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  1. Ha!. I love the kidnapping story. Mika's dad sent her to the South of France for the summer during her college years. Dr Z arranged for the son of the former President of Lebanon ( Gemayel?) to be her chaperon for the summer. He was a playboy & loved buying Mika skimpy swimwear. He encouraged Mika to go topless on the beaches of St Tropez. Mika didn't like posing nude. The playboy would take her to soft porn movies ( by french standards) . Mika didn't like being the girlfriend of a Playboy. Joe doesn't like her retelling this story. Monday Recap. The panel is happy that France voted for the moderate Macron. They call him an outsider who is not racist. They obviously have no clue that he was a cabinet member in the current government of France & went to elite schools. He used to work in investment banking. He is most well known for marrying his high school teacher who is 25 years older than him. He convinced her at age 18 to leave her husband & 3 kids for him. They have been married for 10 years. Joe was happy that Le Pen did not do as well as expected, but she is in the runoff. Joe & Mika said no one talks about the Wall. Harold Ford Jr said Trump supporters want a wall. It might only be a small wall. The mexicans won't pay for the wall yet. Heilemam doesn't think Trump can get healthcare,Tax Reform & the budget funded in a week. The panel was shocked that Trump supporters still support him. Trump popularity is still strong with the base. Comey & the emails are back in the story.. Loretta Lynch did everything she could do to protect Hillary. Comey had to protect the FBI from Loretta Lynch. It was wrong for Bill Clinton to meet with Lynch on the tarmac. Comey thought he could navigate for the FBI , but he was too political. The Weiner laptops gave Comey the chance to reassert his independence. This was bad for Hillary. Comey wasn't allowed to release information on the Trump campaign. Joe blamed Obama for not disclosing the Russia investigation of Trump before the election. Mika is mad at the FBI. Joe is being rude to Obama. Joe is mocking Chris Matthews & shouting like him.
  2. Alex & Simon. I think they moved to Australia.
  3. I found Alex to be pretty. Bethenny is not attractive.
  4. I think the politics part of the show is depressing. It's West Wing for dummies. The Supreme Court story was stolen from real life. No one brought up the consequences of a 4-4 court. It was ridiculous. Seth is out of the Loup for a press secretary. I like Aaron & Hookstraten & Morrow. Wouldn't the Pax Americana group be more suspicious of strangers driving up to the gate?
  5. I love the secret cult story in North Dakota. Hannah was shrewd in stealing the guidebook
  6. Ha!. I have a tempermental iphone that does strange autocorrects!.
  7. Dr Z reduced his appearances on Morning Joe after the divorce was announced. IIRC he did advise her to take part of Joe's bonus money when he offered it to her. She was grateful due to her financial difficulties at the time. Mika complained that she could not afford her wardrobe budget on her salary of $150K when the show started.
  8. When I get some free time , I would like to review Joe's congressional record. I would think that Joe was pretty Conservative when he ran & was elected. Joe brags that he was elected to represent the Redneck Riviera. He has also mentioned that he attended schools in the desegregated South, ( Atlanta?) . IMHO ,Joe's goal since he joined MSNBC has been to ingratiate himself with the Washington elite which is mostly Democratic. Mika is the perfect partner to help him reach his objectives.
  9. You are correct! I vaguely recall W freaking out over this. It's surprising that the Democratic party allowed Byrd to run as a Democrat Senator in spite of his segregationist views. Obama would not have approved of his candidacy. I think Byrd admitted that Segregation was bad for African Americans.
  10. Joe said the key members of the DNC elite & base will never allow a candidate to have a pro choice position. Joe applauded the candidate for optional ultrasounds before aborting the baby. It is my understanding that the federal government will not pay for abortions, so why hasn't the DNC set up fundraising drives to help pay for abortions? They could get celebrity endorsements from traditional Democratic supporters in Hollywood. It's dangerous for women not to have access to abortions because they can't afford it. I have noticed that Mika was not a strong supporter of abortion. She was raised Catholic. Joe periodically goes on these anti abortion rants.
  11. Wasn't Trent Lott removed from the Senate Leadership for having a birthday party for Segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond in 2001 or 2002? Trump does not need him for help.
  12. Unfortunately, some of President Obama's guests did flip the finger underneath the portrait of President Reagan. http://www.phillymag.com/news/2012/06/22/gay-activists-give-ronald-reagan-finger-white-house/ I might be old fashioned but I think it's an honor to visit the White House, so you shouldn't make rude gestures and pose for pictures. Sarah Palin was an elected Governor. She should know better.
  13. It would have been a good storyline for Carole to be working on the Clinton campaign. Carole was able to win a seat on her co op board a few seasons ago. She has political experience
  14. Wasn't Joe very friendly with Maxine when they were in Congress together?
  15. The French President called it a terrorist attack. Morning Joe had no clue what was going on this morning. I watch the French news from France