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  1. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    No worries Eh!
  2. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Joe is railing against Devin Munes. Joe is in full rant mode today. Angry Joe is back. Barnicle was sad about the USA falling apart under Trump. Trump shouldn't use the Justice Departmentto go after enemies. Trump is behaving like Putin. Joe started ranting about other USA Presidents not using the Justice Department to go after their political enemies. Joe said the media has been fair in covering Trump. He is out of control. Joe started bashing Bill Clinton for taking $500K for his speeches. They used to cost $250K before Hillary announced she was running for President. Joe bashed trump. The FBI was tough on Hillary & made her investigation of her emails public. The Trump investigation was kept quiet. It could have changed the election. Joe hasn't complained about Obama yet...... Joe is mad at Guliani. Joe is mad at Bill Karins. Joe is mad at the world and he won't take it anymore. Joe likes Robert Mueller.
  3. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Tuesday Recap. Joe is in the studio sitting next to Mika!. Mika's dress is Fushia. KCDC is in the Library wincing at her thunderbolt. There is a new panelist. Brian Klaas. He is American but lives in London. He is mad at Trump. Joe went on a long rant against the GOP, Paul Ryan, the Freedom Caucus, the Minnesota Twins, Trump etc. Joe said Trump is violating constitutional norms. Joe is mad at Trump for trying to get the Postmaster General to raise shipping prices for Amazon. Joe said the President can't do that!. Joe said he is ok because he subscribes to Amazon Prime. What about the poor Americans that don't have Amazon Prime. ? Mika used her worried voice to start wailing about Trump wrecking everything except their high ratings which allows them to take time off the show. Joe said he knew Paul Ryan when he was 23. He is a lame duck who should be challenging Trump. Joe said the GOP is filled with wimps who won't publicly attack Trump & start a riot. Joe said he stood up to Trump . Joe said he was a leader of the Anti Trump movement. Klaas said no one like the USA anymore in Europe. The USA is a joke. Joe said viewers that don't like his rants against Trump should change the channel. Willie said that KC doesn't like the thunderbolt. Mika said she loves it. KC raised her hands in frustration. Mika knows what is best for KC's value. Boo Mika!. Leave KCDC alone. Stop treating her like a kid.Se is smarter & more well informed than you are.
  4. S04.E06: Just in Case

    Alicia was a typical teen prior to the ZA. She freaked out when her boyfriend got sick. I think Madison or her husband ended up killing him. She had no clue what was happening. Frankly, they should have made more episodes about the first few months of the ZA. It makes no sense that a city like LA collapsed in 8 days.
  5. S04.E06: Just in Case

    Jericho was my favourite show back in 2006. I remember how the fans organized a campaign to send nuts to CBS. It worked!. I still have a DVD of the series.
  6. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I did recap that show. Mika & Joe were in London for a few days. They discussed British politics & had several British guests on the show. Katty Kay was the Royal Correspondent. Tina Brown was also on that show. The recap is on the old TWOP website.
  7. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Mika & Joe were co hosts of MSNBC's coverage of Kate & Will's wedding in 2011 . I am sure they would have liked to be allowed to cover the wedding from Windsor.
  8. Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    I think Mika's daughters have a good relationship with their dad. If you read Mika's first book, there are several passages where Mika thanks Jim for dealing with the kids while Mika was busy working. The kids were very happy when Mika went back to work after being laid off from CBS. It can't be easy for Emilie & Carly to know the nature of her relationship with Joe. Joe's kids from his first wife are married, so they probably don't have much interaction with Mika. I am curious about Joe's daughter & his youngest son. They must still see their mom on a regular basis. It looks like the excitement over the affair has waned over the past 7 years.
  9. Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    I plan to buy her eating disorder book. She used to joke about Ambien & Vodka being her way to deal with the stress of being on Morning Joe.
  10. S04.E06: Just in Case

    I was a bit confused when Naomi /Laura was talking to Madison about saving the little girl Rose. Was Rose her daughter? a relative? It's a continuing problem with the show about destroying seemingly safe places that Madison & her family visit. The survivalist ranch was an ideal place with enough weapons to win a war against any enemy. I liked the hotel. They were happy there until Madison lit up the sign to attract refugees. I never understood why they abandoned Strand's beautiful house on the water. The yacht was a nice place too. They destroyed Strand's lover's house & ranch in Mexico.
  11. S04.E06: Just in Case

    I like Madison this year. She makes more sense. It's a much better show this year. The different time shifts are confusing. The Vultures aren't over the top evil. I hope that the Walking Dead writers pay attention. Alicia was more reasonable in the first season. I suspect she provides the "eye candy" to some male viewers. She lost credibility when she led the survivalists last season to their deaths. The new cast is much better. Garrett Dillahunt is awesome. Lenny James is awesome. Check him out in Jericho.
  12. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I caught bit of Stephanie & Katy. They were hilarious. I like Stephanie & would love to watch her before I left for work. I doubt Mika will allow questions on a book tour unless they are vetted in advance. I like Vineyard Vines clothes for men.
  13. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I suspect that Joe has acted inappropriately with women during his time in Congress & during his two marriages. He probably doesn't want to say anything that might get one of victims mad at him. We had an incident in Toronto a few months ago where a highly respected reporter, Paul Bliss ended up getting outed by a former colleague for sexual misconduct. The female colleague kept quiet for 10 years but got outraged by Bliss's smug comments when he was commenting on a politician's sex scandal. Notice how Harold Ford Jr & Tom Brokaw have not been allowed back on Morning Joe since their accusers went public. NBC & Mika did defend Brokaw but they won't put them back on the show. Mika tried to rescue Halperin but that flopped. I can't wait for Mika's book tour later this year.
  14. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    That's my feeling. It must be exhausting for staff to have to go out to the New Canaan bunker for 5 am almost every day.
  15. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Monday Recap on a Holiday Monday in Canada. It's Queen Victoria's Birthday!. We celebrate with beer & fireworks. Joe is in the bunker without glasses. Mika is on set with another frumpy librarian outfit. It's a new blue sweater. Elise sleeveles Jordan is wearing a royal blue dress. Robert Costa is in the library. Joe blamed Trump's crazy tweets this weekend on Bill Karins. The weather has been rainy on the East Coast. Trump can't golf so he tweets. They played a clip of Trump's whacky interview on Fox & Friends on April 26th. The big story is Trump thinks that the FBI planted spies in his campaign organization. Joe is mad. He said Trump is causing a constitutional crisis. by telling the Justice Department to investigate the spies. Joe said it was an abuse of power. Joe is mad at Rosenstein for agreeing to investigate the spies. Jeremy Bash is on the show. Mika called Meacham the Soul of America. Joe said Trump is behaving like Nixon . Joe expects a Saturday Night Massacre. Joe said everyone in New Canaan was happy that Mika was at Joe's house. Joe made allusions to what Mika was wearing in Joe's house. I have no clue what he is talking about. Joe admitted that he & Mika use hyperbole. Joe admitted that Trump's poll numbers are going up. He said the right track/wrong track numbers show Americans are at very high levels. Elise Jordan said millenials hate the GOP & will help Democrats. Elise must work hard to memorize her anti -GOP talking points. I find it absurd that she never takes responsibility for being part of the GOp since the Bush administraion. It was Meacham's birthday yesterday. KCDC got a lightning intro at 7 am. She wore one of Mika's scarves. It was the blotchy pink one. KC winced at the lightning intro. Joe said something weird in a rock star voice, Heileman said it was weirder than usual. Joe admitted that the Democrats advantage over the GOP is diminishing. Joe said the Democrats are still more intense than the GOP. Joe is grasping at straws these days. John Della Volpe is the new pollster guest. He said millenials will have more influence over elections as they get older. There were also several glitches with Joe's bunker sound. There was noise in the background. It sounded like someone knocked over a bunch of plates in the kitchen. Are the movers at the Bunker? Joe blasted Obama for wanting a deal with Iran. He called him naive. Joe is critical of everyone. If only Americans turned to Joe for wisdom. /s You are not the only one noticing that Elise is "dressing up " a bit more on the show. Mika used to wear those sleeveless dresses when she was wooing Joe. Heilemann wore a nice outfit today.