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  1. Did you see the bunny guy latch onto Adam DeVine at the end of the show? Adam looked very uncomfortable!
  2. The Hallmark website still just says "coming in October" regarding the next t.v. movie.
  3. Good stuff Jul 68! Thanks for posting. I'm glad Dot will be in it, but hope fervently the rest of the cast will be too. I'm glad to read the whole thing won't be set in a foreign location.
  4. Add me to the chorus of those wishing they'd nix all the singing acts. I'd really love the show to concentrate just on the variety acts. I'd take that cute quick change duo any time over any of the singers. If I wanted to watch a singing competition, I'd tune in to one!
  5. Good Witch in the Media

    Good! Thanks for posting this. And don't forget to watch the annual special in October.
  6. I'm probably just thick-headed, but I never got a chance to learn any of the names of the new characters in this episode (except Beatrice) so it was hard to keep straight who was being talked about by Phryne and Jack and Hugh.
  7. I just found this series and am so thrilled that there will be a movie. It was planned as a trilogy, so hopefully the first one will do well enough that they will make the other two. (And more!) And I agree with GaT, I want the others back too!!
  8. S02.E04: Deadweight

    Loved Hugh's character development/backstory and the Greek boxer. Otherwise, this was my least favorite episode of this whole series.
  9. Crikey! I wish they would disallow singers from this competition (other than singing incorporated into other variety acts, like Darcy Lyn's, or the choirs). If I wanted to watch American Idol, I'd watch American Idol. Or the Voice. Ugh. I just don't get the hate for Vicki the commedienne. I like her. I thought she wasn't as funny last night as in the judges' cuts, but I still liked her. Why was Tyra's commentary so innane this week?! If she asked one more person last night what feelings they were experiencing, I thought I would spit vomit like one of the human fountain guys. I usually like Tyra, but there was too much of her this week and her interviewing skills need work.
  10. I have noticed that too. I just wondered if they were acts that performed but got cut out in editing. Often their costumes are so bizarre, it makes me wish I could see their act. I'm pretty sure he was. I noticed that too! Go grannies! I probably care way too much, but this infuriated me too. Because of this show, I am truly starting to hate Will Arnett. I hate that he's a producer too. Ugh. I thought the bunny rabbit was amazing. I thought the cows were going to be another one of those obvioiusly planted ready-for-gonging acts, because a bunch of them do seem to incorporate blow-up costumes like those.
  11. News, Media, & Shows

    The GF is 53. How old is Larry?
  12. Agreed on both counts. I am so sick of seeing the chicken guy! He was also on America's Got Talent, and on this show previously. They actually said it's his third time on, so I wonder what the other creature was? On AGT He was a caterpillar. I saw him previously on the Gong Show as a walrus. The chicken was actually his best character, which is not saying much.
  13. I kind of liked the pogo stick guy. I thought they short-changed him.
  14. I'm with you on all the fact that the last two judging panels have been too tough and curmudgeonly. I also hate how, this season, the judges will sometimes go up and try to do the act themselves. It's not all about you, you attention-hogging judges! What if you break a piece of equipment? It's not like any of these performers look like millionaires with enough money to replace what you break. Sit down! Be nice! Gong only when necessary. And gross food-eating acts make it necessary, NOT kids' jumprope competitors! Most of the acts have more talent than Will Arnett, that's for sure. I thought Jimmy Kimmel would be a fun, sympathetic judge, but he was just as jerky as Arnett and Anthony Anderson. Yeesh. I have gotten so mad at the judges during these past two episodes I yelled at my t.v. (Yikes! I need to get out more!) It's just that I watch this for some light-hearted entertainment and mean overly-critical judges spoil the fun. If these acts were stellar, they would already have successful shows somewhere. Give them a break. I kind of liked the guy in the overalls who set the barbeque on fire and balanced it on his chin. That's rather impressive in my book. If Hee Haw were still in production he might have been great on that show. I'm glad they nixed the sing-along this season. While it was a cute idea, it was a bit much for each episode and tended take too much time and drag down the show's pacing. One final thing -- I hate despise and loathe the blatty Gong Show band. That trombone player is the worst!!
  15. Season 4 Episodes

    Jack-son, I was wondering where you had been! Glad you're back and have fun catching up.