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  1. Fine. Where would you put an Iris speech? Both of the speeches took place within the Flash episode. So, maintaining the same overall situation while you can switch out one of the other speeches, where do you put some kind of Iris speech that doesn't prevent her from doing the shit she needs to do and/or get her killed/captured? The Kara/Overgirl speech is explained since Overgirl needed Kara alive. Oliver-X considered himself "gracious" enough to let the blonde girl have her last words because he had plenty of time (though he didn't). So, where does Iris get her moment?
  2. I didn't see this episode, but after boiling down the comments what I get is: After the crossover where everyone on all the shows was pretty damned awesome at least a little bit, most everyone on Arrow except maybe Felicity is back to being kind of a fucktard this week, right?
  3. There kind of is. If Iris stops to school Overgirl, Overgirl vaporizes her with her heat vision. Or has her dragged off to join the others in their cells. And shit doesn't get done. Overgirl was okay bantering with Kara because she needed to keep Kara alive to get her heart. Earth-X Oliver let Felicity have her "last words" because he appreciated a bit of drama. As I recall after Kara was freed, Iris was helping free the various prisoners while Ray and Felicity got Kara to safety and sunlight. I suppose they could have switched out Iris and Felicity, with Iris standing between Oliver-X and Kara, but I think it works better for it to be Felicity in that situation. Hitler didn't send 6 million people of African heritage to death camps (though I'm sure he sent any he could find what with Jesse Owens and Joe Lewis making his "master race" look less than masterful). Beyond that, there just really wasn't a point within that situation for Iris to have a big speech moment without getting murdered out of hand.
  4. I was too busy laughing at the stupid to be offended. Cecile's daughter is working in a job that objectifies and degrades women because of feminism? What the fuck ever, Kreisberg, maybe your new lack of employment will give you the time to catch half a clue about women but I doubt it.
  5. It's easy for me to believe that Iris was in pretty close contact with Felicity as Team Flash's leader since they're in the same universe, planet and country. As for the rest, if everyone of the kind of heritage that Nazis hate got to give them the "go fuck off!" speech, that would likely have been most of the stuff in the crossover. On the other hand, Iris is the one who called in the rest of Team Time Bandits, which is what really saved Kara (though Felicity's delaying tactics were needed as well) and put paid to the Nazi Metallo as well. The White folks can speechify, but Iris is the one who gets shit done. Cliff and his wife best watch their asses because Iris is coming for them. Nobody puts her Baby Barry in a corner (jail cell).
  6. IIRC Andrew Kreisberg was running The Flash and Supergirl. Supergirl saw the budding romance between Kara and James Olson get shit-canned into the "friend zone" while Barry and Iris still seem more like roomies and "friends from work" than a passionate newly married couple. Maybe now that Kreisberg has been ousted we'll see some more PoC and affection-friendly changes to both shows. I will note that mixed-race romances never seemed to be all that troubling for Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Arrow has John married to Lyla and having a child together. While the relationships on LoT (Ray and Kendra; Amaya and Nate) haven't maintained themselves (Kendra was destined to be chained forever to a controlling asshole of a bird person while Amaya apparently prefers men who are actually men instead of needy overgrown frat-bros) it wasn't due to any kind of racial situation.
  7. They are? I've never seen any evidence of that. I can believe that Barry told Iris about Kara, but I think the first time the two of them met was in "Duet" late in the third season. For my part I never saw Iris needing much motivation to save Kara beyond being a good person who wants to save another good person from the fucking Nazis who broke up her wedding. That I will agree with and also agree that James Olsen should have been the viewpoint character for that confrontation.
  8. The biggest thing I see is that there wouldn't be any connection between Iris and Overgirl outside of racial opposition. The reason the first two work is the emotional resonance. Felicity isn't just facing a Nazi who despises her for being Jewish, she's standing up to a Nazi wearing the face of the man she loves. Sara isn't confronting someone who hates bisexual, she's confronting someone with her father's face who celebrates the idea that he killed the other her for being who she was. Iris and Kara barely know each other. Kara is basically "Barry's friend from another dimension." Overgirl has no connection to Iris either and would likely regard her as an inferior human bug to squash. If Iris was going to face off with a Nazi, it would have needed to be Nazi Barry Allen, but since they already did "Evil Barry" in the 3rd season, that was probably considered to be too repetitious.
  9. I'm not. Jenkins has been described within the show as "the world's oldest soldier." He's all about duty. From his perspective back then, a mysterious woman with a weird amount of knowledge of the Library has been swiping artifacts, including one that granted immortality. She did this for 400 years before she was finally captured. Eventually Jenkins and presumably Judson learned who she was and recruited her knowing what would happen because prophecy. After the prophecy was fulfilled he kept her locked up because she was immortal with a personal agenda and a likely grudge against the Library. As it turned out, it was kind of good that he did because if he hadn't, the Library would likely have been destroyed. It was probably wrong/bad of Jenkins to do what he did, but I see his reasons for doing it. Meanwhile, Nicole is now out there, immortal (or at least unaging) with a personal agenda and a likely grudge against the Library. So, fun times ahead, I guess.
  10. But, but that would have meant cutting something else out of the crossover. And we totally needed all those icky moments of Nazi Oliver declaring his twu Nazi wuv for Nazi Overgirl.
  11. It's a lot more likely that Cain/Pierce took on the role of law enforcement officer because it's highly useful. If he needed to murder someone, being in charge of the investigation would make it much easier to cover his own involvement. Besides we can't be completely sure that Cain is the actual villain. It's possible that The Sinnerman did the murders on his own to set up his own death at Lucifer's hands. It's quite possible that Cain sees himself as an instrument of justice. Given his own divine punishment he could desire that other lawbreakers should be equally punished. That might explain his disdain for Dan, a "corrupt cop" who got away with his crimes. So, figure Cain was already in a law enforcement role when he came across the name Lucifer Morningstar and figured out that Lucifer was the real Devil and not just some poseur nightclum owner.
  12. I admit to wondering how long it will be before someone draws a parallel between the Library's need to be tethered to humanity and the Librarians' need to have some tether to regular human relationships. Figure one reason so many previous Librarians died or went evil was that they were unbalanced. They were so focused on the Library that they lost connection with humanity.
  13. Patron Saint of Thieves? Now I kind of want a Preacher/Librarians crossover featuring the Saint of Killers. Except now that I think about it, that would be a really short episode. BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!....BLAM! And no more Librarians.
  14. I like Rachel Nichols and the first episode was pretty good, but I think I liked the second one better. Watching Cassandra gleefully "cheat" the luck-suckers was really fun.
  15. Well, Cain doesn't have any supernatural powers. He's just afflicted by a divine curse that's completely outside his control and therefore not truly a power as such. Tom W said his character had no supernatural powers and he doesn't. He has a supernatural "condition."