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  1. Steven Universe

    This cute, adorkable green bundle of wackiness is Peridot This kind of horrifying monstrosity with human beings sticking out of her body? That's Topaz.
  2. Steven Universe

    Though figure Lapis Lazuli's reaction to the idea of human-style sex would probably be "Thanks, but I'm not putting that in my body."
  3. Steven Universe

    I was riffing on My main point was that Gems could potentially become much more powerful by fusing/blending with human organic forms such that the humans provide bodies so that the Gems would have more energy/bandwidth to use on innate abilities. Plus the idea of a bunch of Gems coming to Earth to sign up for dating sites was a little hilarious to me.
  4. Steven Universe

    I think a Hillary-style pantsuit fits Pearl's personality better than a mini-skirt. As for Steven's powers, think a little bit about that silly-ass "theory" that human never use more than 10% of their brain. That might be true consciously, but unconsciously/autonomically that other 90% keeps us breathing, digesting replacing cells and generally performing the trillions of operations per second that keep us alive. For Gems their "90%" is required to keep/maintain their hard-light physical form which allow them to physically interact with their environment. Steven is different. Because he has an organic, physical body that mostly works like a human's, he uses far, far less of his "Gem bandwidth" and can potential do a whole lot of other things (psychic powers, fuse with humans, etc.) Figure if Gem even figure out that effect, we might see a second invasion of Earth because HOMEWORLD NEEDS MEN.
  5. S05.E10: The Flash & The Furious

    That actually sounds like a good reason for Barry to go after the car, if the police were endangering lives by chasing it. Again, haven't seen the episode, but ending a hazardous car chase sounds like a good reason for the Flash to suit up and get to running.
  6. S05.E10: The Flash & The Furious

    An attempt, sure, but I wouldn't call it desperate. For one thing LoT is off until April. For another, I could see your point better if it'd been Ray Palmer, Nate or John Constantine doing the writing. Mick Rory was "born" on The Flash. So The Flash doing a bit of a callback to a character who originated there is fine with me. Plus, yes, Mick writes how men think, but he's also been immersed in a pool of extra-strength estrogen with Sara, Amaya/Charlie, Zari and the other strong, interesting independent women on LoT for a good two-three seasons now. Figure there's a reason Ava Sharpe (an out lesbian and Sara's committed girlfriend on the show) also enjoyed Mick's writing.
  7. S05.E10: The Flash & The Furious

    Who says they dropped it off (didn't actually see the episode)? Hasn't it been published already? I know on LoT at least one of his books has already been published (Uncaged Desire). I'm a bit surprised that Barry liked the book. I figured Barry would be leery of it but Iris, Caitlin and the other women would like it. Honestly, the idea of Mick Rory turning into the Arrowverse version of E. L. James is hilarious to me.
  8. Elementary in the Media

    For the moment. CBS started last season at 13 as well and most of us assumed that would be the final season. We might see the order upped this season as well if another CBS show falls flat.
  9. S04.E08: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

    They hold up pretty well in my opinion. There's obvious silly stuff (despite his only apparent income being from a partner in the struggling at best Santini air, Stringfellow lives on multi-million dollar lakefront property) but it holds up once you accept the 80s-goofy premise.
  10. S04.E08: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

    And I just realized that Custodians of the Chronology took a bit of its title font from Airwolf.
  11. Rex Tyler

    No one has to "fanwank" anything. At the end of the second episode of LoT Season 2, Eobard Thawne murdered Rex Tyler/Hourman and basically stopped him before he could go back in time and warn the Legends, so the scene sort of never happened.
  12. Steven Universe

    Well, sporadic combat aside, there really hasn't been much of a war. Yellow and Blue grieved for Pink but assumed that Rose Quartz and her followers were all shattered. Jasper and Peridot were originally sent to check progress on the Cluster Geo-weapon. The Rubies were sent to find Jasper. Topaz and Aquamarine came to get the new form of Rose Quartz once the Diamonds figured out that she was "in a new form." Finally, once "Rose" escape, Blue and Yellow came to Earth personally to avenge Pink and finally learned the truth. There's definitely been conflict, but not really a war. And even the upcoming "Battle of Heart and Mind" seems like it will eventually become, well, a battle of heart and mind as opposed to a more physical conflict (though that will certainly be part of it at first). Still once that's over (and Steven effectively wins) that ends the main conflict in the show. So, either another conflict has to arise or the show ends because everyone "lives happily ever after."
  13. Steven Universe

    One reason I bring up the "Why do Gems look humanish" is that the 21st will have the one hour "Battle of Heart and Mind" special that presumably ends the Fifth Season. With that end it seems likely that we'll see a resolution to the conflict between Steven + the Crystal Gem and Homeworld/the Diamonds. Once that happens it's difficult to see how the show continues absent some other element. Conflict is Story. The ultimate conflict in Steven Universe was with Homeworld and was based mostly on a misunderstand that has since been corrected. Still, there are other considerations that could lead to other conflicts/stories. For one thing, why is Homeworld so militarized? When the colonization of Earth began, they were still very focused on making soliders. Why? It's fairly clear that the early inhabitants of Earth were no real danger to them, so why the emphasis, well before any hint of rebellion, on the military? Perhaps because there was another threat out in the stars? Aside from killing the Earth, why was Yellow Diamond so fiercely determined to make a massive "geo-weapon?" Why did she think she needed something that required the destruction of an entire planet to create?
  14. Steven Universe

    Gems' "clothing" (including Peridot's) is more like tattoos or body paint. It's effectively part of the "hard light" humanoid form that gems use to interact with the wider universe. Pearl's dress, is basically part of Pearl. Think back a bit to when Peridot was slightly astonished at the idea of "appearance modifiers that aren't melded to your body." It's possible that there was an exception to this during the wedding of Ruby and Sapphire with most of the Gems wearing wedding clothes. It's also easily possible that they simply modified their forms to give the appearance of wedding finery. One question I'm like to see answered is, "Why do the Gems closely resemble human (or at least humanoid) females?" According to the show's history, the colonization of Earth was the first time Gems encountered human. However, it seems like a pretty large coincidence that the two life forms resemble each other closely enough to mate and produce offspring. The likeliest explanation is "that's just how it is" in the same vein of "why does Kirk keep running into bangable alien chicks instead of sentient slime molds or something?" However, it would be interesting if it turns out that Gems (who really seem to be more manufactured than reproduced) were original some kind of servant class to another group of humanish aliens, like the Cylons or the 'bots from Westworld.
  15. Steven Universe

    I'm curious to see what, if any, changes will be made to Lapis and Peridot when they reform from getting "poofed." I suspect Lapis will remain as she is. With Peridot, I wonder if she'll reform without appearance enhancers AKA naked. Peridot seems to be the only Gem we've seen with an interest in wearing human clothing. It might be interesting to see her in a position where she actually needs to wear it.