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  1. S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    Well I just got back from twitter and apparently Laura and Adrian are tight and maybe even knew each other before...........[keeps saying to myself, "just a tv show..."] @Dance4Life Hug it out?????? Captain Lee is just as strict on Twitter and telling people off.
  2. "The View": Week Of 1/21/2019

    Most schools won't allow political symbols/sayings of any kind. It is to separate kids from the adult world and let them learn and grow. Most kids are just parroting what parents are saying and it can come back on them later in life. I would never allow, buy or agree that my child wear any political clothing. We can teach them our values by having them come with us to work in a food pantry or stand up for all people and not get nasty for differing views. They need a foundation and don't need to be radicalized at such a young age. What they do in college is their choice. I will admit to being bewildered and confused as to what actually happened. I do agree that the MAGA hat is definitely cause for pause in any situation just because of the representation.
  3. S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    @VagueDisclaimer - that was awesome! I always forget to follow twitter while watching. [runs off.......................]
  4. S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    @Dance4Life - I respectfully disagree! Most people, because I include males too, don't get squat. For every one person who got a payout there are thousands more who were swept under the rug. I was one of those people where even my father thought I should be complimented that his old friend jumped on me in a basement at my job where he was NOT supposed to be. Scared the shit out of me and destroyed my job and my relationship with my father to the point that he cut me out of the will. I know hundreds of me.
  5. S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    Best lines of this show ever! Tyler - "Why can't we go back to banging? What was wrong with that?" NOTE: Me and Mr. Sage are saying that all night. Kate - paraphrasing - "I would love to see her roll off the boat and float away but.... liability".
  6. S02.E02: Nominations #1

    Just watching Anthony and Dina watching the HOH you could read their minds, "Oh what the eff did I get myself into?" Tamar can leave at any time. Just saying.
  7. S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    So funny! I forgot they shared a cabin. This makes it really creepy. Having been in the same situation myself, it is really hard to even convince yourself that this person you liked is now crossing boundaries. Tonight with her crouched by the fridge and him standing over her like that had her cornered. I have not liked her all season but she does not talk bawdy in any way. YOU SHUT UP! Oh Rhylee played the badass and then got played. But he said he loved her......................................and then he got all pissy.
  8. S02.E02: Nominations #1

    I like him and am rooting for him for the win. So he is as dumb in life as in television. It always amazes me when contestants don't even spend 15 minutes studying up for these shows. Because Jonathon didn't want to disclose his relationship/possible ally too early. That's why Mooch is on. Did he say he needed to last at least 12 days? He only lasted 10 in the WH. He may be setting his goal too high. ROFLMAO! Concerning the Mooch - ha ha ha YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Hey those ladies from the ATL aint playin and Kandi is the cream of the crop against some pretty petty/diabolical women. She is younger. Lindsay is 32 so I do think she is that old. I can't believe they didn't include him in the athletes alliance. Now I am rooting for him.
  9. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    I know! If she wasn't looking she wouldn't have ended up being catfished. Oh, by the way Meri, there is a show CALLED Catfishing and they do it much better. So they have to pack up all those houses and move AGAIN? I think the women need to just leave Cody and the ones that get along stay together, or be neighbors. Not sure how that worked as a family.
  10. I don't know where anything is anymore: I like Trisha, Giada and Ina. They make stuff in my wheelhouse and I like to get new ideas. Tried watching Girl to Farm and she has way too many ingredients to even bother with. I would need a pantry just for all the herbs she packs. I am more the 5 ingredients, a bit more or less.
  11. S09.E01: Dot Dot Dot

    @kicksave - I agree with you on the whole going country thing. In our city everyone walks in the evening and it's great. I need 24 hour drug stores, grocery stores and butchers that I can pick from and a plethora of restaurants. My siblings have been moving north and I absolutely hate going up there. Well water, septic tanks and get this, no garbage pickup. They have to haul all garbage to the dump. Don't even think about recycling. When I go up there they have me stop by the butcher's for non Piggly Wiggly meat. Grocery store meat is so gross and very expensive. How can anyone live near cattle ranches and they not have a butcher shop? Even the cattle ranchers buy meat at the grocery store. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! What really kills me is that they have huge school systems that take in 3 counties and have 600 kids in each "class". I like my little school system with all it's advantages. I hate that Janelle makes me root for Nathan.
  12. S02.E09: Paterfamilias

    I think QE2 was madly in love and would do anything to pacify Philip. You have that attitude and the legacy of not liking the next heir......oh dear.
  13. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    She needed a drink just to listen to Clint talk about sex. RAISE your hand if you think Tracie will blow for a hit. [raises both hands and waves them] In our family it was 10 and you were assigned your own laundry night. The kids took turns with the family towels. OK, that's where I draw the icky line. I would be embarrassed to have another adult fold my panties. I might just shove them into the panties drawer but I am washing, drying and shoving my own. How can we find out if Megan paid for her own "surprise" trip??????????????????????????????? She had to. Michael is such a dick. He says he outgrew Sarah and then immediately says he needs to pick a fight to get away.
  14. S10.E12: Blasts from the Past

    But didn't she attack her ex husband too? So many crimes to keep up on. She was out then went back in. This is the last season right? I think they are tying up loose ends.
  15. Grown-ish

    The funny thing is that Haley does better in life, except for the pregnancy, Zoe had the best start via her parents, the better smarts and is still floundering or fixated on mundane things.