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  1. All Episodes Talk

    Why is Kristin mad at Cece? The text said, Byron said he doesn’t want etc. She doesn’t get mad at her father in law but she’s ready to kill the messenger. Unreal.
  2. LOL. Thanks Kungfubunny!
  3. Agreed! If I had a mic I would drop it,
  4. S07.13 Angel & Jordan 2018.07.18

    I missed the beginning so where was Max? I knew Nev was trying to make his wife happen but IMO she’s not for this job. Wrong about everything, saying not unusual For 18 yr old to sit on someone’s lap. Well no it’s not but when it’s the guy you know your friend likes, yeah that’s real unusual. Please don’t bring her back, I’d rather they use random “stars” like before. Bring Mrs Nev in on a phone call with their cute little daughter. Stay out of Max’s job!
  5. All Episodes Talk

    Announcergirl, not only that did you also notice when her daughter returned from speaking to Evelyn that Jackie said “once again Evelyn is sticking her nose in my family’s business”. Girl did your daughter not walk over to speak to Evelyn? It wasn’t the other way around. Something is seriously wrong mentally with Jackie. Seriously!
  6. All Episodes Talk

    The new season started yesterday. Where is everybody? I came running in here to read the snark and believe u me there should be plenty! Please my fellow posters, get in here! Lol Jackie is still nutzoid and still mad at Evelyn for talking to her daughter. Evelyn is friends with Jennifer but not Tami and still mad at Jackie for talking about her daughter. There are new people added (family of Malaysia). Previews look good.
  7. Judge Judy's worst moments, rulings, etc.

    Lol. I meant to do that. Thank u so much for fixing it
  8. Judge Judy's worst moments, rulings, etc.

    You know what drives me crazy about JudgeJudy? When she says “if you don’t like where you are living, then MOVE”. We don’t all have JJ money to just pick up and move when within the first month we find a problem with our landlord. JS
  9. Last night’s show — the black ink crew surprises Skyy in her “home” in Miami. Everything is totally staged, staged, staged. Someone please tell them they are fooling no one. And Donna’s man showing up at said House (completely riled up by and brought there by Production) to fight Vagina Slayer (lol) and to read Donna for filth. I think Skyy, before her money runs out, should get some serious help and try to help her son Genesis understand by not lying to him but by being brutally honest.
  10. Wendy Williams doesn’t think she is racist either. What she actually said after showing her audience the clip in the bathroom with Andy (throwing her hands up in mock horror), “white woman out of touch...white woman out of touch”. I did laugh out loud.
  11. Here is something I don’t get. When Kim was putting the final nail in her coffin in the bathroom with Andy she said (and I quote without the profanity) “everyone of those woman on that couch owe the world an apology”. Why? Everything they said she said came with production receipts. It can’t be the racist statement because only Nene said that. So why would they need to apologize to the world? Oh I know because they got in that ass. Normally I don’t like when everyone piles up on one person. Wait, let me rephrase that, I don’t like it when they pile up on the person I like. Kim was so unlikable this season, she deserved every bit of it. I think I am going to watch it again. Lol, I enjoyed it that much.
  12. Bravo to all the comments by all of you above. You all have said it all and said it best. I just want to add that I was so proud of Kandi — no shakey voice at all during this segment of the reunion. I was so happy about that. Lol
  13. Yep that’s what he said and Kim said, “I’m sure the makeup has a lot to do with it”. LOL that woman will not admit she had work done on her face. That woman will go to her grave denying and lying.
  14. Brooklynista, when Drew gave her that defense (RE her drinking and she shouldn’t want to be around Leah at that time), Amber looked taken aback like damn, why didn’t I think of that first. I pressed the stop button on my dvr and came in here to get my peoples perspective (you guys lol) because honestly I had to fast forward thru Catelynn’s bs, Macy’s bs, Amber’s too. Let’s not leave out the good doctor’s bs as well. I’ll just enjoy all the snark on here which is better for my blood pressure.
  15. Robin is nuts. Total foolishness. She should step in here and read what people have to say. Everybody ain’t gonna like you. No sense in blaming the people they do like for what they say about you. Are you that out of touch with how social media works? Or is this your attemp at a storyline. Sigh....