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  1. S01.E01: Episode 1

    I'm in my late fifties and I've known about ben-wa balls since I was 17. I guess we're more kinky up in Canada..... Yes, I wish they would get rid of Ashley. I didn't mind her first two seasons but at this point I am really sick of her phony made-up self. I don't know why they didn't vote her off for the "wrong reasons." Yes, sadly I find both of my fellow Canadians to be fairly unattractive. Kevin does look better with a helmet (hiding his mouth) and skating though. Of the two of them, Benoit is clearly better looking and more interesting. I love a man that cooks! I think Christian is far more attractive though, and I totally sympathize with feeling pissed that she stood him up while bathing with....some woman I completely forgot about. Couldn't she have just told him that something came up? So sad to be sitting in the hot tub all by yourself. Ashley physically hasn't aged well - and all that she has ever had going for her are her looks. (I must confess I have never listened to her podcast as I hate podcasts). I can't see that being a professional "reality celebrity" is a very enticing or interesting occupation. I can't imagine anything of substance floats thru her head. I wasn't planning on watching this show but after reading the thread it sounded more fun than I thought. I have to admit that it is much better than I expected. I don't understand why they always have to boot people off though. Adding such a competitive romance element doesn't made it more interesting for me. I would just like the same group of people stay there and have the only competitive aspect be the Games.
  2. From what I remember of Tammy and Victor, he was quite nasty with his sister, very bossy and controlling and dismissing her opinion constantly, until she finally called him on it. I think he actually cried at one point. He was hyper competitive while she was extremely intelligent but overshadowed by her big brother. Jessica wasn't doing a TH though, she was just being nasty while the group was sitting together in the airport. At times she comes across as likeable and fun, like when she is cuddling the kitties, but she has a giant mean streak and I see it here in TAR as well as when she appeared on BB. I sincerely hope they are the next team bounced. Evan and Henry's arrival at the amazing mat was hilarious, I haven't seen such a funny sequence before. I wonder if she normally talks that much and we haven't seen it, or if it was relief that they were still in the race. Maybe if she does go on and on normally, Henry finds it easier to dismiss the more objectionable comments coming his way. By the way, who is Mr. Deehow? Very impressed by your "upsidedown." I have no idea how you did it! Yeah, if you're both unemployed and Cody has to pay child support, I could see the America's Favourite prize wouldn't have gone far. I think they used it to pay for amalgamating their households. I am hoping that his recent proposal doesn't mean that they've won TAR though! I don't think Indy Car are that well off. They seemed very happy that two of their prizes were money $5K and $7.5 each, I believe.
  3. S22.E07: Week 7

    I don't think six years of further schooling would necessarily prevent her from taking the time off to do the show again, as long as the man she picked was willing to pick up and move to whatever location of university she will be attending. Plenty of graduate students are married. Helpful to hold off on the babies though. And I agree about Kendall, at first I thought she was just acting deliberately strangely just to get more camera time, but I suspect that she really is that interesting and offbeat in real life. And I noticed that she wears short dresses, like Lauren...I suspect Arie is a leg man. I think what I hate more than the cardigans are the checked shirts. I think Chris Harrison manipulated the show's stylists to add those to Arie's wardrobe as well. I hate those Clark Kent shirts - they make everyone who wears them look unattractive. Just wanted to add that I don't think Becca is boring because she isn't "dramatic" - definitely not a fan of Krystal type overacting. I just find she speaks in a monotone and has long meandering conversations, never stops to take a breath or show any real interest in what Arie thinks or has to say about anything. He asked her about her family and relatives that he would meet on the hometown visit and....she was off! Uncle Tim would be there, and Uncle Dennis (I think) and...I stopped listening. Her relatives sound as equally uninteresting. Maybe that's what he enjoys most about Lauren....she doesn't say anything, so he desperately fills in the conversation and brings up long buried feelings/incidents in his past. Perhaps she is adding in softspoken hmmmmms and ahhhhhs that we aren't picking up on, and he feels validated by her listening skills.
  4. S30: Cody & Jessica

    Just looking at Cody and Jessica from watching TAR and ignoring what I saw on BB, I still think Jessica is a Mean Girl. Fairly attractive and reasonably intelligent, but she also seems to enjoy getting her digs in when they aren't preoccupied with running the race. I thought she seemed to really enjoy Uturning the Stringers, and tried to rationalize it as good gameplay. It might have been, but anyone else might have come across as regretful given how popular that team was with the other competitors. Cody doesn't come across as intentionally trying to hurt anyone else, but he also comes across as not caring about anyone else other than Jessica (and his daughter). I don't mind that they are still in the race, but I hope they don't win. Otherwise I can see them continuing to show up on every reality show imaginable. Twice is enough, in my opinion.
  5. S22.E07: Week 7

    I just can't get over that he chose the two most boring women (Becca and Lauren) in his hometown four. zzzzzzz I feel the same way. I was really looking forward to Arie as the Bachelor. Very much enjoyed him in Emily's season. I just wonder if he is one of those guys that does better with a group of other men, coming across as fun and playful. Unless those five years have aged him terribly. Just quoted these two because they are my favourite posts of this episode, and possibly the season! Agree with all of this. So disappointed with this season. I think at this point that Kendal, Jacqueline and Seinne would be my top picks, but I actually think only Kendal would be interested. Yes, a nice guy and I would probably enjoy speaking with him in real life but possibly not interesting enough to carry a show. I totally see it, if you ignore anything below her nose. Her eyes and nose look identical to me. As this season goes on, it is becoming more and more tedious. I am really enjoying the scenery though. I find Tuscany much more appealing to me than France. My secondhand vacation,
  6. S01.E01: Saint Nick

    I watched this right after seeing the first Altered Carbon - and I actually think this made a lot more sense to me! I am not completely convinced that I want to continue watching it. But...there were parts I really liked, and the humour was nice and quirky. Good to see Christopher Meloni again.
  7. I actually found Conor completely useless. I didn't realize before how Alex is the heart and soul of that team. Too bad Henry and Alex aren't a team. I would still like Yale to win (or the skiers), but I am no longer as fond of Evan. Poor Henry. And interesting to see Cody and Jessica descend back into their less than charming characters that originally turned me off them in BB. I liked switching the teams around just so we could see how the individuals react. Some of them are completely different when playing with a new team mate and it's a great way to see what they are made of...for instance, i was very impressed with Henry using all his physical strength to help his teammate wynch out their SUV. Unlike Conor just sitting back in the vehicle while the firefighter did all the work. I would have just put it into neutral and tried to push from the back, since that seemed to be causing most of the problem. I also think that Cody and Jen benefitted from going thru the mudpond first. I don't think it was superior driving but the mud not being worn down under successive vehicles.
  8. TAR30: Previews and Speculation

    I think her name is Britney, not Courtney.
  9. TAR in the Media

    I am actually wondering if it wouldn't be better to post the exit interviews in the team threads. The actual interviews are very good by the way, it's just the intro by the writer that is actually groan worthy. But I do like the questions he asks, such as how big a time difference there was between teams and how all the teams got along. Team Well Strung are incredibly positive. I did notice during this race that the townspeople in Prague seemed to speak with them much more than the other teams. I was wondering if it had anything to do with their good looks and their friendly personalities.
  10. S30.E06: "The Claws Are Out!"

    I just added a link. But you're right, there aren't any other exit interviews posted, so it may need to go elsewhere, depending on the mods decision.
  11. TAR in the Media

    A poster wanted to access the exit interviews and it was suggested the media thread was the place to go. So I am going to add Trevor and Chris (Violinists) final interview - can also post earlier exit interviews, if anyone is interested. If there is a better spot, I can move this thread. https://parade.com/642586/mikebloom/the-amazing-race-30-trevor-wadleigh-and-chris-marchant-finish-on-a-low-note/ I posted it before finishing the interview. You will have to wade thru some purple prose by Mike Bloom. Full of punny little music terms. Team Well Strung deserve better~
  12. S22.E05: Week 5

    Jenna is distinctive for straddling Arie and doing a full-on makeout session. I think she is fairly cute - but there are so many similar blondes, I am not totally sure about that. After finally watching it yesterday, I was surprised that the date with Tia was so good. Arie actually seemed to enjoy talking with her. Possibly this is the best relationship I have seen so far. With Chelsea, his eyes kept dropping down. Either he does that when he's bored or just not connecting, or he really is just staring at their cleavage (which is what it seems like to me). Her background story really is very tedious though, so I can emphasize. I have to admit after watching closely, that I just don't see Krystal having bad skin. Very shiny yes, as was Arie and Tia during their date (but I blame the makeup crew for not applying more powder under those hot lights), but I didn't see blemishes. Perhaps it's my eyes....I do think her hair looks very damaged though. And objectively speaking, she does have a very cute appearance (cute more than pretty or beautiful). Now I see why Arie originally chose her for his home date. If she had just kept back and just acknowledged Arie with little arm squeezes as she walked past him on his cocktail smoozing dates, I could see that as letting him know that she was very interested without coming across as full-on psycho. Although a big part of me thinks that she was cast just to be an amusing little villain. I can't see that this act enhances her Yoga brand in any way. Maybe she just wants to become another reality "star?"
  13. S22.E05: Week 5

    I get the feeling that Arie might have a lot more going for him (in terms of depth and intelligence) than we actually see on the show. Although blogs can be written by anyone....anyway, I'm hopeful. I actually like an older man that is a little bit boring for twenty-year-olds. It happens to all of us as we get older. Anyway, I wish we could see a lot more of Jacqueline. She seems interesting and is certainly gorgeous. I really don't understand why TPTB edit this show the way they do. Less villains, and more interactions are my preference.
  14. S22.E05: Week 5

    My dad was Roman Catholic and my mom was Protestant. She had to agree to raise all of their children Catholic (which they did). My dad always said that she went to church more than most Catholics. She didn't go every Sunday as we did, but it was often enough. And always at Christmas. I think it would be essential to be on the same page if you're going to have children. If you're not, the practising Catholic spouse would still have to attend family functions that could involve religious ceremonies like baptisms, communions and confirmations, funerals etc. If the other person is adamantly an atheist, that is going to potentially cause a lot of conflict. Now, if the Catholic is nonpracticing and doesn't follow the faith at all, there won't be a problem. My son is an atheist despite going to Catholic elementary and high schools. (Well, maybe that's why he's an Atheist.) He married a non Catholic and they both share a disbelief in organized religion. My family is no longer practising Catholics and we have several Greek Orthodox members that married into the family (they are non practising too except for family events like weddings). Anyway, that has worked out well. If Tia and her family relax away from their religion it wouldn't be a problem, but if she remains devout and especially if they want children, that would be a major problem. The one I recall is "Sister Christian" sung by Night Ranger. A truly awful song. Thought it was hilarious that the date almost screamed over them and said, it was her favourite song! No one from my generation would have said that, and it was a top 10 hit during my teen years. There is no way this bachelorette would have heard the song before.
  15. S04.E05: Metalhead

    At the very least, you'd think they'd be wearing some sort of armour, so they'd have a better chance of getting away. Maybe not great odds there, given how it could pound thru metal, but it wouldn't have been instant death for the guy on the ladder.