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  1. General True Crime Shows

    I hope you didn't watch Web of Lies last night Kell because the victim did some really risky things. Her beloved fiancé died, and after a few months she tried online dating. She had three dates and the first she had a gun put to her head and was thrown out of a party. The second was worse, a guy she dated for maybe a month took her camping, thought she stole his wallet and took her home. He later found it. I think the same night she went out with yet another guy. Did not end well. I felt so bad for her family, they were heartbroken. Still they encouraged her behavior. It was a hard one to swallow. This ID show is such a cautionary tale of the Internet.
  2. It was and I always thought it was a tribute, by Chris Rock to his father,played by Terry Crews.
  3. S31.E42: Murder On Red River

    Watched. For some reason I was not that impressed with the Boston PI but liked his point that why were they not looking harder at her partner? Seemed everyone thought it was the ex.
  4. I remember that as well. She was called out at one of the reunions.
  5. General True Crime Shows

    Just saw an episode Of Married with Secrets, it was on this season. I had watched it earlier this year. About Virginia Urden and her 2 sons who went missing. Her ex had adopted them . The mother/grandmother searched for years for them to no avail. Finally someone comes forward. The son of the woman who had married Virginia's ex Gerald Uden,Alice. The couple had moved from Wyoming to Missouri. Good life, prosperous family. The now wife, Alice had killed one of her husbands years before and HER son thought their might be a connection. She had killed someone and put him in a mineshaft. It took fifteen years (I rewound to make sure) to find his body. Gerald really loves her and finds out she is being questioned by police and steps in to confess to killing three people, two of them children and his adopted sons. Alice did not like that he paid child support. The grandmother who searched for years died a few months before Gerald's confession. They have never recovered the bodies. A sad story. I watched it again because I wanted to hear it again — not sure why. Everyday evil. Or the banality of evil. Broke my heart. They were next to the Wind River reservation which was a subject of a recent movie. It was just OK, had they used this storyline it would have been much better and actually less blood shed.
  6. S03.E19: Lottery

    Two really crappy jobs.
  7. S03.E19: Lottery

    So who bought the squatty potty?? I did.
  8. S31.E33: Missing Marsha

    Do you think she knows anything?? Would like to see her interviewed by police.
  9. S31.E33: Missing Marsha

    So true. Just glad that there are a lot of people who loved her and are sticking by her. Makes me feel much better. I think Peter van Zandt was surprised by the DA's decision to stop the trial. I liked that he drove over to tell the hairdresser. It was a very human thing to do. Nice to see. Also impressed the neighbor confronted Donnie and shared her suspicions with her.
  10. S31.E33: Missing Marsha

    Watched this and was surprised the case was dropped again. Also surprised no one has started this thread. I think he is guilty and had the luck of no one looking into this case for a month. Just sad no one really noticed her gone. Sad on so many levels. The daughter was a bitch.
  11. That is truly fascinating. It shows how little we know about mental Illness and that is sad. Kudos to Harry Hamlin.
  12. General True Crime Shows

    They had a show on NBC called Trial and Error with John Lithgow as the Peterson character and it was really a funny little 10 episode show. The owl killed her in the end.
  13. General True Crime Shows

    I agree. We only heard her side of the story. I think she was manipulative and entitled. She gave up her daughter for this. You have to know people are not going approve even if both are adults. I thought she seemed very defiant and ultimately greedy. I am not sure if she killed him though.
  14. General True Crime Shows

    I do not but it sounds tragic. Watched Forbidden last night about a niece and her uncle. She was illegitimate so never a part of the family. They have an affair and everyone is upset. They move to Belize and he ends up dead. I didn't understand this because first it is incest and she gave up her children for this relationship. It seems a very steep price. I just thought she was so defiant. This is pretty rareI think. I know first cousins marry.
  15. General True Crime Shows

    Agree with Baez on that and only that. He produced the Oxygen show which I thought was slow and boring. I think there was a lot of evidence in the Odin case and I felt bad for his family. Many cases when it is a group, all will be charged so I think Aaron deserved it . But the other two should be serving the same sentence. In the drive by I think Baez had an easier winnable case. It was not clear if it was him. I actually liked the 48 hours piece better because they talked with Odins's family and old coach. All the talking heads in the O special were either so pro Hernandez or icky people . No one from the other side was interviewed and the DJs and that blonde were jerks. It was Baez and his team who talked a lot about Aaron being gay. It was not brought up on 48 hours. It is a truly tragic story.