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  1. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    Well, if Derrick wins the tournament, he should be able to throw only hell of a wedding/honeymoon with 50K. It's a bit of a tossup so far. In terms of sheer skill, I think that Kirk and Derrick and pretty evenly matched, but Nicholas seems to have a more modern, better equipped shop, which is very much an edge in and of itself. I admit that I am curious as to next week's episode just to see the difference between "metal-workers" and the other three kinds of, well, metal-workers.
  2. Forged In Fire: Knife Or Death

    It really doesn't. Honestly, since it's its own show, it really should have its own separate show forum. You should submit it to the site administrators.
  3. I hope she channels a bit of her character from The Santa Clarita Diet: "Mick, Captain Sara says that you've been stating at Vampire Hitler for, like, a really long time..."
  4. I thought that was kind of deliberate. The idea to me was that Oliver could go in a really, really dark direction given the right/wrong impetus.
  5. Venom (2018)

    That's a bit complicated. In truth, Venom may well be a villain in current comic canon. I don't know because I haven't kept up with it. That said, while Venom started as a Spider-man villain, he eventually morphed into more of an anti-hero. While he and Spidey never really became friends as such, they did occasionally team up to deal with mutual threats,.
  6. I wasn't really planning to see this, but I'll try to tape it to see if Bitsie Tulloch as Lois gets to shoot somebody or smash an animal-based villain in the face with a frying pan.
  7. Venom (2018)

    In the order they appeared, my answers are: 1) Venom figured he could handle whatever whatever the delicious monkey creatures could throw at him. 2) Venom told about those conditions as things to avoid so Eddie wouldn't be separated from the only thing that gave Eddie a modicum of success - Venom. Like, "You should avoid certain sounds as well as fire lest you turn back into the pathetic meat-sack you were before I found and bonded with you." 3) "Krytonite" is used in this real, actual world that has no Superman as well. "Models and cocaine were Charlie's Sheen's kryptonite." The idea that Superman (and Batman and Wonder Woman) are comic book/movie characters in the movie's world is perfectly okay. 4) No clue on that one except that Tom Hardy throws himself totally into the characters he portrays. So cuts a handsome figure as a dream-spy in Inception (and an actual spy in This Means War. Meanwhile, he can reduce/eliminate that handsomeness to portray down-on-his-luck, ethically (and hygienically) challenged Eddie Brock. For my part, I kind of liked that they re-imagined the Venom origin without Spider-man. Venom's fixated hate toward Spider-man made him/them seem like a whiny bitch consumed by envy and rejection. I have to admit that while Hardy did a good enough job as Brock, I was kind of hoping he'd channel some of James Keziah Delany from Taboo. "We have a use for you." *Chomp*
  8. Venom (2018)

    I have seen the film and it's quite violent, but it's very PG-13 violent. It's violent the way a PG-13 strip club (one of which can be seen in Kin) is "sexual" with girls in skimpy clothes but no actual T, A or V being shown. Does Venom bite a dude's head off? He does. But it's off-screen and there's not even a modicum of blood to indicate anything fatal happened to him. It's sort like the bit from George of the Jungle where a dude falls off a 1000ft high bridge and reappears in the next scene with his arm in a sling to the narrator saying "Don't worry kids. People don't die in this film. They just get really big boo-boos." Honestly, this movie needed an R-rating and the willingness to just go balls-out insane with stuff like Deadpool did.
  9. It's obviously going to be Raisa. She'll be in her new superhero identity - American Maid.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    I was actually kind of okay with that move. FiF is one of the very few shows I watch live with my mom. However, I've also been having to work a late shift on Tuesdays, so the move to Wednesdays lets me watch it live with her. Meanwhile, Knife or Death looked stupid from the get-go so we just don't watch it.
  11. I think in the moment Don kind of forgot that Edgerton was even there. Crystal had to be stopped so he shot and stopped her. I'm still in Season 3, but I haven't noticed much of a change in his approach to doling out assignments. That said, Don was pretty good about handing out assignments even before the therapy. I think the therapy was more about keeping him from going down a bad road than anything else.
  12. S05.E18: Dead Man's Tale

    Likely the killer captain went to several different investors with the "I found some secret info that there's really treasure down there, want to get in on the ground floor?" story. Repeat multiple times. He was looking to trade his reputation for a huge score that would let him fully finance his own treasure hunts in the future, I'd say. His problem was that somebody else found a real piece of secret info that there really was treasure down there and so murder.
  13. Now you've made me need to see Brandon Routh singing the Sid Vicious version of "My Way."
  14. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    Nice start to the Invitational Championship. No broken blades. No catastrophic failures. No deeply stupid errors. Some blades were just better than others. One thing this episode showed was the need for smiths working on the historical weapon to really think carefully about how the weapon is supposed to work and what it's supposed to do instead of just trying to "forge for the tests." The Mortuary Sword was meant to be wielded one-handed by a dude riding a horse. It needs to be sharp and tough, sure, but it also needs to be light and easily maneuverable. I'd say that overall Riley's sword did slightly better than Kirk's during the testing. The problem and the thing that undid him was that his weapon was too damned heavy to really be suitable as a cavalry sword. So Kirk moves ahead.
  15. The therapy session was "One Hour" and was two episodes before the episode with Don giving Ian a bit of the cold shoulder. As for Crystal, I think Don would have taken her alive if he could have. I think the biggest part of why Don shot Crystal was because she was a woman. The FBI is a somewhat male-dominated organization and no "real man" likes the idea of shooting a woman. Don shot her because he sees part of his role of team leader as taking the dirtiest jobs for himself. One cool bit about "One Hour" is that the record label owner was a former member of the 18th Street Mexicali gang from the 1990s. That gang was referenced in "End of Watch." Num3ers didn't really engage in the kind of dense world-building that Elementary does, but there definitely was some. I'm wondering if some of the folks who worked on Num3ers ended up with Elementary.