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  1. S12.E05: The Planetarium Collision

    Oops. Yep, you're completely right, I did mean "including."
  2. S12.E05: The Planetarium Collision

    It's been very, very noticeable in the past several seasons, and this episode in particular to me. I usually streamed the show in past seasons so I could see the exact time of an episode, and an entire episode would come in around 19 minutes...not counting including the swirly intros, the theme song, and end credits. It's barely anything. Entire scenes feel cut short. Like two characters exchange a handful of sentences, a few jokes, and then it just cuts away to another scene. It's not like this on other sitcoms - The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are superior (IMO) to any sitcom currently on, and episodes feel long. So much packed into each scene, wordplay and jokes, bits, not to mention actually good writing and character development. TBBT feels very thin on all of the above.
  3. S12.E05: The Planetarium Collision

    Indeed. Plus imagine if a men's rights lobby coined and propagated "womansplaining" or "momsplaining" (the phenomenon of women condescendingly explaining to men how to correctly take care of their own children). And it got into the OED! Not in a million years. What Sheldon did to Amy was indeed condescending and assholish, but it was entirely due to Sheldon being Sheldon, not due to his gender.
  4. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Are you seriously generalizing two entire generations based on a dozen comments that a shitty episode of an average TV show was boring? It's not boring because it was set in the past. It was boring because it was a dull episode that regurgitated everything we already knew about St. Jack.
  5. Modern Family in the Media

    I'm 99% sure it's going to be Dylan. 1. They brought him back "into the family" 2. They had Haley choose him. 3. They had Haley mention more than once that she and Dylan had sex. 4. They had Dylan start getting his life together, going to nursing school. (Screenwriting 101: Any time a character's life is starting to go well, he's toast.) I think they'll kill him off in an accident and Haley discovers she's pregnant. Bam! New "modern family", a single mother.
  6. S10.E04: Torn Between Two Lovers

    Arvin is awkward to the point it's painful to look at him and listen to him. He's professionally accomplished but a mediocre boyfriend, hiding Haley's real job from his parents out of embarrassment. And oh god, that cringey speech he made immediately after they met about how he and Haley are going to end up together. He likes her because she's trendy and "hot", and that kind of superficiality is off-putting. He was just so painfully unfunny and watching Haley attempt to get his jokes was excruciating. He's not a great match for someone like Haley who is, uh, not mentally sharp most of the time. Dylan is right up her alley. That's what I meant by good match.
  7. S03.E04: Vietnam

    I'm baffled by the idea floating around this thread that people bored by this episode wouldn't have been if they'd lived through the Vietnam era. Quality storytelling should not have to depend on readers/viewers having personal experience with the subject matter. I mean, I never lived through WWI or WWII but find still find stories of both immensely interesting and emotionally affecting if the storytelling is good. I couldn't click the little heart icon fast enough when I read this, AmandaPanda. I feel like the show is nearing "drinking game" levels of fan service. Take a shot when Jack is prominently, if pointlessly, featured. Take a shot when he's shirtless. Take a shot when Randall has a monologue. Take a shot when Randall and/or Kevin is shirtless. Take a shot when Beth says something quippy and snarky to Randall. Take a shot when William appears. And so on and so forth. At this point, if this were a real game, we'd all have liver failure. I think the showrunners were spoiled with the show's immense success the first two seasons. It will almost certainly see season 3 and season 4, perhaps more. So it gives them the freedom to plan long arcs and not resolve storylines quickly from fear of cancellation. So we get a whole episode essentially just saying "Jack had a brother named Nicky. He wore glasses and served in 'Nam." We didn't learn anything of substance about him, nor learn anything new about Jack. The showrunners might have this leisurely pace bite them in the ass if too many viewers start to feel like you (and me): that the writers are spinning their wheels.
  8. S10.E04: Torn Between Two Lovers

    Uh…is it just me or is this season really good so far? It’s like all the abysmal writers from season 9 got fired and they re-hired the early seasons writers. (I have no idea who the writers are; maybe it’s been the same people all along.) But seriously, this was a great episode. I could have cut out the Manny/Gloria/Jay subplot, but there’s usually one that is superfluous. Still. I liked the trendy childfree couple. The scene of Phil and Claire explaining what they saw in each other was cute. The scene of Mitchell gnawing on Cam’s ankle made me laugh. And HungJuries.com. Heh. I didn't even notice Luke was missing. And Alex, totally forgot about her too. The kids continue to be annoying. They’re writing the little ones like middle aged men and writing Lily too young. She’s almost in high school. Old enough not to loudly whine “Daddy, I’m booored” right in front of her parents’ hosts. Then again she’s always been a brat. Thank God Haley dumped that awkward loser. Yay for Dylan. A better match for Haley in every way.
  9. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Exactly. It was just stale. It's a sappy 40-minute evening soap - what kind of profound new ground are they going to break with a Vietnam episode? Hell, the Vietnam scenes in Forrest Gump packed ten times the emotional wallop that last night's episode did. Agree completely. Savior complexes are all about the "savior", not the person he/she attempts to help. Enlisting was yet another of Jack's grand gestures (or I suppose in the chronology of the show, one of his first). Yep! It just felt like the writers going "Oh you like Jack? Here's Jack, all Jack, 40 minutes of Jack!". We didn't learn all that much about Jack that we didn't already know: savior complex, had a shitty dad, had a brother named Nicky, fought in Vietnam. We already know his story, and even how it ended.
  10. S03.E04: Vietnam

    It's rare that I so completely lose interest in an episode that I space out for entire scenes. That was just brutally boring. At some point I started mentally listing actually interesting things the show could explore: how Rebecca and the kids moved on after Jack died, how Rebecca and Miguel got together, what caused Kevin to cheat on Sophie, how Randall fared in college and got so successful, how Annie and Tess feel about Deja joining their family, literally anything about Kate that isn’t about her weight or her mommy issues. But no. We get this. Jack isn't an interesting enough character to me to merit this kind of treatment (same goes for William). Yes, they had some nominal flaws but they're both so disgustingly perfect that there's nothing to really explore there. It doesn't help that every other character sees Jack (and William) as perfect. It's one-note. Jack is dead. We finally know how he died (a rather dumb death). Let's just move on. So many other characters to get into.
  11. S10.E03: A Sketchy Area

    Definitely had an early-seasons feel to it! I'm pleasantly surprised by this season so far. FOX and USA have both been showing season 1 reruns this past week. It's stunning to see season 1 episodes where Luke is a dopey little kid and then see a new episode tonight where he's handsome and grown up. Sometimes I forget that this show has been on for almost a decade.
  12. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    From the looks of it, Jack's version of treating her like a princess involved shoveling ice cream in her mouth any time Kate was upset. No wonder she ended up with food issues AND daddy issues. Every episode I wonder what Toby saw in her.
  13. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I've amassed so many UOs in this so-far mediocre season already. But I'll start off with a benign one: I find "Katiegirl" a really, really, really annoying nickname.
  14. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    Only Randall is allowed to be obsessed with his DNA and biological parents, but god forbid Kate want to pass on her father's DNA to her own children. Kate isn’t obligated to adopt just because she hasn’t had success conceiving. And well done for her pointing out that his hypocritical ass had two biological children. “That’s a completely different situation!” Ugh shut up.
  15. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    Another clunker of an episode. I miss the days of plot twists and actual plot development. And fucking enough with William already. No one cares. My level of interest in Rebecca and Jack: The Early Years? Zero. We know they end up together. I’d much rather see the aftermath of his death, how Rebecca rebuilt her life, and how their awful children fell apart. Laughed a lot at Kevin’s movie. One reliable thing about TV shows: Fiction within fiction that is allegedly brilliant is almost always terrible. That cheesy melodramatic speech at the end of Kevin’s movie? Ugh. Sure, that’s Ron Howard Oscar quality. Then again, the writers of this show WOULD think that cheesy purple prose is good writing.