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  1. No, but the Death totem might be.
  2. S01.E07: Equinox: The Book of Fate

    I remember an episode of Elementary that subverted that trope to great effect. Sherlock blackmailed an ex-con by starting to talk loudly about a guy who hadn't disclosed his criminal record to his employers. However other people in the room had heard enough of what Sherlock said and the guy got fired and was about to be sent back to prison for his failure to disclose. The guy tried to kill Sherlock and badly wounded a friend of his.
  3. Iris West

    I think this was more the driving force than anything else. I think if Iris had been White/Asian/Male whatever, they'd have done this storyline. Maybe Iris being a Black woman somehow made it an easier sell. I think for sure it made it easier to make it all about Barry's feelings about losing Iris with almost nothing about Iris's feeling about being brutally murdered. This last episode was the first time we've ever got to hear Iris reacting to that situation and talk about her feelings during it. It's probably the most telling sign that Kreisberg is gone.
  4. Iris West

    They actually did imagine and essentially show a version of this at the start of season 3. In order to restore the timeline that he changed with Flashpoint, Barry brought Thawne back to that moment in his house and allowed him to murder his mother.
  5. Iris West

    She was at least a very important love in his life, which is pretty close to that. Is Iris the love of Barry's love? Sure. For now. Unless Candice Patton leaves the show for some reason. In which case somebody else will become "the" love of Barry's life.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    Well, they were rookies. The guy who won clearly showed skill throughout the competition. His runner-up had skill but bad luck. The young guy had skill but lacked the maturity to fully harness it (Oh, and I hope his boss wasn't watching this). The bit with looking like he was working instead of actually working probably sent him home early. If he'd shaped that handle more, he might've been able to continue. Santa/Wrestler dude just seemed to start out kind of fucked and never got much better. As for the fifth guy, his knife that he forged at home with his tools and all the tome he wanted still broke. Maybe he should rethink his hobbies.
  7. Iris West

    Okay, but you'll find it a bit obscure. Hawk and Dove during the Armageddon 2001 comics maxi-series. The villain, Monarch captured and then murdered Dove, who Hawk loved. Hawk hunted him down and killed him only to find that Monarch was a future version of himself. Discovering this he became Monarch. Dove was a white woman.
  8. I get the feeling that Jennifer is not going to be super-happy about getting powers. She's probably going to look at it more from the "I'm a freak!" angle and want to get rid of them.
  9. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    Coming at this from a superhero RPG background, Wally and Zari team-attacked the reverend and made a really good Persuasion roll. Or maybe God caused him to be moved by their statements. Or privately he wasn't quite as committed to his self-righteous views as his previous bluster indicated. Screw it, the record needed to get on the air to protect history and drive the episode to its conclusion. It was good enough for me.
  10. S01.E08: The Book of Revelations

    I suspect that "Lawanda" is simply the form taken by whatever demon from Hell actually raised Lala from the grave/jail cell. BTW, Lala has a really nice shower setup. I slightly fear a little bit for this show's second season. It reminds a bit of how Sleepy Hollow had a balls-out awesome first season and then quickly turned to shit in later seasons.
  11. Black Panther (2018)

    We could do with some more of all of those. I'm hoping lots of little girls (White/Black and across the Rainbow) are looking at Shuri going "I want to be her when I grow up!"
  12. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    I love the way this show is confident enough in its actors and stories that they can take what are arguably their "A" actors/characters (Mick, Ray and Sara) and put them in a "B" plot (rodent funeral).
  13. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    Nate was annoying with his Elvis enthusiasm, but he was supposed to be. Sometimes you have that friend that's super-enthused about something you don't give a shit about and he wants you to be enthused, too, despite your lack of shit-giving. That was Amaya's point in inflicted her country's music on him, but he was so sweet in pretending to like it that she realized she loved him. This does kind up amp up the Nate/Amaya story since it's clear that Nate's no longer Amaya's "last fling" before embracing her "real destiny."
  14. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    Time travel. Magic. Superpowers. Suspension of disbelief kind of needs to be a given with this show.