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  1. And I just really want to have the music from season one. The cast and crew have already confirmed on Twitter that all potential other options have been explored and that the show is dead. On the bright side, the show didn't end on such a big cliffhanger as it would have with the first season.
  2. S03.E02: Shield

    S1 was critically-acclaimed, but let's be honest here, it wasn't the holy grail of television even back then. UnReal has always been a silly soap opera right from the start and it's only gotten dumber. But I think it is still a lot of fun to watch. Constance and Shiri give great performances and it's just fun to watch two seriously messed up women at the centre of a show. That being said, boy, the writing is ridiculous. That "Africa" scene was probably worst, Manbun calling it Rachel's favorite place and Rachel getting all moist in her vagina, probably without even having been anywhere in Africa. Plus it's been really problematic in what it implies about how the Western world looks at Africa. Madison's comments about choosing careers vs boyfriend plus the way everybody treats Quinn like she has something to be ashamed of by not having a man? Seriously? So ridiculous. Then the suitress. For someone who is supposedly a very smart confident business woman, she's acting fairly dumb and unbelievable. And that poker game was also really stupid the way it was set up that all the guys would leave her at the table. Also, the never-ending contestant/crew sex is just getting ridiculous, every season everybody sleeps with someone. To end on something positive, I thought it was hilarious that Manbun told Quinn how beautiful she was when he was fucking her, but she was having none of it and I also loved how he would just tell her that after all he has done was to put the moves on Rachel. lol
  3. F-U, Reboot-Mania: Express Your Hate Here

    To be honest, they never really knew what to do with Alex in the original series anyway, and this description of him being a traumatised war veteran who is gay already makes him far more intriguing than he was in the original series, where he was just the loveable dork with no character traits or storyline whatsoever. It is still somewhat weird that the reboot is not taking place in highschool anymore (the book series was named after Roswell High after all) and Max as a police officer is just so random lol.
  4. Another new series by the Bojack Horseman team, this time for Amazon. I am happy they're successful, but I am scared this means that Bojack might end its run. :( Two new animated shows is certainly a lot to handle, along with Bojack.
  5. F-U, Reboot-Mania: Express Your Hate Here

    They're keeping all the Roswell characters from the original series for the TheCW reboot, everyone aside from Sheriff Valenti has been cast now (if he's still part of the cast, who knows?). Michael Trevino will play Kyle, the role played by Nick Wechsler in the original show, while Nathan Parsons is going to be Max. Most of the other people I have never heard of. There is also a longer description of the show: And while most of the characters are the same, just older and walking in law enforcement, I also noticed these descriptions: They're turning the Colin-Hanks character gay, just like one of the witches in the Charmed reboot will be gay. Guess there won't be an Alex/Isobal romance in this reboot. Also looks like Liz and Maria will not be best buds anymore?
  6. BtVS in the Media

    No, he changed it. :p
  7. I don't watch Scandal and was happy that they made sure you were able to follow the plot even if you haven't seen the Scandal episode prior to HTGAWM (though I watched some episodes from the first season back in the day, so I knew who Olivia Pope is). That being said, I didn't understand who this Marcus guy was and why Michaela was attracted to him, that was probably set up in the Scandal episode? The episode in itself was kind of boring. I was not particularly invested in the supreme court case and Annalise's breakdown was so annoyingly time, it made me roll my eyes. I'm more interested in all the Laurel/Wes shenanigans, so I hope the next two episodes will deliver on that.
  8. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend also has Heather and Valencia beyond Josh, then there are also minor recurring characters like Father Brah or that one black guy in the office (whose name I forgot). And one thing that I thought was great too about the show was that they also consider the extras in the background and try to have diverse extras too and not just white people walking around in the background. One scene in particular that stands out to me in terms of diversity on that show is how in the pilot they had couples dancing around Paula and Rebecca in a scene and one of the couples was an interracial gay couple. I don't think many shows aim to be diverse in the background too. BTW this is an interesting article about actors who played token black characters in the 90s and what their experience was like.
  9. S03.E01: Oath

    I find Serena's motivations to be on Everlasting poorly written. "Boohoo, I am so successful, I cannot find a man, because nobody really picks me due to my success." That's supposed to be a strong, intelligent female character? The problem with Madison is that most of her development happened off-screen. I think there is a good storyline in "innocent farm girl" turns into a "ruthless manipulator who uses her sexuality to climb up the ladder of success", but they never really showed that transformation and there was never any believable exploration of why Madison changed/chose to take that path. The male contestants are fairly blank bodies. Nobody really popped character-wise, though I liked the British guy. Yeah, the minute he assaulted Rachel, he should have been dropped from the show. To be fair, they don't really write anything for Jay. He's mostly just there. He's seriously underdeveloped for a major character who has been there for three seasons now. That being said, I want to keep seeing his pretty face on my TV. I enjoyed the premiere though, maybe my expectations have already gone so low, but I just enjoy seeing Quinn and Rachel do their thing. It's fun. I think it would be fun if they had fake five minute-Everlasting web episodes to show what the actual show that Quinn and Rachel produce looks like.
  10. S01.E02: It's Coming

    I like the second episode much better. Aside from the Tim Robbins character I find none of the characters overly annoying or unlikeable, which I think is a good sign. All those highschool scenes felt overly unrealistic. Okay, it has been 10 years since I went to highschool and I didn't go to school in the US, but do highschool students actually talk about things like white privilege and oppression that way? I only really learned about that stuff in college, so those highschool scenes felt more like something that would take place in college. Kristen reminds me of Claire of SFU at times, but then she's behaving much more juvenile. I thought it was an interesting contrast to show how the police treats Ashley and her differently. The writing for Ramon and his boyfriend is really well done. Duc just became a much more compelling character with his random hook-ups in Vancouver. The therapist's family seems like a wonderful addition to the show. And even with that paragraph it is still kind of muddled, as we don't really have a grasp of where Ramon's mysterious visions will take the show and what it will mean for the show going forward. I am not sure if it's brilliant or an enormous oversight to create a show without a cohesive pitch? Even if I really loved the show and would want to recommend to a friend, I'd struggle at describing it / making it sound interesting. Right now my recommendation pitch would only be "it's from the guy who did Six Feet Under and American Beauty".
  11. Another network blunder is probably when Dawn Ostroff was still the president of the CW and she insisted on the network only focusing on girls 14-29 as their audience, banishing genre shows like Supernatural to Fridays, while mostly greenlighting Gossip Girl/90210 type of shows. I'm pretty sure if she was still in charge, the network probably would have been shut down the same way that the WB and UPN have (and Supernatural would probably have been cancelled). Sure, Mark Pedowitz might have overdone it with the volume of superhero shows, but you can't argue that he has created a fairly successful brand for the network with solid shows even beyond the superhero shows. While The 100 and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are the only shows on the CW that I am still watching these days, you can't argue that probably 80% of the shows on the CW are fairly well done and have a certain quality that was much missed during Ostroff's tenure. With Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend he was even able to pick up two female centred shows that turned out to be critically-acclaimed and Award show magnets, something that Dawn Ostroff failed at throughout her entire time at the network. Under her leadership, the network even cut back their hours of programming, dropping their Sunday night line-up, because they had so much trouble finding anything that was successful. Also, given the amount of ratings loss at the big four networks over the years, it's also quite impressive that TheCW has proven to be as stable as it has been, because when The CW was created, there was a much larger gap ratings wise between NBC and TheCW for example. The CW hasn't lost nearly as many live viewers as all the other networks.
  12. What are the ratings? It honestly don't seem like a too expensive show to make, but the reviews were fairly mediocre, I could see HBO canceling it if the ratings aren't there, even if they want to stay in business with Alan Ball.
  13. Characters We Hate

    In the early seasons, Barney was my favorite due to the charme of Neil Patrick Harris, but as the show got worse and worse, I started hating him and he's one of the reasons why I can never watch that show again, because his character is just such a sexist ass. I am not a big Gilmore Girls fan (to this day I have never seen the entirety of season seven), but I loved the relationship between Emily and Lorelai. Such a rich, complicated interesting relationship. To me, this was the real hook of the show and not the Lorelai/Rory relationship.
  14. The drawings don't excite me too much, but I am excited to check this out after Bojack has so quickly become one of my all-time-favorite TV shows. It speaks to the success of the show that Netflix is extending their partnership with Raphael and Lisa.
  15. Parks and Recreation in the Media

    I ordered all the FUNKO characters. Apparently, they have also chosen to do a FUNKO toy of Tom and Jean Ralphio, but it looks like they're more on the limited and exclusive side of things rather than a regular series.