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  1. "Justice" wraps up. Polnareff inadvertently slams on Enyaba's berserk button over andover until she snaps. Between her attack and Hol Horse's warning, Polnereff winds up in a bad situation. As he put it: "HOLY SHIT, WE GOT ZOMBIES!!!" Then he becomes Enyaba's bitch; she manages to get his tongue wounded, and a wound is all it takes for her to control people, including the dead. Polnareff's indignities continue, as he's forced to lick the hotel's toilet. It looked unclean, but maybe it hadn't been used in forever. With the Frenchman's luck, Enyaba probably took old lady dumps there for weeks. Yadda, yadda, yadda, Jotaro figures shit out with his years of watching Columbo as a kid. Hey, it's not that weird. Ichigo dug Al Pacino in the Bleach manga. Star Platinum goes sickhouse on the zombie. Then a hole-riddled baby zombie pokes Jotaro in the leg, and the fun begins for Enyaba . . . at least until Star Platinum inhales Justice, causing the hag to suffocate. Denouement. After Jojo has fun on Polnareff's expense, he comes up with a plan: go into a town, use Hermit Purple with a TV to read Enyaba's mind. Yes, she is still alive. So is Hol Horse, who steals their ride. Because he's that big of a prick. Not like the team had a Stand that could wriggle long distances and fire projectiles. Right, Kakyoin?
  2. Just saw something on Facebook and checked MTV's schedule. Reunion conclusion at 9, CvS at 10:01. I will DVR both and watch the former at 10. Legends of Tomorrow takes priority. It's batshit, but it's the awesome kind of batshit.
  3. Can't blame Pete for badmouthing Staten Island . . . though I've never found heroin or meth in my years living there. Granted, I didn't really look for those. Also didn't know the borough was that in the tank (weeds?) for Colin. It seemed like yesterday where everybody was crapping on his WU gig. Today, he's found a groove with Michael, and he only does the Leslie/Kyle sketches. It's a good life.
  4. The Tournament Arc ends . . . with the promise of another tournament in the future. With fighters from all twelve universes. And that's cool with Zeno, the most supreme supreme that ever supremed. I know Goku's powerful as hell, but why can't Vegeta and Piccolo choke him out before he gets a fight boner? Also I get how Vegeta is always looking to level up, and he did take out three fighters . . . but I would think he would have enough tournaments for one lifetime. There's that one, the WMAT where he blew up the crowd . . . does the Cell Games count? Beerus gave Champa a healthy Earth just to lord it over him. I'm thinking that Earth has two months left before its destruction. Champa would make like Maijin Buu, only he'd eat all of the food instead of turning people into candy. I don't know how long until the next tournament, but I did take a picture of a Destroyer and his aide/assistant/whatever Whis puts on his business card. Anyway, I took a picture of a duo today at Anime NYC, and I ran into this pair from Universe 11. Word of warning: this Destroyer looks like unfiltered nightmare fuel.
  5. Funny story: I went to an anime convention today, and I visited a Funimation panel, where they basically showed clips. One of them was from Black Clover . . . and look what I just saw on the Toonami Tumblr. From what little I saw, it seems like something for the block. I think "Wizard King" gets said a lot, though. Starting December 2, it goes into the 11:30 p.m. slot, pushing DBS and DBZK back by 30 minutes each, making Toonami run from 10:30-4:00. Didm't it get clipped down last time it got that long? Here's the clip if you're piqued.
  6. Capaldi wasn't as old as Hartnell was when he played the Doctor, right? Weirdly enough, the First Doctor looked old, but none of the others really got there, even as they aged chronologically. Might be funny if Twelve showed pictures of Five and Eleven to see if he could give his old self hearts attack.
  7. I do not know about the sex symbol thing, but I bet he's aware of having many fans. Remember, his father was the second-longest tenured lead actor on Doctor Who.
  8. Two questions: Is it spelled "Martin," "Martine," or something else? How cute was his Penguin hair? So "on point."
  9. Yeah, but what if David* keeps growing? Could we handle a 6'9" Batman? *If you ever want to be "that guy," keep insisting on pronouncing his name as "Dah-VEED." Yeah, I didn't know until I saw him in panels at Fan Fest in 2016-17.
  10. Slade got to live. I've heard there will be a Deathstroke in the DCEU (should it continue), and we saw what happened to Deadshot. Mildly surprised, really. And he gets a son to try and locate, while hoping he's not an asshole like Joe. Hey, maybe Grant will have the blonde afro and the thick muttonchops. Diggle is an idiot. He did come clean to everybody, so I guess that counts for something. And he's still with Lyla, so there goes my theory about him hooking up with Dinah, though I wager that's still in play. There's an episode next week, on Thanksgiving. That's . . . different. After you devour lots of turkey, sink your teeth into fresh ham!! I am hoping for a good episode, since Gotham will be taking the week off, along with the friggin' insane shit that comes with it.
  11. Well. Cannibalism and Bruce Wayne Gone Wild? Must be Thursday. Gotta love Oswald upping his paranoia yet again. Then you have a moment where some asshole figures Martine's life isn't worth eating people, and Oswald responds by removing the knife impaled in Sofia's hand (what is it about hand hazards on this show?) and kills the dude by plunging it in his head. Nice character moment there. Of course, if Martine manages to live to the season finale, I will be surprised. Hey, he knows how to play the triangle. Kid's got talent! Hey, Jim got a win. I mean, Pyg will get out to cause havoc one day, but Jim got to shine as the captain. I understand his reluctance in shooting Harper. What if he nailed her? Remember, a captain shooting a cop is how he got the job in the first place. As much as I feel bad for Alfred, I feel worse for the poor bastards whose necks he'll snap to alleviate what Bruce put him through. Snotty little bastard. I figure he'll snap back . . . but this series has strayed pretty far from canon. What if Bruce never becomes Batman and becomes the wastrel he only plays in regular continuity? On the bright side, Tommy showed a spark of intelligence backing down from Alfred.
  12. Bless you, Samantha Bee. Bless your heart for hating those talentless dipshits.
  13. What was the correspondent's name? She deserves an award for that. Also, for burying a wine bottle and sipping it when stressed. And it turns out God isn't chill about people ruining His land, at least according to the Bible. I never heard that before. Damn, Alabama and Tangier Island got roasted. Deservedly so, for the most part. As for the rash of allegations . . . I'm sure that by year's end, Samantha will break the news that Vice President Pence once spoke to a woman for three whole minutes while his wife was in the restroom.
  14. Daily News Back Page: Here's how the Yankees could get Giancarlo Stanton! A lot would have to happen, but it's enough to Photoshop him into a Yankee uniform. Mickey Callaway: Saaaaaaay. . . that might be great for us! Instead of punishing us over twenty times a year, we'd only get it over a four-day period. Nobody tell Terry . . . he'll hate himself for leaving this soon. Terry Collins: No, I'm good. Really. ETA for Yankees fans: Would you be okay with having a Dutch guy named "Hensley" managing your team? And he also answers to "Bam Bam"?
  15. For anybody watching The Tonight Show on a regular basis . . . Johnny is going to appear next Tuesday. I just didn't want anybody to be caught unaware. Apparently, Jimmy Fallon has crap taste in reality TV personalities.