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  1. S31.E17: The Killing Game (Rodney Alcala)

    I was surprised that I had never heard of this man before this show. I watch and read a lot of true crime even from years ago. This was so chilling. I shudder to think how close 12 yr old Robyn was to being safe. That neighbor who asked if the girls were ok when he took their photo at the beach - was trying to help. Clearly he was creepy. The dating game woman lucked out in that she listened to her instincts when he creeped her out. Imagine her horror when she found out who he was. Also, kudos to the young girls at that camp who recognized from the post office photo under a different name. It was astounding to me that later LE did not link the alias with his real name. I, too, was shocked at that short prison time after the attempted murder of the first 8 yr old.
  2. The View" Week Of 2/12/18

    Who was thought to be Ronan Farrow's father? Woody Allen? Just wondering bc... um... not seeing it. I liked how he took MM down a peg. Good for him.
  3. The View" Week Of 2/12/18

    I liked it when Farrow told MM that it is not his job to move the needle
  4. The View" Week Of 2/12/18

    What I didn't like about the Orange Theory Fitness (is that the name?) is that the info, heart rate etc was posted on the wall. Why not have it on the individual machine? Having to compare myself to a healthy 20 year old would not motivate me at all.
  5. Snowboarding

    So it is a race for the silver and bronze? A lot of falls *sigh*
  6. Updated Cases: 2017-2018 Season

    Did anyone see this? A rich couple set up a dream home and nature preserve in Costa Rica rain forest. He had a gun and it "went off."
  7. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Just watched Last Dance again. I had seen it before, but had forgotten the details. Chris, the husband (estranged) seemed guilty from the start. With his smirking and gum smacking I wanted to throw things. She looked amazing. How did she lose so much weight so fast and how did her skin look so good? I know she was doing the dancing exercise, but I wonder what she was eating. So sad.
  8. Heh I am still trying to catch up. I've seen the Haribo one with , "They're so squishy!" and "They go in my MOUFF"
  9. I HATE that Haribo candies thing where the adults are sitting around at a business meeting table.... talking in baby voices. GACK
  10. This show never fails to make me LOL and I scare the cats.
  11. The "like" function is in a new spot on the far right. There are so many cases, I dont see why they have to repeat and overlap. Sometimes I see the same ones over and over and so recently that I remember all the details. There are plenty who dont get any attention. I'd like to see more of those.
  12. THE VIEW" WEEK OF 2/5/18

    bwahahahhahaha I was going to say that and you beat me to it heeee. Not only he didn't know what the words meant, he often said the words incorrectly :-) same with MM. And at least Whoopi tries. Hyper-BOWL. At least whoopi said the word AWRY correctly this week. I also like how she refuses to say 45's name.
  13. THE VIEW" WEEK OF 2/5/18

    I have never seen Joy that upset. I dont blame her one bit though
  14. THE VIEW" WEEK OF 2/5/18

    Heeeee *snort* :-)
  15. Stephen cracks me up. I am late to the party , but I'm catching up. He is hilarious