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  1. All Episodes Talk: Go or Stay?

    The one good thing about when she tells people to hire a shaman, I've always heard her tell people to get one from the local tribe. One big problem though, is what if the local tribe and their shaman don't want to cooperate? In my neck of the woods, tribes don't always have good relationships with the surrounding non-tribal communities. (I'm certainly not saying this is universal!)
  2. All Episodes Talk: Go or Stay?

    This might be more appropriate for the all episodes thread, but it's DOA, so I'll post here. I was wondering if some of the specialists Amy recommends are expensive to get to these locations. In keeping with the discussion above regarding most of the victims' economic statuses, I was wondering if they could afford to fly a mental medium in, or pay to somehow transport a "big badass male medium" to their homesite. Maybe that's why some people don't comply with Amy's suggetions. I saw a rerun this weekend too that mentioned in the text at the end, that the couple was trying to get a priest to help them. Amy had told them to ask the priest across the way, and it sounded like that priest must have refused. Interesting.
  3. Bwah! That would explain some of Martha's more acerbic moments!
  4. What a rip off! I was suspicious when the movie description onlly mentioned the loss of the Heart of Middleton, and not the wedding. Ugh. After all the foofarah in the last episode of the regular season about finding the perfect place, flowers, dress, etc. too. I was thinking the same thoughts about the ruby being unprotected. Really? REALLY?!! Also, didn't they say they had security cameras that didn't catch anyone coming or going? Well, how about security cameras on the stinkin' ruby?! And a new wishing well in town that is apparently very old but never has been mentioned before. For a hot second there I thought the thief was going to toss the ruby in there. Martha left her cayenne pepper shaker on the table instead of putting it back in her evening bag. I laughed when Sam showed Cassie the trap door, thinking she didn't know about it. Heck, the thing was covered with a tiny floor rug and set into what looked like a gleaming new floor. Yay on having so much George in the episode. Boo on no Derek (has he completely left the series?) or Brandon. I thought they would be there investigating the theft. Yay on no Tara. I find her character annoying. Boo on no Tom either. Does their budget just not stretch enough to feature all the characters in one episode? C'mon Hallmark, cough up some dough!
  5. I looked at my cable schedule and it looks to me like it's only being repeated once on the next weekend. (Sorry, I'm at work and not in front of my cable box at home so I don't have day or time. )
  6. Did you see the bunny guy latch onto Adam DeVine at the end of the show? Adam looked very uncomfortable!
  7. The Hallmark website still just says "coming in October" regarding the next t.v. movie.
  8. Good stuff Jul 68! Thanks for posting. I'm glad Dot will be in it, but hope fervently the rest of the cast will be too. I'm glad to read the whole thing won't be set in a foreign location.
  9. Add me to the chorus of those wishing they'd nix all the singing acts. I'd really love the show to concentrate just on the variety acts. I'd take that cute quick change duo any time over any of the singers. If I wanted to watch a singing competition, I'd tune in to one!
  10. Good Witch in the Media

    Good! Thanks for posting this. And don't forget to watch the annual special in October.
  11. I'm probably just thick-headed, but I never got a chance to learn any of the names of the new characters in this episode (except Beatrice) so it was hard to keep straight who was being talked about by Phryne and Jack and Hugh.
  12. I just found this series and am so thrilled that there will be a movie. It was planned as a trilogy, so hopefully the first one will do well enough that they will make the other two. (And more!) And I agree with GaT, I want the others back too!!
  13. S02.E04: Deadweight

    Loved Hugh's character development/backstory and the Greek boxer. Otherwise, this was my least favorite episode of this whole series.
  14. S13.E12: Live Results 1

    Crikey! I wish they would disallow singers from this competition (other than singing incorporated into other variety acts, like Darcy Lyn's, or the choirs). If I wanted to watch American Idol, I'd watch American Idol. Or the Voice. Ugh. I just don't get the hate for Vicki the commedienne. I like her. I thought she wasn't as funny last night as in the judges' cuts, but I still liked her. Why was Tyra's commentary so innane this week?! If she asked one more person last night what feelings they were experiencing, I thought I would spit vomit like one of the human fountain guys. I usually like Tyra, but there was too much of her this week and her interviewing skills need work.
  15. I have noticed that too. I just wondered if they were acts that performed but got cut out in editing. Often their costumes are so bizarre, it makes me wish I could see their act. I'm pretty sure he was. I noticed that too! Go grannies! I probably care way too much, but this infuriated me too. Because of this show, I am truly starting to hate Will Arnett. I hate that he's a producer too. Ugh. I thought the bunny rabbit was amazing. I thought the cows were going to be another one of those obvioiusly planted ready-for-gonging acts, because a bunch of them do seem to incorporate blow-up costumes like those.