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  1. yes, they did ask if I had health insurance but I just skipped that question. I wasn't interested in finding out about every detail.....I was just curious about prices. I'm sure for many people with health insurance or money, Dr. On Demand could be a very useful option.
  2. Oh holy balls!! Yes a frog, a toad, a carny freak, a winner on Ru Paul's Drag Race, a Halloween mask from Party City. Lol! And yet, SHE still thinks she's smokin' hot. ETA: Do NOT enlarge the above photo!!
  3. Because I've always been curious about Phil's Dr. On Demand, I signed up to see the prices so here it is: Psychologist: $79.00 for 25 minutes - $119.00 for 50 minutes Psychiatrist: $229.00 for 45 minutes and $99.00 per 15 minutes of "follow up". ETA: I uninstalled the app immediately after "signing up" to see the prices. The prices could possibly vary according to your age because age and sex were pretty much all they wanted to know for initial sign up.
  4. News, Media, & Shows

    Lol!! Your post is spot on! ETA: Maybe Theresa can hook up with Shaquille O'Neill! But he's MY dream man so she has to wait in line behind me!
  5. I think it doesn't matter how much weight Shannon loses or how good she looks she's always going to feel inadequate. She needs to work more on the inside. She's a pretty woman and needs to realize that it's not all about what someone thinks of your naked body. She needs to quit listening to Tamra so much.
  6. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    Does anyone here really believe that GG didn't ALREADY know what her fiancee's ex wife/girlfriend looked like BEFORE MJ announced it? I call Bravo Bullshit on that.
  7. OMG!! That's so funny! Mid life crisis David ?! Well there is always laser tattoo removal.
  8. Small Talk: How You Doin'?

    Not only is her face grotesque, her wigs and fashion choices are gaudy, tacky and Party City looking.
  9. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    Please noooooo!!! But I'm loving the term "inserts"!! Lol!
  10. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    I think I've humiliated myself many more times than my friends! And I always forgive myself AND my friends. Forgiveness is a good thing.....when you're ready. It works! Lol.
  11. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    Damn IvyGirl! That was some excellent shade throwin' Lol.
  12. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    OMG!! Mike and his fucking "1 blanket 1 sock" giveaway to the homeless. What a joke. And THAT "gesture" makes his dumb ass entitled self feel like he's doing something kind for humanity? Fuck the fuckety off Mike. You pretentious asshole loser. (Sorry about the qoute box below) I have no idea why that happened!
  13. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    WTF? NO WAY!! A bottle of Tito's 750 ml is under $30.00 Maybe it was the Rose?! Lol.
  14. S07.E03: A Date With Destiney

    I think I just fell in love with Destiny: She does her own mechanics on her classic car...an old Mercury. Lol! And my intuition is telling me Nemo is going to be a big fucking boring addition to this show. Correction: He already is. Does Reza's husband Adam, have a job? I don't recall if it's been mentioned.