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  1. S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

    I know. Having to re-watch a really good show. The horror.
  2. S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

    I need to pay way more attention, it seems. ........ or re-watch the episodes a bunch.
  3. S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

    That was kinda my thinking. I was trying to figure out that if she did put the tracker on the elevator, then why didn't she go planet-side to pickup Johnny/D'av/DSK? But then we wouldn't have got those good scenes of Zeph, Pree & Pip on Lucy trying to figure out how to reactivate her before getting all the air vented and suffocating - then going to find the Jacqobis'.
  4. I understand your POV, @sjohnson, and I share it to some bit of an extent. But if the D/J only stays platonic - at least by the truest definition - then they really need to stop rubbing salt in the wound. Latest example being Pip's questioning (for a friend) if Johnny and her had ever been more than just friends. I mean, we're still having this brought up over 3 & a third seasons into this now and these aren't even Pip's first scenes/season, but he just asks out of the blue? [although, I still think its the spider / The Lady speaking through him]. Really?? I personally consider D/J to be more than platonic, but in my mind-canon they've come to a silent understanding that they don't want to mess it up with the physical stuff, so go to others for those needs and they do everything else romantic relationship partners do together [IE, emotional-sharing/living together/etc]. If, and until, the story does 'go there'; that's how I'm viewing it.
  5. Just dropping in to say that I saw the episode titles for the last half of this season, and it would seem that the last couple of them will be very Morgan-centric, if just going by their titles. [4.15: I Lose People... & 4.16: ...I Lose Myself - which are both callbacks to 4.1: What's Your Story? when the former-reporter lady was grilling him for his biography]. Aw hell! I was kinda hoping to drop this whole franchise and forget it, but then I had to go & spoil myself and, in turn, keep myself intrigued about the possibilities.
  6. Good theory; but unless it was a lie that the Jaqobis' DNA that resides in the baby is D'avin's and is instead Johnny's, then how could the D/A/DSK-hybrid baby grow in to an exact copy/clone/replica of Johnny? Hullen manipulation of physical features and aesthetics?? .... just trying to think it out in my head..... Hold up. Wait a minute -- how sure are we that the Hackmod/Livio/Niko storyline is over and done with?? What if the "Johnny" in the future!vision turns out to be a Hullen'd 'skin-job'?
  7. Great points all around. And I am very down with this. I'm all about TeamJohnny.
  8. You bring up good points. She proved she could read memories, but not project the future - other than the implanted visions she put in Dutch's head. After some time to think and ruminate, I really do think the spiders are The Lady's doing. Because if that really is a true vision and that really is Johnny - his body, at least - then it could be a spider that's taken him over, and right now, the leading suspect is Pip doing to Johnny what was done to him in 4.2.
  9. Maybe its something about The Lady itself/herself/whatever that prevents her from leaving the Green under her own power. But she can use or control the spiders as a spy network & enforcers/assassins when need be. (*shrugs* Just pulling guesses out of a hat, at this point) I'm going to take some time and rewatch the S3 finale, or last couple eps, plus all the aired ones to get a feel for if the binge-method really helps improve understanding and retaining info. Oh, what a chore! Woe is me..... [j/k]
  10. TAF = Team Awesome Force. Think it started out as a sarcastic nickname for D/J/D, from Turin.
  11. Ok, so turns out that not only does Johnny get to play host to Hullen, but The Lady's got plans for him to be a [whatever she is] vessel too? At least, I'm assuming that that was supposed to be The Lady inhabiting his body in that possible-future!scene (where he's slaughtered TAF in the Royale and kills Dutch). Man, hope he's got all that covered with a good insurance policy, what with the broken and severed spinal column in there as well. And I was thinking about it a couple days ago, but tonight solidified it... I speculate that they're going to give DSK a big non-formal 'redemption arc', especially now that she's human again, and she's my immediate guess for ''friend' to TAF that dies in the season's penultimate episode'. Can't help thinking there might be some 'sparks' between her and D'avin now too, at least until Aneela comes back from Green World. [shipper moments] H!Johnny called Dutch beautiful and made mention of an aching heart (at long last)! Even faking his human side - I think he was anyways, at least a little bit - he still looks at her with total devotion and heart eyes. If it truly is only platonic, they sure know how to make it look shippy without even trying. Oh, and I see you writers/ML. Pip's "So I gotta ask; you and Johnny are close... was it ever more than that?" Dutch: "Out." Pip: "Just asking for a friend." That 'just asking for a friend' was a total meta moment to us shippers! Had to be. [/shipper moments] ... But in case it was an actual tie-in to the story, then it proves that the spiders are linked to The Lady [the mumbling whispers heard in the background as Pip was sat staring off into nowhere before Dutch's arrival on the bridge] and she's trying to find out if Dutch and Johnny are more than just friends. IE, if going after Johnny can make Dutch do what she wants. When Dutch lost it with D'avin and slapped him, that was a notable scene. We've seen Dutch angry, but we've never seen her angry. The way her face contorted and her voice shook with rage as she asked him how he could turn Johnny into "one of those things"? Hat's off to HJ-K. She sold it. This part of the scene was a little bit of a selfishly-called bit of a shippy moment for me as well, with the level of fury and hurt that was on display; it was her way of saying "How could you do this to my man!?". I know why it was done different, to make the script work, but didn't previous mythos indicate that H!Johnny's broken neck should have started healing almost instantly? But instead, it hadn't even barely started when the scene was with Zeph and how guessticulated that severing the spinal cord would kill the green parasite(s). I know its done on every show, but seems like the canon mythos took a backseat to immediate storyline there. That said, yay to Johnny being human again! I loved H!Johnny in 4.2, but I realized after watching 4.3, that H!J would grate fiercely. Glad they didn't overdo it. Thanks to TPB on that call. Green-repellant to Hullen transfusions during pregnancies are a no-go. Future reference. I did find it adorable how the baby quieted and cooed after being placed in daddy's arms, and the look on D'avin's face. Poor DSK. Has to deal with real and full emotions again. Zeph: "What do you feel?". DSK: "Everything. And I hate it." <--- while holding her baby, no wonder he was crying. Kinda lame that we have to wait to see exactly how Aneela helped Dutch get out of the Green, but I'm guessing it'll be a somewhat major plot point when it finally comes around. & now Aneela is The Lady's new (and only) chew toy. But, uhm, real!G-Khlyen? There was one, or else why would TL!Khlyen have to torture Dutch about trying to figure out why the story of her & Johnny was so important. TA/Pree is getting some real quality time and scenes so far this year. Loving it. Watch out, Turin (& Fancy)! *cues the karaoke machine up* These Hullen[TL] eyes, are watching you! Hullen[TL] eyes, watching you! Watching you! I want to say that I'm loving how serialized this show has become. There are some brief 'this could be standalone material' bits here and there, but for the most part, everything is staying tightly tied in together.
  12. Episode countdown... 1h37m and counting
  13. S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

    True, but then he shot him (somehow not knowing D'avin was wearing armor) and then was in the process of strangling him when Dutch arrived and shot H!Johnny. ETA: H!Johnny still needed an alive!D'avin at that point to locate the green pool.
  14. S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

    Guess I should re-phrase my statement about H!Johnny defending D'avin's life. When it comes to others trying to kill D'avin, he will save him... but he doesn't seem to care much if his own actions put D'avin's life at risk; ie the (attempted) gunshot to the kidneys and the (attempted) strangling. Kind of a 'he's my brother, if anyone kills him it'll be me!'. I may, or may not, have been secretly hoping for an angry "and then you waltzed in and stole my girl! [IE, Dutch]" kinda line while H!Johnny was airing it out with D'avin, but alas, ML and the other PTB can't make it that easy on us shippers.
  15. S04.E03: Bro-d Trip

    Bzzzzt! (Operation skill game reference)