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  1. Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    Thanks for the link, EARLFOR1. I was pretty shocked too that Garrett would say that in front of the cameras. Besides being in poor taste, I believe he could be sued for slander. He seems to be the kind of guy that blurts out inappropriate comments without thinking. Yeah, I have my doubts too. He might have been the emotionally abusive partner, he seems to give off hints of it from time to time. I think that she doesn't have an original thought in her head. Unless she freezes in front of the camera. Whenever we have a silence in the conversation, she seems to inject fillers, such as whoooooo whooooo! and let's do the damn thing and several other instantly forgettable catchphrases. I would find it incredibly tiresome to spend more than 20 minutes in her company. She also seems to have a giant ego. All she had to do was say goodby to Blanc, and think how helpful it was for him to self-eliminate with his love reversal, instead of sulking over it and instantly cancelling the rest of the night's plans. Same with the cocktail party. Not fair to put Nick (Simon Baker) and Ryan (?) out the door without making a point to speak with them first. I personally would have kept hottie Nick over blackeyed Dave, this season's most annoying candidate. Red flag, red flag - anyone talking to you about your potential children's names. On your first real date. I actually enjoyed the wedding video - and I don't even find weddings very much fun! My, Garrett looked overcome with emotion - that was a lot of crying. How could Becca go ahead with a conventional wedding after that? You know she'll be comparing it afterwards. And Sept. 9, 2015 was such a short time ago. He obviously isn't ready to move on yet, even if he thinks he is insincere. After watching the video, I thought he should be putting his efforts into reconciling with his ex-wife. They could have gone thru therapy. Just seems much too early. Looked like a pretty white wedding though. Couldn't help but think about that when Garrett told Becca that he is the first of hi "bloodline" to get divorced. As noted above, both of them have a lot of baggage. I can't see a Becca and Garrett relationship lasting. I think Becca has hideous taste in men, all things considered. I'm finding it interesting that all of the jerky guys have C names - Colton, Chris and Connor. Don't think it makes sense for Colton to make such a fuss about Jordan and his little golden shorts. Since Becca (producers) gave him the shorts, why would he think it was his duty to protect her from having a little fun? Even if she wants to get married tomorrow (quite likely), nothing wrong with having some fun by keeping Jordan around. I don't know if he is just saying what the producers tell him to, or if he is doing a little comedy routine of his own. Either way, he makes me laugh. A lot. What kind of jerk thinks he has to save a woman from a self-involved (male) model? He should be happy that keeping Jordan around means a potentially serious match is going home. Everyone here called Colton on what he was, usually in the first episode. I was initially swayed by his good looks. Oh well, I think he will have lost a good portion of his hair in the next two to three years.
  2. FUN Bachelorette Quiz!!!

    7/12 Not overly impressive. I also only had two sons and haven't watched all of the Bachelor Nation shows, so that's my excuse.
  3. 2018 Winners

    Shocked, absolutely shocked that The Walking Dead didn't win Worst Writing, although it did do well with several worst categories. The Cerulean Sphere and Weird Science - both won for zombie guts suddenly, magically infecting the open wound victims - I thought that the next runner-up would take it if they both claimed the same example? Otherwise, I am happy that some of my choices won. I will definitely have to try out The Good Place - it seems to be very popular, so I should give it another attempt. (I gave up five minutes into the first episode). This is a great way to learn what everyone is enjoying without having to individually delve into each forum. Good Job, Previously TV staffers! Looking forward to next year...
  4. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    Nailed it!
  5. Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    I knew that I wasn't crazy about Becca but I did feel sympathy over Arie. She is definitely not the kind of person I would choose to spend any time with, whether I went to school with her or was a co-worker. She's just not very interesting, has an extremely limited vocabulary, and has a definite weakness for jocks. I would pick all nerds myself, and maybe a few musicians (my guilty pleasure). So many of the men she keeps are just meh and fungible. Yeah, I sometimes think I'm rude too and go back to find I wasn't as snarky as I thought. Always a relief. As long as we don't assume that we are speaking for most people on this forum (like ChrisSNitch or Chicken Dave), then I think we can safely navigate these political waters. Always safer to use our "hearts" as a sign of our intentions. If nobody likes your posts, that's a sign, I think. I wasn't going to be spoiled for this one, until I fell asleep during most of the third episode. It was like watching paint dry. I woke up and then had to fast forward thru the Kim/Trump crap. Then there was something about football - yawn - fell asleep again, saw something about blood but the entire accident was mostly reaction shots from the bachelors, and I kept wondering if I had fallen asleep thru the cocktail party and rose ceremony. If it wasn't for Previously TV, I would never have known that they stretched it out over two episodes. I did think that the show really did love Emily though. She made more money, I think had a more expensive wardrobe and a lot of say about filming locations. Becca looks like she will roll over and do whatever they say without much resistance. I don't see Chris Harrison even trying to pretend that they have a warm relationship, like he usually does with the Bachelorettes. Not saying that he dislikes her, but that he finds her dull as dishwater. As for the bunk bed "incident" - well, it reminds me of when my son rolled off his bunk bed and fell onto the carpet vacuum that I had unwisely left in his bedroom as his dad and I rushed off for dinner and a movie. It had never occurred to me that our babysitter would not know enough to place the protective bar in place at bedtime. We rushed him to ER because he was a little confused when he woke up - we thought he might have a concussion after hitting his head on the vacuum. He was fine, but I felt a little guilty. Of course, he was ELEVEN, not in his 20s/30s. I don't care what bed you normally sleep in, what adult falls out of any bed? It's a basic survival instinct. Unless there is some health issue that involves balance or perception. Makes me a little suspicious that something else happened. Anyway, I lost any affection for Chicken Dave after he relentlessly went after Jordan. It was like aiming a bazooka at a peacock. So I do like to think that Dave got what he deserved and laughed loudly when Jordan drilled the wooden bars into place. Definitely producer prodding (and tool and bar providing) but Jordan did it with humour, we didn't see any nasty comments like we've seen in the past. Too bad Becca isn't keeping him until the end. Wills is probably my favourite at this point but he is definitely much too interesting for Becca, so I would like my peacock to stick around instead of the football players. I am rooting for Wills as the next Bachelor.
  6. Are we getting the results today, Lady Calypso?
  7. I found myself with the same dilemma, I don't actually watch that many different shows concurrently, and I was trying to not choose the same shows over and over. So If two were close in my estimation, I'd go with the choice that hadn't come up before. The comedies were the toughest for me, I don't watch many of them. It's been a while since I've seen GLOW so I have forgotten what I thought of particular episodes but at least I've watched it all and enjoyed it, unlike the many critical darlings on the list. I will probably end up watching them and loving them too, well after the contest is over.
  8. The Bachelorette in the Media

    From the little I read on the entertainment websites (People & US), it looks to me as if the three of them are trying to assert their brand, especially Raven. One article referred to her as the Grey Suede owner, and since that will only have meaning to anyone that actually follows her, I suspect this is a marketing decision on her part. Probably casual friends with Bekka too, and roped her in to create a fake feud. I actually don't mind Bekka (Bekah?) but I feel the other two are white trash, not entertaining at all but highly annoying. And equally fake.
  9. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Don't agree with this at all. Offensive tweets or in any other kind of social media are still unpleasant. I don't think anyone actually enjoyed Kathy Griffin's photo for example, it came across as in poor taste without being funny but I don't see it as outrageous because I don't for a minute think she was advocating for violence against the man. Her comedy aims to shock but a majority of it is lame which serves to defang it. Yes, there are some extremists on the left but there has been far more serious threats of violence from the far right. Not conservative leaning but the alt right. If there had been some nasty comments aimed at any group of people by someone with liberal leanings you can bet that also would have been exposed and condemned. But generally, the bad behaviour on this show (the Wrong Reasons) comes from trying to exploit the situation for commercial gain, not hating on other people. As far as I remember, anyway. I really do forget all the details by the time the next season rolls around.
  10. S14.E02: Week 2 2018.06.04

    Wasn't that Dave, and it was a joke because he came on the show in a chicken suit? Nah, Jordan would have a mirror on the ceiling (makes me think of English Beat, or the Eagles - “Mirrors on the ceiling, The pink champagne on ice And she said 'We are all just prisoners here, of our own device' I am finding Jordan hilarious so far. If he's meant to be a villain, it's like Gaston of Beauty & The Beast fame. Harmless until he tries to kill the beast.
  11. I tend to binge watch, so I usually have no idea of when a season initially aired. I watched Game of Thrones consecutively, so I initially thought the final season was ineligible. Makes it tough to nominate and then compare.
  12. S14.E02: Week 2 2018.06.04

    Yep, that was what I was going for, I'd do anything for my dog that had rough beginnings, not so much for a guy that I just met. Agreed, that Arie stuff is so annoying. If she isn't really over him, then she shouldn't be the Bachelorette yet. I am pretty sure that she came to her senses a couple of weeks later and realized that it's all to her benefit, it is mostly her ego that was hurt (as it is in many breakups). He does deserve a public slap for the way he did it (even if the producers came up with the extended live breakup not him) because it's all his fault for agreeing to it, and defending it afterwards as his way to help her get this gig. But all she had to do was go to town on the Arie cutout at the cocktail party with the help of all the men, and finally toss it at the curb. Have a final lingering shot on the damaged and torn cardboard, slow pan out and go to commercial. Then never bring him up again. I would have been really upset if I was Becca and Blake, getting stuck with that lame "date." Not fun, not empowering, just cheap. I don't like Leo, find him highly unattractive with a mean not snarky personality but come on Becca, you should have given him the rose. He deserved it. Maybe I would actually find out something about him that would intrigue me and reveal a hidden depth. Actually, he might have been an awesome partner in the aforementioned lame"date." Being a stuntman, he could have improvised a few rolls and fun action sequences. At least he's different from the many clones that I confuse together.
  13. S14.E02: Week 2 2018.06.04

    We keep hearing so much about overflowing landfills, how electronics should be recycled etc. and then they do this. Plus, it is a completely sucky date. The Bachelor gets much more expensive dates, looks like to me. They're not giving Becca very much at all. I fully expected mani and pedis for the men, possibly also new hairstyles a la America's Next Top Model. Such a waste, to have those tuxedos go thru mud and cake and grease. So so horrible. Speaking of which, Bryan looked even more unattractive than he did during Rachel's season. I wonder if she had second thoughts, seeing quite a few hot men in that obstacle race? I don't always like her but she is definitely a very vibrant person. Bryan just looks like a washed out shadow. Have never understood why she chose him. If he was just the rebound Peter choice, that engagement should have been over by now. I didn't have any problem with how Lincoln acted, I thought he was as funny in his own way as Jordan is, but Connor is a punk bully. I wouldn't have waited until the rose ceremony to boot his ass out there. Such a loser. I can't stand alpha male types, they always look to be overcompensating for their own shortcomings. Nothing wrong with a man crying if he feels overwhelmed. It definitely looked like the guys were ganging up on him, although in retrospect, they were probably just surprised at how quickly Connor reacted. Just like my reactive dog, from 0 to 100 in a few seconds. Tolerable in my dog, because I love him, but I wouldn't give that guy the time of day. Hope he doesn't reappear on Paradise once he goes. I am definitely in the Jordan is hilarious camp. If she definitely knows which one she wants to keep, then I hope Jordan makes it to the final two. Just for the laughs.
  14. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    Here's my submissions for celebrity doppelgangers: SnitchChris is Joshua Gomez, formerly Morgan - Chuck's best friend on Chuck. Blonde Nick looks an awful lot like Simon Baker, of Mentalist fame. I couldn't figure out why Becca was so attracted to Infamous Garrett. Two thirds of the time, he doesn't look very good and had a weird kind of sunburn on his face. Maybe they did the interviews with him after he'd been Marguerittavilling in the pool for awhile? Thought it was great to see so many attractive African Americans in the cast. I completely understand why she'd choose them. I'm not into jocks but those football players looked like a lot of fun. I was also aboard the Joe train, although I do think his job will be very time consuming. He won me over with his terrific sense of humour. I thought he was awfully funny when he told Becca that he started out specializing in selling just....watermelons. Blake's hair is totally weird, in a Lyle Lovett sort of way. Seems like a nice guy though. Becca is coming across to me in a company kind of way. Can't picture her rebelling against Fleiss direction in any sort of way. Guess she's what I expected. Not objectionable, but not particularly interesting, at the moment anyway.
  15. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Since there is no mention of living in the U.K. at all in his bio, just moving to Boston as a teen, I am going to assume that he was taught English by an English teacher. I have met quite a few Parisian Francophones that speak English with a British accent. I find it completely charming. The pooping on the floor isn't though, so I want to know more. (I think...)