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  1. I enjoyed the interview with Mike Messina, the Obama campaign director. He warned the Clinton campaign in the summer of 2016 after Brexit that economic issues in the midwest would hurt Hillary. Joe reminded viewers that he was right about Brexit. His Labour friends in Manchester told him that they were voting for Brexit. Joe said Clinton was campaigning in closed factories in NH in December 1991 & that economic issues were important. How do you rebuild the factories? Trump did the same thing in 2015. Messina told Democrats to stop focusing on Trump tweets. They wo't help you win in 2018. Focus on economic issues. I hope Mika & Joe listen to Messina & stop wasting time on Trump's tweets. Mika is trying to put her smartphone down during the weekends. Her kids need their computers for homework. Joe bragged that he is keeping his kids offline. They are using the computer to do homework.
  2. I think that attempting to touch girls under 18 in a sexual way without consent is "child molesting"
  3. Mika was hilarious during her rant about Clinton. She claimed that Gillenbrand was not being political when attacking Clinton. Of course she was & Noah Rothman pointed out that Gillebrand campaigned with Hillary last year. If Hillary had won, Gillenbrand would have stayed quiet about Bill & not made those statements. At 7 28 am, Mika showed off her new horse riding green gloves which is what she wears when she gets on her high horse discussing Women's issues. Joe, the defender of women's rights disapeared during this segment. Mika gets too hyper about Boy Diplomat , Jared Kushner.
  4. Late Monday Recap. Joe showed up in the studio a few seconds late. He is wearing his navy blue sweater. Mika is wearing a blacktop with a zipper. Mika was happy to see Joe ! Joe is mad at Roy Moore. He demanded that the GOP refuse to seat him if he wins the election. Joe thinks that Moore will get voters to focus on Trump's sexual harassment claims. Joe thinks that Moore's voters are staying quiet 7 not talking to pollsters. Heidi Prysbala said a police officer in Alabama said that Moore liked young girls. Mika got excited about reading an editorial in the Birmingham News that condems Moore & supports Jone. Barnicle told Mika not many people read newspaper editorials anymore or care about them. Barnicle made a goos point. Virtually no newspapers in the USA endorsed Trump in 2016. Joe said he was a longtime reader of the Birmingham newspaper. Noah Rothman Bad Odor Detector Face said that Moore showed contempt for the Constitution & kept getting kicked off the court. Ratner was shocked that Moore kept winning elections. Joe tried to impress the panel by naming several cities in Birmingham that have women voters who will vote in the rain for Jones. Joe is obsessed with women who vote in the rain. Is Moore going to win if it is Sunny? Joe talked about Tribalism vs Religion. The GOP is a tribe. They are more willing to vote against Hillary than support Trump. Joe said at a fundaiser in Florida on the weekend, McCain & Bush Sr were booed. Joe was mad at the GOP tax plan because it will raise the deficit. Joe said tax cuts were more important in the 1980's. Ratner had charts that show the top 5% get 50% of the tax cut money. Joe said the wealthy pays most of the taxes so they the benefit of tax cuts. Heidi said Demcrats want to stop the tax plan to keep the deficit low. Joe said Democrats only care about deficits when the GOP is in power & vice versa. Joe is mad at the GOP for eliminating the mandate. Millions will lose insurance because they won't buy the insurance plans. Joe said Trump is trolling the basketball player for releasing them from a Chinese Jail. Mika started harping on who represents women in the Trump administration. Mika wants women to have a voice. Everyone said the GOP is toast if Moore is elected. Joe said he told everyone that Trump was a lifelong Democrat who is destroying the GOP from the inside. Joe thinks that Trump is a secret agent for the Democrats. LOL! Michael Steele is mad at the GOP for not following the 2012 Romney loss autopsy. Steele wants the GOP to be nicer to women & minorities.
  5. I slept in this morning since I have the day off work. Recap to be provided shortly.
  6. I agree. It amazes me how the developer did not understand that it would be bad to put 2 homes on the market at the same time. I enjoy watching the variety of homes for sale this year. There is less emphasis on the modern boxy homes. I like Tracy , the new agent.
  7. Thomas Roberts did a good job filling in on Morning Joe a few years ago.
  8. I am not allowed to nap at our office. We also don't get alcohol or company provided food at the office. I would not be shocked if Donnie did things that would be considered sexual harassment today. He came close to acknowledging unwanted kissing yesterday.
  9. I laughed when Mika called Mnucin's wife a Bond Villain. If you look at the photo, Mrs MoneyBags looks like Mika! Mika is the original Bond Villainess of Morning Cable TV. I enjoyed the interviews with Tim Ryan from Ohio & John Delaney from Maryland. He's running for President! Mika got mad at viewers who called her the female Mike Pence who is afraid to socialize with ladies who aren't his wife. Donny made several good points about companies bringing in couches & sleep pods & alcohol to the work place. It blurs the line between work & home. I would love to work at these type of companies.
  10. Joe is the host of the 95th ranked cable news show. He is also a leading producer of satirical songs about President & the author of several books, some which have sold over 1000 copies. He is the voice of a generation.
  11. H. W. Bush is a friend of the show. He gets immunity. Mika has been mean to Donnie for years. He used to bring her Louboutin shoes to apologize. She liked the shoes.
  12. I wish I could be as eloquent in the morning as you!
  13. Hour 2. Heileman has left the panel but is now a bunker. Mika is going on and on about Roger Stone having the info on twitter before Tweeden went public. Everyone wants Jones to win.
  14. Friday Recap. Joe is "on assignment". he is working on a Christmas album making fun of Trump. I think it is called a Drumpf Christmas. Joe is obsessed with making fun of Trump. Mika is going of the rails today. She is demanding that Clinton should have resigned in 1998. She blames him for creating a climate where sexual harassment is tolerated. Mika is exccited that Women Know their Value and are speaking out about sexual harassment. She almost asked Donnie Deutsc, known feminist if he had treated women poorly over the past 30 years. Donnie admitted that standards are different now. Donnie wants to separate the RoY Moore accusers from the Al Franken accusers. Mika was furious that Rogers Stone hinted on twitter that Franken would be outed yesterday. No one knew what she was talking about. Willie said his daughter will be safe from sexual harassment. KCDC got her her rock intro & discussed harassment on the hill. Donnie is opposed to pedophelia. Mika is happy that Halperin apologized. She demanded that people stop criticizing her for her views. Mika is wearing more mascara now. It's too dark around her eyes. Mika is mad that Halperin has not been rewarded for apologizing about his harassment. Mika was finally able to get back to her safe space and start complaining about Trump officials Flynn around 6 40 am.
  15. I think Ali was born in Kenya to an Ismail Muslim family but few up in Canada. I used to see him in downtown Toronto when he was working on Canadian TV. I like Stephanie. It would be fascinating if she ever co hosted the show with Joe.