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  1. S02.E04: I Put a Spell on You

    I thought he was, too. Almost obsessive and rapey. I really thought they’d show it was a “all magic has a price” dealio and this was an unintended consequence of a forgetting spell. That he has all the feelings there with no context and it comes out as obsession and disregard the objects objections. Instead it it was all a bit bland. Although, Bobo seems much more appropriate as a dog’s name. So there’s that.
  2. Holy shit. I remember this. The person who was trying to shop this should rot in a ditch. What a vile piece of scum. How she fought and escaped...wow.
  3. Season One: All Episode Discussion

    I know this is old as hell, but I just found this show (thanks Amazon Prime). It’s so good. Love love love. But wtf was with that argument bs at the end? The whole show had such good flow and then it was like some horrendous record scratching, car crash screeching huh. Also, Chris is my favorite.
  4. S02.E06: Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)

    So, is Glassman paying Leah to “watch” Shaun? Because when tf did they ever meet?
  5. S01.E02 Let This Mother Out

    I just finished this episode, so I’ll go back and read the thread but... I still can’t stand Mel. She’s just insufferable. And not one redeemable quality. So far, at least. Maddie (? Still can’t keep their names straight) was pretty cool at the end with her analysis of her sisters. So she’s not a complete airhead as they’ve been pushing. Maci, I like, but do we need “I’m a scientist “ every ten seconds? We get it. You’re a scientist. Baking soda, sugar, uh-huh. Overall, I like it though.
  6. S03.E05: Toby

    He really, really, reallllyyyyyyy shouldn’t have married as big a taker as Kate. If this show had ever showed that Toby had any friends, I would have liked--since this was entitled “Toby” after all—hearing his perspective on having a baby and the emotional and financially pressures of IVF (since he can’t really talk to himself about it, well, I suppose if he’d been seeing his therapist...or Pearson style and just word vomit on some random person). IVF ain’t cheap. Does his insurance cover it? I don’t really remember what Kate does...rando singing gigs? But I’m sure it doesn’t provide health insurance or cover ivf. Also, considering how much (read: all) of her character/personality is derived from her weight (what’s not about Jack, that is), I’m surprised they didn’t touch on the effect of weight gain on ivf drugs. Even as a quick aside. I mean, you’re fat. You have to get fatter to make a baby. Then you might get fatter gestating the baby. It’s seems like a natural downward spiral for her.
  7. S03.E05: Toby

    Thanks autocorrect. Also, true. Like in a dreamy way lol.
  8. S03.E05: Toby

    This bugs the shit out of me every time she or someone states “the twins”. Yes, of course, biologically, they are twins and saying we were/are triplets would be awkward as fuck standing next to their black brother or explaining their dead sibling. But. But. BUT they were raised together since newborns—NEWBORN BABIES! Why the qualifiers? Why the distinction? The degree of melanin in Randals skin is enough to suggest he is not your dna blood triplet, but gezzum, you’ve know him since the first few hours of his/your life. Give it a rest.
  9. S03.E05: Toby

    Or, conversely, he was purchasing life insurance and chose to run into the burning house again because of some impending, life ending medical condition? It’d be just like Jack to go out as a Hero™️ rather than open up to his wife/family about something serious that he can’t Super Jack his way out of (and I say this as someone who general likes Jack).
  10. S02.E06: Dosed

    Have they had an actual fire call yet? I can’t remember. You’d think they’d have at least one run into a burning building fire by now. Huh, I really can’t recall.
  11. S01.E01 Pilot

    I started watching it when they woke up tied to chairs and was hella confused when he came out as a Whitelighter. Umm, huh? I’d love for them to explore the grey a bit more (as it relates to this version). Are all demons inherently evil, destined for evil deeds? What about half demons? Are there after effects to being demon possessed? Are there witches who operate in the grey? That aren’t expressly Good Witches™️ Or Bad Witches™️? Subvert the tropes some! And definitely subvert the tropes with the sisters. As pp’s mentioned, there was so little character development. All I walked away with was Scientist Sister, Sorority Sister and Angry Lesbian Sister.
  12. S01.E01 Pilot

    They really should have had some seemingly respectful, gentlemanly guy be at least one of demons/demon possessed. And I’m not talking about a Nice Guy™️. But a normal seeming, ok, non-threatening dude. Like much of the topics in the pilot, “rapey man = demon” seemed a bit heavy handed. Like a hand-anvil to the head. Not to mention it is a cop out. Ohhhh, they can’t help being creepy creeps who creep—they’re demons!?
  13. I just spit on my screen. ?
  14. Here. I give you these old pantiesssszzzzzz. Love me. I bought you bewbbiessszzzz.””
  15. This is hilarious! ?