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  1. S12.E08: The Consummation Deviation

    Me too! I love Anu and would love them to "travel" to India for the wedding. Now that you mention it, it's kind of appropriate that Raj's selective mutism returned on an episode featuring Teller :) Good catch.
  2. I remember my little sister riding in front, as a toddler, in her "car seat" which was a wood and metal crate with a steering wheel aimed at her chest. She was always in the front seat. My brother and I were in the back seat as 6/7 year olds and bouncing all over it since mom was a terrible driver. I'll do you one better as having known when the nurse at the hospital would hand a newborn into the mother's arms while in the front seat with no seat belts. On long trips mom would put the baby in the back window above the trunk - good times. Mine too. My mother bought a Nintendo when her grandchildren were little. She had 2 girls and a boy. The girls played with each other so she and the boy would play all day and all night long. I remember saying that poor boy had no one to play with at family gatherings and he said, "What do you mean? I have Nana". Sheldon is at the age where fantasy and reality coincide and it is the best years for fantasy games and bringing logic into those games.
  3. "The View": Week Of 11/5/2018

    Waves hand - #metoo. Meghan FINALLY talked about her husband and said most people are afraid of him. I actually and literally ran into him, years ago, and said, "Excuse me, sorry sir". He just grunted and carried on. RUDE. Later that weekend Our party was seated by his party at a restaurant and my brother had clued me in as to who he was. This was before he was dating Meghan, I am pretty sure. Anyways she said people are scared of him. Hardly, I found him to be socially awkward and an elevated sense of self. Did not watch much past 5 minutes on Wednesday - Am sick of election discussions and wish all the signs were off the lawns. Watched today sporadically and kept cutting over to anything else. I like April Ryan and thought she had a bit of a rough time at the table. Sunny explained the law and MM lost her mind.
  4. Just stopped by to say that Porsha was over the top in this episode. I may not return.
  5. Knowing the story of Rendlesham I am going to watch if possible.
  6. I think it has been said that Gabriella doesn't like to film. If they're honoring her wishes and allowing her to remain off camera, I do have some level of respect for that. Bold: I do believe that is what is going on. We haven't really seen much of Gabriella in years. I too love that the girls are in public schools. I can't believe that Audrianna is 8 now. Melissa shouldn't have let Joe get away with doing nothing in the house all these years. I come from an immigrant Italian family and our men do just as much for the household as our women.
  7. S06.E06: Get Better or Go Home

    WTF did I just watch? She said she has necrosis? Well then why wouldn't they have trimmed off the dead tissue and treated her? At least throw some Vicodins at the girl. Everyone form a nice orderly line behind JETS4274, no pushing or shoving. Ok, I am in line and sitting on my lawn chair with my pup tent behind me - I have room for 1 to share the tent overnight. Bring snacks. I have smokes, drinks and pain killers (just because). @Rebecca - Kate is a good worker and doesn't mind working. Hannah does not like to work.
  8. S07.E24: Back to Square One

    I too think Cate and Tyler should no longer say their names. I get that giving a child up for adoption is traumatizing and it does give more information about the subject. I like that Tyler came to terms with their loss of control. If I had to guess I would probably say that their first child might be talking about them. She looks exactly like Tyler. My brother's first child was taken on the run by her mother. The mother came back 16 years later and brought his daughter to him. She looks exactly like our grandmother, it is uncanny. She will still break down, at the age of 30, when she sees a family member that she "sees herself in". This upsets her mother and her mother's family. I wish I could tell Cate and Tyler, I live very close to them, that if they can hold on until she is 18 they can contact her and share in her life IF she wants to. They need to do as my brother did and, while it is very hurtful, to take time to save money, get a good career and prepare for her return. Ryan's parents are really not seeing what is going on and Mac was crazy for getting pregnant.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Around the Block

    I think Cedric's character was explaining that in the last episode or so.
  10. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    That made me laugh as well. I had forgotten that. Maybe that was the reason for the all the screaming? I think MM likes to be the only one on her side and now Ana will challenge that.
  11. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    Of course, everything is about Megan and her grief. Up until then it was a fun interview. That was so uncomfortable to watch. Yikes. MM - Joy is never going out to dinner with your husband. I sure wouldn't. MM does need to be in therapy. Losing a family is difficult but we all we lose someone. Death is a part of life. I think she's from Tennessee & lapses into the accent when around people who have it. Just a guess!! She is from Mississippi. I used to date a guy from Tennessee and he HAD to learn to tone down his accent for a job in Michigan but when he was off he would talk normally. He said it was difficult to remember to talk midwestern.
  12. S37.E06 Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?

    Phil? My boyfriend in my head? I hope you are saying that Phil did not get the job because he is not like Jeff. I agree that this is a great season.
  13. All Episode Talk

    I am not one to body shame but you could see Kelly's skeleton through her costume.
  14. S07.E23: Mama Bear

    Bold - My thoughts exactly. Ryan's parents haven't even come to terms with Ryan's issues and now they want to dictate to Maci? I really agreed with Maci when she said she wanted her kids to not be insulated by people just like them and want them to grow up with all people. I completely agree. I just don't know.
  15. S07.E23: Mama Bear

    Carly - If they truly wanted to keep in touch with her they should have dropped the show and dropped out of the limelight. I know people who have open adoptions or yearly visits and it does work if all sides AGREE on the conditions. They can't put this stuff on TV and not expect Carly's parents to be cool with it. It should be a private affair between the two families.