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  1. Small Talk: Chillin' In The Waiting Room

    Existential question...... if Med wasn't part of the whole "Chicago" franchise, would it still be on the air? I would venture a guess at 'no', but that's just a personally biased opinion as well as observational. I say this as someone who hasn't even watched an episode since Season 1, but every time I check in on opinions in episode threads, 95% of the content is of the dissatisfied variety, if not even a bit vitriolic. So using that as a base guideline, I'm thinking most would have drop-punted this show if not for it being tied into Chi Fire & Chi PD.
  2. S04.E03: Heavy Is The Head

    Fixed that for you.
  3. S01.E03: Turbulence

    And this illustrates a big factor as to why I am holding off on jumping into this series with both feet and a sense of excitement to watch the mystery and such play out. Only 3 episodes into this series, and the quoted above is already a big major subplot & talking point. Got a big mystery to figure out and lots of people to get around to showing and how they're dealing with the fallout, but instead a (too big of a) focus is on romance triangles because heaven forbid any drama not be of the romantic angst variety. *heaves a long suffering sigh and lets head thunk on desk*
  4. S01.E01: Pilot

    So, I pulled the trigger on watching the pilot... and as intriguing as the mysterious mythology might end up being, I am not sure I wanna stick around for all the personal melodrama. I mean, FFS there are two potential love triangles set up right in this very first episode alone, each one which has a side taken by the main brother and sister. Just once I'd like to see a show let the mystery/scifi/etc-themed mythology get a chance to run a bit and stretch its legs before getting all the cliched romantic-angst tropes that runs rampant in most TV fare these days dumped on me as an audience member. I didn't really have a huge problem with the main actress as some people did, but it was hard to feel the gravitas of her bitchiness and personality with no lead up to the flight itself. All we got was a quick couple minutes in a terminal and then the big event happens and her attitude and such just doesn't feel earned or worthy of sympathy. Honestly, I felt the brother was the more wooden actor of the two mains. I didn't believe the emoting, it didn't read as genuine. He had some decent rapport with Cal at times, but most of the rest it felt like he was just reciting lines. Is this going to be a procedural, where Michaela and/or Ben and/or OtherPassengerOfTheWeek solve a crime/save lives by following the voices in each episode? That would be hella boring after a short while. I was glad to hear - for those that will keep watching, even if I don't - that the end monologue implied that we'd see some splitting focus with the rest of those that came to the plane explosion, because spending all the time with Michaela/ex-fiance/best friend & Ben/Cal/wife(?) & her side piece/daughter would get old, and fast. I found the story and focus of the lady, whose research led to the new breakthrough in pediatric leukemia treatments, to be much more intriguing and engaging than the rest of it. Then her standing up for what's right. First impression implies I was wrong in my hopes that the main mythology behind the plane incident wouldn't be theological in origin. Considering, the show started off with a quoted portion of a bible verse - which was brought back into focus numerous times - and then constant and/or numerous things brought up such as; lives saved by the event, could be saved (Cal), a miracle, the voices being of the 'do good deeds/save lives' variety, etc. And then Michaela sitting in a church and reading the bible. Unless they pull a big bait & switch, its looking like a "God works in mysterious ways" type of show. The only question is why are the voices they hear their own, instead of one unique voice. Other than that, this would be better recorded and watched on Sunday afternoon (or whatever day it is you attend church on).
  5. Spoilers, Speculation, & Anticipation: Season 14

    It's most likely for the best - so I don't have to watch Reid suffer even more, in some other kind of "are you serious!?" crazy way [*cough*Maeve*cough!*] - but still nothing on the PLI front for Reid.
  6. S14.E01: 300

    Ignoring the obvious manufactured backstory of the revenge-disguised-as-worship plot to bring back a group of unsubs from a previous episode to celebrate the 300th, this episode (& s13 finale) was pretty solid. The [non-Cyrus & his cult] flashbacks were appreciated. Just goes to prove my point that the strongest episodes of CM are the one's that are built around a Reid-heavy focus. Coincidence? Unlikely. I'm taking JJ's telling Prentiss of the "Redskins 'date'", as the writers & PTB telling us viewers that JJ didn't see Reid that way, even back then. [doesn't change the fact that I'll still read the sh*t out of Reid/JJ fanfics, though]
  7. I'm with those who are kinda looking forward to this, but unsure if it'll work or fall flat on its face. The original "Haunting of Hill House"* (and original "The Haunting") are the two movies you point others toward for someone looking for great 'haunted house' movies. * - was the original movie titled "House on Haunted Hill", with Vincent Price? If not, I confused it. I feel like I've seen "The Legend of Hell House" too, and that is another one up on the list of 'haunted house' movies to watch. EDIT: After research, it seems "The Haunting" (1963) is the first film adaptation of Shirley Jackson's book. And if so, I must agree. That movie is the ultimate classic & go-to in this genre to give people an idea of how a movie like that should be done.
  8. S01.E02: Reentry

    Considering the month it's first few episodes are taking place in, here's to hoping for all your sakes (& mine if I watch this), that the main mythology will be a mysterious sci-fi - even maybe a slight thriller - lean and not theological. There's already a (new) show on TV with God's name actually in it if people are looking for that sort of thing.
  9. Small Talk: Sharing The Bounty

    Referring back to about a year ago in the thread, about another show, I watched the first 6 episodes of Wynonna Earp the other day - some people's "enough time to decide if like it or not" guide. I think all I can offer is, 'meh'. Its basically a genderbent Supernatural, in my perfectly honest opinion, except on this show they're stuck in one locale. Only real difference between the two shows is that WE is filled with more personal drama (believe it or not) and [potential] love triangles. The thing with Dolls seems more sci-fi than supernatural, but there's that in SPN too.
  10. S01.E01: Pilot

    I haven't even watched this (yet), but after reading the first couple pages of this thread, I have the overwhelming urge to go re-watch the Fringe pilot episode - plus more, cause can't stop at just one - instead of taking a chance on this. Different circumstances and shows, but I already know I'm going to like it vs unsure about this show. If you've seen Fringe, you know why I found that the discussion of this show brings up sci-fi/mystery conscious thoughts, and thus, urges to go watch 1.1 (& 1.16, I believe) again.
  11. “Lost” and Found: Anticipation for Manifest

    I admit to only knowing what I see on previews about this show - NBC now touting it the 'most talked about & most watched premiere of the new season' - but it seems to be like every other sci-fi heavy show on the major 'OTA' networks. It might find a vocal 'social' following to begin with, but there's a better-than-50% chance it doesn't keep its ratings up and is lucky to get a 2nd - shortened - season. *cough*Timeless*cough, cough!*
  12. S04.E10: Sporemageddon

    Interesting spec. Up until about 10 months from now, anything's possible.
  13. Relationships in The Quad: What the Hells?

    I kind of honestly took that "if I have to be a 3rd wheel to somone, I'm glad its them" scene as more of a mopey "I missed my chance (/screwed up/didn't try [hard enough]) to win her heart, so now it is what it is and I just gotta live with it". Or "wish the other guy was the '3rd wheel', but since its me, at least its D'avin and not somebody I can't tolerate". That's my interpretation of that scene.... as a D/J endgame-r.
  14. S04.E10: Sporemageddon

    While I totally agree this seems like the viable route the writing & direction is most likely going, it has the potential to be the absolute ultimate heartbreak for John. Not necessarily that its Dutch herself, but to have a (married) life with someone he loves and having that stability & comfort zone, while being lucky enough to share it with someone he's very close to. Then having to make the choice to sacrifice his happiness to save everyone, especially if they play it out as John looks at the AU and gets to wishing he and Dutch had been more than BFFs. Ugh. This is setting up to make the John/TL!Pawter scenes in this episode look like a walk in the park.
  15. S04.E10: Sporemageddon

    My only thing about the ending is why erase everyone's memories and separate everyone, except Dutch & Johnny? The Lady does know they share a really strong bond - no matter what kind it is - right?? Why have them be married, where they'll be in near constant contact and will be able to puzzle it out together when the clues that they're living in an AU start rolling in??? Maybe her amazingly brilliant plan will be made more obvious soon after the start of next season, but right now, this seems very foolish on her part.