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  1. The Star Wars Saga

    I'm predicting a lot of plot holes, cheat codes and homages to more talented filmmakers.
  2. The Awards Thread: The Golden Throne

    I think Peter is great but I don't think the writers give him much to work with sometimes. He definitely shouldn't have picked up the Emmy for Season 5 (Jonathan Banks should have picked it up that year). It was nothing against him but he really didn't have a standout moment that season.
  3. GLOWing Reviews: GLOW In The Media

    As entertaining as he is, Maron tends to be play a version of himself whenever he's acting.
  4. The Awards Thread: The Golden Throne

    Nikolaj should have gotten nominated for his work in Season 3 and you could make a strong case for Season 1 as well.
  5. Awards and Nominations

    I'm very glad that Matthew and Keri were once again recognized. Despite the decline in the quality of the writing, those two just knocked it out of the park with every single episode.
  6. The Crown In The Media

    Very happy to hear this, especially that Matt Smith was nominated.
  7. GLOWing Reviews: GLOW In The Media

    Very well-deserved Emmy nominations for GLOW although Allison Brie is an inexcusable omission.
  8. The Awards Thread: The Golden Throne

    Thrilled to see Nikolaj FINALLY get an Emmy nod. It's long overdue. https://wtop.com/national/2018/07/game-of-thrones-roseanne-among-emmy-nomination-hopefuls/
  9. Brandon's exit wasn't very grand, that was the funny thing. He just drives off at the end. I remember thinking even then I was hoping the car would explode like Jack's did. It was odd that Dylan returned almost immediately after Val left though they were able to interact in the season finale.
  10. The Star Wars Saga

    I suspect he'll live. One of the human characters from the original trilogy should get to live. I'd like to think Leia would have survived and helped Rey start a new Jedi Order. I still can't believe that Johnson's only consideration for Lando was him betraying Finn and Rose and that he actually said that.
  11. Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)

    Yeah, I'd love to see an pre-MCU movie involving Hank, Janet, Bill...I know Wakanda was isolated during this point but find a way to throw in T'Chauka as well. I'd definitely see that.
  12. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

    If they wanted more of a connection to Richard Attenborough instead of an unheard of partner (a talented actor whom they wasted) maybe they could have brought back the actors who played his grandchildren. I know the actor who played his grandson is still acting....he was on Justified a few years ago.
  13. Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)

    Fun movie, I enjoyed it. I appreciate the change in pace. Terrific work by Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and Michael Pena. Really appreciate the de-aging FX, which is always fun to see in a movie. Good, creative action and great location work. The mid-credits scene didn't disappoint either. I was glad to see Michelle Pfeiffer, who has had a nice comeback the past two years though I wish we could have seen more of her. I still don't think we got a real good explanation as to why Scott was willing to risk everything (particularly looking after his daughter) to help Cap. Yes, I said Cap. ;) I liked the actress who played Ghost, liked her powers and backstory but the great role Marvel has been on with villains lately ends at 5. Ghost was too much of an afterthought and while Walton Goggins is always fantastic, his character was more useless to the story than even Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2.
  14. The Star Wars Saga

    They were interesting in The Force Awakens and they were not interesting after The Last Jedi. Finn bumbles his way through The Last Jedi, Poe is a guy who can't learn from his mistakes and double-downs on them and Rey just wasn't that interesting by the end of The Last Jedi. That's where I blame JJ for "cheat coding" her powers. I hope the Keri Russell rumors are true. She'd be a great addition to the cast.
  15. The Star Wars Saga

    Finn didn't have an incredible arc or a good arc in The Last Jedi. Poe screws up things not once but twice. Rey has an interesting storyline but the worst thing that Rian Johnson did in The Last Jedi was that he made all three of these characters less interesting. Whatever limitations JJ Abrams has as a filmmaker (and they are considerable) at least Rey, Finn and Poe were interesting and you wanted to see more of them. I didn't leave The Last Jedi wanting to see more of these three. I agree with this. The general view of critics seems to be "The Last Jedi is an amazing film and people didn't get that."