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  1. S03.E11: Fallen World 2018.06.20

    That's kind of the point. Clarisse is obsessed to the point of insanity. Beyond all that, given her circumstances and actions, I think if she stopped to think about or process all that, she'd just curl up in the fetal position, weeping and begging for mercy. So she doesn't stop. Except that now she'd been stopped, so she'll have to deal with it anyway. Meanwhile, figure Pastor Anna will have to get through to her to get her to undo what she had done to the Rocinante and otherwise help them save the solar system. Figure there's a good chance that, through no goal of her own, Clarissa Mao will help save humanity from the proto-molecule - something her dad utterly failed to do (once he started to try).
  2. S03.E11: Fallen World 2018.06.20

    It won't be wrapped up in 2 hours, though there will be a "stopping point." It'll be wrapped up 5-6 episode into the next season just like all the other arcs. Ashford might want the Behemoth, but figure part of the reason he referred to himself as "Captain" was to avoid showing weakness/division to the Inners that they might try to exploit.
  3. S03.E11: Fallen World 2018.06.20

    I think if he'd had the option, he'd have sacrificed himself. It's just that that particular ball landed in Drummer's court. I like the way this show defies expectations. On 90% of other shows, the "twist" would have been that the clearly untrustworthy first officer was actually *gasp* untrustworthy. Here, it's that he's actually a decent person who cares for the Belt, the Belters and their place in the universe. Spinning the Behemoth and then inviting the other ships to send their wounded (along with medical supplies) was a pretty genius move that will likely redound in the Belt's favor. And Melba gets Tased by an Angel (or at least by somebody who theoretically believes in angels). Amos continues to be awesome. "You changed your hair."
  4. S06.E08: Sand Trap 2018.06.18

    I loved the bit at the beginning with the foreman and the "professor."
  5. All Episodes Talk: Blades of Glory

    No, it doesn't. Once again, Neil, who won the final challenge with his Cinquedea, had only 18 months (aka 1.5 years) of experience when he did that. He also came in second in the last Champion of Champions competition last season. The amount of experience a smith has is helpful on this show, but it certainly isn't a done deal. This was actually one of the better episodes, I thought. There was a similar spread of experience (lowest 1.5 to highest at 3) without crap like "Steve has been forging for 50 years while Jess started last month." The nuts-and-bolts canister challenge was tough but clearly doable as was the final challenge. The weapons got through all the various challenges during all stages. This was a good episode, hands down. Plus Doug and R. J. play slap-fighting was kind of adorable.
  6. I loved the Master showing up and basically going "Come on, Minerva. You can play war with your little Baron friend later. Right now, you have to help me with some weird-ass, mystical wu-shu martial arts stuff first. You know, like a grown-up." And Chau's face is all "What the actual fuck with this?!"
  7. S06.E06: Give Me the Finger 2018.06.04

    I fanwank that Hannah wasn't a cop in that moment, just a person coming home and finding her roommate and friend murdered.
  8. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    Probably because he pushed the issue. Everyone else fired their weapons and saw that their bullets had been "gooed" at which point they stopped. He kept trying with the grenade so the room ate him.
  9. S03.E11: Fallen World 2018.06.20

    Pure speculation, but I suspect that this is where the twist comes that Ashford really is a good guy who is/was trying to do right by the Belters and Drummer.
  10. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    Intercepts are clearly possible given Melba's checking out possible intercepts of the Roci from the Thomas Prince. One thing to remember is that nobody's in normal space now. It's not like there's this wide open area where if you're behind someone you stay behind them unless you can somehow go faster. This thing is some kind of extradimensional space. When ships enter it they seem to get spit out in somewhat random areas of the place. So, just because the Martian ship was pursuing the Roci doesn't mean it was closer to it than Noami was when she launched from the Behemoth. At least that's my take on it.
  11. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    I can't believe there wasn't some crew on the ship. Aside from the sensor drones and missiles, pretty much everything else that flies needs some kind of human person to fly it. Also, there was clearly breathable air on the science ship, which there likely wouldn't be if the thing didn't need to keep humans alive on it. Finally, once the ship was destroyed and "Holden" claimed credit, all the very forces in the area tried really hard to capture and then very much kill Holden and the Roci. Figure that reaction wouldn't have been quite that vehement if he'd just blown up an automated vessels. As was, figure people died. From my point of view, I kind of sympathize with Clarissa, though I don't support or goals or hope for her success. I mostly kind of hope she finds some way to stop (or be stopped) before she brings more harm to both her own soul and to those people around her.
  12. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    Presumably she watched the news play out about her father, so she knows about it. Or "knows" about it. It's pretty clear to me that she thinks her father was trying to explore/stop the proto-molecule but doesn't believe the less savory aspects of how he did that. So she probably doesn't believe he had a hand in effectively murdering Julie.
  13. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    Regardless of the above I think Clarissa does feel remorse, or at least guilt, over what she did to Ren. Considered how weirdly protective she got when the others started digging into his possessions. I suppose one reason I'm as willing to sympathize with Clarissa as I am is because she is still capable of feeling guilt and knowing that she really isn't the hero of this story. Contrast that with Mao, Strickland, Anderson Dawes and even Cotyer, who murdered an innocent man for the "crime" of having a bad poker face.
  14. S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    I don't know if that was Holden's only crime. I do recall him destroying a ship filled with charity doctors because he thought it was possible that one or more of them might be infected with the proto-molecule infesting Eros. That said, I find I feel a bit sorry for Melba/Clarissa. I understand why she's doing the crazy/evil things that she's doing, but they're still crazy/evil things. I kind of wonder what will/may happen if she actually does reach the Roci, gets caught up in the weirdness surrounding the Roci and comes to realize that, yeah, Daddy really is an evil piece of shit after all.
  15. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Screw it, maybe after this SyFy will pick The Dresden Files back up.