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  1. I don't know, this season is just so boring to me. It barely holds my attention. There is just no forward momentum. The show used to run through storylines so quickly and this season they only have 13 episodes but there is considerably less going on. The Good: Emori. It feels like she is the only character right now who gets to show a little bit of range. I also liked the twist with her tricking everyone. Harper getting a storyline. She's still not really someone we care about, but at least they're trying. Miller next? Fingers crossed. Henry Ian Cusick. The show will lose a lot if they ever cut that man loose. He adds gravitas to the show. No Jasper. :) The Bad: Octavia trying to be Jasper #2, trying to commit suicide. Come on. Octavia/Ilian. Come on, we saw that coming for a while. Why can't they put Octavia into a storyline with a kickass woman for a while rather than pair her up with a man. I know, Ilian isn't Lincoln yet, but I fear it'll head into the same direction where her storyline is only determined by the man she's with. The question of sacrificing someone for the greater good, it's not like we're dealing with that questions for the first time. Do we really need to ask ourselves again if we can live with the choice if it's basically the only choice to survive? No Raven. :( I also don't understand why they don't get everyone to the mansion. Wouldn't it be better to have everyone in one place? Also, how do they want to produce enough Nightblood for it to be enough for Skaikru and the Grounder tribes?
  2. Because you loved Doyle so much or because you thought all the Nazi metaphors were a little bit too much in that episode? Yes, Glenn's death a couple of years later makes this particular episode even more heartbreaking and particularly the scene in "You're Welcome" in season five when Cordelia watches Doyle's tape again. Glenn Quinn in general was a really talented guy to make you like a character this much in only nine episodes and it's not like he even had that much to do on the show. In some of the episodes (e.g. I Will Remember You) he only had a couple of scenes. Though maybe I just prefer death scenes with a lot of dramatic build up. I think, dramatically, Jenny's and Buffy's deaths were probably the best on Buffy, while Joyce's death was probably the richest and most profound death on that show. In the last two season's however, Anya's and Tara's deaths, while tragic, didn't really have the same impact that the deaths of the characters on Angel had. Maybe it's because they were so quick and so plot-driven with characters unable to really grieve for them, because the plot had to continue.
  3. I have a second date set up with the guy I went out with. I'm kind of giddy about it, because he just seems like such a kind and good guy and I'm happy he shows some interest in me, because of self-esteem issues of course. I also went out with another eerily handsome guy earlier this week, though I wouldn't call it a date even though we met through an app. He was a foreigner visiting my city and I gave him some recommendations of where to go and we chatted for a while and I really liked that, because there were no expectations involved and because he was also just such an interesting and sympathetic sweetheart. Though he seemed quite nervous. When we parted our ways, he unexpectedly gave me a kiss on the cheek, which I found quite charming and which made my knees tremble (which was a first for me, I never had trembling knees like that). It really helps me with my self-esteem to have such pleasant and low-expectations encounters and I hope I will be able to stay in touch with this guy as friends - though it's also likely that I will never see him again. Anyway, I thought about deleting all the apps now to just focus on getting to know the few guys I actually exchanged numbers with. I feel confident with them - not necessarily in a romantic kind of way, but at least in a "might be fun to get to know them"-kind of way.
  4. I think Angel did death scenes really well. Doyle sacrificing himself to save Angel, Cordelia and a group of half-breed demons from being killed. He kisses Cordelia, turns into a demon, telling her that it's a pity that they will never find out if this is a face she would have learned to love and then jumping to his death as he tries to turn off the machine that was supposed to kill them all. And then Cordy and Angel watching a video of Doyle that they filmed at the beginning of the episode with his voice over "if you need help, look no further". A pregnant Darla telling Angel that their baby is the one good thing they ever did together and then putting a stake to her heart so the baby could be born. Fred dying throughout an entire episode of Angel, as Angel and his team desperately try to save her. She dies in the arms of her lover, asking him why she can't stay in this world. If that wasn't enough heartbreak, her body then turns into the vessel of a demonic goddess who will be there for the rest of the series. After an adventure, Cordelia tells Angel to take a call. As he picks up the phone, she says "You're Welcome" to him and disappears into thin air, while Angel finds out that Cordelia never woke up from her coma in the first place. Wesley dies in Illyria's arms who asks him if she should lie to him and pretend to be Fred, the love of his life, whose body she took over when Fred died. Wesley had previously declined that offer, but in his last moments, he accepts it and he seemingly dies in his dead lover's arms. Seriously, the only death on the show that wasn't that well written was Lilah's death.
  5. I hate it on TV shows when we're heading towards the end of the series and suddenly everybody has these big careers going on and all their dreams fulfilled. Because that rarely happens in real life and this wish fulfilment thing is only appropriate for some shows, but not for all of them.
  6. Lewis Tan is also VERY attractive. Darn, just look at him. Hope he will get a decent part in another show. Also, maybe if they would have cast him, maybe Iron Fist wouldn't look that much like Arrow, at least that's an impression I got from the trailers. (I am not really interested in the Marvel stuff, the only superhero show I cared about was Jessica Jones and only because it was less about being a superhero and more about this woman with this very severe trauma and of course it also had Kristen Ritter).
  7. I don't really hate-watch anything. I usually don't watch shows that I don't like and I drop shows that I no longer enjoy. Sometimes of course, it takes a while until I drop a show, because a sense of loyalty has developed after having watched it for several years, but even then eventually my patience will run out. I dropped HIMYM after seven seasons, I dropped The Walking Dead after six seasons, I dropped Arrow after 3 1/2 seasons and it's actually a surprise I made it to the end of Dexter. However, I watched the whole first season of Finding Prince Charming and I guess I kind of hated that show for the stereotypes and the shallowness it perpetuated, but at the same time I think I will probably watch the next season as a guilty pleasure as well. So, I guess, that's a show, I hate-watch, but I also somewhat enjoy it.
  8. Honestly, I seem to be watching fewer and fewer broadcast shows with every new year. For once, I'm burned out by shows that have more than 13 episodes per season. There is so much content available right now that a 22-episode-season is a really daunting task. Secondly, a lot of the broadcast shows just seem really formulaic, which I don't enjoy. I want to see something new and exciting and not a rip-off of other shows. So, naturally I only try out shows that seem to do something different, like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or The Good Place or I tune into a show later when critics rave about them like I did with The 100. But it gets harder and harder to keep track of what's on the air and what critics actually enjoy.
  9. Actually, the pregnancy storyline is the only thing that really makes me want to watch the next episode. I just find it interesting how differently all these characters react to the news and it makes Hannah more interesting, because she gets to have something going on that's not primarily about herself, but about someone that she is going to have to look after for the rest of her life. Marnie's storyline is really boring. I actually like Allison Williams and I do like how unlikeable they have made Marnie over the seasons, but she's kind of stuck in this awful musician/Desi-storyline. I thought they'd take Marnie into a new direction after the wonderful bottle episode with Charlie that they had last season, but they've failed to take her character forward or have her draw any consequences for herself from the bad relationship she has had with Desi. I think it has always been pretty noticeable that Shoshanna was never supposed to be one of the main girls. They made her a series regular, because they liked what Zosia brought to the role when she was cast. But she has always been used sparingly and I think it might be, because she was never supposed to be a regular character to begin with. I actually really liked the scene between Jessa and Hannah, because I could relate to this situation where you have been friends with someone for your entire life, but at the same time there might be a moment where you have to cut them loose, because the state of the friendship has deteriorated. In this case of course, Jessa and Hannah have never been such great friends to begin with, but I thought it was a really good scene that was well written and well-played. I love Adam, but I don't want Hannah and Adam to get back together. I hope the whole movie bit with Hannah looking wistfully at the footage is just a misdirect.
  10. Yes, please don't do the focus-on-the-negative-thing. That's an immediate turn-off, because everyone wants to be happy. Though I understand that it's rather easy to be on the negative side of things, especially if you had a lot of bad experiences in your life. Try to be all puppies and sunshine instead. A positive outlook on life is appealing. :D Or do that: Because, honestly, JTMACC99 would totally get me with that. It's really sly and humorous.
  11. Sounds like you have been friend-zoned. Such a weird thing to write to some on OKC though.
  12. I have specified in my profile that I am mainly looking for new friends to decrease expectations and to not attract people primarily into a hook-up. The "moving too fast"-part was more related to when I was using other apps in the past and it didn't even matter back then what my profile said (and honestly, I feel like the majority of people don't actually read them, because often I'd get questions about something that was clearly stated in the profile). But those experiences in the past have kind of shaped the way I approach this whole online dating thing now, so I am always a little uneasy about going on dates.
  13. Thanks for the advice. That sounds all perfectly reasonable to me. I also just want to be open to meeting new people and making some great new acquaintances, but sometimes I can't help but overthink it due to my inexperience, because I don't really know what is considered appropriate and what is not. Also, one of the reasons why I haven't really played the dating game longterm is that the, guys that I went on a date with moved really fast on me, which made me feel really insecure about other guys' motives, so I'm kind of super-weary of the whole dating thing altogether, though I'm really trying to develop a "let's wait and see what happens"-approach to it.
  14. So, I downloaded Tinder again to give this whole online dating thing another shot and I just kind of decided to take it easy this time and not have any expectations other than hoping to gain a couple of new gay friends to hang with (because God knows I need some male and some gay friends, as I mostly only hang with girls, no offense, I love my girls lol). And for some reason, I got like 40 matches in two weeks, which I found weird, because, I usually don't get an awful lot of matches, though maybe I might have exaggerated the whole swiping business, I swiped a looooot, but who knows. Of course, like half of those matches don't even text and some of those that I actually found the guts to write to also stopped replying after one or two replies. For some reason, even some of the guys who initiated the conversation didn't even reply after I replied to them. But I'd say, I still had some success, because they were a couple of guys among them that I feel like I have a good rapport with. Guys that were engaged enough to communicate back and forth and three even exchanged What's App numbers. Three of them live in my city, some other guys live in different countries/are tourists. One of the guys living in my city scheduled a date with me last week, but he cancelled at the last minute, because he had friends visiting. Then I spontaneously ended up going on a date with one of my other area matches who I actually liked the most out of the three I was talking to, because he's got this energy about him that's very unique. Anyway, it was a beautiful night, innocent and sweet, we held hands and cuddled a bit, but nothing more than that, not even a kiss. Since then, we haven't seen each other, but we exchanged a couple of text messages every other day and I'm smitten and I would not be opposed to dating him, though at this point I don't know if I'll see him again, though we both have expressed interest in meeting up again. It's just he's busy and I should get some things done as well. However, I am so excited about him that I already blurted out his existence at a couple of friends (I guess that's where the intent of not having any expectations quietly left my brain). Meanwhile my original Date has resurfaced after he cancelled and is still interested in meeting up at some point, but the prospect of going on what original Date himself refers to as a "date" seems so weird to me, because I am obviously kind of interested in this other dude, even though it's not like we're dating-dating (yet). I know, somebody mentioned dating was a numbers game and that it's not uncommon for people to go on dates with different people before they actually start committing to dating one person, but I'm not sure I am comfortable with that concept, because I want to give everyone my full attention and also don't want to give out a wrong impression. Not knowing what other people's expectations are makes that a little bit difficult, because it feels like you can easily lead them on, which I don't want to do, because hey, I matched with these guys and talked to these guys, because I am genuinely interested in them as people (and thereby not just as potential lovers). Of course, I'm also not every experienced when it comes to this whole dating thing, so I might be overthinking all of this. After all, it's pretty early to make any assumptions on who's interested and if any of it will lead anywhere, because I'm still in the process of getting to know these guys. However, I'm still kind of interested in how other people navigate this whole dating world. Like, if you're in the early phase of getting to know people, how honest are you with them about seeing/being interested in other people (admitting it feels kind of like making any potential relationships implode from the get-go) ? Or if you feel like you are interested in someone more than in the others, do you shut down conversations with the others, even though you're not really dating yet? Also, how and when do you know if you want to get more serious with someone. I feel kind of stupid for asking this, but hey, I never really dated before, so it's helpful to gain some perspective from others on it.
  15. Yeah, I liked last season's plot better, because with Pike, ALIE and Lexa's power battles, they had so many things going on that it was kind of hard to tell which direction they were going to take. I feel like the whole "surviving nature"-thing would have been more interesting if the season had been announced as the final season from the get-go with some shocking cast departures along the way, but it's kind of hard to get invested in a plot that is so linear that the outcome is pretty clear (everybody dies? show over, so of course a large chunk of series regulars and grounders will survive!) and it's not particularly exciting to have these circular episodes with a possible solution at the beginning and a setback at the end, just to have them come up with the greatest solution to all their problems in the second to last episode. It's also really hard to get invested in the battles between the different Grounder tribes too, because there aren't an awful lot of established characters among them to make that dynamic interesting. I do praise them however for their quick reference to Lincoln. The way Ricky has been openly throwing shade at the show and the way he opened up about his dissatisfaction with last year, I figured they'd probably just forget his character ever existed, so I was surprised that they actually kind of honored the character and his importance to the show in this episode. At least, JR doesn't seem to hold a grudge. Raven in pain? Must be Wednesday. I hope her seizures are heading somewhere interesting, but it's kind of a shame that they just use her character as the show's punching bag and damsel in distress. They could be doing so much more interesting things with her. When they talked about "floating people", I was confused for a second, because it has been such a long time since the show was space-based that I had almost forgotten about it. Makes me also realize how I have pretty much forgotten Finn or how the show initially started out around 100 teenagers.