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  1. S10.E12: Unfinished Business

    Ehhhhhh I would not characterize him as gorgeous. Or even good looking. He's a little strange looking actually.
  2. Amber

    YES! And they were planning trips - to Ibiza!
  3. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Oof madon! That dress is doing her thunder thighs no favors. Kail needs to learn that clingy, stretchy jersey fabric is not for curvy ladies.
  4. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Did they say "boogietown?" I don't remember that. I am sure it was pot, they were covering up the camera because they were about to smoke whilst driving. I know she is a proud smoker, but I do not think she wants to be caught smoking and driving. I really do not see Cait as doing anything harder than pot. Well, I bet she abuses benzos, but I don't see her as a speed-type addict. April - yeah she's a meth head. Cait doesn't look like it or act like it. Agreed - Amber is most definitely on drugs, she has that look about her. Once you know that look, you know that look. Ha - I love that saying "that house looked a FRIGHT!" And indeed it did. There is a certain look of chaos in the home of an addict. I believe Tyler even mentioned that he wanted to leave to get away from the chaos.
  5. S06.E10: Screams and Queens

    Yes - I meant to bring up lady-voiced Beckham.
  6. S02.E04: Don't Poke the Bear

    Oh my GOD - so true! I remember that being youthful me too... and of course, turns out the same.
  7. S07.E11: Unconfuse Your Brain

    Thank you! Is there a reason the lending company would want to be sure they spell this out? I am just trying to figure out if his family is filled with deadbeats.
  8. S06.E10: Screams and Queens

    Right? She said she was off it for good because it made her angry. I had a feeling she was back on it. Truth and time tell all. Yeahhh her "pasta!" (I can now only hear that in James' voice/pronounciation: "past-a"
  9. S07.E11: Unconfuse Your Brain

    Druzy I <3 you. You have SKILZ. The house looks pretty nice. I still don't understand what a Trust Deed Assignment of Rents is. I actually think it is really nice that the grandparents go. When kids are little they love to have the grandparents around. They get older and want to spend more time with friends - it is nice to do things together when they are little and excited about that.
  10. S07.E11: Unconfuse Your Brain

    I love how someone on here calls it "beef-before-haute" or something like that! That cracked me up. Same! OMG!! I think that scary hayride was a little too scary for Leah's age. Druzy - any deets on where his parents have the "family home" in the 'Bu? I am very curious about this guy and where he comes from. I feel like he knew what she was saying about "poor bread" or whatever, too. Did anyone else hear Taylor say something to Bentley, after asking him what he was planning to be for Halloween, to say "I have to do this or they will fine me.." Can't remember the wording. What was that all about?
  11. S06.E10: Screams and Queens

    From the first episode, I thought he was SUPER hot, and then he opened his mouth. I cannot get past the voice. Then - last night when he put in the contacts... I was strangely attracted to him again!
  12. S01.E05: Surprises and Sentences

    Poor fool. He’s like - I just don’t get it, why are you acting like this?? Anyone with eyes (and we see that James has eyes) would see she was fucked up!
  13. S01.E02: New Warden In Town

    And how would he even DO that? Can't just send it in the mail, right?
  14. S01.E05: Surprises and Sentences

    I was sure it was heroin, and I think it was that when he met her at the gas station. But - the pupils being huge - that is uppers, coke. Opiates make your pupils pinned and tiny. Coke and meth make them huge saucers. Maybe she did a bump of coke in the bathroom.
  15. S02.E02: Manhunt

    You would be walking along the shops and cafes and all of a sudden, you are in front of his house. I was surprised at how it is in the middle of everything.