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  1. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Thanks! That was the best recap of both season's endings. I love that they put words to Paul's loss right at the time of the jury questioning. IF JC makes it to F2 I can see him being as big as an ass as Paul was. I am for Kaycee for the win. It will be nice to have a pleasant person win.
  3. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    They can't edit badly if you never said or did something. This is the first season, in a long time, that the majority of the house guests were normal people. Lying during your strategy, to me anyway, is not a derelict of morals. It has been refreshing to see game and not other nonsense. JC should have been removed for what he did and I think he is in for an awakening when he gets out. I think his family rejection has damaged him to the point he is craving acceptance and physical embrace. He needs therapy to try to achieve those things in an acceptable way.
  4. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    YOU JUST SHUT UP RIGHT NOW! Him and me both! JC can't win.
  5. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I agree. She has been measured through the whole game. Great move on her part. I actually had to look up Rachel as I do not remember her at all. The whole conversation that JC had about Tyler making a fool of himself saying he loved a "random" girl is ridiculous. JC has no idea that the world saw everything he did and said.
  6. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    They could have, and should have, voted him out right away for their own sanity if nothing else. They brought the goat to the end and the goat jumped the fence and won something. Exactly! Fessy gonna Fess and the rest of them are no better. Rockstar telling Tyler the answer in OTEV will be playing FOREVER. I could not believe she said he should take her off the block. Ha ha ha ha. Had Sam even watched a couple of seasons she would have been better prepared. I know she was not part of FOUTTE but she could have aligned with them if she knew that alliances were a "thing" in BB.
  7. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    What? Says who? I don't care. I would hate for this to happen at some game show. Yes, pretty funny though. It's like it was his last bid for her vote and it fell flat.
  8. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    Nice! Bold 1 - I agree that she made a loyal move and not a smart move. Bold 2 - I don't think dating and the game should have anything to do with each other. I actually like him more IF he would play for the money and not love.
  9. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    I am with you on this. I always hate when people start up the whole "floaters" thing. Sometimes it takes a strong will and smarts NOT to get involved in pettiness too early on. One thing about Kaycee is that she is a controlled and measured person. It has served her well in the game. Now that you both mention it..............Yes! What the hell? Just had the wizard/wolves/witches set-up and costumes in a basement? Come on BB you had a good theme going. I don't know. All three of them (L6) kept their game close to the vest. Who is to say that the girls don't have their own side thing going on? They could win the veto and take one of them off then Tyler goes up and the one taken down votes him out and voila new F2. I wouldn't mind Kaycee winning the whole thing. I think she would be better off with Angela too. Save me a seat on your couch.
  10. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    BINGO! As I get older I am putting more effort, like grandma did, in having pantry stores that rotate. Stocking up on stuff that lasts for years, like honey etc. Canning and preserving has become easier. I don't store or stock things we don't eat. Just having packaged soup on hand that we rotate so it's always on hand is great. Who doesn't like to get cozy in the winter and make something quick and easy. I don't like to go shopping in the winter so in the fall we stock up on staples and start freezing chili, soups, sauces etc. We are lucky that all of our electrical and cable wires are underground so we rarely lose power. When my sibs and I had small kids we were always on alert to get them out during storms and such. I browse Backwoods Home magazine at the library all the time for ideas. We live in an urban area but they have ideas for everyone and they are not crazy preppers.
  11. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    I would love to see the showmance, real or not, burn to the ground.
  12. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    He didn't but Tyler is pretty smart and knows when to throw a comp. Some of us think he threw it. We all know that Kaycee can't do a mental comp to save her life, pun intended. My thinking is that Tyler did not vote to evict JC ever. I think JC will not put up Tyler. Tyler needs to win the veto.
  13. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    But to JC Tyler was loyal to him. Tyler didn't win the veto and therefor didn't have to worry about pulling JC down. Nice move on Tyler's part. He say he did throw it SO that JC could do the dirty work. Thank you! I thought it was just me. OK, someone has to post a screenshot of the witches. I do like Sam but she clearly had no idea how the game is played. Tyler has to win the Veto in any case.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Doing It Her Way

    This is the only thread? Just stopped by to say I don't have Amazon and was sad. I was just clicking through the channels and .....................I LOVE LIVING CLOSE TO THE DETROIT RIVER WHERE WINDSOR, CANADA IS A STONES THROW AWAY. They are running season 1 on CBC Windsor on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm EST. Woo hoo! [runs off to catch up on the characters]
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    He would have a better shot with Angela who has pissed off most of the jury. I agree with the quote below. I agree with you. Now he doesn't have to put up either girl.