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  1. Katie Tur laughed when Barnicle said she spent more time with Trump than members of his own family
  2. I don't think Mika's kids are as excited about Joe Scarborough. Mika's oldest daughter was photographed with a "Make America Great Again " hat a few months ago. I think it was a joke, but a bit embarrassing for Mika. Everything I have read about Jim Hoffer has been very positive. He grew up practically homeless because his mom suffered from bi polar disorder.
  3. I watch the show for Steve! The seller of the "12" reminded me of Tony Montana in Scarface. he looked so scary.
  4. I suggest you read Mika's book All Things at Once which details her life growing up till her start on Morning Joe. Joe is happy that Spicer quit. Joe said it will weaken Bannon.
  5. Cackles bragged about being Greek American with Stavidrides. A little known story is that she got married in Greece during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Many people from the admistration communications department went for the wedding. There was no one back in the USA to deal with the communications needs over Katrina.
  6. The panel mocked the Moouch- Scaramuchi for taking the White House Communications Director position. His job will be to retweet Trump's tweets. Cackles was upset because she used to have this job for W and was taken seriously by the media. Everyone laughed at Mooch. The Mooch is a mutual fund manager who Deutsh called a Tire Salesman. Heidi Prysbala was outraged at Trump's interview with the Ny Times. Why did Trump discuss the infamous Russian Dossier.?
  7. Friday recap. The King & Queen of Nantucket have returned to their rented castle on the island. They will do several public engagements with the commoners who will provide them with anecdotes about what is going in "real " America. The anecdotes will be supportive of whatever policy position Joe has on Monday. Joe will also be having a secret meeting with key influencers. He will bring a translator if necessary. Joe will also be working on a country version of his hit song Mystefied. Mystefied has over 140 Shazams & 10,000 views o You tube. Cackles,Heileman,Deutsh wearing a pink striped seer sucker & navy blue tie from Willie Wonka.Heilemann called Deutsh a candy striper. Today's topic is .... Trump is out of control & threatening to fire Muller. Muller wants to examine Trump's business dealings & tax returns going back to 2004. Trump is fighting back & asking about pardons for his family & friends. Muller wants an open ended investigation. Trump wants to focus on Russia. Muller & Trump fought over his club dues at Trump's golf club. Muller quit. Deutsh is happy to disclose about the dirty Russian money that Trump accepted. Deutsh wants Trump in jail. Cackles is wearing a lovely yellow dress. Only Rosenstein can fire Muller. Eddie called Trump Voldemort. This is a good panel of anti Trumpers today. They will point out all his problems without resorting to personal insults.
  8. Yes! We still don't have a sarcasm font
  9. In France, Macron's decision to fire the popular leader of the military is similar to Trump getting rid of the wildly popular James Comey.
  10. Macron is following Trumps tactics by firing the Head of the French military. He refused to support Macrons military budget cuts. He is being compared to Trump
  11. Kristen Solis warned the panel of trying to fact check Trump on Napoleon & Russia. There aren't many voters that care about that. Joe had to check wikipedia during the show to come up with the facts about Napoleon. LOL!Trump said that Macron likes to hold his hand. He is very affectionate with Trump. Trump likes parades in Paris. This reminds me of when Mika was asked about her favourite founding father on the show & she mentioned Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was not available during the founding of the country since he wasn't born. I do think the panel is right that Trump is is own worst enemy by giving free form interviews.
  12. Jim vanderhei on the show. He is with Axios now. They used to have Mike Allen on regularly but he isn't around as much. Trump's analysis of Napolean & Hitler was something out of SNL skit with Drunk Uncle. Joe is mocking Trump for not knowing about Stalingrad.
  13. Joe is outraged at Trump. He can't bully Muller. Joe said Trump is playing 4 Dimensional Hungry Hippo. They showed a picture from the secret meeting with all the G20 leades. Trump was seated 10 feet away from Putin! Trump was next to Abe from japan. They had a japanese translator to deal with Abe. The japanese translator didn't speak Russian. Scandal ! Was the meeting 15 minutes? 1 hour? Was it about Russian adoption? That seems strange. Joe's hair is nicely combed today. He may have had new highlights.
  14. Mika is wearing a lovely patterned blue & white dress with a cardigan. Joe is wearing a dark suit with a pink tie. Thursday Recap. The show opened with a few nice words about John McCain's cancer diagnosis. Everyone liked him. He is a patriot. Next topic.Trump's interview where he bashed Sessions & is mad that he recused himself from the Russia investigation. Joe said trump has no clue about conflict of interest. Trump wants no go zones about the investigation.