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  1. Season 4 Episodes

    This! I hadn't really figured out what has been bothering me (other than the horrible writing!) but you've hit the nail on the head -- they both exhibit such a flat affect!! There is no twinkle in anybody's eye. I was glad to hear Grace call George "Grandpa." He's not technically her grandpa, but it's nice they have that relationship. (For those of you who don't know, George is Cassie's first husband's father-in-law, grandpa to Laurie and Brandon.) I think some of the continuity has been a bit better this season. For instance last night they had Sam mention Cassie's foster mother. As I was doing dishes the other day I'd begun to wonder if they were going to invite her to the wedding and, to my delight, they are. I actually don't hate this season as much as the past two years. Oh, and I was happy to hear her mention Laurie! I was afraid they were going to write her out completely too!
  2. S02.E24: The Spring Gala

    So, was I the only one who bemoaned the fact that Cooper Bradford and his parents weren't featured? (See my post above on that.)
  3. Season 4 Episodes

    I agree with most of you -- I love the scenery and I miss the magic! They really have watered Cassie down. One thing I did like about this episode was that Cassie did say that the soil in the garden did seem to possess some magical quality. Could we please fire the writers and start with a fresh pack that has actually watched the first three movies? And who have IQs above 80? And common sense. (Who transplants not only one, but TWO trees?!) Actually, I think the writing has gotten BETTER this year, but it is still not very good. So, let's see, the people MIA as of this writing are George's wife Gail, Laurie, Ben, Derek (this season so far, anyway) and....am I missing anyone? Then there's the long list of people who have moved away... And yet I still watch and mildly enjoy and don't want this show cancelled -- just fixed! Oh, one more thing -- did any of you used to watch Psych? I would LOVE to see a cop show featuring Derek and Buzz (Sage Brocklebank is the actor). They would be a funny pair!
  4. S02.E24: The Spring Gala

    Spectrum lets me record over too, if I want. You have to go into the "record" option for your show (even though you've already set it to record) and then "change recording settings" and then it will show you the options to record longer. (Hope this is correct. I am at work, not home.)
  5. S02.E24: The Spring Gala

    I liked this episode on its own, but I was really disappointed that it didn't feature Cooper Bradford and his parents! I thought we'd finally get to meet the 'rents! Katie induced Sara Rue's character and others to donate items for the silent auction by "selling" seats at the Bradford table. Well, when it all came to be, I don't think there were even any tables. I too wondered if they were making punch out of used trash cans. In my mind I like to imagine that they were brand new cans that the recycling committee had on hand, wrapped in plastic and unused. I missed the fact that there were bloopers at the end! Rats!!
  6. Season 4 Episodes

    Good catch luvmylabs! Shellysue, can I live there with you? It's big enough I don't think we'd even run into each other if we didn't want to. I don't even care if it is lacking reliable wifi or a working stove!
  7. Season 4 Episodes

    I'm a prosecutor and agree with both you and @msrachelj. If he wanted Abigail to have ownership of the house, you put her name on the DEED not the loan! Also, she would have to accept the deed to make the transaction complete. If we want to be really picky, she could have had Martha charged for stealing the pink Himalayan salt last week, but I don't think anyone wants that. I actually saw Cassie take a credit card for payment this week! She didn't run it or anything, LOL, but she had it in her hand. I guess that's a small improvement. I just wish they wouldn't write this show as if we were all drooling imbeciles. Don't get me wrong -- I still enjoy it! But it could be so much better. Amen sister friend! ETA: I also like to assume her garden still has the magical properties it used to in the second movie.
  8. Season 4 Episodes

    Wow, it's like the showrunners read all my comments from last season (I bet they didn't, but a girl can dream, right?) and fixed a lot of the issues. They still are incorporating a bit of magic. But, as a nod to the "are-they-magic-or-aren't-they" question regarding the Merriwick women, they had Nick address it straight out with Grace. I don't think she gave him a definitive answer though. They had an acknowledgement that Tom used to be the mayor. That really bugged me in prior seasons that it wasn't really mentioned (I think they finally did last year). They've kept up the intuition talent of the Merriwick women as well, which is nice. I loved Martha's searching through items outside of Cassie's shop for inspiration. I can't believe Sam kept mum and didn't give Abigail credit for her sacrifice of the ring, but maybe that's a future plot point so they are keeping Cassie in the dark for now. I was glad to see George and Tara and found it interesting that Brandon was missing. Still no mention of Laurie. The writing just seems a bit better this season though. I still wish they'd address George's missing wife, Gwen. Oh, and I can't believe those three men would still talk to Abigail. They were pretty disgusted with her when last they met. What happened in real life that the actor who played Ben is no longer on the show?
  9. S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    I got to re-watch half the episode on-demand while I was home at lunch. When Kevin was bouncing the tennis ball in his mother's house, I noticed that he glanced at the full wine rack. On my first viewing, I thought that he just realized he was bouncing the ball too close to a bunch of glass bottles and that he'd better knock it off. On the second viewing, it dawned on me that it was a moment of temptation to open a bottle and return to his old ways. Subtle, and brief, but a nice moment. I liked the little shtick between Kevin and his mom, to the tune of, "Can I be honest?" "Always." But my belly laugh for the night occurred when Kevin said he usually spent the day of the Super Bowl getting blind drunk and sleeping with the best looking model who would have him, and Rebecca replying that she spent the day the same way. It was a nice little moment between them.
  10. S02.E12: Selling Out

    I can't remember if it was this episode or last week's, but she did have a stroller at second breakfast. They just didn't talk about the baby and it didn't make a peep.
  11. Good Witch in the Media

  12. S09.E12: The Other Man

    They finally mentioned the word "gay" in an episode. Of course, it was technically in reference to Corbin Blue's character, but this is also the most they've actually referenced that Brad is gay. I got mad when Brick said he had a bowl of mayonnaise for dinner and went to bed. Geez, child neglect much? The trope of Brick being neglected is getting old. I'm not usually such a grump when it comes to t.v. shows, but this seems like lazy writing. I still love this show though! I also was mad that Mike didn't make Axl sit in the back and that he ditched his date with Frankie. He seemed so thoughtful when it was just the two of them, and obviously made her so happy. She was even putting lipstick on as she hurried to the car. I always hate how they let Axl talk to them as well. In my house I would have been left on the curb for talking to my mother that way! Brick mentioned he has only one friend, so Troy must still be in the picture, unless he meant Cindy. I did laugh when Frankie mentioned that she accidentally sold a car once.
  13. S01.E11: Solo

    Kevin FINALLY pretended to talk on a cell phone while he was talking to Yvette! Several posters here have suggested that, and I'm shocked it has taken the writers so long to use that ploy.
  14. So, next week is the last episode?
  15. Please, if you have a very weak stomach like I do, don't watch this while you are trying to eat! As if the screeching and horrible manners weren't bad enough, hearing the crew talk about the smell during the surgeries almost made me upchuck.