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  1. 100 pus hups, 100 sit ups and under 12 minutes for 2-mile run? That is even harder than the 75th Rangers! The Rangers require 49 push ups, 59 sit ups and 40 minutes for a 5-miler, and the Rangers are the best infantry unit in the U.S. military.
  2. The Russians were supposedly still on NVGs while the Team already off of them. The very bright light of the flash-bangs would blind the Russians as they were still on NVG which would amplify the light (even though I thought later-model NVGs have the filter for this exact scenario?). Having written that, flash-bang I can believe as that kind of device are designed only to produce loud noise and bright flash. But thermite grenade? If they did not want to leave evidence on the crash site, that went out the window quite quickly. I can say at least, that this episode makes much more sense than The Brave where the Russians went into Chinese soil with full uniform and vehicles and zero noise discipline. As well, Russian Spetsnaz were depicted as dumb brutes with no marksmanship capability whatsoever.
  3. Right on target. Bravo Zulu.
  4. Red vertical rectangle with the image of winged sword pointing upwards in yellow.
  5. Does anybody know what unit SSI did PVT Nathan Young (PFC Tomas Young's brother) wear? It was an airborne unit and I do not believe it was a divisional SSI.
  6. How is the end of this episode funny? IMO it is offensive. Sheldon wanted to be out of the deal then he broke into the computer and deleted the files, costing his colleagues - I can not consider them friends at this point - thousands of dollars? No matter that he moved it to Leonard's flash drive, without Sheldon telling Leonard it is theft plain and simple. Tell me, is there any conceivable reason why they still consider Sheldon their friend?
  7. It is an excellent crossover so far, but there is something that I do not like. They are breaking canon by allowing Overgirl to pull out that kryptonite Arrow and break it. Should Kryptonian not be totally vulnerable to kryptonite? As to completely lose their power (super or otherwise) just in the close proximity of one?
  8. I like it that Alex - Sara lesbian sex seems to be hotter than Alex - Maggie lesbian sex. And of course, the morning after Sara is just as cool and as hot as she always is while Alex is awkward. Sara really is comfortable in her sexuality.
  9. I thought Daxamites were about the same level of strength with Kryptonians? And a Cadillac, a Cadillac, got overheated in the desert as easily as that?
  10. If Javier's family all the way from Argentina is able to track his activities and to connect him with the deaths, why can the police not? Why is he under any suspicion and/or investigation? So a high-end boutique with no security measure at all? No electronic tag, no dye pack? Not even a limit to which a customer can bring to the dressing room?
  11. Chloe? Chloe Sullivan? Does that mean that this show is in the same continuum as Smallville? Chloe is Smallville-specific. She does not appear in any of the comics. Wait, does this mean that when he was older Clark Kent dated Alura, Kara's mother? Get a bit of incesty, here... ;-)
  12. Here they have Taylor Swift, a well-known personality. My regret is that they did not include Swift in any of the sketches, just like they did with P!nk and unlike what the did with the likes of Katy Perry, Selena Gomez or Gwen Stefani. Does Taylor Swift not also have acting experience?
  13. Oh, I forgot this one. If Caitlin was so desperate to suppress Killer Frost that she went to Amunet for help, why did she not just wear the glowing bracelet or necklace that Cisco gave her again?
  14. Well, I find that Emily Bett Rickards' bikini / bra tan line distracting... Amunet's metal pieces are alloy of aluminium, nickel and cobalt? So how does an industrial magnet affect them? If the magnet is strong enough to affect non-ferrous metal, how is it that various things made of iron / steel are not affected, including the zipper of Caitlin / Killer Frost's jacket? And a facepalm once again for a super hacker, IT professional Felicity Smoak that is also an expert in neurochemistry.
  15. I can not help comparing this show with Generation Kill and to some extent with Blackhawk Down. The production value looks good, the details are good, the military porn is good. However IDK, something does not feel quite right. I like the subject matter very much but the execution is just not there. Maybe it is the background music that IMO distracting and irritating?