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  1. S07.E00: First Look

    when does this season start?
  2. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Maybe Karl brought Lux over for playtime? (I'll show myself out......)
  3. I remember being obsessed with my mom's makeup and sneaking in to play with it when I could - and she didn't even wear very much. In North's case, she is surrounded by women who are totally fixated on their appearance. It would shock me if North wasn't copying her mother's behavior with makeup. Little kids love to mimic adults. I am sure we can all think of examples. Typically, when children are young, they go through a phase where they want to copy the same-sex parent as much as possible. I guess my point is that North playing with makeup seems extremely normal for several reasons. But I am sure that in Kim's mind, this behavior is all about KIM and not about a normal developmental stage of her daughter. She is not concerned in any way that her own behavior could be detrimental to her daughter. And why would she be? She has made millions of dollars being the type of woman she is. So to her, this behavior (eg, obsessed with makeup, appearance, hair, etc) equal success. Of course she is going to encourage her children to follow in her same path.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Not just women- men too. I commented on this phenomenon a long time ago (I think on this thread even). Murder victims are almost unanimously described as being someone who everyone is drawn to when they walk into a room, or they light up every room, etc. Its a bit odd how common we hear that phrase on Dateline. I personally know very few, if any, people I would describe that way. I think its rooted in the human tendency to elevate and idealize the victim and denigrate the perpetrator. The perpetrator needs to be all bad and the victim all good. Our minds tend to go to these extremes under stress, and some people are more prone to such forms of simplification in order to cope with life in general. Complexity is messy and not as dramatic. In reality there are victims who make poor choices that lead them to be vulnerable. Some murderers have family members who love them.
  5. The reunion for this awesome show is on Monday 6/25/18. Get your popcorn ready!!
  6. Tori & Company In The Media

    While also owing close to $500K in taxes!!
  7. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    someone needs to post a comment on that picture asking why they didn't photoshop Jeremy's hand out of it. I'm guessing that would happen real quick as these two are so hyper-fixated on their public image.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Random question- does anyone know if there is any rhyme or reason to the schedule of Dateline? Is there a certain season when they run new episodes or are those just randomly scattered throughout the year? It seems there are also multiple episodes many weeks- Friday nights, then Sunday nights and sometimes another one during the week. It kind of annoys me. I like the predictability of 48 Hours which is always on Saturday nights and new episodes run through the fall season. I think this also contributes to me not reading or posting in this thread very much. I don't want to read spoilers, and then half the time I can't figure out which episode people are discussing. Not a criticism of anyone here - there is a lot of great discussion. I guess I am wishing that Dateline was more organized with their schedule and then we could have threads dedicated to each episode.
  9. I have empathy for everyone on this show. The sad thing is they are "doing" this process on a realty TV show rather than in a therapist's office. Think about your own life and some of the hardest personal struggles you've been through.... would you sign up to be on a reality show about that? I truly am curious about the motivations for each person on this show. In Leslie and Stacy's case, my guess is that its mostly financial.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Pet(ting) Zoo

    You are welcome!! :) I like this show. We all know these reality shows are produced to the hilt, and the producers are undoubtedly amping up the "crazy Southern family" angle here. Despite that, there is a friendly, down-to-earth vibe about these people that seems genuine. They do seem to take very good care of the animals. I basically fast-forward through the scenes that lack animals as they are the main focus for me. Its really fun to see such a unique mixture of animals. The sloth is amazing! It was just very wild to see one crawling around someone's home! I like the lemur too and was glad to see he had a nice big cage inside the house.
  11. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Sorry can't help it - no offense to those who like essential oils.
  12. That is great. Sadly, the girl featured on the show I saw was unable to do many physical things despite wanting to very badly. Here is a clip from the show: Here is when she gets her prosthesis:
  13. Tori & Company In The Media

    I am sure her grandkids will get their educations fully paid for, and then probably lump sums at certain intervals as they get older.
  14. Tori & Company In The Media

    I think the financial hole they are digging for themselves will just get deeper and deeper. I wonder if they are hoping to just coast along until their kids start getting big bucks from Candy.
  15. Seems like Bar unconsciously chose someone just like his mom. Not uncommon. Random but I happened to catch an episode of "This is Life Live" a few weeks back- I think on A&E? Anyway, they had a girl on who has the same birth defect as Brayson. She was not a baby though, I think she was around 7-8 or so. I didn't realize until watching it how much missing one hand could affect someone's life. This girl could not swim with friends, could not climb the jungle gym, could not catch a ball, could not put her hair in a ponytail... there was so much she couldn't do. And these prosthesis are very expensive. They had someone design a custom prosthesis for her - actually two- one for swimming and one with a hand that could grip. . And as kids grow, they will need new ones. So the family on that show was going to be getting prostheses made as she grew to adulthood, and they wouldn't have to pay for any of it. It made me wonder if Brayson will ever get one.