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  1. It is very sad news that Dr Z passed away. I always enjoyed his analysis
  2. Hannity replies to Joe's attack on him from Mediaite. Scarborough called Hannity’s coverage “gross and repulsive” before going on to deride the Fox News personality as having “no shame.” We reached out to Mr. Hannity, who is currently enjoying an early Memorial Day vacation, for comment on Scarborough’s critique. Hannity did not demure. “LOL, Joe and Mika are so cute together. Do they hold hands under the desk?” he told Mediaite, adding “That would be the only reason to watch the low rated daily emotional breakdowns they have.” Hannity is facing scrutiny for his continued coverage of the Rich story, which has led some advertisers to request to not be included on Hannity’s 10PM show
  3. The latest ratings. Morning Joe now ranked #83/150. Fox & Friends #36. The show is tied with the 6am broadcast of New Day. http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-wednesday-cable-originals-network-finals-5-24-2017.html
  4. Ha!. Just like Mika & Joe! A true love story. It's obvious that Joe was after Mika since 2008 when he gave her part of his bonus cheque. That's why Mika begged Roger Ailes not to disclose their affair in 2013. She should have come on the air to disclose her love for Joe back then !. Mika made a big deal about Bill Clinton's infidelity & rape accusations last year. She should realize that given her own infidelity, she shouldn't throw stones at Bill Clinton. It's also ridiculous for Mika & Joe to wear their wedding rings for years until their divorces are made public.
  5. I think Bethenny & Frederick will be battling to see who's better at renovating & selling real estate. Those two personalities are very narcissistic.
  6. Ha!. Bianna & Savannah Guthrie from NBC are similar in that they pretend to be Goodie Two shoes, yet are able to convince men to leave their families for them. Of course, the men did play a part in leaving their wives as well:) Joe decided to continue his vendetta against Sean Lumpy Hannity for discussing the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. I was surprised that Joe mentioned that the far left routinely attacks him for his role in the suspicious death of his assistant Lori Klaustitus. Joe said Lori's family was upset that her death was publicized as a potential murder.
  7. I wonder if Dorinda will let Bethennay renovate the Berkshire's house for her new show.
  8. Friday recap. Joe is back in the studio in a navy blue sweater. Mika is off. Joe tashed Trump for his handshakes with Macron, pushing the Montenegro PM around & demanding that NATO allies contribute 2% of their GDP towards defence. Joe called Trump the Ugly American. Joe's new thing is to pretend that he is John Stewart from the Daily Show. He plays a clip of Trump & then laughs at him. They made a new fake ad of the GOP cutting medicaid & cutting taxes for the wealthy. Joe was mad that Gianforte won in Montana despite the assault charge. Joe showed random pictures of Trump not smiling with Merkel but smiling with the Russians & Saudis. Joe think that his audience is so dumb that they can't find other pictures of him smiling with Merkel or being stone faced with teh Russians. Joe is upset that the budget cuts his pet projects of cancer research & Alzheimer research. Joe talks vaguely about entitlement reform for medicare & medicaid & social security. Joe doesn't realize that cutting these programs would hurt people. Joe is mad that Trump brags about his election victory. Joe doesn't realize that he brags about his congressional victory in 1994 which was a wave election, against a Democratic congressman that stepped down. Joe was right about Jared being the person of interest in the FBI. He hasn't been arrested yet. Joe wants the audience to forget him touting Jared as a genius. Joe bragged about BMW & Mercedes car plants in the South. This will solve the trade deficit according to Joe. Joe must have passed out when Robert Costa said that Bannon & Miller are drafting Trump's speeches on NATO. Gianforte's supporters were happy that he assaulted the reporter.
  9. Bianna is quite attractive. She was very happy that she was mentioned in the book about Hillary Clinton Shattered campaign. Hillary wanted her to interview her instead of Brianna Keilar from CNN. Bianna was seen by the campaigns much likelier to ask soft questions than Brianna. Bianna was also able to get Peter Orszag ,Obama's budget director to leave his pregnant girlfriend for her.
  10. LOL at Joe about Mika being insulted by Trump. Trump called them clowns & exposed their relationship. Katy was nearly physically assaulted .Yet, Joe was so insulted he bothered to bring Mika down to Florida to meet with Trump on New Year's Eve. They even had lunch together after the inauguration. Mika went to Trump Tower to interview Ivanka in November I love the author interviews. I just bought Richard Haas's book. I have Mika's books. I might buy Joe's books. They sell for a few dollars on Amazon
  11. Joe likes to pretend that he is a fiscal conservative. Has Joe ever favored taxing back benefits of higher income earners/ Joe went nuts a few years ago when Obama raised taxes on higher income earners. Joe was crying about small business owners being squeezed by the evil Obama.
  12. She never challenged Trump directly when he was on Morning Joe. Trump thanked her parents for supporting him & then she cackled. She is an opportunist.
  13. Cackles wasn't critical of Trump when it counted. During Trumpalooza fest on Morning Joe she cooed that her parents were big Trump supporters. She never challenged Trump directly. Pierced eyes Jordan isn't afraid to contradict Joe.
  14. I think it's a set up for her new real estate show. Bethenny & Frederick will become renovators. Fred has his own show on Million Dollar Listing. It's kind of silly that they both agreed on the selling price of her appartment.
  15. Everyone loves Cackles. ! It's the hit new show that everyone is talking about! Cackles, Pierced Eyes Jordan & Pouffy Haired Joe are the Holy Trinity of the Disgruntled GOP establishment . They won't be happy until the GOP is removed from power at all levels. Joe's discussion of the CBO Health care numbers did not explain that the GOP plan no longer forces people to buy insurance , so they are no longer covered. The savings from reducing Medicaid will be used to cut taxes on the wealthy.