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  1. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    Did anyone else think of the movie The Perfect Storm after this episode? Or just me.....
  2. Season 15 Discussion

    I'm glad someone else noticed something. During one of the clips earlier in the show tonight, when they were showing us stuff that we hadn't seen before (eg, Chevelle falling over in hammock), I thought that in the clip between Adam and Reagan, it sounded and looked like he was flirting with her. Maybe someone else can tell me if they noticed that - it was the clip where he was commenting on her last name and comparing her name to his (or something along those lines).
  3. S01.E24: One Day You'll Thank Me

    I thought it was sad watching the wheels in Lexi's head spin as she contemplated her friend's life at a 4-year college vs. her life now with Tobias. It seemed that was a moment where it was really hitting her about how her life trajectory was going to change now that she's such a young mom. I hope she finds a way to get into a career where she can make decent money and eventually find a much better guy than Kyler.
  4. I hope others will take up the Janelle Brown "Thrive" Mad-Libs Challenge!!! Its fun!!
  5. Ok, I am going to take a shot at this one: Now that it's rainy and gray out, I am feeling a bit tired. I am struggling to decide which show on my DVR to watch. Because I also have cold feet, I have been trying to add bacon to all my meals. I am not really sure about low motivation, but I am finding bacon to be a complete game-changer!
  6. Season 15 Discussion

    I admit that I have actually liked Reagan's voice on certain songs so far this season. I did like the song she sang last night (not the duet). But I just don't like what happened last week, the blatant manipulation by the producers, and since she is the last person on Adam's team, I decided to be petty and not cast votes for her.
  7. MAFS: Happily Ever After? S01. E06

    Finally watched this episode. I find myself wondering if Danielle realizes this is how their relationship is being portrayed this season. Its hard to get my mind around why someone would want their new marriage/first child portrayed to the world like this. I'm trying to figure out how far from reality is this plot line with her and Bobby. We know the producers like to amp up the drama. Its annoying not knowing how much we are being toyed with. On Lipstick Alley someone posted a social media post by Danielle where she posted her credit score as 800 and saying she was paying off her debt with her own money, not her huzzzzband's.
  8. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I think Tyler, in terms of his social media use, is emblematic of a modern phenomenon, which is far too common than it should be- people with very little knowledge who have a "platform" (ie, a Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram account) to share their uninformed views with thousands of "followers" or "fans."
  9. S13.E11: You're a Fish Approver!

    I am not a super fan, but this bunch is one of the few reality families that makes me genuinely happy when I watch them. I don't care about whatever faults and flaws they have. I find them very likeable and I'm impressed by how far they've both gone in their careers, particularly Jen. I find Zoey absolutely hilarious. She is very unique and creative. In this episode, I really enjoyed Zoey's pure, unbridled excitement about the fish.
  10. OK, I laughed so hard reading this I inhaled the limeade I was drinking, which led to a coughing fit. Seriously. This was just heaven, and sooo perfect!! It reminds me of a writing exercise I did in college where we had to read a certain author and then attempt to mimic their style, grammar, punctuation, etc. One of them was Hemmingway. It was HARD!!! I did terrible at it. But you did a great job mimicking Janelle's blog posts!! I get the sense that she is true introvert and she is doing something that just goes completely against her nature. Trying to sell stuff and encourage people through social media is just not her jam at all. It wouldn't be mine, either. I can't imagine having to churn out continual interesting and motivating content. It sounds like a nightmare. But what she's doing is also what we now see all over the internet- anyone can be an "expert" and make YouTube videos, Instagram posts, etc., when they essentially know next to nothing and just latch on to a few trendy phrases and babble about them. Its actually really scary to see how much bad/wrong information is being spread like wildfire thanks to the internet + social media, but gobbled up as if it is gospel.
  11. Season 15 Discussion

    I admit to throwing a few votes Reagan's way..... but not after Monday night. I actually listened to half her song and then fast-forwarded through the rest on Monday because it was so unappealing. This is like if we were watching the swim competition in the Olympics and Michael Phelps sat out a race, but then the announcers said we're going to use his time from last night's race instead, and he's the winner! I cannot get my head around why the producers would allow a breach of such a basic component of the show.
  12. S01.E23: Now What?

    Like others I was fascinated by Braeson's response to Robert on the phone. IIRC, he wasn't looking directly at the screen first, but as soon as he heard Robert's voice, he looked up at his mom with a very surprised look on his face and then he looked at the screen, saw Robert, and started wiggling around. It was so cute. There is a lot of research on young babies that shows that they pick up on way more social cues and dynamics than people generally assume. I thought this scene was a great example of that.
  13. Season 15 Discussion

    I think the reason there has been such an uproar about this is that letting her sit out violates the most basic, core premise of the entire show- people sing songs to get votes in order to progress in the competition. Letting someone sit out and not sing is like letting a football player sit on the bench and then telling the stadium he just scored a touchdown.
  14. Season 15 Discussion

    I'm still truly in shock they even allowed this to happen. That shot of her sitting in the bathrobe and then Adam going on and on about his connection with her. It was just so wrong on every level!! I'm thinking the shot of her sitting in the bathrobe could make some great memes. OK, this is funny, and shows how far and wide this incident has spread - I googled "voice strange bathrobe" (because I forgot her first name) and the first link that came up was "The Voice Fans Furious after Bizarre Elimination." btw I have nothing against the girl. I am sure she is a lovely person.
  15. Season 15 Discussion

    Agree with all the complaints so far... but also, this sets a really bad precedent for the show. What is going to happen for future participants who get "sick" before a live show? I was thinking about Survivor last night after watching this episode. In Survivor, when you get too sick to participate, you are pulled out of the game. I think they should have made Reagan drop out if she was too sick to sing in the save. I'm sure all the contestants are going to feel some resentment against her, even if they won't admit it openly.