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  1. Wow . . . 100th episode in two weeks. How will John mark the occasion? Sweet episode centered on Ivanka and Silent Jared, with an assist from Gilbert Gottfried. Il liked that I paused during the opening titles to see Bill O'Reilly pictured as "Non-Factor," and then John ends the show with 3-5 minutes of the guy's "best" work, including his hissy fit on Inside Edition (or whichever new program he was hosting). And unlike other places, we got it uncensored. Bless you, HBO! Best part of the talking heads montage . .. the random head smiling, knowing he/she looks sane by not trying to holler away.
  2. Terry Collins is in his seventh year as manager of the Mets. Has his gig ever been in jeopardy? I'm aware that the team is basically a MASH unit, but I would think Sander Alderson may have (figuratively) stroked an axe a few times.
  3. I'm sure Ashi will get an upgrade. I know that there won't be action figures, but you gotta switch up the outfits sometimes. Are the first four seasons on DVD? I remember a few episodes that the flashbacks were based on. I'm pretty certain I never saw the rave episode, and maybe I should remedy that. Did Jack take "X" at any point?
  4. From Cheezburger: excerpts from a book on little kids and huge dogs. Over in Portland, Sissy Pugdashian is celebrating her twelfth birthday. Here's the Instagram . . . looks like they're having fun.
  5. Weirdness: Mets will be hosting the Braves from Tuesday-Thursday. That's where they opened the season three weeks prior. Huh?!? Thursday is a getaway day game: Matt Harvey vs. Bartolo Colon. I probably won't go, but I'll think about it. With the Mets' luck. Bart would hit two grand slams.
  6. I think BMP's excuse would be, "Well, we did have a season without Johnny, and nobody reacted well. That might have been due to the three assholes from the bad San Diego season and the butch lady that took most of their abuse. But yeah, we needed Johnny. That's why we teamed him with Frank in the following season, even though they never met before."
  7. Last Week: Kurapika reveals himself as a Nen God, extracts a tiny bit of vengeance from the hide of Feral Franky. This Week: Gon and Killua learn about treasure appraisal! Kinda hating the tone whiplash. Nice that the boys made a new friend, but I want to see people get beaten up or worse. ETA: Oh, and Gon sells his Hunter's License. Great way to make money, but doesn't that negate the premise of the first part of the anime?!?
  8. Better sinister coach from a second episode: The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo, or Kevin Arnold's Dad As Pyrokinetic In Smallville? Damn, Ms. Quill cannot win at anything. She's a bitch, but I feel bad for her situation.
  9. What can top a Titan in the wall? Motherfucking talking fur-covered abnormal Titan! I mean, humanity is fucked as per usual, but talking Titan!!! Holy shit!!
  10. That was my reaction as well way back in the day. Don't know how Disney didn't sue Toriyama. While I'm thinking about it . . . does Babidi resemble a scrotum to anybody else? Specifically, Piccolo's scrotum? If he had one, I mean.
  11. Great episode. Mr. Satan does what he does best: lie to the public to cover up for Goku. This time, he brags about he fought Beavis the Destroyer. No, high amounts of sugar were not involved. Also, he got bright blonde hair from the power-up. And then, actual aliens arrived to meet the guy that defeated Lord Beerus. Normally, I roll my eyes when I see Mr. Satan/Hercule, but I had a good laugh at the comedy of errors.
  12. I like Bill. Really, I do. But is she going to constantly ask questions? If people started a drinking game based on that, fatalities would run into the tens of thousands, minimum. What was the name of the robots? I might get a sketch on those guys. Nice concept, cute waddling. Better execution (no pun intended) than the Smilers. Kida wish the Doctor wore buttons. He could sport the "heavy thinking" emoji. Kinda looks like him, too. Anybody get a Red Dwarf vibe from the first bit? "They're all dead, Dave . . ."
  13. Bumping up for the show's return tonight, with "Supper." That is not a good sign with this anime. ETA: They're going willy-nilly with the manga timeline. Remember in the Cartoon/Anime thread, when I asked if the giant griddle would be involved? Well, it isn't. Grisly shit, but it could have been so much worse here. Also: there is NO way in hell that the Connoisseur didn't sprout wood sniffing his stained handkerchief.
  14. I think Veronica is at her best when her life is threatened. Like Amaya laying her out in Challenge 2000. Or Psycho Julie tugging on her safety line. Or Katie coming close to strangling her. Hate her. Hated seeing the preview for Inferno II with Rachel, smirking about Sarah's illicit romance with Theo. In my mind, those two probably didn't go that far, and Rachel and Veronica probably took hits off Abram's skin bong. How were those bitches so much better? I know, Sarah is probably way over that, but I can't jump that hurdle.
  15. A lot of them are on Facebook. I referred to Michael as "Red Rupert" on Thursday, and he got a kick out of that. I miss TARCon to pieces, but it's nice to meet Racers online. ETA: From last week: Phil on why TAR is more important than ever. ETA2: It's raining TARticles!! Here's a "Where Are They Now?" piece on past winners from MSN. Dana & Matt did not get a happy ending.