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  1. I have seen two episodes and I am really enjoying it. However, I haven't watched Daredevil nor The Defenders and don't really intend to, so I am a little surprised that everyone else here on this thread has done so. If I have to keep up with the superhero universe then I'm out of here....I find superhero comics to be boring. I am not seeing Frank as having any supernatural powers and I loved the Thomas Jane movie a few years (decades?) back, so I was hoping it could be enjoyable as a "civilian".
  2. So, so disappointing. My favourite Bachelorette chooses the smarmy mama's boy. Unlike many posters here, I thought this was a great group of men. Only Sham-Waa (Whaboom) and Lee were worse and they were obviously put in by the producers to be controversial and create (ho hum) drama. But of the remainder, I truly consider Bryan to be the worst. I could never understand why she carried him along. And the way Peter left was heartbreaking. He actually seems like a reasonable, decent guy. Took me a while to warm up to him (although I loved their first "dog date".) Clearly, this is going to be one of those three-month relationships. Either she will come to her senses, or her family will point out that his mother is the Demon from Hell. And Rachel, why on earth is a successful, intelligent, beautiful woman so desperate to get married? Completely ridiculous. I would much rather have watched the men in the house (particularly Josiah, Dean and Alex) having a load of fun. Gah I usually don't take this seriously, but this time seemed to be full of real people and not so much of the aspiring actor type.
  3. I loved this episode. Highly entertaining and I never saw the ending going the way it did. I expected The SOK would become Jesse's pet, a ruthless killer he could control and make do "good things" to atone for all the suffering he caused. Something akin to Spike and Angel, without their appeal and charm. I read the whole swamp thing wrong though. I assumed he was going to die, and end up in Hell without Jesse using his power. I figured that Jesse had realized that he should limit his use of the Voice. I guess not. I see Genesis as similar to the One Ring - a power that can be used for good or for evil but will inevitably corrupt and control the one that uses it. There's also some similarity to this season's arc in Supernatural. The progeny of human and supernatural will become all powerful and most likely, become a destructive force in the universe.
  4. I don't think Cody needs to worry about that, because I don't expect him to be around much longer. Don't think the producers are much of a fan either. Robotic play just isn't very interesting. I am sure that we have a much more worthy foe to Paul out there, once more and more of his personality comes out and he sows dissension. Right now, it makes sense to stay together as a team and take out "Jody."(hate hate those stupid couple names).
  5. Paul isn't "their golden boy." he's #Our Boy! heh heh I tend to agree. Josh clearly bullied Meghan, and everyone else (especially Jessica, Paul and Alex) joined in. The show didn't address it, but the websites were full of the background story, that she had been sexually assaulted while in the military, and suffered PTSD. She said that everyone yelling at her, and especially the alpha males, brought back the symptoms. Or that's what she said, anyway. The show certainly didn't portray it that way. That's an interesting point of view. I don't have much experience with anyone having served in the military at any level, but it makes sense to me. I must admit I was one of those that was shocked that anyone that had served as a military interrogator wouldn't excel at manipulation and stay calm under pressure and stay out of the drama. I think I was confusing it with how the more experienced homicide detectives extract confessions in "the box"(* Andre Braugher - Homicide) For a masterful peek at how an expert controls the situation, I recommend watching Detective Sergeant Jim Smyth of the Ontario Police's Behavioural Sciences Unit interrogate Russell Williams (perhaps Canada's most infamous rapist murderer - he's been described as more of a psychopath than Paul Bernardo). It's only a short YouTube video and completely fascinating. Anyway, that's what i was expecting from Meghan. A little disappointing, to say the least. I hope she won't suffer from longterm damage as a result of appearing on the show. Poor woman. She should never have been cast. I have no idea why she thought it would be a good experience either. The only point I disagree with in your thoughtful post, is that Josh could have walked away. I was stunned that he actually came across as calm and reasonable. He DID try to say that he would be available if they would like to discuss it with him later, and told them that he liked and respected him, but they certainly did not respond in kind. I didn't like Josh from the get go but these two actually made him sympathetic. I do think he has some issues, not necessarily autism, but some kind of behavioural issues and again, he should not have been cast on this show, Probably traumatised for life.
  6. Finally! This has been a long wait. Can't believe that I am finally invested in one of these. Rachel is my favourite Bachelorette by far.
  7. I thought the music was funny but I was unsure if they were going for a horror feel or robotic. It could have been either.... I really don't mind Paul this far. He brings the entertainment. That's why I watch the show - to laugh out loud. Beat the psychotic robot and his bitchy, overly dramatic showmance any day. Once Cody and Jessicz are disposed of, we can learn more about the other potential villains. At this point, I am rooting mostly for Kevin and Christmas. The other houseguests are getting so little air time compared to them and Paul, I don't feel like I know them well at all. As the season goes on, formerly pleasant seeming people turn out to be raging lunatics or charming con men/women. As long as I am not seeing/hearing misogyny, racism, sexism or homophobia, I am okay with what is going down.Compared to other seasons, this is a cast with loads of potential. I don't get it either. Ideally, Cody goes but if he wins veto (and assuredly, uses it on himself), then what could he do without any friends or alliances? He certainly lacks social skills and the ability to hide intentions for strategic reasons. I thought it was some veto thing too, not silly costumes! Hmmmm so the male Rachel? Although at least she was a challenge beast. And some of her meltdowns were amusing. Agreed.
  8. Salt and pepper would be Matt, the good looking silver fox. (with unfortunate tattoos - I think he has a novella written on his arm). Cody is the slack jawed yokel that went on and on about his military past, and drooled over Jessica from the moment he met her. I have no idea why. I find her instantly forgettable, looks wise. Not half as interesting looking as Christmas and Elena. Her horrible racist persona though, will stick in my mind. Kevin is the spitting image of Bryan Ferry to me. I find him the most entertaining and the houseguest I am most rooting for, although I am sure he will be regretfully evicted halfway. He'd have a much better chance if the cast was varied age-wise.
  9. I wish I had noticed this thread before. I guess I've been amiss on checking out the site for a few weeks. I was a little disappointed that most of the shows I watch weren't included, so I am curious as to whether they were in the initial rounds but just didn't make the cut. I think the theme song for American Gods is one of the best I've heard in years and was greatly disappointed that it wasn't in the list. So many of the final shows I've never heard about - such as The Good Place. I will definitely keep my eyes out for it next year. It would be great if you could actually send the winners some kind of cheap and cheezy trophy. I used to watch The Spacey Awards on The Space Channel in Canada, and the host Teddy would have footage of him chasing down the winners. Bruce Campbell was the best, of course. I would love to see something like that, especially with the cable shows cast and crew. I don't know if I am tired but I just can't figure out what that is....somebody laughing? Something sexual? Very interesting whatever it is.
  10. I totally agree. Whenever I hear that song, I think Simple Minds and all the other New Wave music that remains my favourite to this day. This show does a very good job of capturing the particular threat women always have hanging over us. Just reading unmoderated comments on a website, I am stunned at all the antiwomen comments posted by misogynists. Doesn't matter what your age or cultural background is, you never can be sure that you will be treated equally to a man. I have never seen the film (and I've heard it's not good at all) but this TV version captures what I remember about the book. In a moment, all our rights can be taken away. It's important to pay attention and remain vigilant.
  11. I really really hated the recap. Easily the worst I've ever read on this site. I really enjoyed this one, in fact, I've been entertained/intrigued by every episode.
  12. I really love Freida's theme music. Every time I hear it, it makes me think of someone that's part Girl Scout, part McGuyver. Her backstory was great, and a lot of credit must go to the actress that played her as a young girl. She is rapidly becoming my favourite character this season.
  13. That's understandable. I did think that all of them were equally culpable though, for treating Vanck and Ashton so badly. Made me not want to see ANY of them win, since they all supported ganging up on the two of them. I would like to know exactly why they were targeted though. Vanck seemed like a nice, albeit awkward young man.
  14. I am so happy that they didn't win. Tara struck me as entitled and full of herself from about the wedding task, but Joey turned out to be an angry ass. y s
  15. You had me totally with this post until you said..."I just give him credit for not screaming like a girl..." ugh really, in 2017? A remark worthy of Redmond. :( I'm happy that Scott and Brooke won. I had no problems with Scott, and Brooke was somewhat bearable in last week's episode and fairly decent in this one. Don't expect that they will be planning to stay on friendly terms like London and...well, just London. I was rooting for London and Logan but I agree, they seemed pleasant and positive but not terribly passionate about winning. Maybe Logan was distracted by his budding romance with Sarah. As for Tara and Joey, I'm ecstatic that they lost, just wish it was third place not second. Started disliking Tara quite a few episodes ago, but Joey turned out to be just as big a jerk, if not worse. Hope they don't return for any all star seasons.