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  1. This is fairly unpopular: I don't care about spoilers. I can still enjoy a show when a twist or a death has been spoiled. If a spoiler ruins something for me, then it's more of a sign that it's a bad movie/bad TV show for me.
  2. She was also not available at the time, so it was kind of a mixture of both, not wanting to play evil Tara and not having time to do it. Additionally, there was a lot of controversy around Tara's death, because it was the Lesbian character that got killed, so she got a lot of feedback by people who were upset that she died, since she was one of the few Lesbian characters on TV at the time. However, the one thing that she said she would have liked to have done on the show, but never got the chance to, was to have a fight scene.
  3. Lindsay Crouse didn't quit, she was simply not available to work on the show beyond Christmas that year, because she had other obligations. That's why they had to kill her off. It's covered in the new oral history book that came out this year. However, I think Adam could have been a stronger character if they would have had Maggie Walsh around for Adam to have a character to interact with. Yes, though Drew Goddard said on the audio commentary for that episode that they didn't have a dead character that made sense for Xander to interact with. But honestly, I think the thing with Jesse and Kendra is that they killed them off so early in the show's run with only 2-4 episodes of screen time that they probably felt like it was a dumb idea to bring characters back that most of the audience had already forgotten about. Though I think appearances by both Kendra and Jesse could have really given some meaty scenes to Xander and Buffy in season seven. On the audio commentary for Conversations with Dead People, they also said that even the nerds weren't available for that episode until the last second. They only did the Pylea arc on Angel, because Christian Kane and Julie Benz were not available for the final episodes of the second Angel season. As for the Tara wish story, I think that was an idea that Joss might have toyed around with in his head at the time, but I don't think he was ever serious about the idea. If anything he probably said it to be the "hero" at Comic Con or wherever he said it.
  4. I'm not enjoying that turn of events either. I loved Ken's and Bart's unusual friendship last season and I really missed it all throughout season two. To have him become a VIP at Blackwing was already far-fetched enough as it is, so I hope there is some kind of twist to his storyline that positions him in a better way for a potential third season. I really didn't like how he got sidelined and then turned into the Blackwing boss. I think it was the episode before the previous one. Last week Bart and Panto weren't in the episode. I was shocked to see Silas and Panto be gunned down. Even though their characters are paper-thin, I was just really happy about a gay fairy tale couple (and Silas is super-hot). I assume Max Landis knows about the "bury the gay" trope since he seems so aware of other tropes on Twitter, so I expect them to be resurrected in the next episode. It was fun seeing Bart embrace her gift again though, just what I was waiting for. I really liked Suzie at the beginning of the season but boy has she turned into a disappointingly one-note character. The Mage was a much more fun villain. They should have stuck with him. The whole Mage/Farah/TIna/Hobbs showdown was pretty much the highlight of the episode. I don't think the show is gonna get rid of Farah just yet; I mean the Mage's wand landed right next to her after he exploded, so I assume she is going to do something really cool with it next week. I could see either Tina or Hobbs being a casualty though. I don't really know what was the point of this whole Priest character. He wasn't actually needed. (Unless there is some new big twist in the finale.) I have enjoyed this season so far, but I have also been disappointed by it. It was just kind of a big mess, with too much focus on new characters and not particularly well-done character development. If there is a third season, I hope they try to cram a little less into it.
  5. I take solace in the fact that Sense8 really was the only show that Netflix canceled where a large group of people were really upset by it. Still disappointed of course. In this day and age it's really important to have a show that transcends countries and cultures and preaches love, respect and connection.
  6. Also, Jane the Virgin is coming back on January 26th. So we're actually quite lucky for Crazy to be back right at the beginning of the year.
  7. Eh, you're looking for employment. Unless you plan on staying unemployed, I don't think you need to put it in your dating profile. Hahaha, that's fairly creepy. The "maybe it's the weed talking"-part would put him on either ignore or block for me. As for the physical attraction thing, it might be a little bit superficial, but I agree, there is no point in going out with someone who you are not at least a little bit physically attracted to. Okay, I guess sometimes people don't look quite like what they look like on pictures (like I look horrible on most pictures lol) and there is more to the attractiveness of people than their looks, like voice, little quirks and facial expressions and the manner of expressing oneself, but at the same time I think you can tell when you are physically attracted to someone and especially in terms of online dating, just to go out with someone in the hopes that you're more attracted to them than you think you are, is just kind of silly. People filter by height ? ? ? That's like, that's a filter that is pretty much irrelevant for me. But I don't really get why people would lie about their height either. I guess, it's a male pride thing? I'm only 5'10 and would like to be a bit taller too, but it's not like anyone wouldn't notice that you're not a certain height and if you are serious about online dating, then why start off a potential match with a lie? The same thing goes for the age.
  8. I hate the Trio more than anything in the world, though I must admit that it was somewhat fitting that some of the worst and most impactful form of misogyny on the show came from three guys who initially didn't seem like much of a threat. Still, they could have been in just three episodes and still could have fulfilled their purpose.
  9. La La Land Records has strongly hinted that the new Buffy limited edition 4-CD soundtrack is going to come out on January 23rd, 2018. The official statement will probably come later this month. Very excited for this.
  10. It looks really good. Maybe I should get the book? Is it good?
  11. Vulture has a look at Paula's very first penis, eeeeh , I mean, new song from Friday's episode. If you're not singing it all throughout Christmas, you're doing something wrong.
  12. No, I think there are far worse characters in the Buffyverse than Kennedy. I actually liked her, but I also thought she was a horrible fit for Willow. But then again, who knows, maybe if they would have had more time to flesh her character out, maybe people would have started liking her. Fans initially also didn't like Oz, because he was getting in the way of the Xander/Willow relationship and then people didn't like Tara, because she replaced Oz.
  13. Dirk's companion in this episode was just ridiculous. You can only see something like that on Dirk Gently. I thought it was stupid of Todd to just run around screaming Amanda, when this is a world he is not familiar with. The Todd/Amanda reunion was fairly disappointing, though it was predictable that the joy of seeing each other again would not last, but actually the whole massacre in this episode with Farson's death was fairly predictable for a show that's so proud of being unpredictable. I am also having trouble with Amanda becoming so invested in this magical new world. Where were the Rowdy Three in this episode? They weren't with Amanda and they probably weren't murdered along with Wapnasi. Did I miss something? I think she is a fun character, but her storyline doesn't support a full ten episodes, turning her into a total cartoon villain has actually made her much less interesting than she was before when she was this timid, insecure, self-pitying woman who got corrupted by power. I wish they had focused more on the Mage or the Priest instead. I agree, the fairy tale stuff is just not a great fit with the detective angle. Can't wait for it to be over and for the show to be a little more "traditional" again. I also hope they will bring back a more "regular life" for the characters in season three, if there is one.
  14. True Blood's Rutina Wesley apparently came out. Good for her.
  15. I would argue that Noah wasn't even that prominent of a character in season one. When I started watching the first season just a few months ago, I thought he was going to be the central character of the show who would drive most of the plots, but I never thought his journey as a character was well-developed, he remained fairly one-dimensional. They did take a lot more care with Rosalee, Cato and Ernestine than with him. I feel like throughout those two seasons he was mostly reacting than actually acting on his own. Which is a shame, because I thought it started out so well with him being the ringleader of the Macon Seven. The whole series was more about Rosalee and her discovering her inner strength than it was about him, which is not a bad thing; but he always felt more like a supporting character in a show in which he was set up as the lead. They already skipped around like that in season one though. I was expecting the show too be way more linear and episodes to pick up where they left off, but they never did. The show skipped entire moments to avoid having to explain how these characters made it that far. I actually liked that. Those short prologues with Bookime often had more emotional punch than whatever they were doing in the episodes and the fact that it is not just a random blind slave walking in at the end gives his arrival and the rescue of his family much more impact. I now finished both seasons and while I was initially really excited about the show, I have been somewhat disappointed by both seasons. I think they did a good job at doing the unthinkable, doing a very entertaining, captivating fun thriller merged with historical fiction about a very gruesome and upsetting period in American history, without taking away the horrors of it and still empowering the black characters. That's something that I really liked about the show. But it was also far from perfect. I think in many ways the show fell victim to its own pace, the whole escape in season one went way too fast and way too smoothly (even as characters dropped like flies) and season two also could have fleshed out the whole Underground Railroad system a bit more. - Cato's storyline in season two was beyond ridiculous. First, I don't know how much time passed between seasons one and two, but I doubt Cato would have traveled to Europe and back in such a short amount of time. They didn't have air travel back then. Secondly, it felt like he had an endless supply of money in season two, which I thought was ridiculous, even if he did find a fortune at the end of season one. Thirdly, his whole alliance with Patty, while suspenseful, kind of just felt like a cheap stunt to shock viewers. Once he sold out his friend, his character became less compelling too, as he became more of one-note villain than a complex character. - I also never understood the writers' fascination with August. They tried so hard to make him look badass and while Chris Meloni looked good doing all of that, he seemed so invincible in season one and kind of looked like a cartoon character, taking out all those men again and again. I think they could have portrayed him a little bit more human instead of idolizing him. Then in season two, they more or less dropped him, which I was thankful for, because he wasn't a particularly great character, but then when they had him in season two, he would just mope around and stare silently into the distance. One would also think his priority would be to go back to his son (who to my knowledge couldn't walk anymore, but was still living), but instead he just decided to stalk Ernestine. - Ernestine's arc in season one was very interesting, to see a slave be a victim but also have some (limited) power over her master was captivating. Therefore, it was definitely a mistake to kill off Tom at the end of the first season, because that was an interesting relationship to explore, including Suzanna in this fairly complex triangle. The new plantation never really added up to anything in season two, after investing so much time in establishing it, they kind of just dropped it with Ernestine's fairly simple escape. I did like however how that storyline also showed the cruelty between the black characters, Stine's boyfriend channelling his own abuse into abusing her was fairly messed up, but also added a lot more dimension to the whole system of slavery. - The return to the Macon plantation was really exciting, but again, Rosalee, James and Noah walked out of that way too easily. Are we really supposed to believe that non of the slaves at the dinner would try to play the hero and try to save Suzanna to gain a new standing with their master? One of the main goals of the show was to give the black characters agency, but here they decided not to give that to the minor characters and just have them as window dressings. Are we really supposed to believe that other than TR and the overseer there were no other white men on the plantation? And when Rosalee set the house on fire, are we supposed to continue to sympathize with her if she is responsible for killing all those slaves in the house? Are we supposed to not care about what happens to all the other slaves that were left behind? What happened to Suzanna's baby? Did it die in the house? - How was Corra found and why didn't the men who kill her search the whole stable or whatever it was ? - Rosalee on the run - pregnant and shot - that was also a little bit silly and unrealistic.