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  1. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Yikes! This is scary. It’s like Big Brother or Brave New World
  2. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Thanks!. I am scared of this intrusion into our personal lives
  3. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Agreed. I find it hilarious that Mika & Joe mocked Trump because they thought he would set up a Trump TV network after the election focused on bashing Hillary Clinton 24/7. It looks to me that Morning Joe has become anti- Trump TV for 3 hours a day. Mika is very excited about her Stormy Daniels Scoop.
  4. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Gibbs was reluctant to criticize Trump. he said that he isn't a political pundit anymore. Gibbs said that Bush Jr treated Obama well & didn't bash him every day when he took over as President. Mika loved McDonald's French Fries. McDonald's will be environmentally friendly. Haas was excited that states & cities are participating in climate change.
  5. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    This is a post from 2 years ago. New viewers of Morning Joe should be reminded how quickly Mika & Joe's opinions on a politician can change. It's all about ratings & money. Robert Gibbs is back. He is an executive with McDonald's now. He used to be on the show regularly during the Obama administration.
  6. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    The weather looks bad in the NorthEast!. Stay safe!. It's chilly in Toronto , but no snow. Cambridge Analytica took data from Facebook & tried to change the outcome of the Sri Lanka election. They also helped Trump. Do people vote based on Facebook ads?
  7. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Tuesday Recap. Mika is wearing a burgundy top with her red flowery scarf. She has worn this scarf before. Mika is mad at Trump for picking a new lawyer who believes that it is a conspiracy theory that Trump is in all this legal trouble. Ignatius is happy that the military generals around Trump provide stability. Ignatius is upset that 60% of people believe in the deep state & the elite runs Washington. Ignatius wants a return of Democracy to the USA. He doesn't like demagogue's leaders running Washington. 60% believe that unelected & unappointed officials have too much power. Barnicle is yelling a clouds & blaming Americans for listening to Trump's conspiracies. LOL!. Remember the ratings Barnicle! Luckily, Barnicle still has a lot of credibility with the viewing public. Mika is less hyper today. I like the Washington Studio. You can see the sun rise throughout the show.
  8. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Pollsters do this all the time!. It's one reason why the polls were unable to forecast Trump winning the election. Very few people answer their phones anymore. During the primaries Joe said that people would tell him privately that they would vote for Trump but would publicly stay neutral or say they were voting for Clinton. Of course, during the election campaign, Joe would frequently tout any poll that agreed with his talking points. Joe stil does that. He always finds a poll that shows Trump having 30% support. It's better to use an average of polls.
  9. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Mika is very upset that Trump hired someone from "Fox News" She is very condescending to Fox. Of course, it was OK during the transition for Joe to recommend Harold Ford Jr ! for a cabinet post. He also recommended Richard Haas for Secretary of State. I think it's a good idea for Trump to hire a " My Cousin Vinny " look alike lawyer.
  10. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I mis remembered part of this clip. Barnicle said that Willie wore a Pearl Necklace in College. Mika was confused & demanded that they go to break.
  11. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I like Willie's Sunday Show. He is a good interviewer & the topics are pretty interesting. He interviewed Ricky Gervais. Joe is a good dad for taking his son to see baseball. However, his love for Red Sox drives me nuts. He should be an Atlanta Braves fan given where he spent most of his youth. He could also have been a Tampa Bay Rays fan given that was the closest team to the area he represented in Congress. I don't get why he would support the Red Sox.
  12. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I remember when the stock went public. Joe said Zuckerberg is too young to run a public company & he doesn't know what he is doing. Donnie Deutsch was on the show that day & agreed. He said that people should "short" the stock. It was around $18 then. It closed today at $173. I am glad I don't get financial advice from this show. Several years ago, Barnicle & Joe tried to explain the sexual act of a "pearl necklace" to Mika. It took Mika a minute to visualize what it meant. She was horrified & ran off the set.
  13. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    A big mystery for Morning Joe viewers has been solved. Mika tweeted that she gets her scarves from JMClaughlin.com For years, I thought she was getting them from Protestant Clergy Uniform stores.
  14. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Mika looked great in her running gear & fancy sleeveless dress. Joe looked like a slob. I think this the same year that Mika & Joe went to University of Alabama for a road trip. They filmed a special segment of Mika wearring similar outfit running up & down the steps of the football stadium.
  15. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Osama Bin Laden was one of the fighters in Afghanistan. no one back then thought that Islamic rebels would attack the USA. Mika lived in Bronxville NY back in 2011. I doubt t she would run around Manhattan in the dark at 5 am. I think Mika & Joe bought a NY Condo in 2013-2015. It was a Page Six story.