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  1. I can't stop staring at Taylor's face. Lol! She looks hideous. Somewhere a carnival is missing a freak.
  2. Amanda To The Rescue

    Jesus A Tap Dancing Christ! I can't even remember my favorite shows let alone remembering my shows being cancelled or late or not renewed or no new season til 2020.
  3. Pit Bulls And Parolees

    It's such a tough, heart breaking decision...who to trust to donate our money. Unfortunately, animal welfare/rescue groups are rampant and I'm guessing some of them are scamming people. I have decided to donate to small rescue groups whom I know use the funds for animal rescue. Some are local and one is on the other side of the country from me. But I know they are dedicated to saving cats, dogs and whatever needs to be helped/saved. Bless them all for their hard work.
  4. The Wendy Williams Show

    I get it. But I think there are lots of other celebs who could do what WW does (sarcasm, side eye, snark) much better. Wendy isn't a rare gem. She's an old clam.
  5. Shannon's latest pic of herself on Instagram: She is REALLY skinny. She just doesn't know which runway to land the plane. But she looks good.
  6. The Wendy Williams Show

    If Joan Rivers was still alive she could take over this genre of talk shows in the" nothing else to watch this time of the day" arena. Joan could snark like no other. So Wendy is not some unique brand. Someone on YouTube commented on replacing WW with Nene Leakes. I'm down with that. Nene would be a refreshing take on gossip with a much better perspective on "throwin' shade". I'm not anxiously awaiting WW return. Don't care. She's a has been for me. But I'm probably the minority.
  7. The Wendy Williams Show

    Yeah.. The dog. I think she still has him because she mentioned the dog in an interview she did a couple months (?) ago with some rapper. Can't recall who it was but I remember her mentioning the dog like she still had him. When she returns it will be 3 minutes of the studio audience clapping, hootin' and hollering about "we love u wendy, welcome back, we missed you". Then Wendy will say " Thank you so much for your support and well wishes. I'm back 100 % and ready to give you my very best . So it's time for HOT TOPICS.
  8. Lol! Is the Love Canal in New York still up and running? However, it's still a stupid commercial. I'd love to know what these companies pay ad agencies for all the commercials we hate.
  9. Watch What Happens Live

    Good point. All live radio/tv shows have a 7 (?) second delay to omit profanity etc., as regulated by the FCC. I just hope Andy doesn't re-home Wacca when the baby arrives. Andy is well aware that Wacca has aggression issues. And I hope Andy doesn't re-home the baby when he gets bored with it! LOL
  10. The Wendy Williams Show

    Here's something I don't understand about Wendy: She says that she's at home on weekends watching all the reality/current shitfest TV shows to bring to US (her beloved fans) the latest news.She's got her customized baseball bat ready to kill the killer Then she switches gears to tell us how she is the hardest working person in daytime TV. Always having to travel from L.A. to NYC and is very busy traveling for other gigs and not much time at home. She's FOS and that is why I dislike her. But I'm going to continue to watch the walls come crumbling down.
  11. Watch What Happens Live

    Such bullshit....implying that he's only gone from home 2 1/2 hours (a day?)for his radio show and 2-3 days a week out of town. He's got a lot more obligations going on than just those 2 things. Andy appears to me, to be very selfish and can't make important life decisions based on the best interest of others in his care; such as Wacha or a newborn baby. But Andy's still got both his parents alive and fairly healthy so they will be grandbaby sitting til they die.
  12. "O" Oprah fuck off! We all know you wear Spanx to hold in the jelly. Your body does NOT look shapely and firm on its OWN! HAHA!
  13. S07.E05: Ice Queens

    Where does James get the money for his mommy's plastic surgery? She's obviously plasticized (probably not a word but it it is now!)
  14. Let's Talk About The Rest Of The Family

    I'm not surprised. Robin thinks she's some special, above average woman because she has a non profit womens' domestic violence "charity". And 100% of the profits from Robin's lipstick line, go to "When Georgia Smiles". I'll bet that's a miniscule profit/donation. I don't hate Phil (yet) but I do loathe Robin who thinks she's such a special little flower. Hey bitch, how about buying shoes that AREN'T Christian Louibaton (or however he spells his name) and donating to charity, the thousands of dollars you pay for just one pair of your designer shoes. We see right through your fake ass self.
  15. Let's Talk About The Rest Of The Family

    Did anyone else see the latest (Monday?) episode with the last 10 minutes of the show dedicated to Robin's skin care line and her latest lipstick collection named after her 5-ish year old grand daughter Avery? Robin is shown painting little Avery's lips with lipstick! Who puts lipstick on a 5 year old? Am I "out of the loop"? Not hip to the current trends for small children? If I'm wrong and behind the times please feel free to correct me. But I would NEVER let my child/grandchild who is only 5 or 6 years old, wear lipstick.