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  1. Ha! No, my surgery is on Friday Morning. I hope to be back doing recaps by next week.
  2. Agreed. However, David might be willing to finance it so that Shannon can be busy. David could eat his chips & beer in peace when he comes home.
  3. I think that Vicky should step down from housewives. The editors hate her. They routinely bring up her past lies. No one wants to film with her. I doubt anyone would buy insurance from her after the cancer scam. She needs a break & so do the viewers.
  4. I don't support MSNBC hiring Christie as a contributor. I think that Trump will probably give him a job as Ambassador . Wouldn't Rachel Maddow veto any job offer to Christie? I found it hilarious that Mika started promoting another EP album release by Joe. Its tacky. I love the nickname Joey RockandRoll Man. Wallace & Schmidt have cornered the Never Trump market.
  5. Joe is shouting at Richard Haas over North Korea being the 51 st state of China. He is mad at them for funding Morth Korea. Haas wants more diplomacy & that we should trust China. Haas is afraid of the total destruction of North Korea. North Korea could make oil out of coal!. This would be bad for the environment.
  6. Joe & Andrea are pushing back o the Manafort was wiretapped before the election story. Joe said the FISA warrant is almost impossible to confirm. Andrea is worried about the credibility of the Mueller investigation. Could Trump be right about being wiretapped? Andrea & Joe are not impressed with CNN's reporting of the issue. People are shouting at Nancy Pelosi for the Dreamer policy. Tim Ryan! the Democrats last best hope according to Joe. Tim does not like the GOP health care plan. The deductibles are too high.
  7. I thought the segment of Brianna eating sandwhiches with Vicki o her bed was weird. Don't people eat at a dinner table? Lydia & Doug give a bad name to people that read the bible & practice Christinaity. They are so shallow.
  8. Wednesday Recap. Mika & Joe are in studio together. Mika is wearing a new zip up 1960's patterned yellow top. Joe's hair is a mess. He is wearing a pink shirt with a red scotch patterned tie. They are very subdued today. There must have been a big party yesterday. The hurricane & earthquake got the first five minutes. Trump's Rocketman speech at the UN was covered. Joe liked the speech more than expected. Joe said that the elite media will get all lathered up in a tizzy about Rocketman but the American people will like it. Trump trashed the Iran deal. Joe is mad at the GOP for trying to repeal Obamacare with 17% support. Joe did not mention that " friend of the show" Lindsay Graham is the co sponsor of the legislation. Joe said that 60% of the USA would support trump's speech. Andrea Mitchell showed up to complain about the speech. It was too bombastic. Trump & Barnicle are arguing about what % of the USA would support his speech. Ignatious liked the speech. Joe said Trump is learning not to be isolationist. The show needs caffeine this morning. Mika is so quiet today.
  9. It was a big deal back in 2008 when Russert showed up on Morning Joe. Isn't Christie auditioning for a job with msnbc? Mika & Joe are trying to make him look credible. He does have friend of the show status.
  10. I was surprised that Chris Christie mentioned Mika's odd attraction to him. Mika & Joe were friendly with him when he was a rising star in 2011 but not so much recently.
  11. I would have hoped for more big names like President Obama or Clinton.
  12. Ha! I thought McCartney was on show once. I thought Mika & Joe would be excited about the wiretapping of Manafort I wonder why the camera kept showing certain members of the audience. Were they friends of NBC?
  13. Donnie Deutsch & Cackles will be on the show later. Mika setting fire to the news report about Paris Hilton
  14. Joe is making fun of the Democrats better deal policies. Joe said Trump would win re election if the vote was held today. Rendell warned Joe that Pennysylvania would vote GOP in 2016. Ridley said income is higher now. Harold Ford Jr is on the panel. Joe said the rich is getting richer. Some have 40 acres of land in Connecticut:) Willie said Biden warned him that Penn was up for grabs. Can the coastal elite Democrats get along with the Biden-Rendell wing of the party? I like he crowd reaction shots. Joe said that Mika & Ford Jr kept saying at Joe's son's wedding that Trump will win in 2016. what?
  15. Joe said leaders are discounting Trump's tweets vs actual foreign policy. Joe said that he ignores some of Mika's emails. Mika is not happy. He shouted that he was joking. Joe is allowing Capeheart back on the set. I thought they had a falling out? The clips of the show's past 10 years are pretty good. Meacham is joking about the term "President Trump". Meacham said that not everyone pays attention to the UN. Joe is happy that Mattis,Kelly & McMaster are helping Trump run the country. Capeheart is upset at the military running the country. However, it's reassuring because of Trump. Joe said that institutions have failed the country but people like the military.