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  1. SURly Staff In The Media

    She's still part of the show. My friend was there a few nights ago. They were filming. Scheana Marie Cibrian Shay was there.
  2. Leah Messer Sims Calvert Messer: She's 23!

    She means TM2 voiceovers, & not actual "voiceover" work, right?! The one thing that still cracks me up about both TMs is nobody can properly do a voiceover after a decade. #geniuses
  3. Social Media: Whaa?

    I watched One Tree Hill until it ended. After season 1, I was already going "why am I still watching this? Well, I already started & it won't go on much longer. Might as well finish." A dog ended up eating a transplant heart after it fell out of a cooler at a hospital. That wasn't the last season. I still finished (Jamie Scott beat Nathan's scoring record as a teen!). That said...bye bye TM2 season 9. No more viewing from me. I'll always have Chelsea. The rest of them can eat a bag of dicks (like they normally do).
  4. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Kail & Javi should get back together because with their lips, when they kiss, their genitals wouldn't be able to touch. No more reproducing for them! Small favor to the world.
  5. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    C'mon, she wouldn't blame Kaiser...Jace is older & would be the one trusted to make sure nothing happened to the baby & if it was a weekend he wasn't there, then ultimately it's BARB'S FAULT. All roads lead to blaming Barb. #yahtzee
  6. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    LOL!!! They know they're fucked on the house, so all ridiculous social media efforts shall be directed to the pool company immediately! I wonder if "broken parts" refers to the fence that still isn't properly surrounding the pool.
  7. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    These kids are all just SO STRANGE when it comes to relationships. They simply cannot "date" and it trips me out. If they go on ONE date, and have "talking words" (as stupid as that phrase is, it actually accurately describes the "conversations" these people have on dates), it is immediately & automatically TRUE LOVE!!! #SOULMATES!!! In my experience, when a first date goes well, the most that is going to come from that is a SECOND date. When a first date goes sorta alright for these people, they start talking babies....THEN marriage someday because that is obviously a bigger commitment than kids. There is that cliche lesbian joke, "what do lesbians bring on a second date? A U-Haul"...I think that needs to be updated to "what does a Teen Mom 'cast member' bring on a second date?"...
  8. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    I agree with this. Whenever people comment about how tattoos will look when you're older, I say "you mean among my wrinkles, sun spots & saggy skin? I think a colorful blob will be the least of my worries".
  9. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    You know how some people have an office in their home, or a gym, or a sewing room? The Easons need a designated pill room...they can just use Jace's room once that's finished.
  10. Are we coworkers? Just kidding, the slackers don't get congratulated...they get promoted.
  11. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    So that's why his "tough guy" voice started going very high pitched & again, sounded like he was about to cry. Lol! They're such idiots. Roxanne's eyebrows continue to frighten me, and I've said it before, but she is still giving me "Piper Laurie in Carrie" vibes...but Brianna DOES have dirty pillows.
  12. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    I enjoyed this typo, because I'm now picturing Jo pulling a Meghan Trainor on Kail - "My name is NO! My sign is NO! My number is NO! You want me to babysit your latest trap baby? NO!". In other news, I'm sure I've come across this information before, but I learned today that my state bird is the California Quail...I'll never forget that & if I were on Jeopardy & it was a final question, I'd probably write "California Kwhale".
  13. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    Yeah, and speaking of the word "my", I noticed that when UBT was yelling at the VP of TrailerTown, AND when he was talking at Jenelle, he kept calling it "MY house", not "our house". Also, during his rant to VP, at one point the little bitch sounded like he was about to start crying.
  14. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    Isn't Leah's home a modular as well? The holler definitely holds up better than a swamp. Javi: *glazed over eyes* You [the cameras] better be there when I get back. That's all I'm saying. You [the cameras] better be there this time. Is it true that Corey from the Challenge is the new Teen Mom? If so, Javi must be gutted. Tee-hee
  15. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    Built? Didn't they basically decide to plop it down mid-swamp?...after David "leveled!!", "raked!!!", and "WORKED!!!!!" the land?