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  1. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    For diplomatic and practical purposes, I would guess. Gilead is Canada's closest neighbor, and the Canadian government probably didn't want to upset the totalitarian country that so recently eradicated one of the world's Superpowers and their former alley America. Plus, maybe they figured putting on a friendly face and letting Gilead officials like the Waterfords in would keep a line open to Gilead so they can receive as much information as possible, instead of pushing Gilead away, thus raising border tensions and giving raise to Gilead going totally "dark" as far as information getting out at all. It could also be a very passive-aggressive move on Canada's part; they take in refugees, bar trade with Gilead, and do joint military exercises with Britain on the border, but role out the red carpet for the Waterfords (and let them run smack dab into angry protestors, of course:). I can't wait to meet the American Government representative. Hopefully he will give us some insight into how things are holding up in Hawaii/Alaska for what is left of America. And I will cheer Luke on, that is the confrontation that needs to happen. Sucks for Nick, I guess, but honestly I think he was buying too much into this "knight in shining armor/white picket fence" fantasies about him and June and what their relationship really meant.
  2. One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    It's been a minute since I've seen those episodes, but before the bridal shower, did Rory and Logan officially "break up" or decide to take a breather, with an explicit implication that they didn't have to be monogamous? I truly can't remember, but if they didn't mutually agreed to see other people, I'd say it was cheating on Logan's part. Honestly, I wonder if the tables were turned, how relaxed and flippant Logan would've been if Rory had ran out and hooked up with Colin, Finn, Jess, or whatever other smoe she got her hands on? Something tells me he wouldn't have been so forgiving.
  3. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Saying or doing something "wrong" is one thing, especially if it isn't deliberate. But comparing someone to a non-human animal based on their race, using a long known racist comparison, is quite another. This wasn't some cute little ignorant remark, this was meant to land and land hard. Well, this was needed, but I am disappointed. The revival turned out better than I had hoped and I was looking forward to more.
  4. Briana DeJesus: Farm league promoted to the Majors

    You don't know how badly I want to see Teen Mom 2: 5, 10, 15, and 20 years later specials just to see how humbled these women will be without those sweet TM2 checks. I see Kail living in a much more modest house and working a 9 to 5, Leah in a trailer and maybe married to a dude she'll actually have to try to stay married to, Jenelle on welfare and in a trailer/section 8 housing, and Briana back to square one in an even more cramped apartment. The only one who might be doing well is Chelsea, but even she might have to curb her baby and farm animal impulses and start picking up a few hours at the spa at some point. Frankly, the show and these females lost so much appeal to me I'm only holding out for karma at this point, which will happen swiftly if they don't reup their contracts.
  5. S09.E23: A Heck of a Ride

    Another good series finale I didn't see mentioned-The Wonder Years. It was so bittersweet and nostalgic. I liked the finale overall. The watch scene and the car scene with the siblings were great; I got the feeling that in the car Atticus, Eden, and Charlie weren't acting. It must've been hard for the cast to say goodbye, I imagine they get pretty close after 9 years. I love the flash forward. I get that Brick is the weird one, but I think him being the most successful wasn't far-fetched. He was also the most intelligent child, academically speaking. I thought Axl's future was fitting, but I am surprised he moved back to Orson after managing to get a great job in Colorado. I'm happy with Sue and Sean's ending, though I wish we could've gotten a hint of Sue's future career. I'm really going to miss this sweet, comforting little show.
  6. S02.E06: First Blood

    Honestly, I found this episode slow and kind of boring-until the end. Now THAT, is the kind of blow I needed to see dealt to Gilead. I really hope Commender Fuckface Waterford doesn't somehow hobble out of the explosion alive, but if he does, I can only hope he'll be carted off by the Eyes and tried once Nick spills the beans. I had to watch the ending again and realized some of the Handmaid's on the top floor likely died in the blast, poor women. Now I want to see the backstory of Ofglenns turn from demoralized Handmaid to suicide bomber. I need to know who put her up to it-Mayday? Another rebel group? Maybe some rebels from the former United States who've infiltrated Gilead? Or does Ofglenn have some bomb-making skills? As for the rest-seriously, fuck Serena Joy. I can't wait to see her turned into a Martha or Unwoman, though with any luck she'll finagle her way into an Aunt position. That would be right up her sadistic alley. And Fuckface getting his creep on, only took him five or six episodes. Welp, hopefully he can explain his fuckery to his God now.
  7. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Actually, her body doesn't look terrible, but that huge fake ass makes her look chunkier then she would otherwise be.
  8. One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    The problem with that in the Luke and Jess dynamic, as I see it, is that Luke didn't didn't get a chance to influence Jess until Jess was at least 16. By that age it is really tough to try to help someone, without having been around in their formative years to try to help guide and mold them. On top of that, Jess was a naturally stubborn and hot-headed individual, not unlike his uncle, except Luke had a relatively more stable childhood. Maybe if Luke had had more contact at an earlier age with Jess, or took him in when he was younger, he might have been able to point Jess in a better direction and they could've formed a closer and more respectful relationship. As it was, it was obvious Jess had made up his mind about what his life was before he even came to live with Luke, and it seemed like they really didn't know each other that well. Tough to be able to turn an almost "grown" teen around at that point who didn't want help.
  9. S02.E05: Seeds

    Which, of all of the cockamamie, backwards ideas Gilead has come up with, this has to be one of the stupidest. Seriously, even some of the most tyrannical and/or conservative Regimes or religious sects didn't outlaw recreational sex between spouses. Hell, even the Puritans were fine with some passionate sex between husband and wife. I'm surprised they high ups thought this was a smart idea. Just by the law of averages, though, some of the Commanders and their wives must be fertile. There are older ones who were probably married for years before Gilead came to be, who had plenty of chances to have sex that could have resulted in a baby. It just seems weird that so far the show is painting it like Commander's wives=barren and lower class women=fertile (or more of them then the higher ups, anyway). I mean, she certainly is a piece of (shit) work, but I'm not sure that I'd say she is a child abuser waiting to happen. Not every women is fits the mold of perfect, maternal caregiver. If anything, so far I'm most worried about Serena Joy getting her hands on a baby. She might ohh and aww when it is cute and can't talk, but as soon as it develops a personality and dares to not be the perfect version of a child Serena imagines? That is scary. Serena Joy is like textbook abuser.
  10. S02.E05: Seeds

    I so need a win for the non-Gilead side in this show, and the Gilead death camps being liberated would be at the top of that list. Of course, my version of that would be completely fantastical: a group of badass warrior women (lead by the impeccable Emily Gilmore, with her right hand woman Paris Geller and an assortment of Linchfield Prison's fiercest ladies backing them up) rolling in the armored humvees they commandeered from the last fringes of the US gov't, brandishing AK-47s and swords, taking out all those Aunts and guards and packing up the women. Then Emily and Janine could vacation in Bora Bora, were Emily's wife and child will be waiting to see her again. Or hell, just Emily and Janine making it the the border so they can live out their last few days in peace, hopefully with loved ones. On that note, I wonder if we will see Moira, Luke, and the other Gilead Refugees going to the press and getting their story out their to the rest of the world. We know a few people have, but Little America is a goldmine of PR disaster for Gilead just waiting to happen. I really need Gilead and the Commanders to take a visible hit square in the face. Random thought...will we ever see a Commander and his wife who aren't infertile? It seems like some of them should have had children, at least before the fall of the US and the rise of Gilead, when sex between husband and wife wasn't outlawed for some odd reason. Also, other random thought-if Gilead so much about modesty, why do wives get to wear high(ish) heels and dresses that show off ankle/calve? That child-bride marriage ceremony...ugh. A few of those girls barely looked 13. I noticed the wife next to Serena Joy, the one with Janine's baby, seemed to have a negative reaction when the veils went up. That was pretty interesting, though I should probably watch again to see if it was a grimace. Maybe even someone like her has a standard or moral line? I'd like to see some higher ups that actually do. I wonder how long it will be before the Commanders have a lightbulb moment and realize they are giving up a batch of fresh, super young wombs to their lowly henchmen and figure out a way to turn those girls into handmaids or wives.
  11. One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    Maybe there was a time in ASP's life that a French person was much more witty then her? And she had a Rory like "I'm not the smartest, wittiest, most special child in the world!" meltdown, so she took her revenge by stereotyping French people in her GG? Smartassiness aside, ASP wasn't above going for a cheap joke. Personally I'm glad we never met Odette; she likely would've been some totally unlikable French/Eurotrash stereotype.
  12. One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    The show and writers could be pretty terrible regarding character consistency. Dean was one of the best (worst) examples of this: he starts out as guy from the big city who shared some of the same interests as Rory , then turns into a country bumpkin off the first bus from Mayberry. The weren't above rearranging the secondary characters to fit their plots, Liz being another example of that. Personally, they hinted around (at least to me) that Jess's background was a lot darker then it ended up appearing to be. Like some kind of Law&Order: SVU type dysfunctional. But, outside of some probably legitimate emotional neglect, I wasn't seeing it. He came off as more superior and petulant to me then anything. Actually, someone made a good point on the forum a while back (in the Dean thread, no less), that the show would sometimes approach serious storylines like the Rory/Dean affair or Jess's alleged neglect but wouldn't follow through with them. Yes, to be fair, Dean never outright said, that I can remember, that he had a picture perfect family. He might have implied it, but that doesn't mean it was true. It is certainly possible things weren't that great at home for Dean, maybe his parents fought a lot, maybe their was even domestic abuse. We have no clue, because it goes back to what I consider is the main point about Dean: he was basically a walking plot point and a very static character. Yeah, I lot of people seem to construe Dean's ideas in TDDR as him being some backwards traditionalist misogynist, whereas I never got that impression. I actually think it was one of his finer moments, as he stated his opinions in a fair, balanced way without being judgmental or pushy about it, unlike Lorelai and Rory. He also mentioned at the end that he didn't expect or want Rory to conform to the housewife ideal. He was just very family oriented.
  13. One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    To me, Jess was what the kids today would call an "edge Lord". It is possible to be legitimately damaged-though imo they didn't do a great job of painting Jess's life as all that terrible-and melodramatic and prententious, especially like most of us are in our snotty teen phases.
  14. S02.E04: Other Women

    I can't speak for anyone else here, but I'm not giving Luke a pass. June really isn't that much to blame, she wasn't married or owing Annie anything. I think cheating is cowardly and selfish, and am a huge advocate if you are that unhappy or tempted, put your big boy/girl panties on and break up. But, with that, I don't think that means Luke=evil asshole and Annie=innocent wife scorned. Most relationships are much more complicated then that. Outside of the cheating, I think it is pretty possible that Luke has some legitimate reasons to be unhappy and frankly, Annie didn't come off as all that stable or rational, imo, even outside of the obvious emotional fallout of cheating and the break-up of her marriage.
  15. S02.E04: Other Women

    I don't understand though, what the benefit of staying in an unfixable, unhappy marriage is? And as for nowadays-in the past marriages weren't really all that stronger or devoted then they are now. There just wasn't many options for leaving them, socially or financially, especially if you were a woman (who were mostly sold into marriage, anyway). If anything, this "sickness and health" stuff isn't meant to really be romantic, but practical. The practical side being that are forebearers were stuck regardless, so they needed to make the best of things. Romantic relationships aren't meant to be unconditional.