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  1. Somebody had the bright idea to play the cold open backwards, revealing what the Truth Tortoise told Morty. Par for the course for the poor bastard and this demented show.
  2. Just checking to see if anybody is still watching. Episodes will be airing from 10-11 p.m. on Friday night. That will be followed by a tribute to Christopher "Big Black" Boykin. In case you didn't hear, Rob's partner in hinjinks died of a heart attack a few months ago. I know that Rob & Big and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory barely qualified as reality shows, but I considered them to be the best genre programs in the bleak landscape of MTV.
  3. Got this from Omaze by mail: Win a Rick and Morty prize, where you record Season 3 commentary for the DVD alongside Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland in Los Angeles. There are also chicken nuggets drenched in that sweet, sweet Szechuan sauce.
  4. I reckon Abram has probably beat him for that honor.
  5. Before the first redemption challenge, somebody on Facebook posted a pic of Jenna squeezing a ketchup bottle over Jemmye. I replied that it wouldn't occur to Jenna to get the squeeze bottle. And Zach is an awful choice, though the odds were good she would've jumped on Tony before the Camila Incident.
  6. So . . . was Camila in the cornfield this week? I don't mind. That might have been the grossest food challenge ever. Worse, they threw in the vague hope of skipping a plate with the hidden emeralds. I know TJ hates quitters, but he can go fuck himself. You want me to change my mind about you ripping on Marie? You fucking eat a plate. I know, shameful that she didn't even try, but we got a racist bitch on the cast. Also, a dude that won't fess up to drunken shenanigans to his prime babymama. I'm sorry, but if neither of his daughters ever sees him again, would that be a bad thing? He sucks. Big fat whatever in general. I had to rewind a few times during Fear Factor, and I got more from that than this episode. I'm amused that Jemmye is psychic now. Disappointed that Tony didn't jack up Johnny for pranking him. Then again, remember the last time an asshole got payback in the head? Right . . . Frank got punched by Knight at the BOTS2012 reunion . . . .and Knight died a few years later. Probably a coincidence, but if Challenge Gods exist, they probably protect the biggest jagoffs.
  7. Adult Swim is running their old shows in the 1 a.m. slot, and they will air "Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy." "I'M BAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!! And this time, I'm rollin' deep!!!!!!!"
  8. Hi again. We might be having a special after the episode thanks to a certain Brazilian bozo. Warning: this is from's schedule, but it isn't on my program guide. Where was this last week? Or will Camila do something even stupider to warrant her dismissal? Mark my words: this is gonna be a 31-minute version of TJ briefly covering that during the Presidio nominations, which boiled down to, "Racism's bad, mmmkay?"
  9. Athlete from CvP? Opponent in the follow-up season? Who is Jordan Anderson, and why would she be a liability? Is she AYTO Camila? Also, I looked up Tyranny. Totally expected that to be a guy's name
  10. I believe Kacy is done with ANW. However, I don't think Brian Arnold is also retiring. Otherwise, we would've heard about that. I liked Brett and Kacy's dog. Yes, the show needs reasons to show her crying, but dogs should be exempt, especially if they are that cute. Fifteen years is a good run.
  11. Reminder: four Challengers will be doing Fear Factor tonight at 9. This is a reminder for you, because I just remembered this myself, and I didn't know where else to post that. Also, here is the forum for that series.
  12. Another year, another 100 percent failure. It was an interesting time, though. It's never dull, from the ninjas to the obstacles to Matt and Akbar high on adrenaline. Maybe Kristine needs to get high on crank to match their level. Question for the offseason: is Sean Bryan a fluke? I base this on Team Ninja Warrior. Seven episodes, four teams per episode, two guys per team. That equals 56 ninjas that can be considered that good. Sean only came on the show as a midseason substitute. I'm okay with him (and Daniel) because he's not "God bothering" about his faith. But Najee was expected to make The Leap, Joe is always a favorite for Stage Three. . . but who saw Papal Ninja coming?!? While I'm thinking about it . . . Yeah, Sean needs a new nickname. However, this is the show where the final stage means conquering "Mount Mount Midori." I won't hold my breath. Worse, Daniel Gil has already claimed "Kingdom Ninja," so that's out. It's the Kidz Bop version of "Hot For Teacher"!! "She's so fit, she's so fit, she's so fit. I like my teacher!!!" Was she at the very bottom in terms of overall progress on Stage Two? That sucks. While I still consider Jessie to be Lady Alpha, Alyssa is definitely in the upper tier. Four minutes is way too long for Stage Two. Stage One should require speed, Stage Three would be about endurance, so Two should be in the middle. I don't think you should rest on any Stage other than three. On the other hand, Wingnut Alley is a nightmare. The concept was created by a guy that made Stage One, right? The show took it to a more frightening direction in terms of potential failure. That might be the Metal Spin for years to come. ETA: One good thing about the popularity of ANW is that we won't have to wait long for a taste. After last year, we had two seasons of Team Ninja Warrior (three counting "College Madness"), a skills competition, a global showdown, and a charity event. Those that wiped out long before Vegas can work on redemption early.
  13. @Geenee . . . I meant that TARC didn't measure to TARUS. On Facebook, the latest season wrapped up, and it didn't go down well.
  14. Checking the article again. A few more names have been added. Is Katrina from Bad Blood? That explains why I don't recognize her name. The "Unlikely" and "Maybe" lists have also been expanded. My favorite line: "CT Tamburello- No evidence he’ll be on, but he was asked. He will always be asked."