut to the Doctor: "I'm really okay with this [gesturing to herself], but I'm trying to ease into it, and he can't tell the genders apart. Why confuse him?"
  7. Nice. I wonder how many of the old school they would meet. I'm sure Jessie isn't bringing Sammo, lest she get grabbed by the Octopus and turned into a dish. How soon until we find out how they did?
  8. Watched SyFy's Comic-Con show tonight. It ended with six folks from Doctor Who: Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Steven Moffat, Michelle Gomez and (I think) Mark Gatiss. Question: Why?!? I mean, aren't most of them done with the series? I found that a little weird. Not off-putting, but weird. Also: how much Bill cosplay would be out there? Probably more than Nardole, but the Missy fans would be out in force.
  9. Here's the S6 trailer. Honestly, as much as I can like this show, I can see why some people would bail out. Lots of recap from the finale, and it looks like we're stuck with William. Oliver Queen can't be a dad. He's just so . . . Oliver. Put William on the Waverider and let Mick raise him. "Where do you think the bad man is?" "You." "Yeah, but have you seen Jim Gordon on Gotham? Now c'mere, kiddo, we're gonna meet Mr. Salmon Ladder!!"
  10. Nice finale. As much as I'm looking forward to the next generation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Dio's back, y'all!!!), I'd like to see new AoT ASAP. While there is a sense of optimism, we end on several down notes. The Undercover Titans are loose, Ymir's with them, and Hannes is really, really dead at the jaws of the same Titan that ate Eren's mom. Oh, and Eren bit the shit out of his hand trying to Titan up, but he couldn't pull it off. Oh, and Connie's town have been turned into Titans. Nice closing shots, with the Beast Titan and a dude I'm assuming is Dr, Jaeger next to him.
  11. Wasn't there a mockumentary several years ago based on that premise? I think Spike Lee produced it, but I'm not 100 percent.
  12. Funny115: The One With Holly, Dan, Dan's Shoes, and Dan's Wrecked Knees. Once again, I don't remember this because it's from a sucky season. Mario could write an entry about how you can see two players fucking in the bushes for a split second, and I'd be hating myself for not catching that, even though I wouldn't want to see that.
  13. I don't remember much. I did like both miniseries, and I can see how Gerard Way wound up getting a stable of books under his purview at DC Comics ("Young Animal"). It should interesting see how the books are adapted. Especially the costume for White Violin/La Viole Blanche.
  14. Apparently, a human can pop open Titan form to carry on a conversation. Good to know. Also liked the horse losing his guy, following that up by standing around.
  15. I liked "Dreamland," but I was hoping for the show to lurch into the present, or what passes for it. Maybe the final season is a flash-forward with the final stand of the gang, and the birth of superspy AJ.