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  1. Sheila E looks great imo. Good for her. I noticed MM talks on and on and is not interrupted and when whoopi did, she apologized. Dont see that much
  2. I dont like MM. She has a right to her opinion, but it's just the way she delivers it. And stop taking shots at my Joy.
  3. Sheila E made me cry. She was great. Sidenote - I wish I could kneel and pop up like that. Also, I love the opening song they walked out to (and Sunny danced out to)
  4. I'm enjoying it overall and glad it's back. I had seen Karen (Megan) in other roles and she looked older. Now she looks younger. Well.... good for her.
  5. "nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea..." and they point to the body parts. Make it stop
  6. Exactly. That's how I took it. The "standing right here" part is what flagged it for me... well.. and the different face.
  7. I'm tired of the two sides, both sides thing too.
  8. That chick did not look like Melania. The nose is different and the lipline. She wore the glasses all day and into the night? ANd the way he introduced her was weird,. "This is my wife, Melania, standing right here." And the woman just nodded. I cant believe I am agreeing with whoopi
  9. It was very convenient to blame Valerie since she is dead . NOt saying she is innocent, just that Leon probably got the ball rolling.
  10. Not feelin' it with MM
  11. I am still watching, but i floved whoops' rant at trump about the widow and the military MM is the new bitsy. UGG
  12. Jacob seemed disgusting even from the start
  13. jacob seemed scary from the get=go
  14. I never know whether to believe the jail snitches. I know they get bored, but would the dr be that stupid to tell someone he did it and to go get the golf clubs? And the dude didn't even get the clubs. I think the husband did it, but the jail guy did not convince ,me. Other stuff did.