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  1. Eric wants Allessandro to sleep in the bedroom with him and his new bride?
  2. They may have money to burn but they are not stupid, Eric should have had all of his ducks in a row before he went shopping for a woman. This is Eric's mess, he should clean it up, litarally and figuratively.
  3. Best we can hope for is that ringee is diamond like.
  4. It seems so out of character for Coltee to spendee a huge chunk of money like that, spending it on a car would make sense but a ringee? I thought it looked very loose on Larissa's finger. Debbie may resent Coltee spending time and money on Larissa.
  5. What is hanging off of that ring?
  6. Too funny. If that ring is a real diamond I'll be a monkey's uncle.
  7. Are we really surprised at how un-self aware he is?
  8. Yes, I love old fashions.
  9. I wonder if Coltee will try to get Larissa on one of those terrifying rides at the top of the Stratosphere?
  10. Coltee and Larissa do not understand the concept of seatbelts. Are seatbelts only for slut people?
  11. I thought it sounded more like labor pain noises.