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  1. Actually I started waiting tables in the late 70s and appetizers were always "apps". CB = cheeseburger; O = onion etc. When apps came out for phones I was all, "I would like the full app platter with extra zucchini instead of cauliflower................... I can't believe I missed the episode. I just zoned out and was jumping around the channels like nothing was on. I can be such a ding dong. Thanks for the updates @Nashville.
  2. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    I thought she did it very well. The therapist is bound to not tell anyone. I don't see what is so dirty. I think Patti was very caring but did need to get things over with and protect the children. I think it's dirty to sleep with others and not tell your wife.
  3. S01.E07: Pink Slip 2018.07.15

    I have had some experience with the disbelief going from transgender to sexual reassignment surgery. At least 30 years ago I had a neighbor who was gay and also a cross dresser. I know that cross dressing has nothing to do with sexual preference. We were friends for years. He was a biker and his job was an engineer in the auto industry working with cars/crashes/reworking parts of cars to lower injury accident. When he wasn't dressing at night he was wearing biker wear or the chinos/shirt/tie wear. He decided to get sexual reassignment surgery and I asked him if he thought about the ramifications and he said nothing would change. I knew everything would change and it did. The men she dated no longer wanted to date her. She was crushed. Her main boyfriend said, "I like girls with dicks and I do not like vaginas". To me it was obvious but to my friend it was life altering. She kept her job and kept her classification but never got another upgrade. Her mother said, "Welcome to being a woman". She could not understand that as a man who cross dressed, never at work, her employer should just trust that she knows her job. "Well honey", I said, "This is what happens to most women". I tried to be understanding but her anger grew and grew. She would argue with me about everything. It's not because I am a woman but it's because I suck at my job. OH NO SHE DIDN'T. Just meeting at the diner would be a major argument. I would show up on a Saturday in jeans and a blouse but she would show up dressed to the nines and in full makeup. She would say, "No one is going to marry a mess like you". HOW FUCKING DARE SHE. She would literally wait at the door to have me hold the door for her because I was dressed like a man - in jeans and a blouse. She talked meaner to me as a Emma that she ever talked to me as David. I decided that I wouldn't put up with that from David and am not putting up with it from Emma. So I get the shock we saw in Electra. Now don't they have to go through therapy while doing hormone therapy? I think it's a good idea.
  4. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    @OldButHappy - That is how I always thought addiction worked and when carefully managed drugs can be introduced.
  5. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    Naomi was her usual jealous self because Craig had a date. @Natalie68 - thanks for the link. Great recap of the episode. I forgot to mention that I thought Ashley looked very ill. Her bones were making me squeemish.
  6. S08.E01: Cake Week

    Detroit here who gets Canadian channels - I watched this episode and like all of you I am glad the formula has not changed much. I do miss Mary but the guy from IT gives me the giggles just because I am a big fan of the IT. I thought the level of baking is elevated and the showstopper was very well done by all. This run's on a Windsor channel the same time the American run of the old series.
  7. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    I did notice. Shep is very well brought up and then incorporated some nasty college behavior. That's what I got, I thought she said the family took up a collection. Ha ha.
  8. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    So what's wrong with that? I think she was looking at a dirty glass and didn't want to drink from it. Craig's parents need to drag his ass back home. I thought her dress was hideous, out of season and not in line with what she wanted everyone else to wear. JD's raccoon coat is actually from the 1920s. It was worn well into old age. He probably robbed someone laying in their casket.
  9. I have always wanted to try speed dating. So what if I am in a committed relationship. He can come along and do his own speed dating. I think it would be a hoot. Question: Is the previews for next week to be the episode that has been advertised as the being held on a terrible vessel with a storm? Yes, I believe she did.
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I found this article. Enjoy.
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    ROFLMAO! You are soooo right! I agree. Runs off down the rabbit hole for more info on HoH and BF.........................
  12. Watch What Happens Live Guest Appearances

    His investment portfolio and mailbox money (God I wish I had that) would be a dream for me. This is the perfect time for the adage: Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  13. Watch What Happens Live Guest Appearances

    Not very southern gentleman like. Who hasn't had a deal with a friend between boyfriends/girlfriends? It's no big deal but to keep the friendship one should keep it to ones self. He is very well educated and well read. I like that about him. I also like that he doesn't piss and moan about his daily work life nor does he drag his businesses onto the show. I do find him gross about the no condom thing. Ew!
  14. Who knows where those have been! All cooks are. I was a waiter from high school graduation through grad school. It is commonly known that cooks are dicks. I get it that it is hot but they are not the only ones who have to work. They can complain and bitch in the kitchen while the other staff have to deal with the public and them. So true. I keep thinking they are already campaigning for the spot on the next season. They can't be for real. Right? I too was wondering about the small tip. They didn't look enthused.