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  1. Well shit. So. Much. Manpain. I mean, I'm glad that Artemis' real name might as well be "Tara Markov: and that Adrian didn't really snap her neck, but damn. I feel that if Music Meister tried to show up to deal the therapy he recently gave Kara and Barry, Oliver would just shoot him in the head. And Meister would drop, even if he's a fifth-dimensional imp or whatever. This is not the cheeriest of the DC/CW shows. Anybody else hoping that Kovar becomes a big bad next season? I mean, it would be so funny if he got rebuilt and was on the mend thanks to Malcolm. Then he'd come back from his excellent adventure on LoT, all, "I know I'm forgetting something." And then he sees Kovar wreaking havoc on Star City. "Oh, right! That guy! Shit, why did I feel the need to hang out with idiots named 'Leonard' and 'Eobard'?!?" Dolph does add something special to the role. I kept expecting him to tell his guests about the time he beat a man to death with tens of thousands of witnesses present and he got off scot-free. I also like Adrian, in the sense that he's not in the same league as Damien. No powers or camp from him . . . just an intense desire to see his father's killer suffer. Also, he's dressed so well while torturing Oliver. And it's nice to see him leave to pretend to be a DA. How the heck could Anatoli live? He must have a healing factor. It's been eight years since Amazo and five since Ollie's Russian Adventure, but damn. If we saw him limping in the first season, the last few episodes would've explained a lot.
  2. I have to give Survivor credit for an insane episode. Two tribes, one boot? It's amazing that's never been done before. And everybody went into study groups during TC, which was awesome. The whispering wasn't enough, so we got open talk and Probst unable to move because of his drama boner. Malcolm going out? Makes sense. I figure we have 2-3 episodes before the merge, so why not kneecap another tribe? I was totally expecting Sandra, since I find her awesome. Nice move from the minority tribe to give the right person the idol. Also, I'm thinking clues and idols are replaced during challenges. Shouldn't Tai have gotten a clue about the idol being hidden in the challenge they just played? Damn, Varner is rocking the Richard Hatch diet. I hope he's around to burn the weight off. Otherwise, he'll look like a schmuck.
  3. Attention, Mets fans: there was supposed to be an exhibition game next Friday between the team and Army at West Point, but snow wrecked the field. Plan B: host the game at Citi Field. General admission: $10. Even if Terry doesn't bring out one of the young guns, I think it's worth the trip.
  4. One of them is bad enough. In stereo? They'd be unbearable. Anybody else mildly amused that Shane puked orange? Remember the old days, when we compared him to an Oompa Loompa?
  5. As far as FMA is concerned, "Rewrite" is at the top. Especially with Mustang and Armstrong taking out beasts. I also liked the first credits from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
  6. 1. The only thing missing was Peter Capaldi tackling Caity Lotz. Bad, Sara. Logical, but so bad. 2. Compared to what we had last year, of course the Legion is fun. And I don't think they qualify as a "legion."
  7. HA! I'm guessing the others thought Scot was a really enthusiastic older ball boy. At least he can "celebrate" the anniversary with Kyle Jason. Those two pantloads deserve each other. I want Tai to go far this season if that pisses them off.
  8. What was the deal about the Phantom Troupe dude with the elongated ears? I don't know what that's about. Reminds me of Eneru/Enel from One Piece.
  9. Anybody worth rooting for wholeheartedly? For me, it's CT (reformed), Darrell (he's not beating people up), Nicole (good example from my borough), Cara Maria (in danger of getting fucked over by Johnny) and Laurel (she might become Nicole's girlfriend, and she'd probably snap me in half if I went against her). The rest is a mess of crazy and deluded. Poor Shane. Once again: I think it hurts that four of his ex-castmates won, and he's 0-for-4. He was a good competitor back in the day. Meanwhile, Sarah got ranked on by most of the gang from Campus Crawl (yes, she was a downer, but fucking hell, so am I), yet she survived the Gauntlet five times. Rachel is basically the prototype for Zach, and she's won twice. Watching Shane channel James "Dude!!" Orlando is painful to watch. At least he's not turning into that fucker Frank Sweeney. It's better Shane stays in the game rather than dumbass Dario. Seriously, if Raphy came to the next Challenge and called himself "Dario," would we even notice? Or care?? Cory is flirting with crazy. Is being near Camila ever a good idea? Cory can shove a grenade in his pants, and he'd be better off. But I can't hate her if she does seal the deal with him. I was horrified last season at the thought of her and Wince during the Reunion. She's not that hard-up. Never change, Smashley. Remember, when you overreact, Johnny busts a nut. That does nobody any good. Would the Champs even try that shit if players from both sides had to face off in the Fortress? ETA: You know what I wanted Teege to say as the Fortress was being played? "By the way, that's not powder coming from the smashed idols. That's colored cocaine." Would've made things way more interesting.
  10. Wow. The Legends are so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. I don't hate Mick. He was convinced Snart was a hallucination. Stein looked him over, and figured it was in his head. How is it his fault that the Legion would've snagged his BFF from the past and set him loose? Two of the good guys are trope savvy, but the rest have lives. Not Mick's fault. Of course, he turned on the team at the worst possible time. Damn, WWI was no joke. "So many bodies. So many . . . holy shit! Is that Mr. Bean?!?" Oh, wow, we got Firestorm back. And he/they have been working on transmutation. Very nice. ETA: I'm good with Tolkien. No worse than having George Lucas.
  11. Batman: The Brave And The Bold. "Mayhem Of The Music Meister!" Soooooooooo much better. i kinda feel like a hater to say that, especially since the more musically-inclined adults got to cut loose. But Barry first proposed to Iris because he didn't see a ring in her future. Mon? If you don't watch Supergirl . . . he is a Clark-from-Smallville level meathead. I don't think anybody from Earth-1 compares to him. And Kara forgave him. No. No. NO. And the antagonist didn't name himself! "Hi! I'mma put the heroes in a fever dream to point out stuff, and I'll use their powers to rob a bank." Meh. The original MM had motivation. The only reason why I'd want this guy to come back is if he tried that shit to Team Arrow or the Legends. Sara and Amaya would take turns kicking the crap out of him before Mick set him ablaze.
  12. Omarosa Manigault. On TDS. With Trevor. Yeah, friggin' right. Do not get me started. ETA: When did Trevor come to the States? If it was after 2004, he probably missed the first season of The Apprentice.
  13. Yes, I know, weird man makes things weird. But why aren't the Zebras of La Paz not up on the LWT YouTube page? That's a bigger mystery than why the episode has an extended runtime. John was friggin' overjoyed. All we get is the greenscreen stuff.
  14. So basically: "She'll fuck you up, but she'd never fuck you over." Sounds about right.
  15. I'd want it to happen just so Lena can tell her mother. Or brother. "You're going out with Superman's Pal. Great. Stab me in the neck, why don't you?" J'onn is a cooler boss than I could ever be. I'd fire lead bullets at Mon and shove Winn off the roof. Stupid guys. Stupid, stupid guys. ETA: Has Kara worn eyeshadow before? I did not notice such a thing until the final scene.