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  1. S07.E02 The Longbow Hunters

    I reckon this is more of a 9 p.m. series than Legends of Tomorrow . . . but if they swapped, it would be like having dessert before the liver-stuffed brussel sprouts. I mean, the drama and angst is up there, but it's not unbearable yet. That said, why in the name of all that's holy is Diaz still alive?!? I don't care if the Longbow Hunters killed him by the end of the year to show They Mean Business. He's still a thug with little charisma whose main ability is not getting the murder he deserves. I'm still irked by Laurel-2. I get the idea of a theme of Canaries coming together . . . but if Sara were to drop by for the express purpose of beating her "sister" to a pulp, I am all for that. In the parlance of The Dark Knight Returns, Oliver Queen does not shiv. Okay, he does shiv, but just himself in order to lose a targeted guard. The theatrics afterward were also funny. Still not getting Future William. Missed the part about him being gay (per @statsgirl). I think I know the deal behind the Longbow Hunters in the sense of gimmicks. They do look professional, which is what we need right now. This is in contrast to last season, where we got the villain equivalent of the Mon-Stars. Sadly, in that version of Space Jam, the least interesting one lived.
  2. S04.E01: The Virgin Gary

    That felt good. I mean, I know there will be angst, loathing, and another Big Bad making the Legends' lives miserable . . . but watching the team try to corral a carnivorous unicorn and trip balls on its snot? It feels like taking a bath where the water is the perfect temperature. Oliver Queen can't find peace in prison? That's nice. Here's John Constatine asking for the saliva of a nine-fingered man, and Ray offering to lose a pinky for the team. Then Nate calls him "the Giving Tree," and comes up with a plan involving robbing Jerry Garcia of a fresh joint. This show. This show, dammit. I mean, they opened with the team infiltrating the Beatles' invasion of New York and Paul Revere (the historic one, not the "Kicks" one) popping out of nowhere. That's the opening. That is the opening. Basically, I agree with this review from AVClub that boils the series down to four words: "Why the fuck not?" Also, we get family drama between Nate and his dad (did not know that was Biff; really hoping the show goes slowly into BTTF references), Ray trying to see humanity in Nora, Zari showing him her past for a comparison . . . and Mick gets to see Axl the rat again. I'm hoping Gary evolves a smidge past Abusable Comic Relief this season. Watching him lose a nipple to the unicorn was funny, though. And I'm good with Sara/Ava right now. They are cute together, but it's also a mature kind of cute. Today, I changed my Facebook picture to this sketch I got a few months ago. I might just keep it like that for the time being. ETA: While changing the picture, I referred to today as "St. Beebo Day." I really hope this series doesn't let me down.
  3. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    A forum might need to be set up. Any ideas for titles? There will be a second season, and it will be screened at Anime NYC in a few weeks.
  4. The Speculation Thread

    No new episode this week. Next one airs on Halloween, and maybe it’ll be extra messed-up. In a good way.
  5. Just found this on Facebook. Luckily, I don't have to go to Argentina for this level of enthusiasm. A larger anime convention will probably suffice. But damn, these dudes get into it!
  6. S11.E03: Rosa

    I'm looking forward to spiders next week. I don't think I could deal with stuff like "Rosa" every week. It's powerful, but it took longer for me to watch because of the subject. Still liking the dynamic of the cast. Still liking the current Doctor, as she deals with that one guy uniquely. Speaking of which . . . so he was a racist from the future? That's all? Okay, he had future tech, and he had to work around not being able to hurt anyone (pretty effective deterrent), but . . . Future Racist? Also, how could be be so certain that things would not have happened if he did his job? I can just imagine the Doctor: "The event exposed brought tensions to the forefront. If that doesn't happen, it probably still would have happened in some way. But we cannot . . . WILL NOT . . . take that chance." Apologies for the lack of further commentary. I just feel like a putz commenting about it. @Eolivet . . .I was thinking Timeless as well, but the Doctor is a damn professional. Those guys? Rufus would've replaced Rosa that night, because the gang let everything go to hell.
  7. S04.E02: Fallout

    It's like Black Lightning comes off with political relevance having little time for subtlety, and Supergirl is all, "Hold my whatever Kara drinks . . ." I get it. I'll keep watching. It's just a bit painful that not only will this season's arc be based off current events, but that current events got that fucked up to begin with. I'm not trying to be a grouch in general, but this might be one long-ass season. Bright side: Kara doing Supergirl things while she's force to stay Kara. Not sure what was funnier . . . her catching bullets and just flinging them back to injure her attackers, or fake-sneezing to blow some troopers away. Bonus: Lena/Mercy fight, with both rocking boots. Of course Mercy and her brother escape through bonding with a DEO agent that's not thrilled in how things are breaking down. Agent Liberty . . . wow. I'm calling it: he's Hank Henshaw. Hank was a xenophobe, one would expect a guy like the "Cyborg Superman" to live through any doom, and he'd want a better name than "Cyborg Superman." I get the paranoia and lack of trust "normal" humans would have, especially considering an alien was President (which probably explains why she was so darn nice all the time), but you're following someone in a mask? For serious?!? And a crappy-looking mask at that? Poor Brainy. So smart, yet so naive. I will say that it's cute to see another supporting character being an alien that grows to love pizza. Tomato pie?
  8. Just saw "Revenge x and x Recovery." Holy shit, Gon loses it. I mean, he had a full-on Vegeta-style brain-snap, running into Neferpitou trying to save Bushy Browed Gungi Girl. I mean, we've seen Gon get mad, but he never got to a point of full-on rage. Cut to now, where he's demanding Neffy battle him after what she did to Kite, to the point when one would have to fear for Killua's safety as he tried talking Gon down.
  9. I went to the "TARDIS Time" panel/event . . . and I remember so little of it. I know that I had a fun time. I would have kept notes, but any pens I had were busted. Earlier that day, I met Alex. And I felt like a goob. Then again, every time I meet someone remotely famous, that's usually my default reaction. And I brought River Song vinyl figures with me, which makes me more of a dork. Seriously, though, which picture looks better? I can't look at myself.
  10. This week: Koichi becomes a man! Okay, he starts off by pissing himself trying to unlock a bathroom door, but he uses hits wits, guile, and a second "act" version of Seconds Reverb (how is "Seconds" not ambiguous enough for use here?) to ultimately defeat Yukako . . . who still is hot for Koichi. But she's going to try and watch him from afar. Seriously, Koichi gets credit for the win here, right? I know he's a whiner, and a lot of his moves were driven by panic, but he didn't need Josuke and Okuyasu's help or respective Stands. The bit of using Reverb to write phone-dialing sound effects on Yukako's arm was pretty inspired. "Wait, how does Koichi not know Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492? Oh, right, he's from Japan, and that's not drilled into kids' heads over there the way it is over in the U.S." #Clarity
  11. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    It’s from the guy behind OPM, yes. Apparently, there are only twelve episodes, but it looks to be a trip.
  12. MLB Thread

    The Nets? 🤯 Saw this, thought of the thread.
  13. Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    Toonami wants us to join the Mob.
  14. S02.E04: outMatched

    Ooooooooooooooooohhhhh! Fenris/Art History slam!!! Also? Sad, but true. How does anyone over in the Inner Circle keep a straight face around Andy?
  15. Binged the latest three episodes yesterday. Interesting approach having episodes cover mere minutes and making the narrator do some heavy lifting. Also: humanoid ant looking like a butterfly freaking the fuck out about protecting his king. Did the king officially name himself? I thought he had done that already, but I’m probably wrong.