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  1. S01.E06: Cherry

    That party was very uncomfortable to watch.
  2. Yes so much like A Simple Plan. I really liked that look and movie.
  3. WOW scary thought.
  4. General True Crime Shows

    Watched this. I thought the women was very smug. Kept saying "I am NOT a soccer mom." She got out or her 3 year 8 month sentence and got a job with her mom and got remarried. Really no consequences that stuck with her. SMH
  5. S01.E02: Dirt

    Sorry to hear about Zobot. I know depression/anxiety run in my family, I have a brother who pulls out his eyebrows. We all just went on vacation. I expressed to my brother S that T has depression and they may be partly why he is not properly taking care of his diabetes. I know my depression has made it hard to take care of myself at times. It is still a taboo topic for some people and I don't know why. It is time for mental Illness to come out of the shadows and be recognized.
  6. Carole did talk about going on Wikipedia at night for shits and giggles. I thought you could go in and change stuff. I will go sit in a corner if I am wrong.
  7. Glad Someone said this. I even kind of like Lu Ann. I guess because she can be entertaining. Since they all seem selfish I am not surprised I just really dislike the comments about her kids. They are entitled to the money left for them. It does not make them greedy. I know I would be upset if she spent all the money on what she wanted. I also don't blame the count if this was all agreed on. She messed up and should pay the consequences. It seems people are giving her a free ride on this, Yet when the arrest happened people were quite judgmental of her as they should be. Maharincess you have a good memory, I recently watched some old episodes and she indeed was "going out" all the time the her husband was away on business. And of course Mozelle.
  8. General True Crime Shows

    AGREE SunnyBeBe. I like this show but I find it to be the"scariest" in a way because you could live by some belligerent person. I have seen it be mostly one sided on these shows as well. This episode was very one sided I thought but all the facts were not presented. If he did in fact jeopardize the sale of the house, I think he is partly to blame. Though that may not have happened.
  9. General True Crime Shows

    I saw it differently. Angela did go overboard with the molestation charges I just think she thought he was guilty. She wanted to move and that idiot sabatouged it. Why not let her move away. I thought he got away with triple homocide. His daughters moved away as soon as they could.
  10. I binge watched this show on Hulu. Went down the rabbit hole. I really grew to dislike Sonja. Like others have said she can be funny, but overall she is a big sham. She is the one that treats the help--sometimes unpaid-badly. She stirs the pot and then acts all innocent. From her debut she has talked about her luxury lifestyle and she is a full on braggart. Just hard to be around. Where are all her friends?? With Ramona you see her friends year after year. The same women who come to her b-day parties. She is shady.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Off topic a little, did anyone watch Lifetimes' movie A Daughter's Revenge? On Saturday eve. Andrea Canning was in it as a news reporter and she either wrote it or produced it. Her name appeared a few times. I thought Wow! There is an actress named Andrea Canning. How weird!. It involved a murder-- surprise. Typical Lifetime plot. Just wanted to share. I too am glad the dog was found.
  12. General True Crime Shows

    Sorry you had to put up with that crap. I have always believed that there is more bullying in the workplace than any school.
  13. Well I hear Colin Farrell likes 'em older, so there is hope for us Walnut. No word on Aiden. I loved the knitted Graham.
  14. WQ that is fucking Aiden Turner. Heartthrob and star of Poldark. He and Colin Farrell are 2 Irish lads that are the sexiest men on earth. Seriously watch Poldark it is great. But Aiden does look better clean shaven. I was so glad he was finally on Graham's show.
  15. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Very well said and true.