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  1. S01.E16: Stay in Your Lane

    Finally watched the episode. I shifted from TM to this one. At least we're seeing some legit struggle here, not assholes making $300K/year. In all these cases, I thought... wow... to be permanently tied to these prick fathers... can't imagine how that would suck. Interestingly that the only guy who seems half-way decent isn't even the kids father (Robert). Stephan is a scary one indeed. And then there is Bar and his trash family. And then Jade's scary asshole mother. Jeesh... they really found some winners for this series. Its so sad watching these cute little babies and realizing how shitty their families are.
  2. How much money do these folks actually end up making when they sell the houses? They were paying mortgages on four houses which were each around 400K or so... I wish some mole would leak how much they actually make by being on this show. I've never understood how they have enough cash to support so many people - mortgages, utilities for four houses, furniture for four houses, clothing, food, medical insurance, cars, car insurance, cell phones and cell plans, college tuition, weddings, trips, etc..
  3. S07.E21: Suns Out, Buns Out

    I'm doing my part to help bring the ratings down. Even if I was going to watch this season, I don't think I could handle the new folks on it. It seems really strange they brought them in after all these years with the core group.
  4. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    LOL - parody video
  5. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    I had a fantasy that at the final sit-down, Amber would go first and say that she had decided she wanted a man who adored and cherished her and wouldn't settle for less, then the camera cuts to Dave's smug face looking slightly confused, and then she asks for a divorce.
  6. Mackenzie Edwards: Jesus, take the wheel.

    I checked the Social Security baby names website and the name Jagger for males peaked in popularity in 2012 at rank 555 out of the top 1000 names. It has fluctuated from position 973 and 555 in the other years between 2001 and 2017 for males. The lowest two years were 2007 and 2008. Prior to 2001 it was not in the top 1000 names in any year. https://www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames/
  7. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    A few questions - is there any rhyme or reason to the schedule of Dateline? The best I can figure out is new episodes often play on Friday nights, older ones often play on Saturdays, sometimes new ones play on Sunday night, and then there are also other various days of the week that an episode plays. It just seems so chaotic to me. Then there are all the old episodes that are played on other channels constantly. Also, are the same episodes played all over the country, or do different regions get different episodes at different times? It really annoys me for some reason. I never know when I come to this thread when/if folks will be discussing an episode that I just saw. In contrast, 48 Hours only shows on Saturday nights. I love the consistency of this. Anyway, just venting! I recently discovered the podcast "A Date with Dateline". Has anyone here listened to it? Its probably not everyone's cup of tea. The hosts are fairly scattered, but I find it pretty funny and quirky, and I enjoy their overly nit-picky analysis of each episode. Its the type of podcast I can put on in the background while I am doing other things.
  8. S07. E15: Last Chance for Romance

    I think Dave and Amber bring out the worst in each other based on what is shown. They are caught in a pursuer-distancer dynamic, where Amber is the pursuer and Dave is the distancer. The more the pursuer tries to engage with/connect to the distancer, the more the distancer pulls away (emotionally). The more the distancer pulls away, the more the pursuer tries to establish a connection. Its a vicious cycle. I don't fault either one of them, though, because if they attempted to minimize these tendencies early on, they would only re-emerge later down the road if they stayed married. This is different than a couple who has been happily married for a number of years who then slide into this unhealthy dynamic. That would be something to work on and change. I think Amber would still have insecurities, but they would be greatly diminished, if she was with a guy who was truly smitten with her, and was warm and affectionate, in words and actions. I'd like to see how Dave would act if he was really crazy about someone. I don't think he'd be acting the way he acts toward Amber.
  9. I adore avocados..one of my favorite foods!! I really like the small ones they sell at Trader Joe's as they are the perfect size for a single serving.
  10. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Best wishes for your surgery @configdotsys !!
  11. here is an article about the origin of the avocado toast trend - https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/05/06/how-the-internet-became-ridiculously-obsessed-with-avocado-toast/?utm_term=.559094c8f5bd
  12. Mike: A New, Improved Situation

    This article says he will be in court tomorrow - curious what his sentence will be https://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018/10/mike_the_situation_sorrentino_scheduled_to_be_sent.html
  13. All Episodes Talk: #MayflyLife

    Oops I spoke to soon- thought there were new episodes- they're all from 2017 wah
  14. All Episodes Talk: #MayflyLife

    This show is back!!
  15. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Classic humblebragging there Karl.