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  1. BtVS in the Media

    But she should not wear them at the graveyard.
  2. BtVS in the Media

    I am excited for Buffy-in-Highschool comics. They have the potential to be better than the outrageous fan-service S8-S12 comics, and lots of fun should they decide to include Dawn and tell an alternate story of the first three seasons.
  3. BtVS in the Media

    We don't know yet whether the new Buffy series in development will be a reboot or a spin-off, but we're getting at least one rebooted Buffy in 2019, when the comics move to Boom and based on the promo pic, it looks like Buffy is going back to highschool, but with a smart phone and ear pods this time around.
  4. BoJack Horseman in the Media

    The best visual gags you missed from 'BoJack Horseman' Season 5 Why ‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 5 Cements the Series as One of TV’s Best Dramas BoJack Horseman: Raphael Bob-Waksberg Unpacks a Sensitive, Brilliant, Post-#MeToo Season ‘BoJack Horseman’ Creator on Taking Aim at ‘Any Show With an Unexamined Male Antihero’ in Season 5 'BoJack Horseman' Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg On Dealing With 'Difficult, Damaged Men' Raphael Bob-Waksberg, In Good Faith The BoJack Horseman creator on Times Up, bad men, and his apology tour. Creator of ‘Bojack’ keeps animation relevant to times A love letter to Diane Nguyen, the most human cartoon on TV ‘BoJack Horseman’ Creator on Will Arnett’s Emmy-Worthy Episode and the Joy of Getting to Experiment in Season 5
  5. Faith

    When it comes to support and a nicer apartment, it is also not like Faith would actually ask for support or easily accept anyone's offer to stay with them, because she does have her pride and prefers to be on her own. It was hard for her to even go to the Summers house in Amends, though the fact that Buffy only invites her for christmas because Joyce suggests so, says a lot about their relationship at this point. And kind of strange that they would send someone as inexperienced as Wesley to deal with not just one, but two slayers. I never really thought much about Faith's decision to work for the mayor, especially since he could have just as easily have her killed on the spot. I don't find it too out of character, I think she felt betrayed by Buffy and the gang who immediately labelled her as "crazy" and judged her for it, even though the killing of the deputy mayor was an accident. I think at this point she needed to feel in control of her life and offering herself to the mayor gave her that feeling of taking control of her own life, rather than just wait around and see what the Watcher's Council planned to do with her.
  6. Best and Worst of Buffy

    Compared to the ending of Angel? Definitely. The main Scoobies survived and women all over the world were empowered (if we leave out the possibility of rogue slayers who abuse their powers or mentally disturbed slayers). My ranking would look somewhat like this: 1. Season 3 I think season 3 is the most consistent season, the arc works really well, even though Faith and the Mayor come together fairly late in the season. The stand-alone episodes are all quite strong, I cannot think of an episode that I would want to skip on rewatches. The Scoobie Gang dynamic is fantastic, the music is great. 2. Season 2 This season suffers a bit from some underwhelming stand-alones, I'm not a big fan of Some Assembly Required, Inca Mummy Girl, Ted, Bad Eggs or Go Fish. However, the arc around Spike, Drusilla and Angelus is done wonderfully and probably has the most emotional gut punch of all the arcs in the series and even if some of the stand-alones are not all that, they have this wonderful old school Buffy feeling that stand-alone episodes in later seasons do not have as much. 3. Season 5 I love Dawn, Glory is a fun villain, though could have benefitted from having better scene partners than her lackey demons. The arc around Joyce's illness and subsequent death is heartbreaking and well done. Overall, I think the individual episodes are a lot weaker though, the Glory arc just doesn't work as well as the main arcs in the seasons above. 4. Season 1 Season 1 is the most dated season out of all of them, special effects and music are really awful at times, yet it kind of really has its charms, as the show figures out its strengths and weaknesses and develops the characters and their dynamics with each other. I think the fun dialogue helps that even today the show feels not too stale and the instant chemistry between the actors also helps. Stand alone episodes are a mixed bag, but still very enjoyable (Yes, I do kind of like I Robot, You Jane). The Master is an okay villain, mostly because he's just humorous in a very fun way. The finale is the first high for the series. 5. Season 7 Season 7 is the most flawed season for me, in terms of continuity, in how awful they build up the season's big bad and in how they sideline most of the main characters by the middle of the season, BUT I prefer watching it over the seasons listed below. I think it brings back some lightheartedness that was missing in the seasons that preceded it, I do really enjoy the stand alones in the first half of the season, the finale (even with its own flaws) has such great sappy pay-off and makes up for a lot what they did wrong throughout the season and I do enjoy Buffy's journey throughout the season. I can relate to her character a lot and even when she could be perceived as unlikeable throughout the season, I still felt for her, because I could relate to how she distanced herself from others to protect herself. 6. Season 4 Season 4 is such a strange season for me, because not a lot ties together well and the most fun episodes are actually stand-alone episodes like Fear Itself, Hush, Restless, the Faith two-parter, while everything arc-heavy with Riley and the initiative falls flat. It's also a season that is very light and focuses on humor, especially in the individual episodes, but that does not particularly help to build a compelling season arc, because it takes away the tension. I also don't like how they made the Scoobies drift apart and honestly I hate them all being at Giles's tiny apartment. I hate that set for group scenes. 7. Season 6 When season six first aired, it was an alienating experience for me, because I felt like it wasn't the same show anymore. Nowadays, I get however that this was exactly what the show was going for and I can relate a lot to the several depression storylines that run throughout the season. However, it is still my least favorite season, it's just a little too bleak, too soapy, I hate the nerds with a fiery passion, Willow's arc is not as well done as it could have been, and the threats in the individual episodes are also not as much fun as in other seasons. Maybe it would have been better if something other than the nerds and everybody being depressed would have tied the season together.
  7. Honestly, I just think you've gotten used to how they deal with social issues, they have a certain way of tackling them and what felt unique and fresh in the last few seasons has now become somewhat predictable in its patterns. However, I do think particularly this year's "Me Too" episode gains a lot of dimension and weight when you look at how everything comes together at the end of the season and how it relates to the overall theme of the show and Bojack as a lead character. And with the growth, I feel like the characters have only now been placed into these life changing circumstances that actually lead them to growth and some of it you could already see this season, with Diane standing by Bojack at the end, her realisation that she does not live up to her own standards, Bojack finally going to rehab, and Todd finally having a longterm job (being manager of ad sales and streamable content lasted longer than all of his other business ventures). I was intrigued by them going into a direction with Mr. Peanutbutter where he is unlikeable and also messed up. I think so far he have only gotten to the "happy-go-lucky"-guy and comic relief in him so I thought that this season finally developed him beyond that.
  8. The Scooby Gang: After the Fall

    I always imagined that, in a potential spin-off, Faith would roam through the US , the same way the Supernatural brothers have. She would be accompanied by Wood until he is accidentally killed by one of the new slayers in an incident that mirrors Faith's killing of the deputy mayor. She then would take care of the slayer and guide her through that journey and come to terms with her past. And there would be some kind of bounty hunter following Faith and that slayer, and Faith would eventually end up having a sexual affair with that guy. I haven't really read a whole lot of the comics, but I liked the part with Buffy and the gang settling down in San Francisco, because that's the most beautiful city in the world.
  9. S05.E06: Family

    The demons are kind of scary with their tongues sticking out. I remember being disappointed that "this" was Tara's secret, I had hoped she would have a more interesting and more mysterious backstory, especially after her appearance as dream guide in Restless. I loved the scene in which Buffy officially counts Tara as her family. A lesson to pay attention to bit players. Kind of a shame that an actress as good as Amy Acker had to play this very lousy part of "Cousin Beth".
  10. S2. E01: Judgement

    They don't get as much to do, outside of episodes like "First Impressions", "Guise will be Guise" or "Disharmony", where they are featured. Especially in the Darla arc, their main function is to stand around and look disapprovingly.
  11. Neither Glory nor Adam were really scary - or that interesting. But I think when it comes to Glory that was the point. She was not supposed to be scary, she was supposed to be this normal-looking girl who would kick Buffy's ass and I think they choose her as a big bad consciously, because any overly scary threat would have distracted too much from the more grounded storyline around Joyce's illness and death, which was IMO what the core of season five was really about. Though I would also argue that the mindsuck that she did was somewhat scary. I don't really see Adam as a dominating personality? I agree though that Angelus and Mayor Wilkins were the best big bads, while the First had potential, but was poorly developed beyond its name.
  12. Roswell in the Media

    Xavier Dolan and John Snow himself apparently love Roswell:
  13. All Episodes Talk: Aliens Among Us

    The plot twist with Liz developing powers was cool, but also kind of silly TBH, because it came three years after it occurred. And if we are to assume that everybody who is healed by the aliens gets power, then all those sick children that Max healed in the christmas episode in season two will also eventually become super-humans with powers. And I still hate that all those Skins got killed all at once basically, like the whole threat of them was just abandoned in a two-part-episode. Though if we're being serious, there were probably some skins left on their home planet as Kivar was still there. They just never bothered to send more skins down to earth, i guess.
  14. But that's kind of the point of grief, isn't it? When somebody you know dies, your life kind of comes to a halt and all your left with is your memories and the things unsaid/undone, which leads you to ponder about the past. While this episode may not have brought new knowledge or advanced the storyline, it did really convey these feelings of loss, regret, pain and stillness really well and for an episode that's basically only a monologue with little background jokes, it's actually quite impressive how it is still captivating. But I agree with you personally that it's not my favorite episode of the season and I also thought the undersea episode was overrated, my personal favorite from season three was "The Best Thing That Ever Happened", because it built on years of history and was really painful.
  15. Yeah, I think some people will always be harder on the female characters than on others. Though, I don't see how Diane is as bad as Bojack, even if she is sometimes very hypocritical, judgmental and far from perfect herself, she has not done half as many bad things as Bojack has. Bojack manipulated his best friend's passion, almost slept with the young daughter of a former crush, led another young woman to her demise, engaged his sister in shady activity, almost strangled a woman. What did Diane do? She had sex with her ex-husband and wrote a real life event into the show of her best friend to confront him about his shitty real-life-behavior? Hardly on the same level. However, I'd say at this point, she's just as lost and messed up as Bojack, struggling to find meaning and a direction in life to become happy. I liked it, though it is very hard for me usually to just follow a monologue for a longer period of time. But I think how high you rate this episode really depends on your own relationship with your parents.If yours is similar to Bojack's, then it's easier to relate to it. Though generally, I think the episode did a great job at portraying these conflicted emotions of regret, anger and grief, as well as the realisation that you'll never get something that you desperately wanted from a person, because they're no longer among you.