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  1. The Early Seasons

    Poor Josh Waring. The only one who is still in the depths of despair.
  2. He looks REALLY angry!
  3. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I seem to have lost my fishing pole. Sorry Auj!
  4. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Her chin looks like it has cellulite. I know, she's making a stupid face or crinkled face. I'm surprised she posted a pic of herself looking like $hit. And who's the woman with the black hair/bangs in the teeny little photo inserted on Auj's jacket? Lol.
  5. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.04.01

    Haha! You nailed it GiantMisfit! I just wish we could get Cole buck naked..before this show takes a dump!
  6. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.04.01

    I don't know how long this series is going to survive given its ridiculousness, but I'll be watching and ready to snark! Quack quack ( in honor of duck lips everywhere)
  7. Lol! I respect your opinion but I don't think I'll ever stop thinking Hannah is hot. Adam however is not attractive at all. Skinny, scrawny, mis-shaven, lazy, arrogant "chef".
  8. Thanks. Yes I did find Dubrows website for Beaute Consult products. I'm not interested. And especially not interested in putting more money in the Dubrows bank account!
  9. I did a google search for "Dr. Terry Dubrow skin care" and the very first search result was Dr. Paul Nassif's skin care products. Lol!
  10. Holy mother of god! Jimmy Durante IS the father of Terry Dubrow! Lol. Well the Debrows are pimpin' their new weight loss book? (or maybe it's their podcadt?)They're on Steve Harvey. Thousands of books on the market on how to lose weight and none of them work. Good luck Terry and Heather. I think Heather misses the attention she got on RHOC.
  11. Couldn't find an appropriate thread for this but Boy (hahaha) George is on network TV (Steve Harvey) promoting his.new tour. He looks (as John Wayne would say) ReGod Damn Dickulous)
  12. The Four in the Media

    This show is so sloppy and lame. From Fergie's over-the-top enthusiasm to the judges obvious poor acting as to who they like and who they disagree on. It's more like a comedy show. It just plain sucks.
  13. I think bhad bhabie's bhad momma is totally on board with her daughter being a skanky wanna-be rapper. The article stated Bhad Bhabie had a (sold out??) venue of 500. That's not a lot of people and I'm sure tickets were cheaper than a pair of Spandex leggings at Walmart on black Friday!
  14. The Affair in the Media

    I watched season 1 on Hulu. This weekend Showtime had a marathon Saturday and Sunday. I wasn't compelled to stay riveted to each episode. Now the new episode is on. I think I've decided that this series sucks so bad that I can't stop watching!
  15. I've never liked Sonja but after watching the episode from May 2018 (where she tells her aesthetician (?) that she gave away her cat and her dog because she was just too busy to care for them) I officially hate her. All that money and she can't care for 2 pets? She's just a self indulgent skank who believes whatever she does is never wrong because she's Sonja Morgan. She's disgusting.