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  1. Official notice: I am not responsible for anything that may happen the next time I hear the term “she shed”.
  2. S04.E02: Breathe

    Emmy for Rhea Seehorn.
  3. S04.E09: People Like Us

    What an absolute mess this show has become. The characters are awful and thoroughly dislikable except for Morgan, John, and Al. Charlie is a little sociopath and murderer, Alicia an insufferable brat, June/Laura a selfish swine, etc etc etc. Isn’t there anyone on the writing staff who realizes that a continuing drama series requires characters that people care about? They have totally written themselves into a corner and can’t get out.
  4. S03.E06: Broke From The Box

    COLD. Cold. Cold. Cold. Damn.
  5. S03.E05: Prey

    I liked the insight into the way Deran and Craig have been kept as man-babies to make them easier for Smurf to control. Poor Mrs. Lassiter.
  6. S31.E50: "Serial Confessions" and "Taken Away"

    “You were sending pictures of your penis to women while the love of your life was rotting in the trunk of your car.” Now there’s something you don’t hear every day.
  7. S03.E03: The Center Will Hold

    Nicky is going to get herself killed. J’s infatuation with Cartel Girl is like a neon sign pointing out that if J dumps Nicky, she knows enough to put the whole family in prison.
  8. S04.E08: No One's Gone 2018.06.10

    This show. They present an intriguing S4 premiere that looks to revitalize the series with new characters. And then. And then. They use this ridiculous, impossible-to-follow narrative structure that manages to kill any interest I had in these characters. Add generous helpings of Idiot Plot wherein the protagonists distrust and fight the other protagonists, while trusting people they shouldn’t trust. Oh, and let’s take the most talented actor in the cast and make him a medical invalid the last two episodes, essentially giving him nothing to do. I would support a five year ban on the use of all flashbacks and flash forwards by television writers.
  9. S06.E10: START

    So, no accountability for all those murders of innocent people except that they are cut off from their kids (in Paige’s case a plus)? In my ending, they get blown up by Chechens in the 1990s.
  10. S06.E10: START

    Hated it.
  11. S06.E08: The Summit

  12. S06.E08: The Summit

  13. S04.E05: Laura

    That may have been the dullest hour of television I have ever seen.
  14. S04.E03: Good Out Here

    I really hate Idiot Plots, but the episode would have been about 15 minutes long without them. I liked the first two episodes of the season, but this one had me rolling my eyes throughout. But it I won’t miss Nick and his scenery chewing.
  15. S06.E05: The Great Patriotic War

    The best thing about last night’s episode of #TheAmericans was the shot of Philip in the phone booth, with the American flag just out of focus behind him. The camera rotates around to put it right behind him—like a cartoon angel on his shoulder, whispering into his ear. —Sonny Bunch on Twitter