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  1. I like this Wizard King. He's more Asta than Yuno, and he's not above snooping on the protagonists. I know, right? Once you leave Hage, nice people become a huge minority. And I'm guessing the Golden Dawn captain might be a dick . . . though I'm mostly getting that impression from his mask.
  2. Rick & Morty & The Media

    The future is looking bleak. A fourth season should be a gimme, right? If Adult Swim wants it to end thanks to toxic fanboys, give Harmon and Co. more than ten episodes to work out a conclusion to their liking.
  3. S04.E14: A Dark Knight: Reunion

    Caught up tonight. More over-the-top fun and lots of reunions. Also, Sofia is the worst kinda-sorta-sister-in-law ever. Needless to say, she will die at Leslie's hands. And since Leslie's the smart doctor, it's going to be methodical and painful. "You know that whole thing about doing no harm? I've had to rethink a lot of things in Gotham." And the guy who regained the Narrows? Yeah, he'll die a grisly death. Minimum, it will be an insane way to go. Sidenote: isn't Butch with Tabitha? I don't remember him coming back, but I could be wrong. Minimum, he's probably recovering from becoming a near-brain-dead zombie. Or maybe he's getting acquainted with this regrown hand. Over in Agents of SHIELD, Elena watches and bangs her head against a wall. Poor Ed. He finally finds a place to fit in, and now he's either dead or consumed by Riddler. It's probably for the best; that villain's relative chill balances out Oswald's craziness. @SnarkyTart prefers him sipping from a teacup than Ivy's blowing on a flower. I understand that, but my motivation for that would be for something to go wrong, so he can throw a fit, breaking the teacup and the accompanying stuff (plate, kettle, etc.) Then Ed walks in, cleans up the mess, and calms his buddy down. I'm thinking this Ivy is just hypersensitive around plants. And probably all vegetables. Seeing a guy seeing a pickle sets her off? Okay, I get that she was going to kill that guy in her pursuit of Harvey, but that was harsh. Something show her the Swamp Thing story from Alan Moore where Floronic Man tries to claim the Earth for plants. In other news, Selina continues to hang tough in general. I know she's a canon character, but I fear for her future. At least Bruce was contrite. Telling Alfred that killing Ra's al Guhl sending him to a bottomless pit of debauchery that only a near-fatal drug trip could snap up out of it wouldn't really play out well. But he has a moment before the shit hits the fan, and he saves people. And he gets shot by Jim. Thirty years from now, they'll be laughing about that.
  4. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    Found this on Toonami's Facebook. In case the link doesn't work: Toonami will be making an announcement regarding FLCL next week. ETA: I think Outlaw Star wraps up tonight. Next week has two Cowboy Bebop episodes, and I suspect that's the end as well. Anybody hear as to what would replace them? The week after is the night before Easter, so I'm thinking "marathon." ETA2: Right, that would technically be April Fool's morning, so anything could happen.
  5. All Episodes Thread

    In case you didn't hear, we got four new episodes on Sunday night at 7: "Blenanas," "Jake the Starchild," "Temple of Mars" and "Gumbaldia."
  6. S05.E13: Principia

    Mack is just the best, right? Helps gets the Plotdevicism, battles a bunch of robots, and brings one back so his girlfriend can get new arms. And he almost got killed in the process. Also, he didn't kill his old schoolmate about the revelation of "Mack Hammer," and he didn't punch Coulson on the ship. I think Phil wouldn't have quipped in such a tense situation . . . but fuck it, he's gonna die soon anyway, right? What do we call the antagonists? Do they have a name? I think they might not, so we need one for them. "SWORD" is the obvious choice, but that's basically "SHIELD in space" in the comics. I don't remember the kid at all. He was a Von Strucker? Huh . . . maybe the producers figured The Gifted might make that name a bigger thing. Also: no vaguely incestuous overtones! Looks like the rift doesn't always make manifest nightmare, since Deke's mom stopped by and basically left a family tree behind. I'm hoping he does more soon. I mean, Fitz is really irritated, but in a situation like that, I'd be tempted to direct Deke to the food storage and let him chow down on stuff we've gotten away from. Twinkies really last forever, don't they?
  7. Last night had lots of complications for me, so I had to use the DVR. Party Time (Brian Arnold, Barclay Stockett, Jake Murray) vs. Brazi Bros (Alexio & Lucas Gomes, Brittany Reid) We start with an upset, as Alexio winds up beating Brian to the buzzer by four-tenths of a second. At first glance, it looked like he missed it, but he got enough of his hand on it to get the win. And that is the low point of the night for Party Time. Barclay wins her heat as Brittany splashes down, Jake beats Lucas, and Party Time wins the relay as Alexio (running the second leg) wipes out trying to clear Tilting Ladder. Brian probably didn't need the five-second penalty as he clears the Warped Wall to clinch the win. All-American Ninjas (Paul Hamm, April Steiner Bennett, Jonathan Horton) vs. Karsten's Fast Kats (Kevin Klein, Lauren Keen, Karsten Williams) Of course, nobody really brings up that Paul compete on Sasuke several times, including the one where he cleared Stage Two, but forgot to hit the buzzer. Kevin defeats him, and Matt & Akbar keep talking about how he beat the greatest American gymnast. The guy's last Sasuke was in 2005, and NBC didn't air his failed run in 2016. April vs. Lauren gets the While We Were Away treatment, with April wiping out on Monkey Bars. And then came back-to-back shocks. First, Karsten wipes out on Tilit Ladder, and Jonathan gets the win for clearing that. In the relay, Karsten (running anchor) doesn't clear the Monkey Bars, and he is really pissed off about it. Jonathan clears the obstacle to give AAN the upset. Party Time vs. All-American Ninjas It's all Party Time. Brian leads Paul handily as he wipes out on Rumbling Dice. Afterward, Brian interviews that Paul is his hero. He probably means Sasuke, but it isn't specifically mentioned. Barclay (who is dubbed "Sparkly Ninja," which . . . since when?!?) and April clear the Warped Wall, but both are very fatigued. April falls from Salmon Ladder, giving Party Time a 2-0 lead. Jonathan can't get the momentum from his upset, as he struggles with Tilting Ladder and splashes down on the Floating TIles, though he's able to "save it." I use quotation marks, because Jake was so far in the lead, it would have taken a massive fail to force a relay. But the eccentric ninja -- no doubt trying to redeem himself for ANW9, which no one talked about) -- gets the win by a large margin, completing the shutout. Next week: Ian Dory and his Wolf Pack and David Campbell (The Godfather!!) make their runs toward glory.
  8. Comic shops are offering a free comic in anticipation of Krypton. Basically, it's a reprint of World of Krypton #1, the start of a four-issue miniseries from John Byrne and Mike Mignola (who would create Hellboy). I think the story was written after Crisis on Infinite Earths, depicting the revised version of the planet Krypton. I also believe there were two other miniseries in the same vein: World of Smallville and World of Metropolis. I got WoK from a DC Comics harcover reprinting Mignola's work, and I think it holds up well. ETA: Story from Bleeding Cool. Also, the issue has brief profiles of four of Krypton's esteemed Houses.
  9. Stumbled into this review and praise of KLK's animation style. Enjoy!
  10. ScrewAttack hosts "Death Battles" on their YouTube. Next week, they're pitting Jotaro against Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. Here's the video covering the basics of Jotaro and Star Platinum. There is one bit from the series that hasn't aired on Toonami . . . just so you know. And here's Kenshiro's profile.
  11. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    Translation: "I gotta think long term. If I'm big enough a jackwad, I might get three more tries at the $1 million!"
  12. S31.E11: It's Britni, B...

    Here's Sylvia replying to Joss' post: "I won my elimation while being sick and was in the hospital for the same amount of time as Leroy but I got sent home and he didn’t I feel your pain" She's got a point as well. Maybe Leroy is basically the Challenge version of Rob Mariano, where BMP will keep throwing him into the mix until he wins. Remember, he lost Nia in BOTE2, but they gave her Theresa (originally a teammate of Wes). Follow-up from Marie: "At least you guys weren't publicly humiliated in a Laundry basket." One problem with The Challenge being a career: permanent feuds. How often do reality feuds spill into the "real world," then back into the show they were just on? Not as often as this one. ETA: Devin bitching about losing to Jemmye was funny. Ranks with Dan Renzi going, "All eighteen of us were beaten by Ah-MY-ya and Melissa."
  13. S31.E11: It's Britni, B...

    From Twitter: Killbot knew whom she wanted to face if given a choice. Scroll down for Cara Maria's rejoinder. Looks like that friendship is officially over. Joss weighs in on Darrell vs. Nelson. Dude's a wanker, but he does make a valid point. Briana reveals too much about herself. I know, she's not on this season, but I had to share. Also, most of the folks I see are Facebook want to wash down their meals with Nicole's tears. Once again: I get the hate, but I don't get why it has to be all-consuming for some people. I will say that Zach's crack about Nicole having to go to speech class was pretty funny.
  14. Caught last night's After Show. I think Tony is scheming to kill CT, get a "dad bod," and take his place. Single White Meathead, if you will. Nice having Justina drop by to help Nessa. And Britni sucks, but everybody knew that, right?
  15. S36.E03: Trust Your Gut

    I'm just not caring. How did Bradley become despised? I'm not paying attention. Lucky for him that Michael messed up. All that was missing was Probst looking at the idol and drawling, "You have chosen . . . poorly." Speaking of Probst, I have a question, and I'll understand if you think I'm reading too much into it. A tribe is lagging behind, as their opponents are on the final part. Only two guys are pulling the rope to get the track on the rail. About a second after the lead guy (really don't know names, really don't care) yells for help, Probst hollers, “You can’t do this with two guys!” So the other pitch in, and they get to the final part, and they win in a surprising manner. Does that mean Probst interfered with the game? Once again, I'm not caring, and I'm sure there's eye candy for Probst on both sides . . . but the idea that he'd nudge a tribe forward -- even for the sake of drama -- is a little disconcerting. Whasherface doesn't go for the Ghost Island idol. Boooooooooo. I know, she probably made the right play with a vote at risk, but I know the producers are itching to rub mistakes in the faces of past contestants. Sadly, I don't think they can work in the letter JT slipped to Russell along with the idol.