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  1. According to Page Sox, Donnie Deutsch is dating Marla Maples! Wow!
  2. Mike Allen is on the show & it is his birthday. Bannon could not speak about the transition or the white house meetings because of executive privilege.
  3. Mika was busy on her phone & drinking coconut water while Joe was talking. Joe called the doctor shameful! for saying that Trump could live to 200. The Morning Joe ads are hilarious!. American Democracy is at Risk! Republicans know what is going on in this White House!
  4. Joe took off his glasses several times by reading the NY Times articles. The audio feed was lost on Robert Costa. Heidi was in the library by herself. No one talked to her for several segments. Let Heidi speak! Joe is ranting about the Doctor that gave Trump his medical exam!. Joe should challenge him to a Duel!. No one knows medecine like joe! Mika said that Obama worked out every day! He was healthier than Trump. Joe is ignorant about the cognitive tests. They are used every day.
  5. Thursday Recap. Mika & Joe are in the studio together!. Mika is wearing a black bathrobe over a red top. It's "explain Trump to those outside the bubble day". Joe is mad that regular Americans are not more upset about the attack on the media. Joe said people in Pensacola are too busy paying mortgages and sending kids to college too worry about the media elite getting insulted by Trump. Joe compared the sentiment in NY to Bush winning re election in 2004. Everyone called him Hitler. Joe was mad at Obama for not doing more theatre & selling his policies. The NY Times is doing a profile of pro Trump voters. There are 63M. Why aren't they mad at Trump. Trump's approval is close to what it was all year despite all the gaffes. Mika is mad that the Trump Pornstar story isn't getting more traction. Joe is mad at evangelicals for bashing Clinton about sex but leaving Trump alone. Joe mispronounced Chutzpah. Joe is worried about Trump getting re elected in 2020 after the Democrats take back the House in 2018. Joe talked about the Katie Couric podcast. Joe is worried about being in a bubble. Trump is working on getting a Wall built. Joe made fun of the cognitive test. Joe knows what a Pig looks like. Joe mocked Trump's exercise habits.
  6. That’s true! I forgot that Joe had a bunker in Pensacola!
  7. I loved the part in the SNL skit when they are playing Joe’s music & Joe pretends to not know what song it is. Mika tells Joe it is his song & he should stop aggrandize get himself!
  8. Kyles top looked like a Gordon Gattrell outfit that Theo Huxtable wore on the Cosby show.
  9. Mika had trouble reading the word suspension. She called it sustain. Mike should just start Facetiming her appearances. She needs to stop wearing bathrobes to the studio
  10. Wednesday Recap beginning at 6 15 am due to new DVR not taping Morning Joe. Mika has a new light violet bathrobe draped over the black turtleneck . I don't like it. she is forced to work in the studio while Joe is in the Bunker. Willie is on set. kasie! is in the library. Did she get a lightning intro? Mika is happy that Lindsay Graham is back to criticizing Trump. They had a DACA deal but Kelly & other staff members derailed the deal. Mika is very upset that the Doctor ruled Trump is healthy. This is worse for America because it means that Trump is evil!. Ratner would support some border security in exchange fr a DACA deal but not a wall. Mika is mad that the GOP is proposing to reduce Obamacare taxes. They are revenue sources. Ratner said the taxes are unpopular. Mika gave Ratner a death stare. The panel is upset that Mancin & Macaskill may vote to keep the government open. Joe wants a shutdown over DACA. This is a popular issue for Democrat activists. Keeping the government closed until DACA is passed would electrify the Democrats. Joe was very upset about Trump only weighing 239 pounds. Joe discussed the Girther debate with popular athletes pictures at 239 pounds being compared to Trump. Joe was mad at Axelrod for saying that the Doctor had good credentials. Joe was mad that this was Obama's doctor, so that if he trashed his reputation, he would upset Obama who appointed this doctor. Joe said he knew people who weighed 230 pounds & they don't look like Trump. Joe is mad at Nielsen for not knowing if Norway had more white people. Isn't Nielsen a norwegian name? Joe was excited about the shithole vs shithouse debate. Joe said it was good for ratings. Mika is flipping out over Nielsen. There are new lights in the bunker that beam brightly on Joe's wavy hair. Joe is at maximum poofiness. Joe is excited that the Democrats won a legislative seat in Wisconsin for the first time in 20 years. Joe aid the Democrats be kind message is working!. Joe warned the GOP that they are doomed by losing these state legislative seats. Joe said he was right to warn Democrats about losing 1000 seats during the Obama era. Joe said there is a constitutional crisis & they should not lose their reputations for Trump. Perdue & Cotton are losing their official Morning Joe friend of the show status by lying for Trump. Mika is raising her voice over Nielsen. Nielsen does not know her Value Joe compared Nielsen to Robert McNamara in Vietnam over lying about Norway!
  11. Bingo!. it's absurd that he only weighs 239 pounds. The government needs a new scale.
  12. The test is similar to the MMSE(Mini Metal Standard Exam) test that my dad used to take for Alzheimer's. I never knew about the Montreal test even though I was born & raised there. Trump had to identify a camel & rhinocerus.
  13. I saw part of it on CNN. Trump passed the Montreal Cognitive Test with 30 out of 30. Joe must be furious! Joe should demand a second opinion ! I don't believe that Trump weighs 239 pounds. We saw him at the Ritz hotel in Sarasota in 2012 & he was so tall & huuge.
  14. After a few hours of carting tv's around the house,it turns out that the DVR Box is faulty & the TV is fine. Regular recaps will resume tomorrow. Thanks Cogeco!
  15. Ha! It’s ok. I will move the new tv on the second floor to the main floor this week. Mika getting a prestigious award!