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  1. I wish MM would go already. IS she there to stir the pot on purpose?
  2. Well, that blows if Olga knew the stones came from her sister-in-law's ring. (and the SIL did not give it to her) I didn't know that part.
  3. How was Olga horrible? I may have missed some bits. TIA
  4. The guy shot in his sleep eppy... I suspected Katrina from her first interview with LE. IDK why exactly, but something seemed off.
  5. I had a business partner back in the day. We were also significant others and had our business and lives together . I asked my atty if we should get life insurance in case one of us dies and it left the other in dire straits. He said, "not unless you wanna get murdered." He said it with a straight face and it gave me the chills. I did not get the insurance. and it was a right move. Cut to years later --My partner betrayed me with a younger trustfund chippy. I would have maybe been toast.
  6. That 33 yr old woman who looked like a teen and didn't leave the house for 11 years sure did know her internetS. Day-um. And they rolled the mother in on a bed? to court.... for her daughter who was not a minor... far from it. Birdman paid a heavy price. The 17 yr old couldnt stop grinning. I smell another kardashian.
  7. I may have missed something, but why couldn't the dude buy Olga a ring? It had to be mom's? and mom had to clip it from the sister? I kind of hated that mother. The business partner was a nightmare.
  8. Birdman, catfish eppy/ Wow. and yikes. So it is legal to see a 17 yr old naked and have sex with her, but if there is a photo it is child porn. ANd she had ID that she was 21 AND she had made it thru the airport with the ID so that makes it seem legit. . I dont know why these girls send nudes photos with their faces (or at all) to anyone. I'd be horrified even as a teen back in the day (we only had polaroids heh) And what 17 yr old goes to meet a stranger that she had never even spoken with on the phone? That seems dangerous. I am an old fart. Oddly Paris (the 17 yr old) seemed smiley when they said that her nude photos were all over the internet. She didn't seem that upset. Quite the contrary. Oooooh everyone wants to see me nehkid. I am all that.
  9. THIS ^^^ The male victim's mother seemed kind of off ; and what a shit thing to do to her daughter after she GAVE her the effing ring. Then add insult to injury replacing it with zircs. Um I gave you the ring, but now I want to give it to your sister-in-law to be. Damn. I never suspected the sister. SOmething about her seemed normal and innocent. I wasn't really buying the russian angle either here.
  10. That Cory guy seemed like an ass.
  11. She worked in the office. Was the drug not delivered to the office? If so, she likely signed for it. Did they say who signed for it? Or did it come in regular mail? If she ordered it, why touch it all without gloves? I mean if she knew it was going to be a murder weapon. and gloves in the office woudl look weird. I agree with Ohmo. Something is missing
  12. YES! Even if I delete my history someone could retrieve it if the need arose. When I search something weird I always put "Dateline" etc in the search line so it will be clear that I am following a show and not planning a crime heh [/paranoid] My only brush with crime is watching too many crime shows. :-)
  13. I agree. It seems some things are missing from the story. If Katie were stealing and or committing forgery, that may be a motive if she didn't want Mary to find out, but wouldn't she want Bill not to find out too? It was half his business too, was it not? Why just off Mary? And in this day and age who does searches on their own devices on ways to kill people? Are folks that stupid? Unless it was a setup and Adam would have access to all those devices. right? Or did I miss something? ALso colchicine is not the standard poison that the average, non doctor, person knows about... cyanide... arsenic... rat poison, antifreeze. I have watched so many of these shows.
  14. Why weren't Katie's other charges mentioned on the show? If it's true that's pretty big.