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  1. And Kyle - you look like an idiot with the flower crown. I think it should be a law you cannot wear that after the age of 21. I believe Dorito had a nose job in between seasons. She really looks different. I still don't like Camille. She's pernicious!
  2. And it seems like she is using this story as salacious gossip, rather than a mature look at it. At 10, one is able to be mature about things and understand that other people have feelings and emotions, like you did. Kim still doesn't understand that.
  3. S07.E22: Making Amends

    This cannot be said enough. Honestly, it would be better for Amber to just cut ties with Leah and let her go. Let Kristina adopt her and stop pretending to care. I think Leah is pretty smart and sees Amber for who she is. Oh, I thought Larry said that he was crying, and that Bentley hugged him. I don't know how I feel about the fact that they are talking specifics with Bentley. On the one hand, it is great that they are not lying and sugar-coating things. On the other hand, a 9 year old shouldn't know what "staying clean" means.
  4. S07.E22: Making Amends

    I was going to say Nordstrom! Then I changed to JCrew, as I was picturing a cardigan that I saw at JCrew. You may be right about that - I can't tell what size she is from tv, it can be deceiving - but yeah she is probably an 18 at least. Nordstrom is the best - quality is great. She could get some Paige jeans, they have larger sizes, and a little stretch to them. I almost want to send her outfit ideas, or put her in touch with a personal shopper there.
  5. S07.E22: Making Amends

    Cate needs to stop with the wing-ed clothing. She thinks it hides the problems but it just makes her look like a large bird. She needs to spend a little money on herself, not a lot! She can go to jcrew or something, and get a cute mint green 3/4 length cardigan, in her proper side, or a boatneck top, and some well-made, sturdy jeans - they can be skinny! - but they need to be well-made. She would look nice, and young. The cheap flimsy, tight stuff is so bad! And why is he grayish in color? And Gary knows that, and could not hide his feelings. I love how Gary doesn't even have to say anything, we all knew what was going on in his head by the way he adjusted himself on the chair! Oh my god absolutely!! Maci, we all see you! "Oh, hey MTV, just film me working with Bentley on his homework... outside, on the steps (??) oh, a text! what could that be??" When she said that everyone knows there is a problem but no one is doing a damn thing about it - WHAT THE F DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DO???? He is an adult, his mom and dad cannot do anything. They are heartbroken, they would do anything to help him get better, and she knows that.
  6. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    I think that not being able to regulate her emotions is a big thing here. She is not a mean, vindictive person. She is sad, and frustrated, and not able to communicate this well. She is a mother who had a great kid, who was on the way to bigger and better things with a great future - who f-ed it all up. I would be the same way. I would be hysterical. Bridget is the only person on the show who realizes that this screws up all Emiley's plans! The other asshole parents laugh it up - who would they care? Diego never had a future. Now, she does need to get a grip and move on with the new plan, but who can say they would not be like OH MY GOD everything was great, then my daughter met this fucking weasel named Diego, and then everything went to shit!!! I feel like it is about half and half - I thought I had a minority opinion, but not anymore. Emiley said that she did all these things, in the first or second episode. Unless I remember incorrectly, she said her mom always supported her horseback riding, etc.
  7. Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    I actually think it is the opposite - Bridget sacrificed a lot so Emilee could cheer and ride horses (not cheap). She wanted her to go on to college and have a great life. She is angry that Emilee won't be able to do the things she planned for herself. She is having trouble adjusting to the new normal, but I would be freaking the f out too if my daughter got pregnant in high school. I don't see those two as warm or kind - they are idiots and think it is funny that Bridget is having a hard time with her teen daughter having a baby. They raised an asshole, and laugh when he disrespects his girlfriend's mother. Not great people! As addiction runs in the family, I think McKayla is addicted to something - DRAMA. Things are settling down, they are planning the wedding, all is going well... she starts picking a fight with Caeden! Out of nowhere. He was like, "why are you saying these things??" She cannot have things going well, she has to throw a bomb out there. At this point, I don't think they knew about his arrest. I think they find out soon, but at this point, they just don't like him. HA! Yes I am looking forward to their comeuppance! I think I am going to follow all of them on twitter, just to see what happens when she is shut out.
  8. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Yes - that is how I felt - like my default idea of a "baby" was a girl baby. After the ultrasound, I remember just staring with my mouth open, and my husband said, "are you mad?" and I was like, "no! I am just in another dimension right now." So funny to think about that. I have to agree - little boys are sweet and wonderful! They sure like to get dirty, but they love to cuddle up and it is the best thing in the world! That is funny, I have been asked a million times if I will be trying for a girl and I am like - "nope, I am all set!" People do not believe me, that I don't need to have a girl. It is nuts how other people like to project their own weird feelings onto others.
  9. S07.E10: The Prenup Hiccup

    Which is weird, no? I remember thinking, well at least he was able to see her get married. That's too bad he didn't get to see her get married, even if it was on facetime.
  10. S01.E02: Going to Town

    She is funny. It is very subtle. I almost don't even notice some of it. That actually makes me appreciate her as an actress. Yeah the character is not well-written. I don't love Lena Dunham's writing, so I am blaming that.
  11. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Yes - whenever the police or CPS goes out to check on the kids, and LETS THEM STAY THERE, I am reminded of that awful story! I know a lot of the time, there is abuse in the home but no one notices, and you wonder how they kept it secret. But we SEE this abuse RIGHT NOW and no one is doing anything to help the kids! Every time someone tries to help, like Doris trying to keep Kaiser, the system fails them. It is infuriating, and if I think about it too much I get too upset.
  12. Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    They are NOT twins! (sorry, Twinzzz) Little Herve has way too much Kail face. When is he going to dump her again? I am waiting, anxiously.
  13. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    HAHA the guys in the background snickering at them!
  14. S01.E02: Going to Town

    Because Lena Dunham probably came up with them. I don't "get" the show, mostly because I don't believe these people would ever hang out with each other.
  15. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    It's DARL not Daryl! Come on now! My dad had "only" 2 girls and the world did not end! He was actually happy! I will admit to this -- I was pregnant with my first and we found out it was a boy - I was actually shocked, I wanted a girl so bad it didn't even enter my mind that I could have a boy. I know this sounds crazy, especially since I was 33 at the time. Anyway - I only have boys and cannot imagine anything different! But I do understand anticipating one thing and getting a little confused at first. I was upset however when my husband's friend, when finding out that I was having a boy, said, "well that's good, so you don't have to keep trying until you get a boy." I told him that I take offense to that. He was like, "why? you are getting a boy!" Ummm because I AM a girl! Sidenote - that friend now has 3 girls, no boys. I am waiting with bated breath for his poetry about the most recent GIRL. Rhyming, of course! We are having another girl All my emotions will unfurl I want to say I am getting a boy It will be my greatest joy We will go to the mall I will buy him a football