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  1. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Where Taylor and Adam in a relationship when Chelsea slept with him? Either way, it was a dumb move on her part and she is lucky her dumb shit was overpowered by the massive dumb shit that the other moms were doing at the time. She’s more sweet then smart.
  2. Jenni "JWoww" Farley: She Has a Lot of Glasses

    People divorce for reasons other then infidelity. Maybe they are fighting over finances, even though they are basically set, maybe they grew apart, maybe they’ve become incompatible, or were always incompatible and now that the honeymoon period has worn off, it’s become obvious. On another message board someone pointed out that both Jenni and Roger are dominant people, in their own ways, and maybe that means neither wanted to ever give an inch which caused marital strife . It’s hard to say, but I’d assume there is more going on then meets the eye. I think in that video statement Roger put out, he seemed to take his share of the blame for everything and said he didn’t blame Jenni. They are in therapy, so hopefully they can work things out, even if that means getting an amicable divorce and learning to co-parent well. Divorce doesn’t have to be terrible for the kids, and sometimes it is the best thing for them.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Jersey Shore Family Vacation

    I actually always liked Deena and feel like she fit in fine with the cast since she took Angelina’s place (can’t speak for the newer seasons, as I haven’t seen them). She brought the drunken, trashy crazy but was sweet.
  4. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    I do agree that Chelsea story is very 'edited', so to speak, and that she is not better then any of the other girls for selling out her children's privacy for a paycheck, just as they all do and get rightly criticized for. But, I guess at this point I'm personally just so fatigued by all these chicks to really question things anymore. Hell, I somewhat defended/complimented Leah a few weeks ago, a first because she very much irritated me at one point lol. I'm just waiting for this show to finally be cancelled because that is when the real drama would start. All of them will be broke, except probably Chelsea, but even she might have to reign in her baby making/farm animal getting/ make up and ratty extension wearing habits. They are all pretty played out at this point imho. I have to add, I think with Chelsea and her path to teen motherhood was influenced a lot by the fact that the Houska's are a lot more religious/conservative/ traditionalist then they appear. It is pretty telling that all the Houska girls had children as teens or very early adulthood, and from the little I know of them, they all follow traditional gender roles, I think even the oldest sister who did graduate from college. Add to that that Chelsea was very, very insecure as a teen and Adam was actually kind of hot (physically), and you have all the ingredients for poor decision making.
  5. S18.E01: Rookies vs. Veterans

    To be fair, pretty much none of the men on either team were very attractive, accept for the one on the newbie team, I think the one Lizzy Gizzy made a snide remark about. Assuming we are to believe this show is a genuine cooking contest (which is a stretch, I know) there looks aren't really important if they can cook. Though, in the next few seasons I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped the pretense and hired models to pose in front of the dishes they "make". So far, I will say this seems a bit better then the dumpster fire MasterChef was this last season.
  6. S01.E01: Pilot

    What gets me is that Ben and his wife have seemed to have mostly picked up where they left off, to include hugging, kissing, and I would presume, sleeping together. Or at least that's what seemed to be implied by the breakneck glossing over pace of the episode. It would be pretty shitty of her to go straight back into marriage, including all the sexual and intimate aspects, when she's moved on (and would basically be cheating on her new person, as well) and/or stringing along both people because she doesn't know what she wants and refuses to be honest about it. That is apt to make me dislike Grace and her and Ben's relationship real quick. The show has some promise, but they flew really quickly over the actual main premise of the series, the plane ride, really quickly. Also, while it might share some similarities, Lost it most certainly ain't. The first episode of lost is still one of the best to air on tv in my opinion.
  7. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Still seems pretty damn tacky to ask your ex-MIL to watch both her grandson AND the baby who's father you cheated on your ex-husband with. If it wasn't Kail we were talking about, if her and Javi's divorce wasn't so terrible, and if Kail was still on good terms with his family, then maybe, just maybe, it would've been reasonable to ask. But I get the feeling Kail just used Javi's mom as a servant in the past and thought she could keep it up, because she has little respect for anyone. Plus, Javi's mom is s probably not a spring chicken, so asking her to take on two kids is very unthoughtful imo. This is the price Kail has to pay for making a baby with a disinterested father. She's going to have to suck it up and use her money to find reliable childcare.
  8. S08.E37: Secrets Revealed

    Agreed. Now that I think about it, I wonder if her revisionist history of Corey=her one truw lurve and Jeremy was the rebound was her playing mind games. We know she didn't want to divorce Jerm, she flirted with him every chance she got, and played some ol' hide the pickle with him, so I think she might be pissy Jeremy never took her back and wants to stick it to him. And she gets to needle Corey and Miranda, win-win for her. I figured her bitchy, passive aggressive side hasn't completely disappeared.
  9. S08.E37: Secrets Revealed

    Really?!?! Methinks she is lying to herself. When she was with Corey she acted like she couldn't stand him. If anything, he was the rebound from Robbie that she got (unhappily) stuck with. I think the pillses must've really turned her brain around. I really didn't see that she ever had any really love or even lust for Corey, not even on an immature teen level. I think she's more bummed that he married another woman and wouldn't leave her, even after he stupidly slept with her. Just a blow to her ego.
  10. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Lol you aren't wrong. I guess I was trying to be diplomatic, and give some credence to the fact that Jenelle did pretty well in school, therefore having some book smarts. I need to stop being nice, it is Jenelle, after all.
  11. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Yes, it really makes sense. Honestly, I'm not going to bitch Leah out at this point if she ends up getting and staying married again, living out the rest of her life as a contented SAHM. Basically all these girls are SAHMs at this point, with varying degrees of success. And Leah doesn't have the advantage of smarts or ambition like Kail and Jenelle could have, if they weren't entitled divas, or the strong, intelligent social support Chelsea has. If Leah can stay clean, feed her kids something other then junk, and not cheat on her spouse, I'd say she's doing a pretty good job.
  12. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Leah does look pretty good. #SorrynotSorry to be cynical, but her dating an older dude isn't surprising; there probably aren't many young men in her area with decent jobs, so I wouldn't be surprised if being older, her new bf is more settled career/finance wise. Because I sincerely doubt Leah has done much of saving or hustling, in case the show finally is put out of its misery, she's gonna' need a backup.
  13. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Because it is really disrespectful to take the name of a god that may or may not exist in vain, but saying racist, homophobic things about living people is just A-OK, huh, David? And anyway, if god does exist, I doubt an all powerful being really gives three fucks if someone takes his name in vain once in awhile. If he is a loving, compassionate god, he might have a problem with a hateful, violent asshole like one David Eason. Just when I thought UBT couldn't be anymore loathsome (or stupid)...
  14. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    It's been awhile since I've seen the early seasons, but I never got the feeling Janet was fake. I doubt she was a good enough actor to pretend to care about Kail, especially because of the fact Kail was a huge, disrespectful asshole most of the time. Not like anyone could blame Janet for not liking Kail.
  15. While I don't disagree, we don't exactly know what the situation was for Lorelai as a young working mother at the Inn. I have seen it theorized that Lorelai either had a lot of people to watch Rory while she was working , was allowed to take Rory along while she cleaned rooms, or a combination of both. Which seems accurate, because of the special Gilmore magic that makes everyone love For and Rory and bend over backwards for them. Plus Lorelai's job was more flexible by nature. Plus Rory was out of the newborn phase and likely settled into a sleep schedule. Not saying Sookie wasn't being a whiner, but Lorelai can't judge to much from her fairytale tower of unrealistic single teen motherhood.