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  1. S02.E07: Season 2, Episode 7

    I called the possibility of Margaret ending up in America, and I'm glad it happened. Those goodbyes between her and her peeps were devastating, especially when you realized Lucy was still in the clutches of Fallon. Hopefully Hunt let's the family know she's in America. I hope after Samantha is done with the Walking Dead she comes back. The show would lose three great characters if she didn't (I include the bosom of awesomeness as a character:). Quigley almost showed a sliver of humanity for a second there, over Charlotte. Then of course that was all pissed down the drain. I need her, Fallon and Blayne to get some kind of Justice, I can't stand these disgusting bastards. I'm worried for Sophia and Lady Fitz.
  2. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Jenelle is whatever the guy she's boning at the moment is, so I don't know that I believe she's having a psychotic episode (unless David is having one and she is copying him). Right now she's a gun toting, country loving prepper. A few dicks from now she'll have been a Hell's Angel old lady, a nerd, a pretentious millennial, and the list goes on.
  3. S02.E06: Season 2, Episode 6

    Wow, lots of crazy shit went down this episode. I also figured the twist of of Blayne raping/impregnating his sister coming, but it still was hard to stomach. I'm sure Lady Fitz is scared that, amount other things, her brother would likely try to rape their daughter if he knew. He seriously needs to gtfo. I hope Margaret isn't killed off, but I have a bad feeling about this turn of events. I'm not sure if, or how, she could possibly get out of this one. I'm glad she made amends with Charlotte, though. Lady Fitz and Charlotte, huh...they would be an intriguing, and they certainly have chemistry. Lucy is still damn naive and not bright, but she acting like a typical jealous, petty teenager. Poor Amelia. I was afraid Margaret was going to finish the job and I'd have to hate her. The moment between Scanwell and Margaret was touching.
  4. S08.E32: Reunion: Behind the Screams

    Well, Bristol is a "celebrity" and I'm sure they are banking on that to give this dying franchise a boost. She was probably able to negotiate a higher beginning wage based on that. Not saying it's right, and you would think MTV would realize how this has the potential to make them really bad, since they only have one PoC in the franchise and her being under paid compared to the equally trashy white moms. Then again, I think it is a travesty that any of these women are paid six figures for this utter crap while people who do an actual service to the world, teachers come to mind, are so under paid.
  5. S08.E31: On the Mend

    Do we know that members of the Simms family never go to appointments, though? We just see the appointments that are filmed for the show, and I wouldn't be surprised if most of Corey's family would rather not be filmed, especially Miranda, considering how badly she was vilified by Leah and her fans just a few years ago. We don't know how much they do medically behind the scenes for Ali and just don't make a big deal about it. Or what they may offer to do that Leah rejects. Leah is better then she used to be, but she also has a bit of a martyr complex and still seems to like to present herself as this #doingitherself #singlesupermom.
  6. S02.E05: Season 2, Episode 5

    He has a bit of a stick up his ass and is too serious for his own good, but I don't think Hunt is that bad. He is definitely one of the better quality men we have seen in this show, imo. However, yeah, Amelia isn't going to be happy with him because she is a lesbian and in love with Violet. But to be honest, in the time and place she is living in, she could do much worse then a decent man that makes a decent living, like ending up under Quigley's thumb. I'm curious how this love triangle will turn out. Come to think of it, yeah, it has been pretty fast. Though maybe the rush is to reset the status quo so that we don't have to lose anyone at all, this season or in the possible next season. As devious as she is, Quigley being gone anytime soon wouldn't work well for the show. She is an excellent antagonist and the show kind of needs her. Though the thought kind of makes me fear cancellation, especially since I've heard at least one of the main cast has an upcoming television acting gig elsewhere.
  7. Nitpicking

    Soooo, if we can construe some of Dean's least desirable behaviors as abusive, does that mean Jess was also abusive? Because imo he had quite a few aggressive moments in his relationships with most everyone on the show. How about Logan? Or hell, even Rory, she could (even as of the revival) be a real asshole in relationships, deceitful, manipulative, and selfish. I'm pretty sure if you want to, you could cast every characters' bad moments in the worst light possible. Hell, I've heard people say Emily and Mrs. Kim were abusive parents. I just think that's a little deep to go for a show that isn't all that serious. Anyway, agree to disagree and I'm going to jump off this merry go round. Who thought a flat character like Dean could be a catalyst for such an intense discussion lol. Guess he is useful for something;)
  8. Nitpicking

    I'll be honest, I'm a little offended that Dean's typical jerky teenage behavior is being equated with something as insidious and destructive as actual partner abuse. I get that he isn't many people's favorite character, but that doesn't mean he was abusive. I mean, I highly dislike teen Jess, he was a rude, nasty little edgelord, but I can admit that I just didn't like him and little was going to change my personal bias against him. Still, I can recognize he wasn't a monster, just a huge, in some cases semi-justifiable asshole. I do think it's pretty interesting, though, that a rather static character like Dean can inspire so much debate and intense emotions.
  9. Nitpicking

    To me it's kind of hard to read things like "abusive" into a character like Dean, who spent the majority of his run on the show as a plot point who was changed to fit whatever the storyline demanded. And by that token, just about every male character on the show had moments that could be construed as abusive to their partners, to include Jess and probably even my beloved Luke. I saw Dean as a decent dude, but not unlike Jess, a teenage boy who had his asshole moments. Yet for whatever reason, Jess often gets a pass, whereas Dean mostly doesn't. My guess is because we have more insight into Jess's background with his crappy mom while we know very little about Dean.
  10. S08.E30: Road Rage 2018.07.23

    I have to agree. To out myself as a possible weirdo, I have had a grand total of one serious romantic relationship in my life, with my darling Mr.Strange, who I met when I was 26. We also got married within seven weeks of meeting, just to further show my trashy Teen Mom-esque leanings, lol. And while I have my issues, I certainly wasn't raised under a rock or anything. Maybe Cole is just shy and/or an introvert? I know from experience as a shy introvert, it can be hard to find people you connect with on a deeper level, and maybe Cole wasn't interested in casual relationships/sex. Anyway, this is the first episode I've seen since early last season, and it was just as boring and moronic as I remembered. The few things I picked up while I was fighting off a coma: Leah is clueless and Jenelle is a lying psycho. I don't know how state benefits for disabled people in WV are, but we're I'm from, the offer families a service called restbit, were special caretakers are paide by the state to come in and help with the disabled person. I even know some restbit workers that will go to the child's school to be this one on one caretaker if there is the need. Maybe WV is the backwards ass place Leah and her family make it seem, but Ali should be getting state devices like that. If she isn't, Leah and Corey need to get their asses in gear and figure it out for Ali's sake.
  11. S02.E04: Season 2, Episode 4 2018.07.25

    In real life, Liv Tyler and Samantha Morton are the same age, 41...so assuming their characters are of similar ages, and Charlotte is in her early to mid 20s, it isn't out of the range of possibility the Lady Isabelle could be Charlotte's real mother. Why exactly Quigley would've let Margaret take off with her is another story. It does seem a little melodramatic for this show, though.
  12. S02.E03: Season 2, Episode 3 2018.07.18

    Regarding the judge, I hope not. I by no means want him to be a saint, but a non-evil, nuanced male character who has a bit of compassion and decency would be nice. I hope they don't have him flipping out on Amelia and Violet. In my perfect world they would find a way to make a polyamrous relationship work for them, pipe dream I know but I can dream, lol. As I suspected, Quigley's backstory tidbit was pretty fucked up. Doesn't make me feel bad for her, but it makes sense how she can justify whoring our 10 year olds. I was grossed out when Quigley's friend was feeling up Charlie; made me wonder it that was a life long habit. I really am curious about Lady Liv Tyler's huge secret. At first I thought maybe she was the long lost daughter Quigley mentioned giving up last season, but that doesn't really fit. Someone in the other thread mentioned a secret child, maybe a royal one. I also get a weird vibe between her brother and herself, like there is a touch of Lannister there. I can't wait to find out. I hope both Charlotte and Lucy know what they are doing. Quigley and Fallon are two scary individuals to try to cross. I don't think Margaret is evil because of the path she put her daughters on, but she is pretty hypocritical. She has been raging since last season about being sold by her mother and then prostituted out by Quigley as a young child, yet she turned both her daughters out at young ages, with Charlotte being sold at the grand old age of twelve to those horrible Reptons . Which I'm sure was of great financial benefit to Margaret and her ambitions at the time. She has tried to justify to herself that she has done everything Lucy and Charlotte's own good, but for all that she wanted to make them the most independent type of women she thought they could be, she never really gave them a chance to decide for themselves about what they wanted for their lives. Charlotte imo is not wrong for calling her mother out on that. Margaret and Quigley are a bit a like in that respect; they are both deeply fucked up and are guided by the trauma that formed them, often repeating it, whether they can admit it or not. The difference is, and what makes her a flawed but still decentish person, is that Margaret seems to realize this on some level, while Quigley does not.
  13. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    If I didn't know about 1) the rape and 2) that Serena was both complicit and an active participant in the destruction of the the USA and the Constitution, to include the murder of the entire US Senete, who knows how many innocent bystanders during their bloody takeover, and the war, then maybe I could squint very hard and feel a smidgen of sympathy. She is pretty much just like her darling hubby, she talked a good game about all this holy rolly Gilead shit but really she just wanted power for herself. She just epically fucked herself over, which, considering what an awful human being she is, is pretty satisfying. Now I just need them to either send her to the colonies, Jezebel's, the Wall, or a red center and I will be thrilled. Or be turn herself over to the US government hoping for amnesty and instead be charged for terrorism and treason.
  14. Daria Revival in the Works

    From what I've read the show is being called a "reinvention" of the original series, which I take to mean it will be set in high school and meant to appeal to the younger audience MTV always aims for. I don't know how I feel about that; I would prefer them to follow Daria and Jane as thirty-somethings, dealing with the culture and climate now with their same, but more mature, outlook. I don't at all mind for Jodie to be more fleshed out and front and center, though. She always intrigued me for all the relatively little we saw of her over the original series. I do want Jane in there as a part of the friend group, though, or it just won't quite be the Daria I know and love.
  15. Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    For diplomatic and practical purposes, I would guess. Gilead is Canada's closest neighbor, and the Canadian government probably didn't want to upset the totalitarian country that so recently eradicated one of the world's Superpowers and their former alley America. Plus, maybe they figured putting on a friendly face and letting Gilead officials like the Waterfords in would keep a line open to Gilead so they can receive as much information as possible, instead of pushing Gilead away, thus raising border tensions and giving raise to Gilead going totally "dark" as far as information getting out at all. It could also be a very passive-aggressive move on Canada's part; they take in refugees, bar trade with Gilead, and do joint military exercises with Britain on the border, but role out the red carpet for the Waterfords (and let them run smack dab into angry protestors, of course:). I can't wait to meet the American Government representative. Hopefully he will give us some insight into how things are holding up in Hawaii/Alaska for what is left of America. And I will cheer Luke on, that is the confrontation that needs to happen. Sucks for Nick, I guess, but honestly I think he was buying too much into this "knight in shining armor/white picket fence" fantasies about him and June and what their relationship really meant.