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  1. S01.E07: Equinox: The Book of Fate

    One day my city plunged to very cold temperature, -35C/-31F. As I always did, I walked to the office. Being it was very cold I bundled myself up, with parka with the hood up and balaclava inside. So the only exposed part of my body are my eyes, which I then put sunglasses on. On that walk, I passed a number of people, some I knew well, some just acquaintances. Yet, every single one of them greeted me by name. TL/DR, it is always suspension of disbelief in super hero stories that people close to them are unable to identify them just with minimal disguise.
  2. S43.E15: Sterling K. Brown / James Bay

    I am far away from being a Nickelback fan - or even liking them on regular basis - and the sketch makes zero sense at all, but I laugh like crazy with Mrs. Gomez Last Words.
  3. S05.E11: All the Comforts of Home

    That is not bone-in ribeye. That is obviously t-bone steak.
  4. S03.E13: No Country For Old Dads

    Legends of Tomorrow is part of Arrowverse. So last episode I complained about too much Darhk and how he was simply not go away. And what TPTB did? They doubled down, quite literally. The episode had double of Darhks. Blergh...
  5. S09.E14: Written in the Stars

    Manny are not related by blood to Haley, Alex or Lily. He can get married with any of them if he and any of the girls want to (after reaching the age of majority). But Claire and Joe are half-siblings. They are blood-related. It is much ickier as it is actually a taboo.
  6. S01.E14: Call Out

    Okay, I did not know the context. But in my defense, we can think of the dog as an actress who plays male character. Therefore characters in the show call the dog as the gender she plays in. Just imagine John Travolta played in Hairspray. Nobody in the movie called Edna as 'he' just because Travolta is a male IRL, did they?
  7. S01.E14: Call Out

    I think when human and animal have developed close relationship, then the animal will be referred according to the animal's sex? I do not think I ever met a pet owner that refers to the pet as 'it', for example.
  8. S03.E12: The Curse Of The Earth Totem

    Aargh... Just as posters upthread wrote, do we not have enough of Damien Darhk already? Arrow defeated him, Legends defeated him as Legion of Doom and now this? Enough Berlanti, enough. So Ray shot and cured Nora Darhk. Opening relationship between them? Insinuatiing that they are couple IRL? Did Sara fight the pirates with a clarinet? I cringed watching it. It is a precision musical instrument, not a blunt weapon. The liquid that had effect on speedster, Caitlin explained on Flash that it was like 500 proof, 5 times more potent than regular 100-proof spirits. And Rip just drank it. Unless he is a meta / alien / with magical power, should he not have dropped dead already?
  9. Or maybe because this time around they have no show to compete with because of the Olympics? For the last 2 weeks I think this show and several shows on CW are the only ones having new episodes. For those not interested in mogul, big air or team pursuit, this show may be the last resort.
  10. I have to be skeptical with the these chain of event regarding Ocean Rescue: that they were allowed to leave the airport and go to the city by themselves, that the U.S. Consulate - Dubai could issue an emergency passport in matter of hours, and that travel document could be used to travel further. I may very well be wrong, different countries have different policies, but there it is. This must have been very embarrassing for the Yalies. Getting beaten in the Race is normal, but their claim to fame is their superior intellect. Being outperformed on measuring and calculating by athletes must have left strange taste in their mouths.
  11. S04.E12: Ask Him about Stella

    Has Mrs. Castillo (Laurel's step mother) always been French? I thought when Laurel came home to Florida, when his father was still Jose Zuniga, her whole family was hispanophone (Spanish-speaking people)?
  12. S03.E10: Daddy Darhkest

    55-yard line, 12 players... yup, that is Canadian Football. Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats to be exact. I guess footage from the NFL is too expensive.
  13. I think I like how Mirror Georgiou is checking on Saru on the bridge. It is like me when I see a big fat cow. "Mmm... Your porterhouse must be very good grilled medium-rare."
  14. S01.E13: Getaway Day

    What is the definition of deployment? My understanding is assignment overseas for an extended period of time. If my definition is right, does DEVGRU do deployment? I am not that informed on DEVGRU but reading Inside Delta Force (its Army counterpart), it does not seem that CAG gets deployed. Instead they go from mission to mission, operation to operation all over the world while still based in CONUS. NItpicks: One typically addresses a Lieutenant Commander as Commander, not Lieutenant. Next, why are the remains not repatriated yet? The Team has the time to prepare, fly, get in-country and do door kicking and interrogation. Why keep the remains there, except for good visual prop? As well, I thought the field of stars of the flag was to be on the left-hand side of the deceased?
  15. S08.E09: The Fugees

    Frank could not have crossed to Canada to Ontario. The U.S. - Canada border in Ontario always involves a rather obvious body of water. Therefore he would not have to walk in the woods while wondering whether he was in Canada. As well, considering the 16-hour drive, he would have crossed to Manitoba. As well, a bit of correction, the RCMP does operate in Ontario as a national police, just like in all other provinces and territories of Canada. RCMP does not operate in Ontario (and Quebec) as provincial police as those two provinces have their own provincial police.