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  1. S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    I was too distracted by the idea of it having potato chips on top of it. Yuck.
  2. S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    I'm still confused as to why the first time Jackie kicked Peter wasn't when their relationship actually ended, but whatever. At least it's over now. I think the last season very strongly implied that they had lost the Lunchbox around the same time they nearly lost their house, so even though it's sad they don't have it anymore, at least we know what became of the building afterward now. I was so hoping for Jackie to mention getting in touch with Andy during her breakdown, but of course she didn't. Quelle surprise. I hope that Becky DOESN'T move back in with Dan, for both their sakes. I can see her wanting to hang on to her apartment and her own space, and since she was single for so long, that might actually be possible money wise. I've seen two deportations in the span of one prime time season now--one on Murphy Brown, and now here. Yikes. Also, I know Harris and Mark were excited about moving back to Chicago, but I expected SOME push back on the idea of moving in with Ben; come on now! Still opposed to David and Darlene, sorry not sorry.
  3. "Hello, welcome to Walmart."--What BA's blue blazer is saying to me. Also: Yes, plenty.
  4. Unpopular Opinions about Music

    @WendyCR72 a LONG time ago, I can't remember the last time I actually listened to it until now, but yes I have! And yes, Shannon Hoon, Axl and Izzy became friends because they all grew up in Indiana (well, Axl and Izzy actually grew up together) and connected over that. There is also a great, very short version of "November Rain": And I just found this for the first time!
  5. Oh no, I meant that few people would actually be intimidated by him, and would easily overpower him and kick his ass. I could TOTALLY see him trying to threaten people, only to get overpowered very quickly.
  6. Unpopular Opinions about Music

    You're welcome! I've watched that special twice and Lorrie is one of the highlights for sure! Here's a big UO, one I think I've actually shared here before: I am a big Guns N' Roses fan. My screen name stands for Use Your Illusion. The reason? As great as Appetite for Destruction is--and it is indeed a classic--I find myself enjoying the UYI albums a LOT more overall. Another UO: While the bigger hits are on UYI 1, overall I find UYI 2 a more enjoyable listen from start to finish, as it feels more consistent and sonically cohesive (except of course for the song "My World", which Axl snuck on the album at the last minute--like everyone else, I think that song is unlistenable dogshit). Lastly: The trilogy of "Don't Cry" (even the alternate version on UYI 2!), "November Rain", and "Estranged">>>>>>>>>>>"Sweet Child O'Mine". The latter is a classic, but those first three slay me every time. (Sidenote: Axl Rose is an INCREDIBLY underrated vocalist--his range on "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in particular is insane--if you didn't know any better, you'd think there were two people singing instead of just one!)
  7. I saw that the other day. It's certainly a reminder of how some countries have even more backwards thinking than the US can on this. It's so sad.
  8. Oh God, now you know what I look like! AHHH! lol TRAINWRECK.
  9. Unpopular Opinions about Music

    Quoting this Tweet from last year, which is in itself a UO (number 73): YES YES YES! If there is ONE thing that would bring rock music back to life again as mainstream and/or radio force, recognizing female artists in terms of airplay and promotion is probably it. As much as I complain about country ignoring women on the radio this past decade, rock's overall record is EMBARRASSING. Yes, there's Heart. Yes, there's The Runaways. Yes, there's The Go-Go's. Yes, there's The Waitresses. Yes, there's Joan Jett and Pat Benatar. Yes, there's Sheryl Crow. Yes, there's Hayley Williams from Paramore and Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine today. But overall, rock music from day one has been a SAUSAGE FEST. By comparison, country and hip-hop have had a LOT more women who have found lasting success, even though the charts as they stand in both genres today don't really reflect that much at all. But rock music...Jesus Christ, I was SO blind to this issue for so long, it's pathetic. But I really do think women hold the key to a brighter, more relevant future for the genre. I only hope someone in the industry finally realizes that. Also, in another UO related to this topic: Quarterflash do NOT get enough love. This song is great. THAT SAX RIFF.
  10. Yes. That's the reason why Katherine Bell came to town in late 1993, a few months after Dom's death--she pretended to be an old friend of hers who didn't know she was dead and used that to get to Scott and Dom's money. Lucy found out about this and stopped their wedding cold. Scott left town shortly after that and Serena's birth (which is also when Kin Shriner left the show; he wouldn't return until 1997 for the launch of PC). He was still in town when L&L came back, though, which resulted in this. Actually, it was right before his non-wedding to Katherine:
  11. She prematurely gave birth to Harris, who almost died as a result and came home from the hospital later than expected.
  12. I'll back away slowly now... Just kidding. She's really grown on me. I know she has her flaws, but ever since Manchester two years ago I just want her to be happy. And honestly, I think she HAS gotten better at enunciation, at least on a lot of her more recent songs, like "No Tears Left to Cry", "God is a Woman", and "Breathin'" (which is WAY underrated, IMO). But mileage varies, of course.
  13. Unpopular Opinions about Music

    You are referring to this: And please join me in the country thread! I feel so lonely there sometimes, I'm basically the only person who posts there now. I guess my UO is that I hate that the only way some people will like country artists (like say, Taylor Swift) is if they do everything they can to sound as un-country as possible (even Dolly Parton's songs that are the most popular seem to be the ones with least "twang", and I don't just mean the obvious crossover stuff like "9 to 5"--I mean even "Coat of Many Colors", "I Will Always Love You", and "Jolene", too--all GREAT songs, but probably overall the least "twangy" of all her country hits, too--in a related UO, my favorite of hers is probably her first country number one hit, "Joshua", which is VERY twangy). I grew up only listening to rock and pop music, mostly, but as I got older, I started gradually becoming more interested in country, and now it is absolutely my favorite genre (although rock will always be up there for me, too). Now, don't get me wrong: I know a lot of country radio this last decade has been pretty bad (in LARGE part due to the lack of women), but I just like listening to country from any era, whether it's mainstream or alt-country. I don't why this happened; I don't think it's just that I grew up in a rural area; it took me until I was 26 to really get into it. And while I understand that there are those who lean more towards pop-country, I sometimes wish more people felt comfortable to sound more traditionally country if that's what they love, you know? Taylor Swift talked in her early years a lot about how her classmates made fun for her for liking country music in middle school, because they didn't think it was cool. I can't help but wonder if part of her move to pop had to do with that stigma around the genre and the need to be seen as more cool. I mean, it may not be, as she was always pretty pop-sounding anyway, but it makes me curious. I don't know, there's an all music forum I know about/an active country sub-forum that I could finally sign up for and talk more about there, I just hate to spend less time here because I'm less likely to find people to talk about country with me than I am about rock or pop, but I don't want to look too lame or uncool when I'm the only one posting in the country thread, either, lol. I HOPE I don't look like that, at least. :)
  14. This song just came out, and I reserve the right to change my mind later on, but I don't care. Right now, at this moment, this song SLAPS.