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  1. One of the best things to me about Elementary is the close platonic relationship between hetero( or bi)-sexual Sherlock Holmes and heterosexual (and female) Joan Watson. "Non-sexual life partners" is a description that fits them perfectly. Is it really too much to ask that in the vast territory of "one true pairings and romances" in the TV multiverse that there can be two platonic relationships between men and women?
  2. S06.E15: How to Get a Head

    It occurs to me that Joan is now on pretty friendly terms with a woman who is pregnant. I wonder if that will lead somewhere adoption-wise.
  3. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    That was the sci-fi guy's take on that technology. We're a long, long way from doing this to anything above a microbe. Actually, I doubt we're at the microbe stage yet. Elementary occasionally does "near-sci-fi" episodes and this was probably one of them. Figure part of it would be the time the appeals process takes. It's likely the class would be done before the process was completed. The professor might have been reprimanded or fired, but that wouldn't have helped Marcus become a marshal. A speedy resolution was the only thing that would help Marcus. One interesting thing is that Sherlock seems to be a lot more willing to pull strings and use his status as Morland Holmes' son to get things done. It's a cool "consequence" of their repaired relationship.
  4. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    I loved Marcus' deep discomfort while "interviewing" Skylar. It was cool to see the Air Force general/baby-fetishist again. Also, yeah, no sane person would want Sherlock as an enemy. Plus, the bit at the end was just awesome. "Even better." I thought Miller did an excellent job directing.
  5. S06.E15: How to Get a Head

    This was another one where the victim came off as a really cool person that will be missed. He seems like someone who would have had fun, interesting discussions/arguments with Holmes or been a fun "Irregular." I also felt kind of bad for the kid who stole the skull to try to scare off a bunch of asshole bullies.
  6. Quotes of Tomorrow

    The others probably wouldn't do the more lethal things above either. My point is that Mick doesn't "Mickname" Amaya because he's afraid of her, he calls her by her name because he respects her and honors her.
  7. Quotes of Tomorrow

    Presumably he doesn't want to smacked around by Sara, exploded from the inside out by Ray or crushed by Nate in his steel form. Meanwhile, Snart could freeze him, Zari could (and did) spin him and the sheer number of horrific things that John Constantine can do and has done to those he deems "deserving" defies listing. I think it's more he treats Amaya with a higher, more formal degree of respect.
  8. I still think one of the most interesting things about Kendry is the way she came to care about other people/beings while Hullen. She was decent to the prisoner woman last episode. The main reason she threatened Dutch was out of deep concern for Aneela and what happened to her. Finally she didn't want to be cleansed because she wanted to keep her Hullen abilities to be able to protect her baby from the Lady. Poor Pree got knocked out. Still, he should have known not to screw with pregnant women, especially Hullenized pregnant women.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    So do I, but people are going to make what they're going to make and it'll either hold up or it won't.
  10. Actually, destroying-the-brain/severing-the-spinal-cord-at-the-neck has been the go-to method for killing Hullen in the past. Zeph just took it a step further with the idea of killing the Hullen but quickly repairing the injury to save the host.
  11. Black Panther (2018)

    For Wakanda's sake, here's hoping Killmonger wasn't up on his botany.
  12. The Meg (2018): It Will Eat Bruce For a Snack

    I wonder if Statham's character will offer to eat anyone's pussy.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    I can't really blame that on the show. The forging materials have been pretty straightforward in the last couple of episodes which had the failed blades. Last week's was the big nut and regular bar stock. This week's had the big ball. Neither of them were "cut a bicycle apart and make a canister damascus billet using iron leached from your own blood" kind of challenges. Last week's was really bad. It came off as "a competent blade-smith versus the three blade-smith stooges."
  14. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    I floved that bit. I love that this show goes out of its way to remind us that Bell are Gregson are highly capable, highly intelligent police officers who will call upon Sherlock and Joan when they need to but that they really don't need to all that often.
  15. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    The Earth moves through space around the Sun at 67,000 MPH. It definitely wouldn't be in the same position on the days before and after July 2. Joan and her mom kind of broke my heart.