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  1. MLB Thread

    Maybe some of you analytic folks could explain to this fogey what Counsell was thinking by having Miley face one batter, then hit the showers. I just don't see the strategy there.
  2. Bad Times at the El Royal (2018)

    Emily was no picnic herself. She killed the G-man without a second thought and I thought it was heavily implied she killed dad. (Not that he didn't have it coming, but still.)
  3. Nicole Kidman goes full Charlize Theron-in-Monster in Karyn Kusama's Destroyer:
  4. OK, Issa the Human Truth Serum was kind of funny and a cute plot device for the Pierces to get their issues out on the table. Anissa, it's nice you got laid, but there's such a thing as being too loose. That ain't no game you're playing out there. Glad they're letting Jefferson still teach.
  5. Never lived with a pregnant woman, I guess. What? Is that the door? Would ya look at the time...
  6. S09.E02: The Bridge

    Damn, Enid went Civil War medic on poor Aaron. That arm was gnarly as hell. Carol and the King are ridiculously cute.
  7. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Oh no!
  8. NFL Thread

    Closing arguments in the Kaepernick collusion suit.... Mark Geragos: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I have no closing argument. Instead, I just wish to show you some game film...of Nathan Peterman." [NFL Lawyers audibly groan][Geragos hits play] ESPN Sports Center: "After being out for 15 minutes, the jury found for the plantiff and awarded Kaepernick $100m."
  9. NFL Thread

    So the QB that tears up the Bears D is Brock Osweiler?
  10. When people talk about "Liberal Hollywood", they're talking about the creative side. When it comes to the financial side, Hollywood is quite conservative, in all meanings of the word.
  11. College Football

    Four teams in the Top 10 went down today. It was almost five, but Notre Dame pulled it out against Pitt. Big Ten's getting interesting, Penn St. goes down and Michigan's looking legit. (Sorry, Cheeseheads) Best sign on College Gameday: "Hornibrook eats at The Chum Bucket"
  12. MLB Thread

    Who's been the more disappointing good/great pitcher in the postseason: Kershaw or Price? Price has been more futile, but I say Kershaw because of the disparity between his regular seasons and postseasons.
  13. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Not a surprise, but it's nice to have it official.
  14. That Killers song is perfect, too.
  15. A Star is Born (2018)

    Here's a little pick-me-up.