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  1. Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    The guy playing Declan is just fantastic! It's the sort of OTT role that usually works my last nerve but I'm really enjoying him and everything about this season. They're doing a great job keeping it fresh.
  2. S05.E06: Of Mice and Men

    Count me in too. I don't mind that these people are flawed. It would be boring as hell if they all had their shit together like Randy.
  3. S01.E08: Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth

    Same. I feel like this is a premise for an excellent mini-series, not a multi-season show. Trying to drag it out while keeping all the actors employed - I expect Janice to somehow survive, for example - is how these things almost always, imho, go to ruin. I'd be more interested in a NoHo Hank spin-off in any case. What a wonderful, special character he is!
  4. S01.E10: Durbin Crashes

    Heather is my favorite thing about the show. What a delightful weirdo.
  5. I'm glad the show is back but I'm a touch disappointed there's no Jessie Graff - what's up with that?! - and that they aren't running in the daytime this year. I really liked that change in aesthetic.
  6. S01.E03: Boarding Party

    My DH was a frogman in a different nation's military and he reckons it's not unheard of for guys to dislike swimming (since almost all of it is in the dark). DH wasn't a huge fan and neither was Chris "American Sniper" Kyle, apparently.
  7. S01.E01: Pilot

    I don't know if it was the actress or the writing but that OGA lady stood out as especially ridiculous in one of the silliest shows of the season. Yikes.
  8. Yeah, but how would we know how clever Michael is if everyone else isn't a total dummy?
  9. I think this course was designed specifically to produce a winner and I'm sure the designers are as surprised as everyone that Drew blew it. Stage 3 was tailor made for him. They even removed the obstacle he failed on last year to make sure lol. He's going to be kicking himself for the rest of his life about this season if he never goes on to win it.
  10. S09.E12: Denver City Finals

    Maybe it's just because I got into obstacle racing watching Sasuke and Ultimate Viking but I don't mind if few finish, or if nobody finishes. The course should be fiendishly hard. These courses aren't impossible. I think a good 50% of the field have the physical chops to complete all the obstacles on their best day, it's just that they don't/can't deliver when the pressure is on. They choke.
  11. I have no problem with the winners. Alone is about as close as you can get to a meritocracy in a reality TV format and it's just plain impossible to win without deserving it. They weren't my favorites - Brooke is effing amazing! - but I wish them both the best and hope all their dreams come true. Back to single contestants next season please, Show.
  12. Wrecked Season 2 All Episode Discussion

    If that was the end of the season (series?) it was a strong finish. Jess and Todd are just fantastic and I'd be all over a spin-off set back in Stockdale.
  13. S09.E06: Denver Qualifiers

    I think she's just starved for attention and it was all just a shtick. I felt really sorry for the kid.
  14. Exactly. They need to strike a balance between people who make the course look easy and people who illustrate just how difficult it actually really is.
  15. NBC is ruining this show

    If the show was just a series of Drews killing the course it wouldn't have the broad appeal it needs to stay on the air. I think NBC is doing a pretty good job of offering something for everyone over the two hours.