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  1. Series 16: All Episode Discussion

    I loved Graeme's Salsa. He's not the best dancer in the world, but he's willing to take the mick out of himself and I appreciate that. It gets really boring if all of the dances are quite 'serious'. I thought Joes samba was weird I suspect Charles and Danny to be in the bottom two. The public just doesn't like Charles (and neither do I).
  2. S13.E10: Mac Finds His Pride

    Hasn't the show all but outright said Luther is gay too? Weird episode, I wasn't a fan. But to be fair I've never 'got' interpretive dance.
  3. S07.E04: Level Two

    I can't believe they ruined the flash forwards for me by adding Dinah into the mix. I could have dealt with the destruction of Star City, but I can't deal with what JH calls acting. I liked Felicity and Oliver (and future William) in this episode. Everyone else was rubbish.
  4. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Maybe she faked her death to get away from DD! That's what I would do...
  5. Series 16: All Episode Discussion

    I thought the dances were quite boring this week, no one really stood out.
  6. Series 16: All Episode Discussion

    I felt sorry for Graeme and Oti. It's hard to be a zombie and do the cha cha at the same time, I wish they were given a better song. Glad to see the back of Sean(n) and Katya. They should have gone last week, but hey. I didn't think that Ashley's charlston was that great (and the singing was pretty offensive to my ears) but it's halloween week so I should have expected over inflated scores.
  7. Doctor Who in the Media

    For a bit of fun, last night on Strictly Stacey Dooley (the TV journalist) and Kevin Clifton did the Tango to the Doctor Who theme tune. Stacey was (of course) 13 and Kevin was a Cyberman. I thought they did a pretty good job!
  8. S07.E02: The Longbow Hunters

    That's the thing that makes absolutely no sense to me about what he said. Last week Felicity had to literally fight off Diaz with a stick because he wants to murder her. Felicity and William both have targets on their back. Even if it doesn't bring Oliver out of prison, once Diaz is dead/out of commision Felicity and William are safe. Until that happens, they are in danger of being murdered every single minute. It's not just that Diaz is an all round bad guy, it's that he's specifically targeting Felicity and William. How can she move on when she can't even leave the building? How can William move on when he's being blocked from even talking to her?
  9. Series 16: All Episode Discussion

    Yeah. Vick is a much better dancer than Sean(n) and tbh I thought she did better in the dance off. The biggest problem with her dance was the choreography and not the dancing itself. It's a real shame that they let her go. The judging has been a bit off this year too. They're giving pretty messy routines really high scores, and decent routines lower scores without really mentioning why. According to Vick's show this morning there might be a bit of producer meddling unfortunately.
  10. Series 16: All Episode Discussion

    I loved Stacey's outfit, it was glorious. Danny is probably my favourite at the moment. I like Kate too, and I love watching Graeme (okay Oti, but still). A lot of the dances this week were quite forgettable. Hopefully next week will be more fun with it being halloween. I totally agree. The pros already add elements of contemporary and jazz to their regular routines, why do we need a seperate routine specifically? We already have movie week and musicals week to show off more theatrical dancing. It's completely superfluous.
  11. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    I loved it! I love Jodie, I really loved the concept of the race, I loved that it was a 'travelling episode', I absolutely adore the new Tardis. The only criticisms I have was that I thought the sonic was used a bit too much and Yaz didn't have as much to do.
  12. No one cares. A new series of Doctor Who just started, and there's some major tabloid fodder about Strictly Come Dancing. The PM has also decided to take up dancing. The idea that the public is upset about is over blown because literally no one cares. She should have picked a different week to get married if she wanted all eyes on her. I didn't even know it was this Friday until I checked this forum.
  13. All Episodes Talk: You're Fired!

    Wrong decision. Jackie should have 100% been fired. She was manipulative, and spent the entire task being useless. Yes, Sarah was annoying, but as least she was able to actually buy something. I don't know what I expected though. This is the Apprentice after all.
  14. Series 16: All Episode Discussion

    Yeah, watching a person who got tens in week 2 win is boring. Even if a dance deserves a 10 (and I don't think this did)*, they wouldn't give a ten if they want the dancer to be someone to root for. I'm rooting for Kate and Lauren at the moment. I like a bit of a dark horse and I think they have room for improvement without being completely crap. *For a dance to get a ten it can't just be technically good, it has to be entertaining and memorable to me. I thought this was a pretty standard cha cha.
  15. I definitely liked the episode, probably a bit more than the previous two. I felt like everyone was more in character and recognisable to me (ironic considering this episodes was just Dee and a bunch of side characters). I loved how Artemis's gross out humour comment came back at the end, I thought that was hiliarious and gross. Downward spiral Waitress is my favourite waitress, and I adore Artemis. I thought it hit the nail on the head in terms of deconstructing the typical 'female reboot' without being preachy.