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  1. I think that goes with the setting and feel. The theme in the opening credits (which debuts next week( isn't really as intense as the others. I'm still thinking "meathead." He hasn't beat up the little guy, and I suspect he might need to get beat up a lot. His mother? Well, maybe she got Oldjo to impregnate her at knifepoint, and threatened to neuter him if he didn't tell everyone he had an affair. "It wasn't my idea, boy! I faced Strazio, Santana, the Pillar Man, goddamn DIO . . . . but every night for the past sixteen years, I've had to check under my bed for Tomoko Fucking Higashikata! OH MY GOD!!!!!!"
  2. Last episode before Las Vegas!
  3. S07.S03: Arrears In Science

    I watched on the iPad yesterday. Glorious continuity porn, which means “Malcolm” was the “money shot.” Man, Red Death looked like a badass in the flashback. Anyone thinking that his name was inspired by — I think — a musical act called “Red D’Eath” in Watchmen? I kind of like the idea that Rusty was his father’s downfall, as Team Venture trips on his toy, and Jonas literally goes to pieces. I’ll have to rewatch soon. Also, the app version didn’t have a teaser for next week. ETA: Here’s this week’s shirt. I haven’t seen the appeal of buying an episode-specific tee. This one is nice . . . and I think the font is based off Doc Savage.
  4. S05.E21: Tariffs

    I laughed. Seriously, though, with the world we live in these days, maybe Melania IS pining for her husband as she works with aluminum and adjusts to her new male body. Anyone have a list of John’s nicknames? The only one I remember is “Daughter Wife” for Ivanka. I tried calling Pence “Mother’s Husband,” but I’m currently using “Handmaid’s Tale.”
  5. S05.E21: Tariffs

    I hadn’t heard the president speak in a while, so there was that. Also, the bit where he called China “motherfuckers” . . . the way his hair looked . . . could that be considered a mullet? Same old thing from John . . . point out and clear up stuff we were unclear about, show us that racists have wormed into the Australian government, and present a story where Melania body-swaps with a male aluminum worker, which explains why she seems reluctant to hold her husband’s hand. Because there’s a male aluminum worker trapped in her body. Oh, and we get a sweet presentation voiced by Danny Kaye, ridiculing a right-wing blowhard’s approach to documentaries. The knife labeled “DUMBFUCKERY”? Icing on the cake.
  6. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    I elected not to do an anime con this weekend, opting for a nearby two-day show. There was anime cosplay, though, and I ran into these two. I had to share.
  7. Caught the premiere of DiU this morning, and I'll have to rewatch. I like the idea that Jotaro gets roped back into a new adventure because Oldjo had an affair and a bastard son. Also, I like to think that the now-adult Jotaro was forced into what he was wearing because he's going to spend a lot of time with high school kids. Josuke? He looks mercurial. Kinda resembles a young Goku, only with a berserk button centered on his hair. Seriously, to piss off Goku way back in the day, Krillin had to die first. Here, you just rip on Josuke's hair, and he'll rip you. Naturally, he has a Stand. Naturally, it's bizarre . . . it can repair any damage Josuke can inflict. I reckon the highlight had to be a gun-wielding asshole finding the gun jammed inside his stomach. *sigh* I'm probably not explaining it right. Oh, and Star Platinum can stop time like The World. I think Jotaro said he only did it for a second . . . but it's been twelve years since Egypt, so I'm guessing the span can be longer.
  8. I think that happens a few months back. He had a small RW: Austin reunion as well.
  9. Conclusion of the “Morphic Trilogy.”
  10. All Episodes Talk

    Saw this, thought of one of the series’ darker sketches. It actually popped up last night.
  11. Reminder: the series has been moved to 10 p.m., starting off the Toonami block. Didnt rewatch last week’s episode. I was irritated that the first bit of the new opening credits involved stretching, but now I’m mildly amused by the appropriateness of it.
  12. @lathspel: The Lion King or Fullmetal Alchemist? I did like Yami's straightforward origin story.
  13. Breakdown of "Stand Proud" and "End Of The World":
  14. 1. Auction from the estate of Ronnie James Dio, the namesake behind JBA's most dastardly villain (at least through the first three parts; Pillar Men had the better intro music). 2. Brief clip of Giorno Giovana, the Jojo from Vento Aureo. That's coming out in October in Japan. If "Diamond Is Unbreakable" is a hit on Toonami, maybe we get the follow-up right away. However, the production house tends to wait between volumes, so "Stone Ocean" might need to be in development first.
  15. The Boondocks In The Media

    There's a guy that does parodies of Dragon Ball Z. This . . . this is beautiful. Just watch.