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  1. Season 1 Discussion

    Discuss all episodes of the first season here. Netflix will release all episodes of this season on March 23.
  2. Secret Programs and Real Life Spies

    You've never heard of fanfic? From Wikipedia:
  3. The spinoff was announced as taking place several years in the future.
  4. Young and Hungry in the Media

    "Young & Hungry" Returns for its Farewell Season on Wednesday, June 20
  5. Season 3 All Episodes Talk

    Season 3 starts on March 20. You can discuss all episodes from the season here. Please note that this thread is a book talk free zone, should you wish to compare the show to the books please do so in the Books Vs. Show topic.
  6. S01.E03: Borderline

    Didn't he mention something in the pilot about his car dealership not doing well? And wasn't that the reason why he needed the mortgages? Or did I remember that wrong?
  7. Quotes: "I'm In Charge Of Black Stuff?"

    Bow to Dre: "Going to the Sunken Place didn't get you out of grocery shopping and it's not gonna get you out of this conversation."
  8. 🐞 Poll Creation Creates Gateway Error

    It doesn't work with the light medium theme for me. I tried switching to other themes and it does work in all other themes. I tried clearing temporary internet files and cookies but that didn't help.
  9. Colony in the Media

    I checked tvdb, wikipedia and futoncritic. None of them have a premiere date listed for season 3.
  10. New "Fuller House" Showrunners Announced
  11. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    She does have her own storyline, but some of the other characters in the ensemble are more prominent than her. If I remember correctly his mother is also mixed. And I think I am bad at seeing the Asian in mixed-race actors. Kristin Kreuk is the only one of the mentioned actors that I immediately knew was Asian. And that was probably helped by the fact that her character's name on Edgemont was Laurel Yeung which is an obviously Asian last name and that was the first time I saw her.
  12. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I'm assuming you are asking about Asian actors who look Asian and not part-Asian actors who can pass for white like Dean Cain and Mark Paul Gosselaar.
  13. I just watched The Last Jedi. I liked the animated Clone Wars and Rebels series more than The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.