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  1. Picking on B'more are we? LOL. In my previous job I dealt with dental practices from all over the US and I cannot tell you how many times there were office staff that would tell me that they had never been on a airplane before and some office staff would not attend the meetings in our facility because they had never flown and did not want to. Something I will never understand. I thought if anything Hazel would have said she had never been in a plane before but she went with boat, never been on a boat. Most of these seekers of love make me want to sneak up behind them, put a pillow case over their heads and throw them in an unmarked white van and smack them around a bit until they see for themselves how stupid they are being.
  2. Your post...perfection! If you got to get your book signed, who would you want to sign it? Before and after, wow.
  3. S03.E06: Smashing Friendships

    I see Rich as a guy who does not really want to be bothered by all the planning, he could probably be happy in front of a JP or eloping to one of the islands but I see LeeAnn trying to turn her wedding in to some overblown, royal affair. Her wedding planner seems like he can make a mess of things doing what he wants not what the bride wants. I wish I had the money that is about to be wasted just to try and make the other HW's jealous.
  4. Just so you know, my ring size is 3 carats. LOL! Two hours?! Why does it take you so long to fall in love? Are you taking time to get to know some one?
  5. During that scene with Karine and the test results I kept expecting Pole to rip off his shoes and start counting backward on all of his fingers and toes. He mother knows what's up. Hazel may not want to be kissy kissy on camera, maybe she cuddles like mad in private.
  6. I have Go Away and a Goodbye mat, they don't work :)
  7. That could be game ender but there are plenty of strippers that have kids but no tell tale sign of stretch marks or anything. I have a neighbor who has a two year old and she still has an impossibly flat stomach...it is not fair, not one bit, it's more not fair than two crazy kids in love being kept apart because of a criminal record!
  8. Me too, so many of us that can judge, snark and laugh at these select few individuals that show there asses on TV for a few dollars...I treasure these times with you all. Maybe next week we will get engaged.
  9. Hazel really is a dim bulb. She seems harmless enough, she could be honest with Tarik about her motives and I think he would be okay with an arrangement, all she has to do is the bare minimum and throw a few I love yous his way. The deal breaker may be when she learns she will be a baby sitter and house keeper, I think she wants to be a kept woman in some sort of style in which she would like to become accustomed to. Dear Jesse and Darcy, Get out of my life, you never loved me.
  10. I know! Maybe the doc said 2 hours because the lab is busy.
  11. OMG, Paul is believing this pregnancy story. All he has to do is ask how far along she is.
  12. Darcy is wearing white, just like a bride. I guess she thinks it would be a subliminal message for Jesse. OMG, Darcy is looking back at her time in Amsterdam as a sweet, romantic time. Was she not there?
  13. Ricky's Bachleorette #2, Ximena.
  14. Like every single couple on this show. Rachel's crying has become a nervous tic for her. Why do we see only people that are hard up for money participate in the shinenagans? We never see a anyone who does well financially with an advanced college degree fly to some impovrished country to meet the love of their life.
  15. I had two children and I could never get away with not bringing a diaper bag and stroller with me, everywhere. Oh my, Rachel's friends eye make up and the sales girl hair.