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  1. Why does Joe keep saying Obamacare is collapsing? The show always has guests on that complain about premiums & deductibles. Mika & Joe have been demanding a Trump pivot to normality since he won the GOP nomination. Trump isn't listening to them98
  2. I over Joana 'a Muskoka compound. She is a lovely host. Kara was mean to disinvited Roxy to her home in Muskoka
  3. Wednesday Recap. Joe is the Bunker. Mika is off. Kasie! & Katty looking better than usual are on the set. Barnicle is in a grouchy mood & thinks Trump will leave office within a year. The panel is gleeful that the GOP will lose their own vote to repeal Obamacare. Some GOP's want a tougher bill that eliminates health care tax credits. They are unhappy about losing medicaid. Joe said you can still show up at an emergency room to get free healthcare if you are close to death. Joe said you can't threaten the Freedom caucus, Katty said Trump needs more Deputy Secretaries to check out the bill before it brought to a vote. Joe bragged that he spoke at the Lincoln Day dinner. The panel likes mocking Trump.
  4. Thanks for the information about CBO report. Without those extra enrollees, Obamacare could fail. I agree that Trump could behave better in the Oval office with Angela. However, Joe made it sound like he NEVER shook her hand throughout the visit. That's not true.
  5. I love manic Mika. ! She started asking about whether the 25th amendment should be invoked to remove Trump from office. Joe told Mika to simmer down & she shut up.
  6. The latest ratings. Morning Joe ranked 103/150 top cable shows slightly ahead of New Day( 104/150) in the 18-49 ratings. Total viewers down to 832K. Fox & Friends ranked 56/150. .21 in the key demographic & 1.506M viewers. http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-monday-cable-originals-network-finals-3-20-2017.html
  7. Joe is a hypocrite for trashing Trumps Florida trips. Joe would love to be invited back there with Mika.
  8. The car is an old Ford Mustang. Mika is sitting on the hood. Her feet touch the end of the hood. She is wearing shoes. Joe's arm is touching her shoes. Mika is looking up at the sky. Savannah Guthrie & Matt Lauer never posed like that. Erin Pike is on Fox News Sunday with Howard Kurtz. She is a strong defender of Trump & the GOP. I think she wants to work for Fox. Julie Pace was a reliable Obama supporter. Tillerson doesn't like the media.
  9. The new glamor shot is Mika's body is sprawled all over an old Mustang with Joe leaning against the front of the car. Mika's feet are being held by Joe. This is so weird. Is this supposed to be about Joe taming the "wild Mustang" Mika? Is Mika compared to a horse? Mika used to ride horses when she was younger. No other cable hosts on tv have glamor shots like this.
  10. Tuesday Recap. Mika & Joe are still in Washington. Mika is wearing her fushia sweater. Joe is wearing a blazer. Joe is mad at Trump for being under investigation by the FBI. Joe said everyone thought Hillary was under investigation but it turns out that Trump & his associates were under investigation. Joe is predicting a Democratic Wave in 2018. Just what we need Joe, more horse race coverage 20 months before the election. Mika was sad about Trump being a failed President. Halperin is tired of Comey showing up to discuss investigations in public. Wasn't he ordered to show up? Joe is mad that some Republicans are still defending Trump over these tweets. Joe was shocked that no one cared about the Gorsuch hearings. Mika & Joe called Spicer Bagdad Bob.
  11. Agreed. I didn't Jesus was supposed to be a religious figure. The actor looks like the common portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth. The Walking Dead has had many gay characters which is fine.
  12. Agreed. I don't like the Badlands.
  13. I do think it was admirable of the show to have one observant muslim female survive the ZA & live in the Kingdom. There hasn't been much discussion about religion on the show except for Father PP. He's shown to be a weak character who allowed his parishners to die rather than let them in the church. I don't take Negan seriously. I don't understand why anyone would follow him. The Governor was a better leader.
  14. I would have preferred a show modeled on the BBC Survivors where ordinary people try to recover from a massive virus that kills 99% of the population. There were villains, but not over the top ones like Negan or the Governor. I think the show could be subject to protests if they had a a gay Muslim character . The Muslim religion does not approve of homosexuality.
  15. I never thought of that. There was a women wearing a hijab in the last episode who was talking to Ezekiel. Perhaps, the Walking Dead is trying to make itself more marketable to diverse audiences. ? Gregory is hilarious as a leader. He's the Michael Scott of the Zombie Acopalypse. Simon is a better villain than Negan.