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  1. In Dorothy's Prized Pupil IDK why it always bothers me the way Dorothy pronounces Mario's name. It just sounded wrong. When they went to get counseling because they were always arguing, the example they gave of Dorothy being a bad roommate was stupid. Dorothy kicking Rose and Blanche out of her room because they're afraid of aliens seem reasonable to me. Dorothy being organized and competent can be a pain for some people but they could have gave a better example of that problem. The therapist was no better he asked about their bad qualities but didn't ask what they like about each other. Just jumped to advising them to move out.
  2. This is the same guy who quit a band because he had to wear a tie. He probably quit the philharmonic for having to wear a suit. Rose wasn't too far off the mark when she called him a loser. Mean for her to say it but it wasn't like she was lying.
  3. Yea it was ridiculous for one of them to say something and then walk off to the kitchen/living room. Why?? When Dorothy threatened to hurl t.v. out of a window to join her in the kitchen when Blanche and Rose were watching I Love Lucy marathon. They go in the kitchen and one of them I think Blanche gets food. Why go in the kitchen when food was laid out on the coffee table and talk about Kate/Dennis. Dorothy could've threatened to break the t.v. if they don't turn it off and comfort her. The episode Long Day's Journey into Marinara when Angela temporarily lives with the girls, Rose has a bowl of chicken chow to feed Count Bessie that she takes to her room. When Blanche, Dorothy, & Sophia get ready to eat chicken Rose barges in and says Count Bessie is missing because she went to the garage to feed her and she's missing. What??? Why would Rose take the chicken chow to her room if Count Bessie is in the garage? The only way to the garage is through the kitchen. When Rose brought Count Bessie home she tried sneaking her past the girls and into her room. I will say that Angela in my opinion was always able to outwit Sophia. When they do their back and forth insults I always thought Angela's insults were better.
  4. In the Episode "The Way We Met" the Cashier rang the Windex up twice. Once when Dorothy & Blanche were arguing about the price of loin of pork, and in the middle of the argument you see the cashier set it down, then picks it back up again. It seems to me that the actress forgot when to actually ring it up cause she looked lost as she was fiddling around trying to find what object to grab and ring up. The Father Leahy episode Father Leahy told Blanche that Dorothy didn't know that he was a priest but when he speaks to Dorothy he said he assumed she knew that he was a priest.
  5. Harriette is my favorite character on the show. She was consistent and didn't turn into a shrew like most tv sitcom wives.
  6. Stalker IMO. How many times does he have to be told No. Not to mention he has photos of her all over his locker, has a place mat with her picture on it, camping on the roof and singing outside her room and interfering in her love life. To me you don't love someone when you can't respect their answer and they say they don't want to be with you. He even tried sneaking a kiss when she was sleep. When Laura or Carl had enough of his antics and kick him out of the house, Steve lays on the guilt trip by saying some kind words before leaving. They say that Laura and Carl are harsh on Steve but it's been years of Steve barging in the house without knocking, messing up the house, breaking things in the house and just being a damn klutz. Honestly don't know which character was worse Steve or Screech. Steve got Laura in the end but Screech never got Lisa because Lisa was smart enough not to get involved with a stalker.
  7. S08.E16: Wrath

    I may have to watch again but I think Andrew is more the cause of T-Dogg & Lori's death by letting the walkers into the prison. Then again Lori more than likely would have died from childbirth as she had to have an emergency c-section. Rick during the time was slowly entering leadership role and I can understand his back and forth with Randall since he's like his first hostage and not knowing what to fully do with him. That Rick and Terminus Rick was a whole lot better than the Rick that is before us now.
  8. S08.E16: Wrath

    When this Rick returns let me know Not hesitating to kill someone and not giving it a second thought. When they tried killing him he killed them first. How many times did Negan try killing him and Rick saying five million times that he was going to kill Negan. So Rick stops because of Carl's excuse school note. SMDH. They can have peace but need to get rid of Negan and I think they can have peace and rebuild civilization. Negan alive that's not going to happen.
  9. S08.E11: Dead or Alive Or

    Tyreese going full on dumbass angry man mode was stupid cause we didn't see the relationship he had with whatever her name was. After getting rid of Governor next episode adapting to life in prison and she dies just as soon as she pops up and Tyreese is acting all stank. You can understand Rick's grief over Lori because they been together for years and before the outbreak, can understand Maggie's grief or little from what we seen because her & Glenn were together since season 2, even Sasha's grief cause she lost Tyreese and Bob within a very short time span. I even felt bad for Carol when children kept dying around her or kids wanting to be near her (Sophia, Lizzie, Mika, Benjamin, Sam). Denise & Tara, no because their relationship wasn't even worth a buck and a quarter. Reading Tara getting on her high horse on Dwight is just ridiculous. Especially when Dwight was at Alexandria before and Tara was yelling at Daryl to kill Dwight like there was something wrong with her doing it. Tara doesn't want to get her hands dirty even when they captured Saviors and whining to Jesus about it not being right and they should kill them but she never pulled the trigger to shoot the Saviors. Why didn't she? Afraid Jesus was gonna kick her ass? Even when she was with the Governor and they were shooting the prison Tara's scary ass hid behind a vehicle. Now if Rick & Co. accepted her useless ass in the group despite being with the Governor then she can at least give Dwight the benefit of the doubt. The best reaction to someone's bf/gf dying is Beth. Her bf died in the store and she was all "whatever" about it. She didn't do that woe is me crap. Only people I care about now are Michonne & Aaron. Ezekiel a little bit. I would say Rick but after he went to GPK again after they betrayed him the first time only to be betrayed a 2nd time by them proves he's being stupid and plus had a chance to kill Negan numerous times and doesn't do anything. How many times have Rick told Negan that he was going to kill him? 700?
  10. At the end of Joust Between Friends Rose stopped at the animal shelter and picked up multiple dogs. What happened to those dogs, did they get tired of them and sent them back to the shelter?
  11. I'm wondering why Blanche & Dorothy both slept with Rose's cross eyed cousin Nolan from Ohio? I think that they wouldn't be attracted to anyone in Rose's family enough to sleep with them. Since Blanche is superficial I think a cross eyed person would be on her list.
  12. You know Debra had to do it lol
  13. I don't even understand why Ray was kicked out of the bathroom in the first place. All she had to tell Ray is that she wanted to redecorate the bathroom. Not have him give up the bathroom so she can have it all to herself.
  14. Blanche's eulogy to Dorothy was so funny. Especially when she said, "I always felt safe having you in the house." She says that eulogy all while calmly eating a cookie. Blanche just didn't see the shade in her eulogy. Also loved when Blanche told Barbara Thorndyke that she knows what a metaphor is, cutting her off cause Barbara was just so smug with it. Then her example was priceless, "When I say men are blinded by my beauty. They're not really blinded. They get their sight back in a day or two."
  15. Same as "Dot Dot what a girl I got". I can imagine Dorothy in her story saying she was sprinting to her car while he was singing it. Then you have Sophia, "Dot...Dot I gotta trot. Hey look at me I'm a Beetle."