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  1. Killjoys in the Media

    Just watched the promo for the first time... and have to say, if its not a big misdirect, I am very much liking the spotlight on Johnny that's implied - even if just meant for his role in the flashback to his & Dutch's first KJ mission together or finding a way to pull them out of the green, vs something much more. The Khlyen voice-over saying "... and the thief who is about to save us all" along with the direct cut to Johnny walking towards the camera.
  2. Killjoys in the Media

    4.1 synopsis:
  3. Current Timeline: News and Media

    Off-topic, but I wonder if they'll force MH to quit or will she still be leading the show from either behind a walker or in a wheelchair, when L&O:SVU hits the 50th anniversary in a couple decades.
  4. Killjoys in the Media

    One of these days/weeks/months/years I am going to get around to watching that. ST:D as well. But I whole-heartedly agree with the last part of your sentence.
  5. Watch Duty: Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Awww. Is Rick gonna get to chase around after dead people (ghosts) and use dead phones to talk the deceased, again? Been there, done that. And...
  6. Watch Duty: Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    You're telling me a person who has an impaired sense of hearing has survived 'this' long in a ZA? Unless they always had a protector - at all times - I call BS. Having never lived in a ZA, I'm only guessing, but I'd imagine there's a rare case now and again when zombies would be detected with audio clues before visual ones, especially in the rural woodsy areas that this show surrounds itself with.
  7. 12 Monkeys In The Media

    Its going to be really tough - really tough - but although I'm not 100% certain, I think I am going to wait until this final season has finished airing and then binge all 11 episodes. Getting 3 eps a week (for 3 weeks & 2 on final week), & all 3 on the same night, will be tougher than waiting for the end to watch all together; IMO. Wait and watch all in one-go will less taxing than 3-pause for a week-3 more-pause a week-3 more-final pause-last 2. Unless they've somehow got the season lined up as tight 3-ep arcs, for 3 weeks, and the final 2 to finish things off, its going to feel really disjointed when its all said and done. Another good reason to wait & binge; IMO. Happy viewing to all, no matter how you choose.
  8. Mysteries and Conspiracies: Speculation

    Hmmm, I either forgot those lines were said or I didn't hear them. Thanks.
  9. Current Timeline: News and Media

    12 Monkeys' final season starts a week from now (about an hour ago) and then a couple weeks after it, Killjoys' s4 starts. Not to mention living life in general. So, if they keep dragging this out, I'll check in periodically to check for news, but most of my interest will be elsewhere.
  10. Everybody is Already Dead! Spoiler Discussion

    Creepy. I posted like just 4 hours before you - over on the Spec thread - and with just a guess on my part, that we would most likely see Ramse again at least once this final season.
  11. Mysteries and Conspiracies: Speculation

    Since this is a show that revolves around time travel, who wants to bet we'll see KA/Ramse at least once this final season - from some point in the past, before his death date from last season?
  12. 12 Monkeys In The Media

    So I must admit to experiencing a high level of intrigue as to what the 11th episode of this season & series finale will be named and also what it will be about. 4.1's title is "The End", and 4.10's is "The Beginning". Those two seem like natural bookends, but yet we're getting that extra episode and the site I usually refer to lists it's title as 'TBA' (To Be Announced). Hmmmm....
  13. Current Timeline: News and Media

    I only follow (IE, care) about shows I like, so its possible that other shows' writers/producers have done similarly.... but yes, AFAIK, I've never seen a shows' TPTB go out of their way to keep fans' interest peaked during the offseason and/or waiting for the thumb's-up on renewal.
  14. 12 Monkeys In The Media

    Just 9 more days, just 9 more days. Could be 9 seconds if I had myself a splinter machine/chair setup.........
  15. Multiverse: Cast in Other Roles

    Wow, talk about typecast. ;)