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  1. They finally mentioned the word "gay" in an episode. Of course, it was technically in reference to Corbin Blue's character, but this is also the most they've actually referenced that Brad is gay. I got mad when Brick said he had a bowl of mayonnaise for dinner and went to bed. Geez, child neglect much? The trope of Brick being neglected is getting old. I'm not usually such a grump when it comes to t.v. shows, but this seems like lazy writing. I still love this show though! I also was mad that Mike didn't make Axl sit in the back and that he ditched his date with Frankie. He seemed so thoughtful when it was just the two of them, and obviously made her so happy. She was even putting lipstick on as she hurried to the car. I always hate how they let Axl talk to them as well. In my house I would have been left on the curb for talking to my mother that way! Brick mentioned he has only one friend, so Troy must still be in the picture, unless he meant Cindy. I did laugh when Frankie mentioned that she accidentally sold a car once.
  2. Kevin FINALLY pretended to talk on a cell phone while he was talking to Yvette! Several posters here have suggested that, and I'm shocked it has taken the writers so long to use that ploy.
  3. So, next week is the last episode?
  4. Please, if you have a very weak stomach like I do, don't watch this while you are trying to eat! As if the screeching and horrible manners weren't bad enough, hearing the crew talk about the smell during the surgeries almost made me upchuck.
  5. Yay! Thanks lambertman!
  6. I didn't realize that it was him! (Not that I knew who Ruben Amaro, Jr. was before this show. Not that I really realize it now, either.) I love it when they do that. Loved seeing the actress who plays Flo in the Progressive commercials in another role. ETA: I just also realized that Lea Thompson directed this episode!
  7. Yeah, the episodes where they allow Barry some quiet moments of insight are more enjoyable than the ones where all he does is yell and/or pick on Adam.
  8. That bugged me too. I also wondered why they didn't just relocate to Doris' parlour.
  9. Thanks AnnaRose! I was horrified but laughing at how the hospital staff left Greg alone so long. I'm no nurse, but I think that if someone had a (legit) blue-hand problem, that would need some immediate attention.
  10. I've gotten blue hands lots of times from new pants or jeans. To add to the merriment, I am allergic to that, so my legs get a rash all over them and then my hands get hives. Blue hives are NOT sexy, by the way! Loved Doris' maternity suite. And, that baby is gonna be a wreck! My sound on my t.v. cut out -- what did the doctor say when Greg first came up and said hello? Was it something about being a bad doctor?
  11. Add me to the chorus of those who are disliking how they are writing Anna-Kat. In this episode she was practically psychotic.
  12. Is this really being cancelled?
  13. I think the thing that drives me nuts the most about this show (And yet I still watch it!) is that they don't really teach the couples any real coping techniques. There is no therapy really tailored to each couple. They don't teach them to fight productively, despite each season's L.O.V.E. episode. The counselors never sit down with them and explore each couple's issues. This is such a joke. For instance, let's look at the shahs. Assifa keeps revisiting the girl at the gym, but not once has Bobby ever apologized on the show or given her an assurance it's not going to happen again. That makes her insecure. Instead of confronting Bobby about his lack of respect,the counselors have only gone after Assifa for her harping.
  14. The pink elves that Kris was talking about buying for Kylie's tree were extremely creepy to me!!
  15. I'm glad they called out Erica on her bad attitude. It gets wearing.