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  1. S10.E09: The Tree of Strife

    My dislike of Cam began way back when Mitch surprised him with the flashmob. Mitch was just adorable, putting in the effort, going out of his comfort zone, and saying it was his "love letter to Cam." In response, Cam flipped out and accused Mitch of "cheating on him with choreography." What a whiny, impossible to please diva. And he's only gotten worse as they years have gone by.
  2. S12.E10: The VCR Illumination

    I've never watched Young Sheldon but still found the young Sheldon and Sheldon's dad cameos sweet and moving.
  3. S10.E08: Kids These Days

    Yeah, this episode made Claire sound like a frumpy, asexual housefrau. She's a very attractive woman with good fashion sense and can easily pull off "sexy". Felt like a bit of a retcon.
  4. S10.E08: Kids These Days

    Really enjoyed this one. Felt like a good blend of all the families, and fun pairings (Jay/Cam, Mitch/Phil). Plus minimal Manny! No Luke! No Joe! No Lily! Are the showrunners finally answering my prayers? Alex: “I’m comfortable in my sexuality.” Claire: “Hearing you say that makes me more comfortable with your sexuality.” Gloria: “If I had a gun in my purse, I’d shoot myself.”
  5. So Rebecca is the "her"? Well color me massively underwhelmed. What's the over-under on her having Alzheimer's or something of the sort? Kate’s scene with Tess last week was fairly sweet, but Kate’s back on my shit list for betraying Tess’s trust by blabbing to Rebecca. I really liked the Randall/Beth/Tess scenes. The actress who plays Tess has talent. The Pearson parents handled it well. Randall needs a hard smack in the head. His "promise to the community" [that he does not belong to by virtue of never having lived there] is really his massive ego and hero complex. Beth has far more patience with him than he deserves, quite frankly.
  6. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    That was kind of a low-key finale. I didn't even realize it was the finale until the "Returns January 7th" promo. Not buying Vance is dead. This is TV. No body, no death. Ah, extended machine-gun fire in small enclosed places. Everyone in those scenes should have ruptured eardrums and profound hearing loss. But nope, they’re fine. Shit like that just takes me out of supposedly intense scenes. I wish they’d stop having the actors do hysterical blubbering scenes when there clearly aren’t any tears. It looks goofy. Eyebrows in particular can’t cry convincingly. But most importantly, Grace needs to be run over by a car. I loathe her.
  7. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    No, in that case this would be called the Negative Opinions thread. The point of Unpopular Opinions is voicing opinions that go against the majority of fans'. Overwhelmingly, people who watch This Is Us love Jack, love William, cry multiple times every episode, etc. So people who dislike those characters and don't cry have this thread to say so and talk about their minority opinions. In, for example, the main episode thread saying "William is annoying and unnecessary in season 3" feels a little contrarian and antagonistic, whereas here we're on the drier, more sarcastic side and that opinion would be well received.
  8. S03.E08: Six Thanksgivings

    As much as the show tries to cram Jack's and William's nauseating perfection down our throats, I think the real suffering saint is Miguel. His wife left him. His best friend died. His biological adult children are absolute shitstains. The Pearson adult children are bratty assholes to him too. He has to exist in the shadow of Jack and know that he’s second-place to Rebecca. To top it off, he's hated by most fans for essentially no reason. At least Annie gave him a delighted hug and called him Grandpa. Further proof little Annie is the best.
  9. S12.E09: The Citation Negation

    Has Howard's knowledge of Russian ever been brought up before? I assume he knows basic phrases from his time aboard the ISS, but enough to translate (even cursorily) a scholarly article? I too was surprised that the writers went there with the Super Asymmetry theory. I thought it would be the thing that makes Sheldon and Amy hugely successful in the scientific community. The fact that it was disproven in the 1970s certainly casts a pall over their wedding-day excitement at their new discovery.
  10. S03.E07: Sometimes

    Still don’t care about Jack and Rebecca’s dating, still think Milo V can’t act, still think the Vietnam scenes are uninteresting, still think the show is spinning its wheels. But any episode with zero Randall, Deja, Kate, or Toby counts as a win in my book.
  11. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    The dramatic music before each commercial break is so overwrought and self-important that it makes me laugh every time. I kind of liked Ben going all Nancy Drew. He’s pretty likeable when he’s doing something (anything) other than groveling at Grace’s feet. Grace, Danny, and the annoying daughter can collectively go take a flying leap. Run far away from these people, Ben. Go hook up with Saanvi. Michaela’s (can I just call her Eyebrows?) version of CPR on the kid’s dead uncle was hilarious. This show is so much better when watched as a comedy.
  12. S12.E08: The Consummation Deviation

    This episode did more than any other to show that Anu and Raj just might become a great couple in a healthy relationship. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  13. S10.E07: Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    Oh look, an unplanned pregnancy on TV. I've never seen that done before. Seriously though, this is really trite stuff. I get that they're going for a "Dylan and Haley = Phil and Claire 2.0" thing, but it doesn't work for me. If for no other reason than Phil and Claire are functional adults, and Dylan and Haley seem to have a combined IQ of 100.
  14. S01E06: Off Radar

    My heart grew three sizes at reading how much hate Grace is getting. She's horrible and mindbogglingly selfish. Let the hate flow through you.
  15. S12.E07: The Grant Allocation Derivation

    I liked this one. The girl's club in the playhouse was great, as was Howard's secretly knowing about it and understanding why.