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  1. S03.E13: We Used to Be Friends

    I’ve had it in my head for the last 2 hours but couldn’t figure out why! My subconscious must be playing it for me after seeing it in the title. Come on now, sugaaar ETA now I miss Veronica Mars! It’s so icky! The only people I’ve encountered who talk a lot about money are those who did not have it growing up and maybe have a little now. They are basically waving a flag that says “insecure!”
  2. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I don’t believe there is a reason outside of Twitter, besides people thinking it’s funny. It annoys me beyond reason.
  3. She runs into the scene, squirrels herself into the couch next to Kelly, grabbing her hand. Glancing at the camera to be sure she is in the shot. It was pathetic! You are right, she wants to be cutesie, but she will NEVER be cutesie. Her face is like a horror show!
  4. I was shocked at how small their apartment was - I figured he must have money. Otherwise, I really do not see the appeal. I thought drunk Kristen was kind of bs - everyone kept saying she drank so much, but she seemed to be way drunker than everyone else. It seemed like she wasn't out for very long, so I don't think she can party like she used to. I used to hate when she was drunk on Laguna. I remember Kristen, Alex and Jessica going to Dave and Buster's and drinking what looked like daquiris, but they were in high school - so virgin. They seemed to get a little goofy, so I figured they were bringing alcohol with them to spike the drinks. The long hair is good on him, but after looking him up, I see that he looks better with a very short beard.
  5. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I totally agree! (see, I wrote it out instead of ITA - not that hard!) I agree with whomever posted above that this is a new world we live in, and it is filled with acronyms, but I thought we were supposed to not use them here. I may be wrong. I think WTF is the only one we should be allowed to use. I don't want to have to google 10 times in order to read a post and understand it. If you use twitter but only have a few followers, or none, no one will see your posts if you don't hashtag. If you want people to see that you are making fun of Tyler (for example), you can hashtag #teenmom or whatever, and then anyone who looks up what people are saying about teen mom can see all the hashtaged posts. I cannot believe how many Balitierras are either in rehab or fresh out, or needing to go. I know that his family is a mess, but wow. It is a good thing his sister is there, she definitely needed to go.
  6. I honestly do not remember this, and I have seen all of the reunions. Who abused her? Not that Colby guy, was it? Shannon hates Vicki. I agree to your whole post! Huge dud. I have never turned off a RHOC in the middle of an episode, but last night I almost did. Is this all we get this season, or will there be some good drama? Not fighting, but interesting interactions - that would be good. I had been watching the older seasons, trying to remember what I loved about this show. I actually think it was the kids. Not little kids, but the teenagers/young adults. I hate Vicki. I hate Tamra, she really does look HARD. and serpentine. I do like Shannon, but the new girls are just not fitting in. Sometimes that causes some interesting drama, but not with this. ETA - I agree about Emily's "event planning." What is so special about a caterer and opening up a poker table??? She claims that she loves to entertain, but that party didn't look like too much fun. Kelly said something like, "I'm done" or "I'm bored" right after they started playing. Never forget I thought Simon and Ryan still speak. I think maybe last year he was telling Tamra that he saw Sydney at Simon's. I could be imagining this. Every time I see Tamra on this show, I think about what she is chosing to lose over "starring" on a crappy reality show. She is chosing this bullshit over her daughter. It makes me want to puke. I actually hate Tamra more than I hate disgusting Ryan!
  7. https://realityblurb.com/2018/05/15/vicki-gunvalson-son-in-law-ryan-culberson-slams-her-on-instagram-for-avoiding-her-grandchildren/ Vicki is awful, I am glad someone is calling her out.
  8. Yeah I feel like if she always looked crepe-y, we would see it on the show. I think the first picture in the blue suit was just an unfortunate angle and probably had something to do with the way she was turning. I have seen pictures of myself with skin looking "off," not as bad as this, but similar and it was just the way I was moving. She may be using a filter for her instagram, but she can't filter the show. We have seen her body on the show and her skin is amazing!
  9. I was talking about Briana's husband Ryan. He came across as unhinged when he was yelling at Lydia's mom, a few seasons ago, but now I have seen him take aim at Vicki, calling her out on soc media, and I love him. Also, now that I know more about Lydia and her mother and their "Paris Hilton money" (gag, who brags like that???), I am not mad at him for yelling at her anymore. Tamra's disguating rat-faced son Ryan is awful. Yeah he did decide to do jail time instead of community service, I want to say it was in Season 2. I am curious who he is calling out in his instagram post - whomever his wife (ex-wife?) went out with, two backstabbers. Did he ever name names?
  10. But did you hook up with a toothless Greek man in Mexico??? I do not like Parry. I want her to go away. She is scary to look at. She was in every camera shot, somehow at every angle! Who are the two most backstabbing people his mother has ever known?? That casts a big net! I did not like Ryan at first, but all of the social media crap he has been throwing at Vicki recently has been awesome and I now love him. I think he was given a bad edit because he didn't want to play the reality show game.
  11. Me too!! I loved how angry it made Jill. That is very sad about your boss, but I have to laugh about not being micromanaged - silver lining! Did she end up getting help, or what happened? I'm scared to ask. I read that Dennis asked his maid to get him the narcan because he took a ton of pills the night before and woke up feeling crappy. I wonder if it wasn't an overdose (usually people overdose when they take the pills), but maybe the amount of pills caused him to later have a heart attack. I don't know if it is still an overdose if you don't actually die from the "over" "dose" of pills.
  12. No one here is opioid seeking. Do I spot Hoppy at her side? ETA looking closer it appears to be someone who looks like a younger Jason but not him...
  13. S7.E06: Circa Circus 2018.07.24

    The (previous) owner of Town, that Andrew person looked disgusting and oily. He looked like a snake, so not surprised he shut the company down due to unpaid bills.
  14. S07E07 Pool Party 7.24.2018

    Who was that guitarist, Noah? He looked really familiar.
  15. S02.E02: Face to Face

    And they won't get their hands on his fanny pack!!! I think they LOVE this sort of thing - the stood up fool is ratings gold. Thinking back to the first months to a year after my 2nd baby, I lived in her ensemble. It WAS the most flattering thing I could wear. My legs only looked good in jeans and a long sweatshirt/shirt hides every extra roll. OMG other husbands do this too??? I cannot understand it - put your clothes in the hamper or hang them up! It is beyond infuriating. Does he shave the side of his hair? At the receeding hairline? WHY????