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  1. S03.E08: Biscuits

    Yep, I cracked up at his distracted "Pigman" (TM Seinfeld) expression. Loved it; the editors must have, too--they showed it twice! Even with piggy face, John's just so pretty, and talented, and sweet. His partner's one lucky guy. As for digestives, I lived for years in Yonkers (NY), near McLean Avenue, a famous Irish neighborhood. We used to go to a store there that sold all sorts of British stuff, too, including McVities. The plain ones are great with cheese (or even cream cheese) and the chocolate ones? Mmm. Supermarkets in our section of the city also sold them. Alas, I can't get 'em here in Mystic--and now I want to try the Tunnock's tea cakes, too. Time to place an order, methinks.
  2. S03.E05: Pies

    As a lover of all sorts of foods other people find disgusting--including the southern Italian preparations of kidneys, chicken livers, tripe, and dried cod on which I was raised--I had no issues with either the eel pie or meat pie concepts and would be happy to try them. As the ex-wife of a Englishman, I've visited the UK many times and eaten all sorts of things, including Cornish pasties in Cornwall, scones with real clotted cream and strawberries in Devon, and haggis in the Highlands. (liked it!) Sure, I get it that tastes vary, but it felt like Paul was talking out his ass a bit with the generalizations about American pies. A couple of posters mentioned banoffee, and that's the first thing that sprang to my mind while watching the episode, too. I mean, sweetened condensed milk plus bananas plus toffee is really sweet, and he seems to like it just fine. Also, those many meringue-based desserts that he and Mary Berry seem to so enjoy? C'mon, Hollywood. A good pie--whatever its origins-- is, to me, a not overly sweet one, and I've had plenty of traditional American ones that strike just the right balance. I love pecan pie, which many people find too sweet, but I've had a couple of bakery ones that are just right. When I make it, I toast the pecans to the point that they'll *almost* get too dark during baking. I also use a savory crust, which balances out the sweetness beautifully. I wonder if there's a perception of less sweeteness in British treats because many use spices and dried fruit? My ex's favorite thing is Dundee cake (Scottish), which I used to make him for his birthday. It's got lots of dried fruit in it and almonds on top. Most recipes I've seen used glace (similar to maraschino) cherries, but I've always refused to add them or candied peel, which many recipes also feature. I use regular zests--lemon and orange--a variety of dried fruits, and the nuts, of course. The thing is, it's a cake with plenty of sugar, plus the sweetness of the fruit--but the way the flavors balance, it doesn't seem as sweet when you eat it, if you know what I mean? Also, the texture is a bit heavier than, say, a Victoria sponge--it has to be to support the fruit. Also, some traditional British puddings have lots of sugar, but also lots of spices (and booze) that may make them taste less sweet to people. So I wonder if that might have something to do Paul's harsh take? Mmm, getting the urge to bake a Dundee cake. Now that I'm divorced, the fruits of my labors would be ALL MINE (and the kids'). It's really just so nice with a cup of tea and some very sharp cheddar. :)
  3. S03.E04: Desserts

    Heh, that's me with my favorite neighbor--except my offerings are more of the muffins, cookies, and slabs-of-birthday-cake-I-just made-for-kids variety. Also, I am far less charming and impecabbly dressed than Brandon as I shamble over the hedge in my sweats. I'm nowhere near bake-off caliber skills, but the kids get to choose any cake they want from TV, the internet, or whichever cookbooks/magazines I have lying around, and I WILL (with the exception of ice cream cake) make it. Upcoming this year: Washington Cream Pie (actually a cake) from America's Test Kitchen Great American Cakes mag for the older one; and a cake "that looks like a 2x2 Lego brick" for the little one. As for my neighbor, he returns the favor by giving me stuff from his garden and letting the kids play with his dog and helping me carry heavy things into the house. IOW, by being neighborly. :) We're farther ahead now with the episodes (yay, Passport!), but yeah, I was ready to see Stuart go a while before this. He got off easy in prior episodes by failing just marginally less than other contestants.
  4. S03.E04: Desserts

    OMG, yes. Both mentions of Manisha running home every day after work to cook for and serve the ADULT males in her family prompted pointed commentary from me to my two sons (ages 12 and 7).
  5. S03.E02: Bread

    The Upper West Side (original location, not the hipster knockoff) H&H made the best bagels I've EVER had, hands down. My dad, who was in the Met Opera orchestra, would stop over after a show and buy a couple big big bagsful of assorted. Then he'd drive the 20 minutes or so home and we'd be gorging at 12 a.m. on so-fresh-they-were-still-warm rings of crusty/chewy deliciousness. And then my mom would slice the remaining gazillion bagels in half and try to fit them in the freezer. Good times. My sons and I are enjoying this "classic" season. As far as this ep, there was much discussion--i.e., lecturing from me--regarding what's a bagel and what isn't. Def. agree with those for whom glazed/iced doesn't rate. Poor kids'll never get their teeth on a decent bagel where we live now (although we're lucky to live within walking distance of Sift, which is some consolation). I won't touch those weird, mutant pretenders in the supermarket. A few of the contestants produced things that looked right, at least. I'm such a snob about it, I don't even know if I trust Paul Hollywood to judge what constitutes a "real" bagel.
  6. S01.E01: Vanish

    Re the scars, I saw them all over her, from neck to ankles, shoulders to wrists, and across her back--although I couldn't read what most of them said. My t.v is HD, but on the older side, and I really should be wearing glasses when watching. Of course, having read the book, I was waiting for them, so that may have helped my "focus". Maybe how much light is in the room where you watch might also have something to do with how easy/difficult the scars are to pick up? I actually really liked how most of them were very light in color, as old scars would (eventually) be.
  7. S01.E01: Vanish

    Hee--I mentally cast Ruffalo while reading the book! I can take or leave Messina, based on other roles in which I've seen him. Not a lot for him to do this episode, so I'll reserve judgment for now.
  8. Media for Sharp Objects

    Cracks me up that this, of all projects, is Adams and Messina's Julie and Julia reunion.
  9. The Cast of Sharp Objects

    Me, too. I've loved Amy Adams since Doubt (filmed at my alma mater!). I had similar thoughts about her playing Camille, but then I remembered how she killed it in American Hustle--not dark like Sharp Objects, but pretty intense in its way. I think she has this in her. And Patricia Clarkson? Such perfect casting there! I can't wait for this. Glad I won't be able to binge it, though--I'd be a basket case. ETA: Don't know why I didn't mention her role in Nocturnal Animals as the one that maybe skews closest in terms of darkness. Perhaps because that movie weirded me out in a creepy way so I relegated it to a dark corner of my mind-attic soon after seeing it?
  10. S02.E11: Holly 2018.06.27

    Heee! I, too, would be doomed. I don't even have a garage; I have a shed out back ("There's something nasty in the woodshed!"), which is hardly helpful, regardless of whatever I might have in there that could be used for protection. What's in there, anyway? A snow shovel, a rusty pair of manual hedge trimmers, and a manual lawnmower. My poor kids--we're all in deep shit if The Purge is scheduled during my custodial time. The fact that the car wouldn't break through the garage door(s) flummoxed me until I saw that it was iced shut. Running water in a home shut down for the winter bothered me more, but I was fan-waving stuff left and right--more than I usually would--for some reason.
  11. S05.E01: Muse

    Yes, I really enjoyed her work in Shetland. Loved that show (and the Welsh one, Hinterland. ;)) Give me a moody detective working a British Isles locale with "land" at the end of it, and I'm yours, apparently.
  12. S05.E01: Muse

    Yes! Thanks for that. :)
  13. S05.E01: Muse

    I somehow missed most of the Morse series back in the '80s & '90s (although I liked the ones I caught), but Inspector Lewis was my jam from minute one. Endeavour is moodier--and I love it so much that I squee whenever the previews for a new series pop up on my PBS stream. Agree with those who were okay with Joan in this first episode. I was really frustrated with her by the end of last season/series, but she seems on more solid ground now. The fact that Win is no longer suffering as a result of her daughter's disappearing act is also helping me be more patient with whatever Joan's current deal is. All Endeavour episodes grab me, albeit some more than others. This wasn't one of my favorites, but I did get a kick out of the new Thames Valley Constabulary because I happen to live in the Thames Valley myself . . . in southeastern Connecticut. The city of New London is at the mouth of our Thames, which flows into the Long Island Sound. But the river here is a mere 15 miles long. To me, "TVC" stands for Thames Valley Communications, our janky local cable operator. I also really enjoyed the Artemesia Gentileschi references, since I just happen to be reading an excellent historical novel about her. Oh, and I want Alan Cumming to introduce all the shows I watch because he is THE BEST. Diana Rigg was also great back in the day. Remember when Masterpiece Theater had an intro? I even remember watching Alastair Cooke when I was very small. Laura Linney did only a couple of intros for the revamp before she became a disembodied voice.
  14. S02.E11: Holly 2018.06.27

    ^THIS^, exactly. I was like, "Turn OFF the ignition, damn!"
  15. S02.E11: Holly 2018.06.27

    First, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you mean about being over the show's darkness. Realizing as she was yanking that damned garage door that her water would break any minute, I was prepared to feel underwhelmed by the birth as well, for much the same reasons you described. I'm not sentimental about most things, especially t.v. births, which usually ring utterly false and ridiculous to me, even if they do make me think of my babies. But this one somehow overrode my Gilead-fatigue. Totally get where you're coming from, though.