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  1. Doctor Who: Shada - The Lost Episode

    Oh cool. I didn't realize this. Just set Tivo!
  2. Hi Everyone, We have veered off-topic in this thread and are spending more time speculating on the motivations of the actors in their real lives instead of discussing the characters on The Flash. Please keep this topic as a discussion of the show and characters and not feuds and alleged on set drama. If you want to share interviews and other media appearances, there is another thread for that. Thanks! Chip
  3. EastEnders in the Media

    http://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/eastenders/news/a859769/eastenders-uktv-drama-airing-classic-episodes-from-august/ I hope we can get these in the states somehow.
  4. That should be fun. I would love to see her. I hope people are actually going to be nice to her.
  5. Small Talk: The Queen Vic

    I only watched him after he came back from the dead. He was a really great character and actor.
  6. Degrassi in the Media

    This video has really shown the divide of people who love Degrassi and those who have never ever seen it.
  7. So, I am pretty excited for the upcoming Bendis run on Superman but I wish that it didn't start out with But, I will have faith because he's one of my favorite writers on one of my favorite characters.
  8. Online Cable Alternatives

    I just signed up for 3 months of DirectTV Now because you get a free Apple TV 4K if you pay for 3 months. A $105 Apple TV is a good deal even if I prefer YouTube TV to DirectTV Now.
  9. I think most of her food looks pretty good. But, we're both from Georgia so that's probably why. Southern cooking is not for everyone. Also, more than one person in my life has told me I look like Garth Brooks, which I think is weird.
  10. EastEnders now available in the US

    There hasn't been a new episode on BritBox since 12/29. They also didn't have part 1 of the 2 parter for several days. I called their tech support and they said there was a known issue getting the episodes. Maybe they should check YouTube... EDIT: They are up now! I can catch up this weekend!
  11. S11.E00: Twice Upon a Time

    How many shows can have a "Previously on... 709 episodes ago"?
  12. S04.E08: Crisis On Earth-X (3)

    Please remember to only discuss only things that happened in the current or previous parts of the crossover. No spoilers for part 4.
  13. A long time ago, there was some sort of one night convention in Atlanta and I think it was just Tom Baker and Colin Baker. I had a very brief interaction with Tom Baker when I asked him to autograph a print. When I told him my name his response was "Chip? Is that your *Christian* name?". I still have the print around here somewhere but I don't see it off hand. I missed the con when Troughton died although it was near here. I've also seen whoever has been at Dragon Con over the years. I think Sylvestor McCoy puts on the best show.
  14. The 13th Doctor: S/he ain't here yet.

    We have a new thread for discussion of Doctor 13:
  15. Now that we have our announcement, this is the thread to discuss our newest Doctor.