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  1. If this is true, I have no further sympathy for Mahkul. He is a grown ass man and he has seen what that woman was like in his own country. He has to know she will be a thousand times worst back here in the USA. So if he likes it, then I love it. I’m taking my sympathy elsewhere!
  2. Hollywood

    Omg did Apple’s manager not shut Apple’s father down!!! Loved it!
  3. Me too! I loved when she asked Ricky’s cuz about him dating girls out of his league and the cousin said nah, he’s a good looking dude why shouldn’t he get the girl he wants and the host replied “you are a good cousin”. LOL
  4. S07.E19: Welcome to the Family

    Once again, no, yet again I see Maci’s storyline is about Ryan. (Sigh)
  5. All Episodes Talk

    Why is Kristin mad at Cece? The text said, Byron said he doesn’t want etc. She doesn’t get mad at her father in law but she’s ready to kill the messenger. Unreal.
  6. LOL. Thanks Kungfubunny!
  7. Agreed! If I had a mic I would drop it,
  8. S07.13 Angel & Jordan 2018.07.18

    I missed the beginning so where was Max? I knew Nev was trying to make his wife happen but IMO she’s not for this job. Wrong about everything, saying not unusual For 18 yr old to sit on someone’s lap. Well no it’s not but when it’s the guy you know your friend likes, yeah that’s real unusual. Please don’t bring her back, I’d rather they use random “stars” like before. Bring Mrs Nev in on a phone call with their cute little daughter. Stay out of Max’s job!
  9. All Episodes Talk

    Announcergirl, not only that did you also notice when her daughter returned from speaking to Evelyn that Jackie said “once again Evelyn is sticking her nose in my family’s business”. Girl did your daughter not walk over to speak to Evelyn? It wasn’t the other way around. Something is seriously wrong mentally with Jackie. Seriously!
  10. All Episodes Talk

    The new season started yesterday. Where is everybody? I came running in here to read the snark and believe u me there should be plenty! Please my fellow posters, get in here! Lol Jackie is still nutzoid and still mad at Evelyn for talking to her daughter. Evelyn is friends with Jennifer but not Tami and still mad at Jackie for talking about her daughter. There are new people added (family of Malaysia). Previews look good.
  11. Judge Judy's worst moments, rulings, etc.

    Lol. I meant to do that. Thank u so much for fixing it
  12. Judge Judy's worst moments, rulings, etc.

    You know what drives me crazy about JudgeJudy? When she says “if you don’t like where you are living, then MOVE”. We don’t all have JJ money to just pick up and move when within the first month we find a problem with our landlord. JS