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  1. All Episodes Talk: Season 1

    When rewatching season one, I'm always amazed by how much Buffy - and to a lesser extend- Giles changed throughout the run of the show. When speaking about amazing character arcs, we always talk about Willow, but even Buffy and Giles are by the end far removed from the characters they were back in the pilot episode. The cheap budget shows and the music is not all that great, but I think to really appreciate the show later on, you need these 12 episodes that lay the groundwork for everything that comes later.
  2. S03.E21: Graduation Day, Part 1

    Would it have come in handy? Isn't it just easier to stake a vampire than shoot them with a poisoned arrow and then wait around for them to kick the bucket? My favorite scene in this episode is the scene in the library when the mayor first steps into the Buffycave so to speak. Harry Groener is spectacular in the scene, turning elegantly from cheesy nice uncle to dangerous scary psychopath with only a few beats. Giles pushing a sword in his chest was excellent too. The Buffy/Faith fight is fantastic too. Shout-out again to the amazing music by Christophe Beck which really gives the show this cinematic quality. Though the stunt doubles are fairly obvious.
  3. S03.E22: Graduation Day, Part 2

    Yes, this is PEAK Buffy. There are great episodes after this, but Buffy is never as consistently good again and never builds up a plot as efficiently as here. The Faith/Buffy dream sequence is one of my favorite scenes in the episode, of which there are many obviously. It begets the question though, do they both really share that dream and is Faith willingly sharing that information with Buffy to support her or is this solely Buffy's dream with some higher power or her slayer power guiding her? One of my other favorite moments is when the students lose their graduation gowns and start fighting the mayor. The music in that scene is spectacularly done by Christophe Beck, the flaming arrows are kinda cool, and just the direction and camera movements are sublime. It gives you the feel of an epic battle, even though nowadays I can see the limitations as the snake is never really in an actual frame with the cast. I love that Cordelia got to slay her first vampire here, it's actually surprising that she had never staked one before. I also love the show of Jonathan jumping a vampire. I wish We heard his neck snap. It was pretty obvious that he was dead. He was fantastic.
  4. Bringing Back The Buffyverse

    I thought Indigo was fine on Buffy. But none of the potentials they had would have been able to carry a show. Faith is the only other slayer from the original series who could have carried a show on her own. Since this time around Joss is involved as an EP, they should have the rights to all the characters. It's just the question of whether they will use them or create new characters. But according to all the articles, the reboot is in the early stages. There is no script yet and it's not quite clear how the diversity will be reflected in this new version. I hope this will be a radically new version of the show that will be good. I think it should not tread to close to the original series. It bothers me that the Kuzuis will again make more money from it, even though they never had any more involvement beyond the horrible Buffy movie and given the fact that they were actually planning to cash in on Buffy with another movie a couple of years ago that they wanted to do without Joss.
  5. Willow

    Well, I thought Alyson Hannigan was also way too attractive to be the nerdy girl, so the network still kinda got their supermodel in glasses-stereotype, though in this case it's more hottie in ridiculous clothes-stereotype. I thought the comment that the casting director made about casting Alyson very interesting. On the DVD features she talked about how Willow has to have the opposite qualities of what an actress has to have and how Alyson won the role by playing scenes cheerfully that other actresses would have played in a sad way. I think that's one of the things that made the character so entertaining and likeable in the early seasons. Despite being bullied, Willow is not suicidally depressed, but instead a very cheerful, positive character and I think that's why I don't like the final two seasons as much, because she becomes so lifeless and whiny. Kennedy was good character and a nice rebound for Willow. I think it was important that Willow would move on and have other relationships before the show is over, it was still very important for LGBTQ representation. And I never understand why the potentials are so universally disliked anyway. These are teenage girls who are all suddenly persecuted by demons, often killed. They are brought to a different town, away from their families and regular lives, have to fear being killed on a daily basis, see other girls be killed on a daily basis, and they're living in this house of a female authority figure that they don't really know and that sometimes seems kind of harsh, because she has to be. Of course, they would have trepidations and not trust blindly. And with Kennedy in particular, I think even if she was a little bossy and challenging Buffy, she was also very courageous, independent and strong and rather than whine about being hunted by those bringers, she would embrace being the slayer and try to make the best out of the situation, try to be powerful and fight. And I think that was a nice contrast to the other girls, who mostly seemed helpless and like they would trade in their position in the house for being normal in a heartbeat.
  6. S04.E01: The Freshman

    I loved this episode when it first aired. At the time, I was starting highschool and I felt the same as Buffy, so this was a very resonant episode for me. On rewatches I find it a little bit silly, because they're trying so hard to make Buffy's experience as overwhelming as possible and Sunday as a foe, while not unpopular among fans, is still a somewhat lame one-off villain and it's somewhat dumb that it is her who challenges Buffy throughout this episode and not some other threat, because there is nothing special about her as a vampire. She's just a smarter Harmony. I think it's funny that Buffy never seems to have patrolled on campus before. Seems kind of inefficient that Sunday was able to act out her college schemes before. Surely, there must have been reports about an unusual amount of college kids going missing. I love Buffy's answer in that scene. "I meant to, but then I was really busy." That's my to-go answer when somebody asks me about religion.
  7. Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    Those were my thoughts exactly. On the one hand, I think it's great that the show looks very different from the original show, because it's more of a reimagining than just a remake, but on the other hand, it looks fairly melodramatic compared to the original. But maybe that's the point, you couldn't do the same understated show in 2018, that breed of show kind of died out with the end of the WB and the era of more event type scripted shows. Everything has to be more fast-paced nowadays. That being said, I am bit disappointed that the diner is empty when Liz is shot. It was just such a great dramatic moment that Liz was shot in broad daylight in the original series and Max risked much more by saving her then, but I assume they changed it, because people would otherwise film it on their phones and that would make writing the series difficult if there was video footage of Max healing her right at the beginning of the series. Loved the Crashdown uniforms. I'm not sold on the actors so far. The actors for Max and Liz don't have the same sizzling chemistry that Jason and Shiri had, maybe it works better in the pilot, but in the trailer it looks like they're trying too hard to create chemistry, while Shiri would just give Jason a simple look and you'd be mesmerized by it. I don't know how the confrontation scene between Max and Michael will work in the actual pilot episode, but in the trailer there is just some serious overacting on new Max's part. Meanwhile, new Isobel appears kind of boring, say what you will about Katherine Heigl, but she does entitled spoiled bitchy princess with a heart better than anyone else and that's what made that character far from bland in the original series, even though she was fairly underdeveloped in the beginning. I thought New Michael was kind of the best from the trailer . I think it was probably a rights issue. They couldn't go for Roswell High, because it is not set in highschool anymore and I suspect maybe Fox has the rights to "Roswell" as a title since they produced the original series, while this one is being produced by WB. I think Crashdown would have made a great title too, but then they would have lost the brand name. Also, apparently the original cast (except for Heigl) reached out to support the show and give it their blessing. I think it is kinda cool that there is not the same shitstorm around this show that is around the new Charmed reboot.
  8. Bringing Back The Buffyverse

    You have to keep in mind that this black Buffy character will basically be a brand-new character, just like the tv show Buffy never really was the same Buffy from the movie. In writing and casting the character will automatically become a new character, the character is just gonna share the same name and the same destiny, but she will not be the Buffy we know and that's very much the point of it. Though I'll say this, a Buffyverse continuation would be more exciting for me too, it would have less baggage and could just start anew.
  9. Bringing Back The Buffyverse

    Yes, I think it could be interesting, if done well. A new writer can give it a new perspective, a new voice. I'm just worried that it could become just another "teen monster / vampire show" and take away all the profoundness that made Buffy so great in the first place. What made Buffy so great was not that she was fighting demons, kicking ass and loving vampires, it was that there was so much underneath that template and that the show did the balancing act of merging genres and character development really well. If it just becomes a "Vampire Diaries" / "Charmed"-thing I am not interested, but if it has depth beyond the template and a fresh take on the Buffyverse, I am all for it. Joss is busy with his new show "The Nevers" on HBO. I think he will mostly just be a silent executive producer, maybe read the scripts and give his in-put. And I think for a reboot, that's a good thing. Because he has told this story twice already, so how much new can he bring to another reboot of the show? It will be interesting to see whether this new female writer has a fresh take on the premise. The other writers on Buffy were fairly great too though. I think Agents of SHIELD was flawed in its conception as the Marvel tv series built around a secondary character from the movies that has to bridge all these movies. That's fairly limiting. The new writer on this show has a better shot at figuring the show out. And I think the other writers on the Buffyverse also contributed greatly to the series, if they can manage to find writers like this, it could be done well.
  10. S05.E10: The Warriors Will 2018.07.17

    I was amused when Clarke told Maddi that she doesn't want her to be the commander because commanders suffer horrible fates and die. Yeah, as if there haven't been other people dieing prematurely in all those five seasons. Horrible fates and deaths is pretty much the only thing that is guaranteed to every single character on this show, Maddi won't live between flowers and sunshine for a very long time, so why not let her be the commander now that it is done. I've had enough of Octavia and her tantrums. At this point I am not sure how they can make that character watchable again. I've also had enough of Abbie's lame addiction plot. If there is one plot that needed to be magically dropped and forgotten immediately, it is this one. I'm not annoyed by Clarke and Bellamy yet, but what keeps me engaged in the show these weeks are Raven and Echo, who were sadly missing this week. What I really dislike is that the characters have to act stupidly to service the plot, but the plot is supposed to service the characters. That's why this show will never be as good to me as it could be.
  11. Pilot Season and Shows in Development

    I'm open to a reboot, if done right. Taking the original concept, translating it to 2018 and correcting some of the representational mistakes gives it some potential, Having it written by a women will also take some criticism from Joss and give it a hopefully new point of view. But I'm also sceptical, lightning in a bottle rarely strikes twice and all the elements that made the original show so great are not easy to pull off. I would be more optimistic if Netflix picked it up over other networks, because I think they have the budget and don't have as many narrative constraints. I wonder if they would have Willow be a Lesbian from the beginning, if Oz would exist and how early they would reveal Angel as a vampire. Or maybe they only include Buffy from the original series?
  12. Bringing Back The Buffyverse

    I guess this was only a matter of time... A Buffy reboot with a Black actress is in the works.
  13. Pilot Season and Shows in Development

    I guess this was only a matter of time... A Buffy reboot with a Black actress is in the works.
  14. Season Four All Episodes Discussion

    I binged all the way through the end last night. Here are my thoughts. THE BAD The finale didn't work at all for me. Rachel's redemption came a little bit too late, after everything that she has done this season. It would have been acceptable if they had portrayed her like they did in previous seasons, but she behaved repulsively all throughout season four and it didn't make sense to me that she would end the season the way she did, with regret and the need to make amends. If she didn't have that when the whole thing with Maya was happening, she would not suddenly be enlightened at the end of the season. I also hated how they threw Tommy under the bus to save Rachel - it made sense for Quinn, but why would Noelle and Maya play along if they clearly knew that Rachel was the one pulling the strings? It would have been much more believable to me if Rachel had either successfully sabotaged Quinn and gotten away with everything or just gone down with the ship. The whole solution to the Everlasting finale fell really flat to me. And then the show decides to burn down the mansion, which makes absolutely no sense. Everlasting was cancelled either way, and the mansion is probably neither Rachel's nor Quinn's, so they just decide to burn down a property that belongs to someone else? Or are we supposed to assume Quinn owns the mansion and she burns down her own property? Symbolically it was nice, yes, but it's also just so plain obvious what they were going far and kind of ridiculous. They really pushed Madison in the first three seasons, but she was barely in the last. I would even argue that Tracie Thom's character had more of a presence this year than Madison. What's the point of building her up so much only to ignore her for most of the final year? No Adam. I am not the biggest fan of Adam, but since they were bringing back his rapist friend and Maya, it would have been a perfect opportunity to bring him back, at least for one episode. So, Passport to Dance was still airing more episodes, as Jay indicates with his desperate need for a season two-pick up? How? They kind of dropped that entire storyline after they wrote Alexis out. Also, there was never any payoff to Jay's cocaine addiction. So he just stops snorting cocaine? At free will? THE GOOD The dialogue was really fun all throughout the season. As mentioned before, I loved Jay's fairy line to Alexis, but his final line to Madison "Sorry, Madi, my dick is one you can't suck." was also great. Personal highlight though was Quinn's "I'm going to be a mom and the fact that one of your jizz shots ended up in my vagina instead of some Everlasting bimbo's face or your moisture-wicking hiking socks means shit to me." Candy was a surprising character. I groaned when she first appeared, but later on she got funnier and funnier, especially whenever she would proclaim that she's not really interested in being there at all. And then she also got some unexpected depth with her child and her relationship to August; as well as through her seeing through all those schemes. Initially you thought she was just going to be the dumb stripper bimbo, but she actually turned out to be a much more multidimensional character - much more intelligent and stronger than you thought she was going to be. If they had made the suitress from season three such a force of nature that's not easy to be manipulated, it would have made her more believable and more interesting for someone who is supposed to be a smart business woman. I liked the ambiguity of whether there was really something wrong with Quinn's baby or whether she just decided to go through with an abortion, because she realized she couldn't be a mother. No Jeremy. Finally. Thank the Gods. Also, great character growth for Chet. He's the only character to come out of the show more likeable than in the beginning. I kinda liked Tommy and his weird, fucked up relationship with Rachel. It's always interesting to me when some deeply flawed and damaged people forge some kind of bond or connection and I also really loved both the ridiculousness and cuteness of his weird marker proposal. Francois Arnaud was also charming in ways that Jeremy or Adam never were or maybe I am just into sociopaths. I kinda like that there was a pay-off to Rachel sleeping with everything that moves. Yes, it was slut shaming for sure, but it felt like it needed to happen. At the same time, it's also problematic that you have this one female character who sleeps around and she is being punished and shamed for it, while male characters on every other show aren't, so the show really played into traditional narratives here. It is also still unrealistic that every man who enters Rachel's orbit falls for her. Shiri Appelby is cute, but come on. It was nice to see Faith again, but she looked very different from when she initially appeared. I loved all her scenes with Rachel. I loved how the rapist guy hid behind fake feminism and his speech about it was so corny and horrible. Great soundtrack/music choices. I loved watching Quinn and Rachel, they were so interesting to watch and I think for most of the run, I was still rooting for them, because even beneath all their horrible behavior, you could still see a vulnerable person who just needs a push into the right direction. They completely missed the mark with the portrayal of Rachel this season though, because she went so low that she was an entirely different person. Losing the hair to show how every despicable act makes her soul and body rot away was a clever thing to do, but until the finale she didn't feel like the character we followed for three seasons. The nuance that they had put to her character was removed for most of this season and that made her character less interesting to watch.
  15. Season Four All Episodes Discussion

    I'm currently on episode four. How can a show be this awful and yet so good in an entertaining and fun way? Having said that, I don't quite get Rachel's sudden shift in character. She is so despicable this season and yes, we have seen before that she actually likes manipulating people, but at the same time she feels like a completely different person this season and I don't quite understand why she suddenly let go of her feminist ideals entirely to produce an even more awful version of Everlasting. Even at her worst in the past, she still had somewhat good intentions, this season she just doesn't care about anything. Also, the constant back and forth between Rachel and Quinn is exhausting. I forgot how they ended the last season, but weren't there in a good place? Anyway, fun season so far. My favorite scene might have been Jay's fairy-speech to Alexis, because Jay has been such a moral compass in the first few seasons that it's fun seeing him lose that and behave just as awful and be just as angry as the others.