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  1. I hate the "missing spark"-rejection. About 8 or 9 years ago, I went out with a guy, and honestly, I didn't even see it as a date back then, but by the end of our meeting, he said "Was nice to meet you, but I didn't feel a spark, goodbye", which I thought was kind of rude and like a slap in the face. I can relate to you though. I'm also at an age where people much younger than me have had more experiences than I've had, but my advice is not to think about that and not to think about feeling inadequate. Being stuck in your head, especially when you're on date, is never a good thing. And it also took me a long time to realize that when people reject you, it's got nothing to do with being adequate or inadequate. And also, at least for me, I feel like not having had that much experience has proven to be somewhat of an asset. At least the guys I did go on dates with, they were somewhat charmed by it, by me "not being like other guys", whatever that means. I got a message the other day that was just like "Good Age, interested?" I always thought I had horrible social skills, but these apps really challenge your perception of yourself. I had my first really negative experience on a dating app last week where I had a very unpleasant conversation with a guy on a dating app, who would just be overly passive-aggressive. I gave him a "like", but then he'd ask me why I only gave him a "like" and not chatted him up instead. The conversation turned into a real argument and then eventually he ended up wishing me "fun with all the other guys I was meeting on this app" and told me that he didn't understand "what was wrong with you gays". Honestly, I don't even know why I kept responding, he was just so unlikeable from the first message on. I felt like he was projecting all his dating frustration onto me. His profile text was really sweet though. After that experience, I decided that I need to take a breather again, so I have decided not to use any more dating apps for the rest of the year. Besides, I'd been on a couple of dates with this other guy, my time is better spent focusing on that. This guy that I've went on a couple of dates with though, it seemed to go really well, but I feel like communication is already somewhat breaking down too. For some reason that always seems to happen after the third date. But at the same time, he told me something very personal about himself that you wouldn't just tell to anyone, so I'm not quite sure where we stand. Honestly, what he told me also freaked me out a little bit, because it was just such a big thing and while I think it's great that he trusts me with it, it made me realize that he's going through an immensely hard time and that he's at a place where he is incredibly vulnerable. Thus, I'm wary of him possibly becoming reliant on me, because I've had friends and family members in the past for whom I became somewhat of an emotional garbage can and that is not something that I want to repeat right now. I mean, I knew he was dealing with depression before i even went on a first date with him, but I didn't know the extend of it and what it was that caused it. Knowing about some of it now, it does changes how I feel about it. I do like him though and I'm not one to reject someone because they deal with depression and other things, but it does make me a little bit more cautious. But as with most things, it's wait and see where it goes. He's a sweet guy.
  2. It's okay, but not as clever, playful and subversive as the first two openings. It's surprisingly simple in both lyrics and style, actually.
  3. I kind of just hope they forgot the thing with the reporter and the contestant who were driven off a cliff ever happened. That would be a huge step up already.
  4. Trailer is out. Men are dramatic is the takeaway from it.
  5. Apparently, the original creators of PO5 are behind the reboot and it has not been sold to a network yet, so I think in this case it's more like the original creators wanting to revisit their most successful creation. I think it's weird because at its core Roswell was a high school show about hormonal teenagers who feel like outsiders and now they're basically only taking the alien/star-crossed lover premise of it, which wasn't really what Roswell was about at all. I always wanted them to lean more into the alien stuff back in the day, but Roswell wasn't that kind of show. Okay, maybe they want to differentiate it from the Roswell clone "Starcrossed" that they produced a couple of years ago, but it's such an odd thing. But then again, maybe this reboot will get stuck in development hell like the supposed Charmed reboot.But can you imagine, next year on the CW they might premiere a Roswell, Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot? I'm just happy the rights situation for Buffy is so complicated they're not rebooting Buffy The Vampire Slayer with an immigration angle.
  6. I'm just worried we won't see Hernando in this. The actor is busy shooting "The Exorcist", I think. EDIT: Apparently, he will appear in it after "The Exorcist" wraps season two in November.
  7. So, I already mentioned it on the Buffy forums, but I thought I mentioned it again over here. Slayers and Vampires: The Unauthorized Oral History of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel was published this month and half of the book deals with Angel. It's mostly interviews with people involved with the show and those interviews are kind of arranged in a weird way, but the book gives a lot of insight into the production of both shows and what was happening throughout that time. For example, we find out that Charisma had a lot of anxiety during her Buffy/Angel years and had a hard time remembering lines, we find out Glenn Quinn was in fact written out due to his drug addiction which made him late on set and forget lines, we find out that Alexis Denisof and Christian Kane wanted to be off the show at different times, we find out that David Greenwalt left the show at the end of season 3 because of a contract dispute, we find out why David Simkins left Angel shortly after he got hired as a showrunner in season four and we also get a little bit more insight into the Cordelia situation, with Joss still maintaining that he wrote her out because they didn't know what to do with her, with Charisma alluding to personal problems at that time and David Fury alluding to some actors doing things in their personal lives with no regard on how it would affect the show (he mentions Sarah getting a haircut in the middle of an episode and Charisma getting a huge cross tattoo that they had to cover up). Then of course there is also a lot of stuff about the creative process, what made writing Angel more difficult than writing for Buffy, and that sort of stuff. I think it was a really interesting book for the true Buffy/Angel fan and I can only recommend it. Some things could have been cut or expanded on and I think it could have been edited better, but it gives a lot of really cool insight into your favorite shows and also what the actors thought of them. Charisma's interviews are among the most heartbreaking ones, because she looks back at Angel as "the most rewarding" and "the most disappointing" work experience in her life and even though she is friendly with Joss, she is still not entirely comfortable with him whenever she sees him.
  8. Ratings are still disappointing. Though Deadline notes they were an improvement over last year's premiere and the season 2 average, while the show was even in the demo: I wish the show would just get a slight surge and climb to 0.4 or 0.5 and not finish last on TheCW or be the lowest-rated show to get renewed. I guess most people still cannot look past the title.
  9. Rachel confirmed on Twitter that it will premiere on next week's episode. It will be interesting. Sepinwall said the press screeners for the next episodes didn't include the theme song yet.
  10. We didn't get to see the rest of the Rowdy Three though. But it surprises me that the show can throw so many things in the air and it's still a good episode, the combinations of the different characters are always fun. While other shows already struggle with four or five characters when they keep them in separate storylines, this show actually has like 15 characters and most of them split up. The Corgi is a secret star of the show. During the hiatus I forgot that the Corgi was with Ken and Bart at the end of last season, so I was kind of sad because I figured the Corgi would be gone this season, just like Lydia. Then I saw a picture of the Corgi on set on Twitter and I was really excited that Rapunzel is still a part of the show.
  11. That was a whole lot. It will be interesting to see how the idea of this new magical world will connect with the Dirk Gently reality. I don't know, body-switching and time travel did not seem that far out, but a whole new magical world? I'm intrigued where this will go and how it will connect. I love that we now have a gay fairy tale couple thanks to Max Landis. Also scissor swords? That was kind of cool. Ken and Bart continue to be my favorites, I cannot wait for them to be reunited. Poor Bart looking for a friend and being rejected. Happy that the Corgi is still part of the action. I am curious how exactly Farah and Dirk escaped Blackwing. For some reason, I didn't think they would also be pursued when the finale aired last year, but it makes sense. Todd, being all crazy, looking for random clues was fun and interesting to see how he embraced Dirk's philosophy so much. Jury is still out on the new characters, whose names I couldn't remember for the life of it. Was a bit disappointed that the killer didn't do a similar road trip thing with the disabled Mom. But it makes sense not to repeat the Bart/Ken storyline with a reversed gender dynamic. I was disappointed when I saw in the credits that Cristobal Tapia de Veer is no longer responsible for the score. His music for the first season was so unique and fantastic and was a real stand-out. The new composers were trying their best to imitate his style, but it was not quite the same, at least in the premiere.
  12. That was an utterly perfect premiere: - Loved all the girlfriends scenes with Rebecca, Paula, Heather and Valencia. Especially the way they have integrated Valencia in the group makes me happy and to see more of Heather is always great. - The opening number was a lot of fun. I died at "ripped filipino." - Nathaniel turning into a male version of S1-Rebecca is a fun idea and makes him a funnier character. It's also a nice contrast to Trent, who's been a little bit too over the top. - British Fake Josh and all his accents. BRILLIANT. Who knew Vincent Rodriguez III was this talented? - The Tonya thing with Paula was EXACTLY the right kind of weird. - Let's Generalize About Men was so spot-on. Not every conceptual song that the show does works this well, sometimes they lose sight of the original idea halfway through the song (like GROUP HANG), but this was just thematic goodness all the way through. I thought it was gonna lose its steam halfway through, but then they started distinguishing between straight men and gay men as well as calling Paula's sons future rapists and that just sold it for me. - Daryl and White Josh having actual arguments and being less overly cutesy.
  13. THAT ending. :o I didn't expect that, but it made total sense. Of course Tahani is so insecure that she sleeps with the first person who compliments her. Ouch. That's gonna provide more torture for her. Loved Michael in crisis and Eleanor crying because of the toothbrush family.
  14. File this under weird: The CW is rebooting Roswell, the 90s WB/UPN series that was never really all that successful to begin with. In this version though, Max and Liz won't be teenagers, Max will be a police officer and of course there is the now obligatory "immigration angle" for reboots that the planned Party of Five reboot was already aiming for: I don't know, they are already changing so much about the original premise that they could just give the show its own title rather than relying on the "Roswell"-brand.
  15. The second song of Friday's premiere is a lot of fun: