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  1. I'll need to rewatch. Also, it looks like Conti died for our sins. I kinda liked that guy. Last week, I didn't catch that the fake girlfriend's dad was Amarao. I like how he's wearing a hat, so you can't tell if he has eyebrows or not.
  2. Is there a place with deep dives for references? Because I saw the Red Dragons' pitching roster, and I think they're supposed to be the 1986 Boston Red Sox. I noticed "Sambito," and "Oil Crown" HAS to be Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd. I can't tell if the Jaguars are based off any team. "Tigers" is my first guess, though Jotaro's pitcher wears 41, and Tom Seaver is the only guy I really associated with that number . . . though the last time he played for New York was 1983. Anyway . . . D'arby the Younger foils Kakioyin in car racing, and Kakioyin loses his soul. Jotaro steps up to the plate to play that timeless video classic, Oh! That's a Baseball! Usual battle of wits, as Jotaro fumbles through the controls before hitting four consecutive homers in the first inning. D'arby hurts my soul by telling Jotaro the game ends if one team leads by eleven points. POINTS?!?? Oh, and Oldjo insists on doing loud commentary a few feet from Jotaro's ears. That can't be good. That might have caused Kakioyin to lose his race. The story takes place in 1987. What the heck video game system is D'arby using? I can suspend disbelief . . . but changing the looks of your players to match the Stands? The only thing I can think where that happens is with a Game Genie, and I don't think those were around. Or maybe Japan has always been several years ahead of the curve. I found this. "Bruce Nipper" is an amalgation of Bruce Hurst (who won Games 1 & 5 against the Mets in the World Series) and Al Nipper. "Jeff Woodward" must be Rob Woodward, whom I do not remember. "Wes Wapper" sounds dirty, period.
  3. I thought it was funny, @Sandman87. Apparently, most of the gang is too dependent on Shenron. Seriously, Eighteen has been hooked up with Krillin for that long, and she doesn’t know what to get him? Roshi and Oolong are predictable. At least the pig can shapeshift these days. Can’t wait for him to start dressing like Mao again. Man, Goku was thinking of King Kai for once, but everybody screwed him. Maybe if he didn’t set things up so close to Capsule. And King Kai was too harsh on him in the end. At least he wasn’t a prick like Beerus. Destroyed the gem and the time machine. Serves Bulma right, but still . . ,
  4. @peachmangosteen: for you. :D
  5. I associated that with an episode of Archer . . . and I'm wondering (sticking with Archer) if the walking piece of shit wishes he could have played the "fail" music from The Price is Right. I mean . . . even if he knew that the girl with Down's Syndrome was entirely imaginary, you'd think he'd have rock-solid evidence of that, just so he doesn't look like a complete fuck. Oh, and tuba in my head equals Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks. And that's why I can be annoyed by tubas. Anybody else see the GEICO commercial with Roy?
  6. AS will be airing a follow-up to Mr. Neighbor's House on Sunday. Lets see if it can match the weirdness of the original.
  7. Adventure Time in the Media

    From Watch Mojo: The Top 10 Best Adventure Time Characters.
  8. MTV pitching RW to other networks, streaming services. ETA: The Onion mentions the potential revival. Sort of. Also, TV Guide "Jeered" the idea. They used a cast pic from RW2, which . . . I mean, Beth and David, but that was 1993. Those kids seem so quaint compared to the last few seasons.
  9. “Womp womp.” I think the phrase “I can’t even” was created just for that moment. Plus side: Michael Kosta and Trevor roasting the hell out of Stephen Miller. I think Michael needs to lose the Venn Diagrams, but that one was funny.
  10. Fifth volume — Vento Auero — premieres in October in Japan. ETA: . . . .and here's one fan's reaction. He's one happy otaku.
  11. Got two sketches last weekend, of Jonathan and his great-great-grandson.
  12. Well, at least it's over. You'll forgive me if I don't count this as "official," meaning that CT has two titles, not four. At best, Tony is on the same probation thing as Zach, in the sense that I want to believe there will be a time where I'd root for him, but he's probably still a dick. For now. Also, I want to see a GIF of Tony slowly rolling on the hoverboard. Final endgame: jump up and down a thousand times. Put on clothes that were encased in ice. Jump up and down one thousand times. That is The Inferno-level fucked up. What, they couldn't find itching powder and treadmills? At least the final mission was interesting. Only thing as funny as rolling Tony was Wes ripping on Casper in his talking head. Does anybody have the exact quote? I don't remember how Casper was a bad guy . . . mostly because I didn't care. Also, Wes makes up for Johnny's absence by losing respect for Louise . . . somebody who took notes of his gameplay. Do we call him "Weston Watermelons" now? Hoverboards made me cringe . . . aside from Nicole, I don't want to remember RW: Skeletons. I'll have to check my posts from back then . . . I may have openly wished for one of those to catch fire while a housemate was riding it. My best guesses: BMP didn't like Johnny using a kid from the Special Olympics to try and not get eliminated last time, or Special Olympics told him to shove it. Hey, MTV didn't make us wait two weeks to see who won! Yaaaaaaaaaaay. #FaintestPraise
  13. MLB Thread

    Phillie Phanatic had a bad night.
  14. MLB Thread

    I can't really see that. Looking back, I would have thought Darling would be considered the dreamy one. Bobby picked up the slack when Dwight Gooden flagged (*koff*koff*). Also, Frank Cashen looked like a genius because Calvin Schraldi went to Boston in the trade for Bobby. Cut to Game 6, where Schraldi imploded after getting the first two outs in the tenth inning. He might have been a sleeper agent for all we know. Of course, since the Mets are a star-crossed bunch, Bobby had the freak hedge clipper accident that took him out of the NLCS in 1988, where he might have made a difference against the Dodgers.* Also,he survived the boat crashed that killed two of his teammate with the Indians in '93 (I think). *Yes, I know Dodgers were on a mission from God. Mets were lucky to take it to seven games. And now I'm hoping get hurt. Wasn't he the guy that had a collapsed lung last season?
  15. Doctor Who Illustrated: The Comics Thread

    Read the first issue with Seven. I think it leans too hard into fans from the McCoy era. The run up to Thirteen’s series is still going on, and I had to share this cover. 😀