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  1. I'm so in for this show, even though I don't really care about wrestling, but I do love shows where women are at the center, shows that have a unique and original premise and a point of view and this show has all of that. The 80s setting is also really fun with the funky wardrobe and the hair situations. I laughed really hard at the beginning with Ruth auditioning and reading the man's part. I know, many people will say that this show is not funny enough for a comedy (though to be fair it's more of a dramedy), but that had me rolling on the floor. "I will not be bullied into submission." - "You're reading the man's part, try again?" - "Knock, knock. Excuse me, your wife is on line two." I also thought Allison Brie really sold how desperate this character is. I was a little surprised that Ruth was established as an anti-hero from the beginning. The trailer made it look more like Ruth was going to be the character that the audience identifies with, while Betty Gilpin's character seemed to be more like the bitchy starlet, it's kind of a more interesting take if these characters have a history and actually were best friends, because there is actually a reason for their rivalry now. I do also like all the supporting players, most of whom I've never seen before. They all have something.
  2. FUNKO is releasing a ParksAndRec series. Usually, I find FUNKO toys pretty lame, I only liked the Bojack Horseman line, but I like these too, because I think you can really recognize the characters in them.
  3. The thing with Maritza and Flaca is that they are more fully-rounded characters than the meth-heads. While they're mostly used as comic relief, there is still opportunity with them to dig deeper and I bet that is exactly what the writers were going for by splitting them up in the finale. There's opportunity for both of these characters to be used in more than just comic relief kind of way. With the meth heads however, they've been bordering on wacky, annoying antagonists for too long, there is not a lot of room to go with them anymore. (I don't even remember Leanne's flashback episode that seemed to give her some depth, if I remember it correctly.) I've liked Big Boo in the past and she's always been the kind of utility player that's easy to take for granted, but I didn't particularly care for her storyline with Linda this season, aside from maybe the scenes in which Boo found out the truth about Linda.
  4. Last year's reunion panel is now up at Youtube. It's so nice seeing the cast together, you can really tell they all loved the show and working with each other.
  5. Here is another one and it's also fairly positive:
  6. It was hard seeing the SWAT team use violence on women who weren't even resisting, like the women in the chapel. I mean, yes, there was a riot, but come on, that was pretty gruesome. I actually hope Maritza posted that last video. I liked that Red regained her humanity and let Piscatella go. That was a really great moment. I thought Piscatella was a great repulsive villain for both seasons, but he was a little bit too one-dimensional and his little speech to Taystee in the end did very little of making a person out of him. Do we actually know whether his prison lover survived the beat-down? I didn't mind the meth-heads too much, because I think they're still relatively minor characters, though I also wouldn't be sad to see them go. However, every time when they're on screen, I'm amazed by the actresses, because I'm pretty sure these characters are very far removed from who they actually are and I find it kind of brilliant how they are able to play such dumb and annoying characters so believably and with so much commitment (and I'm also kind of grateful for that Magic Mike moment that they brought forth ;) ) . Just as last year they leave us with so many open questions. If they're brave, they will blow up Litchfield and won't let everyone just come back. Would also be an opportunity to get rid of some characters (they didn't do such a good job at building the nazis and meth heads as characters) and to introduce some new people. I assume there will be a lot of new faces next year, I doubt the same guards will be back and whether Caputo will have the same presence on the show is also a big question mark. This was a stand-out season for Danielle Brooks and Selenis Leyva. If I had any cloud, I'd give them some major Awards recognition for this season. I know, Taystee was a breakout character in the first two seasons, but I was honestly never that impressed by her. However, this season she gave probably the finest performance on the entire show. Piper and Alex are kind of played out, but I doubt the show will ever continue without them. In an interview Jenji Kohan said she is still making up her mind on whether the show will end with season seven or not, but I assume they will both stick around until the end of season seven, even if the supporting cast is so rich that the show could go on indefinitely. I thought the dynamic between Coates and Pennsatucky was interesting in season four, because I liked that they were not just vilifying Coates as the big evil rapist, but as a man who might have some good things in him, but regardless still as a man who did something unforgivable. Also, this Stockholm syndrome thing with Pennsatucky is also fairly interesting and fascinating to watch, because it is just so messed up. However, their reunion in the finale was icky, I wish they would have just ended that storyline with Coates' escape from the prison. I don't think there was a need for him to show up again and I don't really think there is more to tell with this story. This is not a relationship that can ever work on any level. Anyone know if there was some kind of inspiration for the Linda storyline, like was there ever a person who accidentally ended up in prison? I thought she was a fun character. It was fun to have that "fish out of water"-element in the show again after Piper has become pretty much a part of the prison population.
  7. Robert and Eric are done, Robert now offering himself to women through Instagram. Robert also laments that he can't go on a hike without people recognizing him. Poor him. If only someone had told him that he will lose some of his privacy by being on a reality show. Brandon interviewed, confirms Robert was going after him after the show wrapped. He states that the producers actually wanted to create a show that wasn’t trashy. Well, they failed spectacularly on that front.
  8. I think it depends on the show. Lost was a drama about survival at heart, so it makes sense that anyone could die at any point. However, I do feel like many shows use character deaths just as a cheap opportunity to rise the stakes without having earned it. There needs to be storytelling value to the death, character deaths have to be built up to and they have to be dealt with afterwards as well. It always drives me crazy when characters die and they're forgotten within three episodes.
  9. Caroline Dhavernas was really great in Mary Kills People (though it was weird seeing her already play a Mom of a teenager?). The show was a great showcase for her, especially after she had been so underutilized on Bryan Fuller's Hannibal. Though I continue to wait for Caroline to be back in a more comedic project, because I thought her comedic timing on Wonderfalls was fantastic. She's a great dramatic actress, but the perfect project for her would be a project where she is able to do both, comedy and drama. I'm not sure if we will see Caroline ever in another American broadcast series, she said in an interview she preferred serial projects with fewer episodes. Tracie Thoms will be in the next season of UnReal, which premieres in 2018. Haven't heard much about Katie Finneran and Tyron Leitso lately, though the former has been in a couple of unsuccessful sitcoms and I think she also was in Bloodline.
  10. I want to rewatch too. Six Feet Under will always have a special place in my heart. I was 14 or 15 when I first started watching it and when you watch something like Six Feet Under in your formative years, it gets permanently imprinted on you. The Dexter finale was atrocious. Kind of weird that Michael C. Hall got to be in one of the best final episodes of a series and in one of the worst. What I like about the finale about Six Feet Under is also not necessarily that everyone dies, it's fitting that they do, considering that it was a series about death and facing death in the midst of life, but what I love about the finale is this feeling of hopefulness for all the characters with new beginnings for everyone, though at the same time every new step these characters take is also associated with the end of something and I think the finale conveyed this sense of hopefulness entwined with fear and nostalgia really well.
  11. Straczinsky is answering fan questions on Twitter about where the show would have gone if it had continued...
  12. Honestly, even though Netflix shut down any hopes for a return of Sense8 with Straczinsky and the cast saying their farewells on Twitter, I feel like fans should keep campaigning and sending out tweets. I mean, it's very unlikely for the show to come back at this point, but I think the worst thing that can happen is to stop talking about the show. If fans keep being vocal about Sense8 for more than just one or two weeks, then there is at least a tiny possibility that Sense8 might get revived at some point in the distant future (or continued in other forms of media). If I had any website-y skills I would probably launch myself. :P I really don't want Sense8 to become a footnote in television history. It kind of reminds me of how HBO treated Carnivale: Great ambitious expensive show that nobody else would have done, cancelled after two seasons with a cliffhanger, removed from the website (while other cancelled HBO shows are still on there), largely forgotten. Granted, Sense8 will probably not be removed from the Netflix library, but I don't want the show to be forgotten in the same way.
  13. I'd fuck and marry Stratman.Mmm, nice and hairy. The flashbacks were kind of dull, with everything that is going on in the prison. Though it was a nice explanation of how Frieda became so resourceful. The biggest OMG-WTF-moment of the episode was when Hums was having the stroke. Wow. There must be some major consequences at the end of the season. It was a great moment with Suzanne and her friend (forgot her name) though. Black Lattes Matter was of course such a heartbreaking moment with Taystee breaking down, saying that everything's a joke.
  14. Yeah, they have done a really good job at fleshing out those characters. They are among the most resourceful and most compelling to watch now. It's really astonishing how they took these two minor recurring characters and developed them into more than the one-note characters they were in the beginning. Particularly Jessica Pimentel as Maria has such an incredible screen presence. This was a really great continuation of the cliffhanger. Of course Daya is way in over her head. You feel kind of sorry for her. Wonder how things would have gone if Maritza had been the one to pick up the gun. It's surprising that there hasn't been any mention of what Hums did to her last season, though I guess she is not willing to let anyone else but Flaca know about it. Loved the female guard half-heartedly saying "I care so much about you inmates", when the gun was pointed at her. I don't know why, but I thought it was really funny. Great material for Taystee and Brooke. You can tell that Taystee is going to be the breakout star of the season, though I guess she did already break out during the first two seasons, but this looks more like a standout season for her. Loved Piper and Alex staying away from the drama and taking on Caputo's girlfriend as some kind of prison protegé. The Indian nurse is really hot. You can really tell that Laverne Cox is busy with other stuff. In season four and the first couple of episodes of season five, she is separated from the larger ensemble cast, presumably because those scenes take longer to shoot and she doesn't have the time for it anymore.
  15. Netflix has officially responded to the fan petitions and their answer is "yeah, nope, sorry, we tried so hard to make it work, but we can't. In the meantime, watch our 500 other original series that we spent billions of dollars on!"