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  1. S06.E10: START

    Ha! I grew up in north Mt. Vernon, just a couple miles from Tuckahoe. Took the #8 bus from that very MetroNorth station to get to college in the Bronx (and the train from there to my part-time job in White Plains) before I had a car. Loved that so much of this show was filmed around the Tri-state area. I've been quiet on the forums this season, but have been enjoying (as usual) all the comments here. Still processing my very mixed feelings about the finale.
  2. Cutest Guys at Liberty High!

    Tony's big brown eyes are pretty irresistible, but his hair gets on my last nerve. Zach's my boo, especially in catcher's gear. Thank god these actors are well above high school age, to prevent me feeling like the grossest old perv ever. Then again, I'm probably the same age as most of their moms, so yeah: Gross Old Perv = Me.
  3. S02.E05: Seeds

    ^THIS.^ Nick better watch his back. Eden will turn him in in a New York minute if he strays even a hair off Gilead script--especially now that Serena has stepped in as her mother figure.
  4. S06.E04: Mr. And Mrs. Teacup

    Yup; he's hardcore adorkable in those scenes.
  5. S06.E03: Urban Transport Planning

    During Russian Cooking with Claudia! I couldn't help being sidetracked by the fact that Elizabeth's knife skills appear to be solely of the killing variety. Paige? Even worse. Yeesh. It'd be a miracle if those vegetables made it into the stewpot in less than three hours.
  6. Season 1 Discussion

    OMG, Jamestown peeps. For the love of sanitation, stop throwing things down the well!!
  7. Season 1 Discussion

    Thank you! I've never lived in the Mid Atlantic, but currently live in a historic whaling village in Connecticut. Our house is about two blocks away from the site of the worst massacre of The Pequot War (1636-38) and my neighbor, who works out of Yale, is compiling a huge database of documentation related to Connecticut's six Tribes. All of this is to say that I'm a bit of a history nerd, and it's possible that shows like Wolf Hall and The Alienist have spoiled me for this one. My knee-jerk reaction to episode 1 was that it was pretty damned tacky. They almost lost me right at the beginning with the three heroines' sprightly disembarkation from the ship. People got extremely ill (which they showed for two seconds) and many died on those voyages. IF you survived, you'd be staggering down the gangplank, not least because you hadn't set foot on solid ground for months. Besides being way too clean and way too healthy, the blond (can't remember her name right now) was remarkably coiffed and un-bedraggled. Granted, she has a lady's maid of sorts in Jamestown, but I don't think she did on the ship? I missed the part where Alice fell madly in love with her rapist fiance's brother. Maybe because there were basically no scenes developing their relationship? Guess I'll just take her word for it that he's her soulmate. I'll watch a couple more episodes to see if it grows on me, but as of now, it annoys. For anyone interested in real Jamestown history, PBS's Secrets of the Dead did a good episode about it a year or two ago.
  8. S06.E01: Dead Hand

    Hee. I actually did that while watching.
  9. S01.E06: Ascension

    Really enjoying this show and this thread. I read--and loved--the book when it first came out, but what stuck in my mind was the deep dive into history rather than the mystery itself. The happy result of this is that I'm not really spoiled for anything in the episodes, yay! Even so, I'll refrain from speculating on what might happen as I'm worried I'll accidentally remember something (without realizing I've remembered), resulting in unintentional spoilage of innocent parties. The juxtaposition of those poor kids huddling in the rain with the opulence of the charity auction is The Gilded Age personified. The American Experience doc on The Gilded Age and the one about Roosevelt's trip down the Amazon in his later years are perfect companion pieces to The Alienist.
  10. S01.E01: Episode 1

    Welp, I'm really glad I popped into this thread before hopping off the fence to try this show. Having watched the promo on Netflix, I was trying to determine whether James is really a psychopath or whether he just thinks he is (and going on the road with Alyssa begins to make him realize that maybe he isn't). But news that he killed a cat--and/or any other number of animals?--is a bridge too far me to cross to watch a romantic dramedy/road movie with him as one half of the couple. Love me some antiheroes and dark love stories, but I guess I have my limits.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Conspiracy Theorising!

    Well, that was disturbing (yet visually arresting).
  12. S02.E08: Dear Mrs. Kennedy

    Eh, I think in Elizabeth's circle, speaking a second language (which would, in all likelihood at the time, have been French) was the norm. Mastering French at a high level was part of the education of English girls and women of the aristocracy for generations. Fluency in foreign languages was not, however, the norm for everyone across England, and I say this as someone who was married to a Londoner for 17 years and spent plenty of time with his family and friends there. My ex and his schoolmates were well educated and only one of them had fluency in another language (and that guy's a language savant who speaks 7 and counting). As a matter of fact, the ex's mother spoke three languages (she grew up in Cairo) and his widely scattered extended family was also multilingual, as I learned when attending their family reunion in Paris . . . but the English branch of the family? Nope. I never met anyone there who had fluency in a second language (not that I met everyone). I do take your point re: Americans mostly speaking English only, but I think "Who doesn't?" from Elizabeth was meant to convey "Who doesn't?" among her set rather than the general population.
  13. Mine got me through, but just barely, what with the wall-to-wall torture and grim historical truthiness.
  14. S02.E09: Paterfamilias

    Ha! I was in my teens and not a royals-watcher, but I remember hearing about him with the polo all the time. It was my British ex-husband who told me he was really good at it, but maybe not? Now I'm wondering whether he was actually the Gerald Ford of the polo set.
  15. S02.E04: Beryl

    First of all, thank you. The Fug Girls are brilliant, and I'm thrilled beyond measure to be able dive into hilarious, incisive recaps again. Clearly, my donation went to a good cause! Secondly, I will stoop to quote to myself in support of my theory that the Armstrong-Jones photo of Margaret linked in the recap isn't "the one". ETA: Okay, back to say that I'm officially retracting my theory, having more thoroughly researched this photo and learned that it's from 1950, so TOO early, and Armstrong -Jones couldn't have taken it. Also, the Armstrong-Jones portrait Jessica posted is so much more beautiful and artistic, and most probably the inspiration for the one taken in the episode. Will now skulk away to wallow in my wrongness . . .