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  1. It's all about the taste. Unfortunately, Lisa put too much of everything on the plate, which affected how it tasted. From what I recall, it's very rare for a contestant to be sent home for leaving an element off the plate, unless it is the only difference. I was confused about Lisa having a bandage on her hand. I guess she got hurt during the cook as well, but they didn't show it. It probably happened when she was cutting the celeriac.
  2. I don't know, but it's a nice change from all beetroot, all the time lol
  3. I thought it was funny that Gary accused the Italian lady of going American because of the way she pronounced oregano. No, Gary, that's Italian! lol Did anyone see what Kristen cooked in the invention test? I don't think they even showed what she was making during the cook. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. If the judges tell you something is a bad idea, believe them. So the top three dishes all belong to previous pin winners. I hope Gina is the one to compete. If not Gina, then Khanh, since he doesn't have his pin any longer. I really don't want to see any contestant have more than one pin at a time. I don't really understand the Aldo hate. He's a beautiful person who cooks delicious food. IMO,Lisa is the weakest in the bottom three, but since it's a recipe challenge, it's anyone's guess who will go.
  4. S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    Rajan wasn't subpoenaed or indicted, or under investigation. He was working with the authorities on an investigation into his friend.
  5. That challenge was intense to watch. I'm glad Khanh used his pin, and that his team supported his decision. I laughed when the judges commented on how fast Jenny was talking. Uh, judges, you only gave her 20 minutes to cook, and you want to stop by and chat? Jenny's error was not making sure her chicken and her salad choice worked together. Is this the first time this season that the first presenter wasn't safe? Well done episode, and nice to see Callan at the beginning of the master class, but I find them boring, so I don't watch.
  6. When you only have two hours of prep time and you choose a protein that needs two hours to cook properly, you're pretty much inviting trouble. I'm glad Ben's beef turned out ok. Poor Ben :( I can't believe Jess dished all the mousse out before testing the taste? I would have crumbled blue cheese on top of it. I hope Khanh uses his pin. When they get down in numbers, using the pin means someone else has to cook. That's a much harder decision for these kind folk.
  7. I'm so happy that Khanh won the pin. He worked his butt off in that challenge and put up a beautiful dish. His strategy paid off! I think any of the other contestants would have chosen the peanut butter. I wonder if the judges were surprised that Khanh made the chicken dish. I know it was all due to the pressure, but that risotto was the least professional looking professional dish I can remember seeing,
  8. S04.E22: Night Watch

    No, they broke up before she got involved with Dmitri.
  9. Not blaming Chloe. Blaming the judges.
  10. I agree with this, especially since the chef said Ben was a better cook than him. Ben should at least have been mentioned first. It seems like every time Ben takes the top spot, they find a way to avoid giving him top spot credit. I don't know what's up with that.
  11. The editing of the mystery box challenges is getting a little tiresome to me. Why can't they show more of the dishes being made so we don't know before the judging who is going to be top 5? Before they announced the fifth dish, the only question was is it Khanh or Ben? I'm sure Geneane's tart was good,and it looked nice, but was a lonely tart on a plate really one of the five most appealing dishes? Of course Chloe wanted to mince the pork, because it's become pretty obvious that she doesn't know how to cook meat. She's also useless with desserts or thinking on her feet. Hopefully she is the one to go tomorrow. She's past her expiration date. It's too bad Geneane couldn't come up with another dessert idea that used all the nectarines that were already cut up. Poached nectarines with soba noodles maybe? It was pretty obvious when Hoda said cooking the meat balls in the oven was risky and they had to be watched like a hawk that they were going to lose track of them and screw them up. Nothing against Sashi and Reece, but if anyone does win the immunity pin this week,I hope it's someone else. I like to see the wealth spread around.
  12. So sad about Brendan :( He coulda' been a contender. It was a meat challenge, Brendan! You didn't even set a timer when you put the meat in! Keep the rota, show me the beef! I guess the pressure got to him. *Sigh*
  13. I like that they did a challenge I've never seen before. Mad props to the 4 captains for retaining all that information on the hour long ride back. I thought they all did really well. The competition was so close. I wish Reece and Jess would both stop talking about being dessert people. We heard you the first time. Jess isn't nearly as annoying in her TH's when she's not giggling and peeing herself.
  14. Yes, that's Gordon's style, but he was giving them good advice. The smart ones in the competition take on board what they learn, and work to improve their skills while they're in the house. The ones that don't leave one by one. jmo I love watching the serious ones from where they start out to where they end up.
  15. Me too :( What's even sadder is how she may feel now that she has watched the show and realized that she was practically invisible for most of it.