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  1. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Well, she got ripped off because I still find her to be fugly...of course her winning personality has attributed to that, but I've honestly never thought she was good looking. If I saw her walking down the street & had no idea who she was, I wouldn't give her a second glance pre, or post work done.
  2. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    The "at some point" absolutely kills me. More proof of how seriously she's taking this. Also, isn't it SUCH a COINCIDENCE that she had her first panic attack at 20...the same age she happened to be when Tyler left to pursue his passion for "acting" in NOLA (because when I think acting, I think Louisiana!)? They both need to take a seat & shut up...but good for them for thinking that saving at least one life is worth screwing up thousands more.
  3. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    OK Kail Soprano, you're full of shit...unless you cut off & cancelled the boys too, you certainly didn't cut off "EVERYONE" because how would the boys be taken care of otherwise?
  4. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I can't stand that for some reason. Maci does that to Maverick's hair & that's where my irritation began with this hairstyle. It reminds me of a baby version of a man-bun, and I don't like those. No offense to man-bun lovers/wearers.
  5. S31.E11: It's Britni, B...

    Teej, step away from the "TTM" gear!!
  6. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    I agree with you, except I think she handles what she shares with the public pretty well. I respect that she was able to share her news her way, as opposed to the dramatic way Jenelle & Kail always tend to have their crap put on blast.
  7. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    The vacancy left by the photo of her & Javi holding hands in their underwear isn't gonna fill itself!
  8. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    A Teen Mom taking the lazy way out? Noooooo. Say it ain't so! 😒
  9. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Sorry to get all Dr. Seuss up in here, but if Jenelle is high, it must be a day ending in "y"!
  10. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    I think Aubree is too old for that at this point. She'll be what, 8 or 9 when this baby is born? Other than the clothes, I don't see how the "baby" stage would be any different for her than it was with Watson. By the time the baby girl starts becoming more of a "little girl", Aubree is going to practically (or actually?) be in Junior High & probably not going to be too worried about feeling inferior to a 3 year old. She'll be at the age where she'll start to WANT her parents to ignore her so she can talk on the phone, or go to the mall, or whatever is all the rage with the prepubescents these days.
  11. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    She's a ray of sunshine, for sure. She's definitely not sour-faced all the time, just like Jenelle never yells. Kail is to "Live Happy" what Jenelle is to "#momlife.".
  12. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    They're like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids when she's fucked up on the airplane & sneaks back into first class with sunglasses on after getting kicked out. When the flight attendant ("Steve"..."whatever STOVE") walks up to her and she says "it's not me", THAT is the Easons in a nutshell.
  13. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I refuse to watch this clip (or watch the show anymore), but FUCK. THEM. You got fired because you're a hateful, frightening, disgusting homophobe. If you had merely been filmed doing what you do 37 times a day (drugs), you wouldn't have been fired you backwards, ignorant piece of shit.
  14. S07.E14: Choose Your Path

    Sloth sloths are cute. Human sloths? Not so much.
  15. S07.E14: Choose Your Path

    Yep. It reminds me of the last episode (or the episode before that?) when Cate was having her breakdown. She called Tyler, and instead of answering "hello", or "hey babe", he answered with "you're the strongest woman I've ever met in my life". It just seemed so insincere, and not because I think he doesn't love her, but because my first reaction was "that wouldn't have been his opening if the cameras weren't around". You're not behind the times, Amber is just horribly insecure in any relationship she's in.