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  1. This is funny, because I really started getting into iZombie once everybody was filled in on the secret, though I do agree that they keep pushing Blaine too hard. I hated him from the beginning and he has never turned into a character I love to hate. The love triangle has been long over though, I feel like it only lasted a couple of episodes anyway.
  2. S05.E05: Shifting Sands

    Is it? They just killed Jasper, Roan (series regular for season 4) and Jaha over the course of this and last season. But I do also think that Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia are the main three of the show and will not be killed.
  3. S04.E12: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

    I like it too. I actually think changing the status quo by turning a large percentage of Seattle into zombies kind of rejuvenated the show and it's been actually much more fun to me than whatever the hell was going on with Blaine and the missing homeless teens back in season one. I never expected the show to shake up its basic premise that way and trying to build a new world, so I'm enjoying it immensely. The show is not flawless, but I think it's still a lot of fun. Of course, there are also a few problems, like Major is being written to be whatever the plot needs him to be; and the brain-induced personalities have gotten a bit too dominant (though I honestly love that aspect of the show, because it's fun seeing Rose, Robert and Raul play different things each week)- but overall I think it's still a fairly entertaining show.
  4. I love Jessica Walter, so it's sad to hear that somebody yelled at her on set that way. I love how she mentions that in a career spanning 60 years nobody has ever treated her like that and I think that should have let the male cast members pause. And honestly, no matter what you are going through on set or how difficult it is, it is not acceptable in any job to treat someone like shit. If you want to have a good working experience, you respect others and treat them like you would want to be treated. End of story. Also kudos to Alia for standing up and being so confident even though she is probably the least-known member of the cast. And while I haven't watched the Netflix season, I always thought the women on Arrested Development were much much much funnier than the men on that show. Jessica, Portia and Alia.
  5. Mike White: The Sincere Genius

    No, he has still been steadily working, mostly on smaller indie projects. But he has done reality TV before too.
  6. Magic Word: Charmed in the Media

    I mean, Rose McGowan has already said that "longterm television freaks her out" , that she "doesn't like Alyssa Milano" , meanwhile Alyssa Milano mentions hosting Charmed Reunions for Crew Members at her house, but says nothing about any of the other actresses attending those and Holly of course gave Alyssa a lot of shade for her "Charmed being like highschool"- comment. If EW can manage to bring back the Charmed actresses for a 20-year-reunion-photoshoot and roundtable like they did with Buffy and Dawson's Creek, I'm more inclined to believe Holly that it would have been a possibility to assemble the old cast, but even then I think if they brought back the original Charmed actors, it would probably kill off The CW's budget, since none of them would do it for little money. TheCW wanted to do a new long-running series and I don't think Shannen, Holly, Alyssa or Rose would have committed for another 8 years. In addition to the backstage drama where the actresses would fight with each other instead of supporting each other. Charmed was a fun show for a certain amount of time, but feminist, no. I think sometimes people confuse feminism with having shows with female leads. But not every show that has female leads is automatically feminist.
  7. S05.E05: Shifting Sands

    Octavia's development makes sense to me. After being trapped underground on the arch for all her life, she was always looking for a place that she could belong to, that's why she was initially drawn to the Grounders. Now she has found her place as a leader of Wonkru, but she didn't get there by being soft. She earned the respect of Wonkru by being relentless, strict and violent. Now that she's out of the bunker, she's trying very hard to hold on to her power, but 1.) she forgets that they're out of the bunker and 2.) that any casualty is a threat to the existence of mankind and that it also shrinks their army in the fight for the valley and 3.) she doesn't really have any plan to win this battle. Prisonkru has missiles and they have weapons that turned one of Octavia's followers into bloody goo within seconds, Wonkru needs to do more than to just march into the valley. They need to have a plan, a plan that won't end in a blood bath and a plan that won't compromise the valley either. Honestly, but with the amount of people that died throughout the run of the show, I would not be surprised if The 100 ends with Clarke being the only one alive and lamenting the demise of mankind. lol I think The 100 is even deadlier than The Walking Dead. Looking forward to how the rest of Wonkru will react to Echo's survivival, not just the Skykru. Not excited about the Bellamy/Octavia conflict though, I've become sick of their relationship, because it always plays the same beats. Bellamy does something Octavia isn't happy with, pouty lips ensure, they make up, back to Bellamy doing something Octavia isn't happy with. At this point it would be refreshing to see them reunited and support each other 100%. I really like the Clarke/Maddi relationship. And I thought I would hate that they are adding a younger cast member. I find Abbi exhausting too. If I were Lindsey, I would assume the writers hate me. But then again, I think writers tend to put characters in danger who the audience cares about, so I guess, maybe it's a compliment too. But it's surprising Raven is still functional at this point, with the amount of torture she has gone through in the show.
  8. Charmed Life: Cast and Crew Discussion

    No, wasn't she recast, because she had second thoughts about being associated with a show about "witchcraft", because she was so religious?
  9. Magic Word: Charmed in the Media

    Armin Shimerman is supposedly also the nicest guy, he was one of the few people that the Buffy crew invited back to their set for a farewell picture when the show was ending, even though his character had been killed five seasons earlier. So I do believe him if he said something like that. But Charmed was allegedly a toxic workplace in itself, as in the article linked above where they say that female writers were treated very poorly. I think Shannen has mellowed out a bit though, her comments on the reboot were the most mature ones. I don't think the reboot will become a nostalgic classic like the original, because it is a different time now (and since most of the original fans are so against it ), but eh I really do not think that it's a bad thing to do a reboot of the show with women at the helm of it instead of men and with female cast members who hopefully do get along and support each other throughout the run of the show and beyond, as opposed to all the drama between the original Charmed ones. That being said, even though I am not a big fan of the original show (I never even watched the last four seasons), but I have a soft spot for the characters from the early seasons. The sisterly dynamic between Prue, Phoebe and Piper was just so well done in the early years of the show and beautifully portrayed by the actresses (despite backstage drama). I really loved that part about it.
  10. Magic Word: Charmed in the Media

    Honestly, Holly is not doing herself a favor either. She comes off petty as fuck. Just a few months ago when the reboot was announced, she attacked the writer of the Roswell reboot, because she was defending the idea of a reboot and Holly thought she was working on the Charmed one and was unnecessary rude to her, even though the writer of "Roswell, New Mexico" was incredibly respectful. This along with her comments about Alyssa a few years back when she was promoting her travel show with Shannen, made me utterly dislike her, even though I always thought that she seemed to be the most reasonable one in the cast, when Charmed was still on. Holly did come off a little bit better in this article though : So, she's pretty much just offended by the promotional description that was published when the reboot was first announced, which I think is ridiculous as well, since obviously a show has to be marketed in one way or the other (and let's be honest, the original Charmed wasn't feminist, it was run by a misogynistic man who harassed female writers and just got fired from his most recent job for it, which IMHO showed in the writing as well:)
  11. iMedia

    Well and the brain-induced visions are also part of the comic as far as I know. But yeah, not even the characters are the same.
  12. Sense8 In The Media

    I think, dramatically, it would make sense to kill off one of the Sensates to raise the stakes for the finale, but I don't think it's gonna happen. By the looks of it, there will be party scenes/dinner scenes with all Sensates, which are not really a priority when trying to take down BPO and saving Wolfgang. Additionally, since so much of the show has been about different people from different cultures, countries and other backgrounds coming together and since so many Sense8 fans from different countries came together to save the show, it would feel like they were going against their own message of inclusiveness and combined strength if they killed one of them off.
  13. The Grounder Gazette: the 100 in the Media

    So, with iZombie, Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ending, and TheCW expanding to six nights, who else thinks chances are good that The 100 might even be around beyond season six? Surely, not all of their new shows are going to hit.
  14. Once it was renewed for the second season, I was never really worried about the show's chances of survival anymore. Happy the CW stuck with it. It's pretty much a miracle, given how bad the ratings were. Looking forward to see them end it on their own terms and to see what Rachel will do next.
  15. iMedia

    I don't think they are going to do a cliffhanger now that it is been announced as ending. I think it's the right time to end it, especially since they already had a lot of back and forth with the cure and major characters turning human and then back into zombies.