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  1. The True Story of Franklin's Expedition

    Just curious, why are we discussing Tuunbaq in the "True Story" thread?
  2. I think he should be... why let him live there for free? He's done enough freeloading....and Im sure Chris covers all the utilities too. Ridiculous😝
  3. S01.E10: We Are Gone

    But it also seems like ther must be some sort of replacement if they have a ritual to follow if he dies. Since "It Is THE Way...".
  4. S01.E10: We Are Gone

    So since they exiled SL because its "the way", then does this mean that there will be, or was, a new Tuunbaq? Does he come back to life or something? If there was only one Tuunbaq, and he died, then they wouldnt have had a plan in place for what happens if/when he died.
  5. S01.E01: Marriage Interrupted

    They have had I AM JAZZ for several seasons, and Jazz is a much younger trans persion. After watching that for so long, its interesting (in a really sad way) to see how older people handle this issue.
  6. Soooo....Beth just started following me on Twitter....so odd...I never post anything🤔
  7. S01.E10: We Are Gone

    Im probably alone in thus, but I did not want Tuunbaq to die! We invaded their lifestyle, and killed his Shaman. Of course Tuunbaq is going to seek revenge. To me, its a metaphor for "civilized" people putting a flag in a piece of ground and claiming it. They had no rights out there...I know they were on a noble mission, but kill Tuunbaq's handler and all bets are off. This whole thing was epic-ly heartbreaking...its hard to absorb it all. I have 3 Great Pyrenees dogs, which are a giant dog breed that look like polar bears. The Tuunbaq scenes (and the entire show) were roooough here😓 The making of Tuunbaq http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/exclusive-the-terror-concept-designer-neville-pages-reveals-the-tuunbaq-design-process
  8. S01.E10: We Are Gone

    Fuck Fuck Fuck...
  9. Jorge did NOT lie in the Tell All. Anfisa was (still is maybe?) a porn web cam girl, and the proof is all over the internet. He is lying now, to still be on the show and maybe get her back, or at least have their story be relevant.
  10. S04.E06: Just in Case

    ok...John was saving this show for me😠
  11. S04.E06: Just in Case

    Wasnt that Z-Nation's theme song? Im really sick of this "Before" crap, and by the amount of posts, others r too😠
  12. S01.E01: Marriage Interrupted

    I felt sadness and anxiety this whole episode...the sweet guy (as of this show) doesnt stand a chance in the gun shop...😓
  13. Sooo Beth is either super lonely, or she is doing serious damage control on twitter. She is have full on conversations with fans about inane subjects, light what is your favorite type of snack? FYI hers is crispy and saltly...very odd and out of character for her, at least in her previous tweets. She posts personal stuff on IG stories, her dogs, food, kid etc...but you cant cant leave comments. She is just having a full on kiki session tonite on the twit😒
  14. He just accepted my friend request on FB..my life is complete
  15. S09.E07: Barefoot & Fancy

    The color or that craft closet hurt me eyes, especially with the gray room. What the hell was that color? That patchwork board that they spent 7 hours on? Horrible! They should have done a drape type door that she could tie back when using it. Also, the ceiling would have looked SO much better if they had painted white in the sections in the groove portions. It would look like lattice, and be a nice detail in a small room. Gen's room? too big and disjointed...fireplace looked great Its at Lowes! I bought the exact one for my boutique about 6 years ago...This one is close https://m.lowes.com/pd/Cascadia-Lighting-Trellis-13-75-in-3-Light-Architectural-bronze-Vintage-Candle-Chandelier/1000055109