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  1. That is the BEST, guaranteed way to have your personal business put out there for all to hear about. Just tell Tamra. As Vicki once said: there's Telephone, Telegram and Tell-a-Tamra. And it's true that all the HoWives switch "friends" every season to keep the drama going and keep their fat Bravo paycheck. But Tamra is the most consistent offender of being two- faced. And she's not even good at it! Lol!
  2. Ok. Thanks for edumacatin' me (as Judge Judy litigants would say!). That makes sense. Where I live, Dr. Phil is aired the same time as Ellen DeGeneres. But I don't consider Dr. Phil to be in the same genre of "talk show entertainment" as Ellen. It's two different worlds. It's like comparing Joel Osteen to QVC.
  3. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Thank you for posting that pic! How the hell did the audience keep a straight face? I'm still lmao and I cant seem to take my eyes off her! I'm mesmerized!
  4. I thought Judge Judy still held that title?
  5. Wow Jeanius! That was a great recap! Lol! You just saved 40 minutes of my life. Thank you! So Wendy claimed her waist measures 29 inches? Does anyone remember the Halloween episode where she was dressed as Lucille Ball? Wendy was wearing a full skirt with a skinny belt around her waist. And she told her audience (as they were clapping and hootin' over her sexy outfit) that she had an 18 inch waist! If I heard this wrong please, someone correct me or post a link to the episode I'm referring to. If I'm wrong, I certainly won't apologize.....because you know, I'm a woman of a particular age! Lol!
  6. Thank you B2H for the invitation to a world of sanity but I'm afraid I wouldn't fit in. Lol! And I doubt the HoWife franchises will ever feature real married folks.
  7. And get his lengthy criminal arrest history erased. So Lauri went to a "psychic?? Please tell me you're kidding? If so, the psychic was right....Josh IS connected to the law. The law that puts you behind bars.
  8. All Episodes Talk: IS Anybody There?

    Yes, he has. He's become very skinny, scrawny looking over the years. I hope he finds a nice woman to share his life with. His new gf appears to be extremely into her looks...fake boobs, lip injections, super skinny. IIRC Larry met her through emails she sent to try to get a resding from Theresa. I don't know if she lost a child or sibling. Her Facebook page doesn't show much info on her or her family but I haven't checked her Facebook page for a long time. And I'm really not interested in seeing Theresa's mom on the show. She stayed completely out of the show up til now. I thought at first that Theresa's mom had passed away since we only saw T's dad on the show. Anyway, LIM has become just another stupid "reality show". Boring.
  9. Wendy doesn't realize that she's become a parody of herself. And am i the only one who quit watchimg SNL a couple decades ago? It used to be somewhat funny and had originality but.it pretty much sucks and has for a long time. And wait...what?? No Cardi B news? Lol ETA: Cardi B's parents named her after their favorite alcohol: Bacardi.And Cardi has a sister named Hennessy. That's some serious lazy ass baby namin'! I knew someone (a work acquaintance) whose sister was named La Von. Apparently my co-workers pregnant mom was sitting outside a Vons grocery store and it came to her like an epiphany....I'm gonna name this latest baby LaVon.
  10. Oh hell, WalnutQueen.....as the famous line from "Broke Back Mountain" goes: "I just can't quit ya'" I threaten to quit but my "hate watching" RHOC is a real thing. The more I watch the more I snark! It's free emotional therapy! But thanks for your kind thoughts fellow critter lover! Meowwwww! Lol
  11. All Episodes Talk: IS Anybody There?

    Lol!! I don't think he's a bad looking older man. But I can understand where some women find him unattractive. I do like many of the tops/halter tops she wears but one thing I will never understand is women who pay thousands of dollars for Christian Louboutins and Theresa owns a lot of them. I'll never forget the episode where Larry Jr moved out and Theresa turned his bedroom into a second clothes closet.
  12. All Episodes Talk: IS Anybody There?

    I think Theresa might have an out of control shopping addiction...clothes, shoes, handbags.
  13. S18.E01: Rookies vs. Veterans

    The amount of food that gets thrown in the trash is very disturbing to me! Gordon claims he's all about teaching the importance of utilizing every single part of farm animals, seafood, fish etc. Then he tosses pounds of food in the trash that is still good but just not cooked to perfection. What a hypocrite.
  14. Maybe the Bravo contract that the housewives sign, states that husbands (except Gina's "husband". Lol!) must participate in the show occasionally? I don't know and probably never will. Simon is gone from the show, David Beador is gone, so we're now left with Eddie Judge and Emily's ho- husband (forgot his name). Those 2 are the only "husbands". All I do know for certain....I'm doing my very best to keep on watching but I'm really a millimeter from dumping this franchise for good (except to come here to read the witty, snarky comments!)
  15. Oh Fucking NO! Today's WW episode is listed (in my part of TV world) as "celebrating a breast cancer survivor during a special edition of eye candy". I hope Wendy doesn't ask the breast cancer survivor if she got implants and what cup size she is now. Re: Dr. Oz....he is very intelligent, knowledgeable, and appears to love keeping himself educated on the world of medicine. I wish I could afford him! But even though he has many stellar attributes, ass kissing (for whatever reason) is rampant in all walks of life! I guess he doesn't know that WW is losing fans and viewers. He needs to dump the WW show. Unless you're a rapper/ hip hop artist, you are NOT important news for WW.