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  1. S05.E13: A New God

    I think if it had been Hvitserk, there would have been no need to hid his face, especially given his last conversation with Ivar. It seems to be someone of note though or from the family of Ragnar, considering how the Seer was frekaing out about it. I think Bjorn was eager to latch onto another "brother" considering all his brothers have left him in their own ways. Kind of like how Ragnar told Magnus he wasn't his son but Magnus still latched on to the idea. It probably helped him survive. I'm also surprised with how well the Alfred storyline is turning out this season. Hirst did such a TERRIBLE job setting it up. Instead of going the far more interesting historical route (Aethelred as King who dies and Alfred, after years advising him, takes over), he chose the most boring way imaginable to make Alfred king. Judith said that Ecbert wanted to make Alfred king because he was Athelstan's son and Ecbert pretty much because Ecbert had a raging hard on for Athelstan. That was the only qualification to make Alfred the king. But the actor has definitely been delivering. He's not David Dawson, who does an amazing job as an older Alfred on The Last Kingdom but the actor is doing a good job. Though that crown Alfred wears looks like something out of Burger King. Please fix that, show. On the subject of Floki, I thought he was going to go the "Kool-Aid" route with his followers in this episode.
  2. S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    I think that's a very good assessment of the season. I didn't mind the idea of standalone episodes and new monsters. But if you're going to do it, then do it well. With exceptions, I don't think most of the episodes measured up and the monster sure as hell didn't. That's why I'm looking forward to Season 2, though I am not high on Chibnall as a writer.
  3. S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    The Doctor is not a killer but if The Doctor isn't going to kill, I wish she would at least make sure those who are not killer never do so again or at least serve an appropriate punishment. The Doctor should have done more to ensure that Tim Shaw didn't return to this old habits, which he was going to continue to do. 10 wasn't afraid to dish out a savage punishment when pushed to the limit. In The Sea Devils it's mentioned that The Doctor convinced the courts not to give The Master the death penalty and instead life in prison. This led to The Master being give a ridiculously nice cell which he promptly escaped from after concocting a new evil plan. The Master is an unrepentant killer who keeps killing so the death penalty would have been more than appropriate for him. Though he would have promptly found a way to cheat death again. But at least The Third Doctor recognized the need for The Master to be locked up and punished for his crimes. The cell he was placed in was ridiculous though and he needed far more supervision to keep him there.
  4. Doctor Who in the Media

    I'm American and the last thing I want is an American company to control Doctor Who. Doctor Who is a British show and should stay a British show.
  5. S05.E13: A New God

    Good episodes. I liked some of the developments. I do actually like the Ubbe/Torvi development. The guy playing Alfred is doing a pretty good job. Was definitely surprised to see the return of Magnus. He looked pretty good for someone who has "been in the wilderness." Ragnar shot down his claim to his face about being his father though I imagine when you have been thrown to wolves, you cling onto any kind of "truth" to survive. Bjorn latching onto him is an interesting choice. As for Bjorn, yeah...he's been wandering around with an angry smurf face for quite a while now. I'm definitely rooting for Harald myself. He was a character I had no interest in during his first few seasons but since last year, the actor has really delivered and become my favorite on the show. Amazed the Seer is still alive. Ivar has definitely gone into Caligula territory and his wife ain't much better. Killing the true father of her child is understandable from her sick point of view but it didn't make much sense not to do it herself. She wanted to hide what she had done, makes sense. But hiring someone to randomly kill someone that he had just SEEN HER KISS means there's yet another person alive who will likely be able to put two-and-two together and figure out that she's not carrying Ivar's kid. Idiot. I'm so over, Ivar too but the actor was quite good with his scene with Brother Whatever His Name is when he decided he was a god who needed a sacrifice. Aethelred...oof. I felt sorry for this guy last season when he got jumped as King. But Aethelred AKA Not Tom Felton's acting has been downright AWFUL these past two weeks. The Floki storyline could be really interesting (and the scenery is gorgeous) but on this show, it's just a distraction and not much is happening. Honestly, they might as well cut the cord at this point. Add me to the list of people who have no idea what the name of the other characters are around Floki.
  6. That's a hell of a cast they have there.
  7. S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    13's pacifism is a little over the top even for The Doctor.
  8. I'm a Marvel reader and never read Crisis but I am REALLY looking forward to the crossover next year. BTW, someone noted that Gary was wearing a Time Bureau pin during his scene last night. So is it possible that he was there undercover?
  9. S04.E09: Elseworlds Part III (2018.12.11)

    That was definitely the weakest of three Elseworld crossovers and didn't stick the landing. That was a bit of a mess but there was some good stuff there to be sure. I enjoy having these crossovers during the Christmas season greatly. I'm a Marvel reader so I never read Crisis on Infinite Earths but I'm REALLY excited for the crossover next year. The Arrowverse shows have pulled off a lot over the years and I really want to see them pull this off. Of course Oliver made some kind of terrible deal that he'll keep secret. Because it's Oliver. Mr. Ramone was a lot of fun here. Really loved the little fist bump that Barry and Kara give at the end. They do have amazing chemistry. Tyler does do a great job as Superman. Was that actually the real Gary undercover from the Time Bureau? Probably the weakest of the various crossovers but still a great amount of fun.
  10. Damn, that would be so much fun. They need to make this happen. Plus, it would give the Legends ratings a boost, at least for that episode.
  11. S07.E09: Elseworlds Part 2

    I'm continuing to enjoy this crossover although it is a bit of a mess. -Really didn't care for Oliver continuing to lie to Felicity and all the silly drama is caused with Team Flash and Team Arrow. That being said, that last Olicity scene really delivered. -Creative having Oliver faced Thawne and Barry face Merlyn, allowing both of them as well to understand the other badly. -Really liked having Barry do the Arrow opening credits. -I liked Ruby Rose as Kate, not so much as Batwoman. She works well with MB though. -Very cool seeing John Wesley Shipp back as the 1990 Flash. I was pretty disappointed when he was vanquished so quickly but honestly, I found those bright white caps he continues to wear on his teeth to be so distracting and it's causing him to mumble all of his dialogue. So yeah, continue to like this crossover but Legends continues to be the best show in the Arrowverse and proved it again last night.
  12. S04.E08: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

    I've been enjoying the Elseworlds crossover despite it being a bit of a mess but damn, it doesn't hold a candle to Legends of Tomorrow and what they did tonight. That's why I love this show. LOL at the meta-humor and actually acknowledging the crossover going on and why they turned it down. Both Custodians and Sirens were great but I think Ray as the gleeful killer put that one over the top. Always love a good A-Team spoof. Puppets was fun too. Gary can be hit or miss sometimes but I was impressed with just how funny Gary meets Gary was. I loved that this was an opportunity to revisit the previous episodes. Absolutely loved the repeated efforts to correct the timeline. I always thought the Fairy Godmother attaching herself to Constantine was a missed opportunity. Never thought of the potential or her and Mick though. This show is funny, crazy and has a lot of heart.
  13. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    Considering the shows are all part of the same universe and that they work so closely together, there is absolutely no excuse for them not to collaborate more closely during these crossovers. None whatsoever. In fairness though, the Arrow writers have a long history of writing their characters to fit their scripts and not writing their scripts to fit their characters. So really, when I think about it, the Flash writers ARE writing Oliver correctly. With no consistency whatsoever.
  14. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    I thought this episode was a lot of fun. Granted, it felt like they were mashing a lot of things together to make it work but I liked it. Enjoyed the "Quantum Leap" between Oliver and Barry and him telling Barry that he had to dislocate his thumb. Loved the Smallville callbacks and Tyler continues to be a good Superman. Looking forward to the next part though I wish this were another four-parter instead of three parts. Stuff I didn't care for... -Obviously how stupid they made Team Flash. Like cartoon stupid. With everything they've gone through, they don't believe Barry and Oliver here and actually think they're enemies? Ridiculous. -Elizabeth Tulloch does look a little like Teri Hatcher I thought. Though what bothered me with is that the Arrowverse is continuing to do with the character of Lois Lane that Smallville did with her. Talk endlessly about how great she is instead of showing us how great she is. -Not that Oliver doesn't deserve a lot of bashing but I thought Iris (when she wasn't being out of character like the rest of Team Flash) was over-the-top with her Oliver criticism. Especially considering that Barry and his ilk cause every single threat they have to contend with every season. It's not heroic to be putting out your own fires, guys.
  15. S11.E10: The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    I actually liked this episode. It was better than the last three ones. I'm glad it was a high stakes premise and they had a returning villain, although I thought the whole Tim Shaw storyline could have been built up better. I liked Graham's storyline here and how he and Ryan made sure Tim Shaw would get what he deserved. I can't say I'm surprised with the ratings though for the finale. This was a below average season that didn't build up to anything for a season finale. I really liked the guest cast here (Robert Baratheon!) and I wish that more time would have been spent with the far more interesting Ux. Other issues with the episode...like most of the stories this season, it was LOADED with exposition. That's something that doesn't benefit this Doctor, especially when 13 starts trying to act like her previous incarnations. I do think the pacing needs to be tightened up as well. The 50-minute runtimes just add more exposition and more commercials, slowing everything down. I appreciated Graham's conversation with The Doctor where he wanted to be honest with her about wanting to kill Tim Shaw. It might have been the best scene in the episode and it was nice for The Doctor to FINALLY have a meaningful one-on-one conversation with her companions. I like Jodie's Doctor and her companions a lot. But when it comes to one-on-one relationships with her companions, there's very little there. The Doctor almost always addresses them as a group instead of as individuals and I think that's her the dynamic here and the view of the companions. So, good episode for a below average season. I'm hoping a year-long break will be what Chibnall needs to return the show to its old form. The 7th Doctor's first season was weak and then bounced back with a strong second season. But given everything I've seen of Chibnall's work, I can't say I'm impressed with him as a writer. Broadchurch featured a strong examination of grief that it's stellar cast really pulled off but the storylines were pedestrian at best and stupid at worst. I don't know if he's up to the task as showrunner. I hope I'm wrong.