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  1. Ok, I’m about halfway through the first episode and I am surprisingly surprised—horrible names aside lol. As pp’s wrote, compared to the reality tv/YouTube/social media famewhores of most of their predecessors, they are surprisingly “real”. Honest about their feelings when confronted with having 6 possible babies, without the flippant har har a la the Gardners. And, as much as I am primed to eye roll any “god spoke to us” comments, they came across as logical, sincere and genuine about their emotional and mental processes. I feel tlc did a disservice to them in their horrible promos and made them more akin to patently fake hapless parents of multiples Shallow aside, I liked her with blond hair. Especially since her voice and brown hair is invoking terrible comparisons to Ding Dong Michelle Duggar lol.
  2. Remember when Apple and Seven were the wacky names? Sigh, oh, the memories.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Chillin' In the Woods

    I’m loving this show more with each episode. “Are you...? Of course you’re not ok.” “A finger will suffice. It’s not a puppet show.” Lolololololol I think what I really love about this show is the writing. It keeps calling out all that bullshit that others show shovel on us. And in a really well done, sophisticated but still comical way. Even compared to other shows like this, where there’s a fictional actor/writer/etc meets “real” cop/PI/etc. I kinda like how Sam doesn’t need saving but Carter keeps trying in an instinctual way as a person he cares about AND doesn’t get butthurt when she handles it herself. And they can joke and call him out on his silly Hollywood acting-isms without being nasty or belittling.
  4. The name of their Facebook page is just too much. I can’t.
  5. Season 2-more Rattled!

    They look hella hearty for their gestation/age. Much more so than my little one at that age. I don’t recall any ongoing medical issues either. Nothing to make saying 2 year olds should still be isolated anything less than crazy.
  6. Season 2-more Rattled!

    Just watching the 8th episode, where triplet mom was saying how they’re still isolated boohoo, but then says in all seriousness: “For preemies...some people say 2 years!” Hahahahahahahahaha! 2 years is hilarious. I had a igur preemie (but no nicu) during flu season. Once she hit full term, we took her out normally, just used common sense. Also, it seems more like she wanted to show off her babies like cute little objects to her church. Not as little humans. eta: or maybe she just wants a bunch of her church people to love her children.
  7. Season 2-more Rattled!

    Right?! Wonder what the dynamic is behind that. Did Ryan feel like he couldn’t ask off? Did he not want to? Did daddy mega pastor not give him off? Idk, as DMP, I think I’d make sure Ryan had time off. It looks super shitty he didn’t/couldn’t take more than a few days off.
  8. Hi, I’m Bridge Ryder. (RAPID BLINKING): Um, like you’re a bridge rider? No, I am Bridge Ryder. (BLINKING INTENSIFIES): Like, “I am Batman”?
  9. The older kids are Saylor, Wales and Bridge... ... ... ...why the hatred of i’s? And the abuse of s’s? Alone, each name isn’t my cup of tea but not completely terrible. But collectively, there are no words.
  10. Is cheese making supposed to be her job? It’s one thing if she already knew all about homesteading and farming and whatnot, but learning all that AND having a newborn and young child is a lot. I wonder how much they see her day to day involvement in the farm?
  11. Yes! Agree with everything! They seem like people I’d enjoy hanging out with. They seem sincere and genuine. I only worry that it’s so skewed towards Nate’s dream and Lauren has little to make her happy. Maybe living in LA was mostly Lauren’s dream and now they flipped. But, I don’t know, wasn’t there a better middle option than LA or The Desert Farm in BFE?
  12. I’m in...for the first episode, at least. I’m a sucker for multiples. I just saw the ad for this a few days ago. I’m always curious how they were conceived. Supposedly the Busby’s were only clomid babies ( although I side eye that a bit). The crazy Kate’s were ivf with 7 (?) embryos transferred. Does any have the deets on these? And the names...I’m almost afraid to ask lol. Are they from Utah? I feel like that would explain it. No offense to Utahians, Uthans?
  13. All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    That’s had me puzzled, too. I thought I remembered reading that this was cast, in so much that they knew each other but weren’t quite as close as the show proposes. It’s her wedding. Hopefully not just reality tv fodder. Wouldn’t she have other friends and family in her wedding party??