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  1. Degrassi in the Media

    After Aubrey’s video, I watched a lot of cast members insta stories etc. and Sarah B-T(Liberty) pointed out that a lot of them started on the show as young kids, and have moved on and gone to university etc and have very fulfilling lives. Not all of them wanted to keep acting. But a majority of them kept in touch, which had been displayed for years. And the fact that so many people showed up on that short notice says a lot. Although LOL to Ryan Cooley thinking it was a prank and not responding. And I really wonder about the few, mostly Jay and Sean, that weren’t approached. But more than anything a season 5 for Netflix was filmed months ago so wtf?
  2. Currently watching the season 10 episode where the institute the non fraternization policy because of Leah’s complaint. It’s pretty stupid since they already had the whole “panty police” episode forever ago. And I feel like the new “rule” barely lasted the season before being forgotten. But since I’ve watched the few episodes before, I’m kind of surprised that the complaint gained merit and Callie was investigated. Leah drilled through the table before Callie knew about her and Arizona, and tried to talk her through fixing her mistake. She asked Arizona to do something and that’s when Callie figured it out. How did that compromise her education? I hate that they had Callie admit that “of course she was right” to Arizona because....how? That set up was a mess.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Around the Block

    Total reading comprehension fail. I’m sorry haha. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part. Lol
  4. All Episodes Talk: Around the Block

    Oo I thought this was going to be about The Neighbors, the show with the aliens. I was so bummed when that got canceled.
  5. So another stupid rewatch complaint, but was watching the season 3 episode when Thatcher and his wife come to dinner and the beginning of the Gizzie yuck. But I thought it was funny, the fuse box blows, they are using candles for light etc. Derek goes to check on Thatch in the laundry room, which is clearly off the kitchen since it’s shown in the background. And it’s windows are bright and daylight. All of these rooms are on the same level but somehow one is in sunlight? Lol. Production fail.
  6. I feel like one of the problems with this season is the dropping and picking up of story arcs. Buffy was leaving, then a few eps and the Bowie gf kid thing, then Buffy is leaving, then gone, then back(with a reason that’s flimsy at best since they wouldn’t pay to move them without budget approval), and now next week it is back to Bowie. Also it’s obv the Buffy crush is Jonah, and I don’t get it, I also think Andi should know her Dad actually wrote the song(presumably about her mom) and not Jonah. Jonah bores me. I wish Walker had started to be a bit more incorporated. And I seriously disliked Andi last week. So self centered. Her mom did give her advice, and her mom of the past 12 years was also available, but it had to be then and now. And she’s being really unfair that Bex needs to be available always but Bowie can just...float
  7. Top Chef in the Media

    I’m don’t want to post a spoiler, and don’t really know how to do the spoiler option. But the finale destination is officially out there, and just filmed within the week.
  8. So there’s nowhere to really post this, but I’ve been rewatching and I noticed a plot hole, in the 3rd season, since it’s the start of the noticing the switch Petra thing. In the season 2 episode where Jane and Michael rent the house, Petra specifically says to the realtor “do they know I’m the owner”. But then in the next season they specifically say someone was paying have the rent and a different realtor was showing the house. Which obv wouldn’t have happed if Petra owned the house. If they changed one line in the first ep it would all make so much more sense.
  9. Actually she’s already married, this is from a friends wedding she went to in Hawaii. I had heard about the accent. It explains a lot.
  10. Honestly I feel like having him guest for a vegan challenge would be a great episode. Cooking shows through in vegetarian/vegan twists all the time. And we’ve already heard this season from a vegetarian, someone allergic to shellfish, and someone who doesn’t eat pork. Is it so crazy to make a challenge where the animal protein centric people have to go outside there comfort zone? And I’m saying this as a carnivore lol
  11. S09.E05: Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

    In my opinion(as a watcher of most seasons), it’s not that uncommon for an actual home cook to have not poached an egg if no one they knows prefers it. It is extremely stupid for anyone who gets called to audition for this show to not have practiced that and many other things. Also I still remember Courtney who had “never” made a croque en bouche, yet somehow pulled it off at a very advanced level. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors involved to say the least
  12. S09.E05: Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

    So I don’t have much to say. I enjoyed watching Gordon doing the hollaindaise and egg poching. I’m assuming longbraid only has an allergy to shellfish when consumed since atleast one other person wore gloves, but she chose not to, and hugged her balcony competitors and there never washed, one still had a glove on selves. Also she clearly almost slipped and fell near the stairs. I hate this show for the footwear and the hair. I’ve now seen someone twice out there hair up after go, just let them put there hair up, and dreadlock length is the same as hair length. And let everyone wear sneakers/non slip shoes. How much time really needs to be spent on feet? I was really surprised when Olusula went home, although I agree with it. I really think she psyched herself out too much over the “perfect” egg. She could have easily presented 2 instead of 1 and we saw that minor flaws outweighed bigger ones. Her fixation on the perfect egg took over and that is what ultimately sent her home. I knew Stephanie was out right away. I think Gerron’s saving grace was that he seemed to end up with a mutant crab? so made a judgement call, which could have gone either way. I feel like that influenced the final decision. And Darrick(I’ve been looking up names as I go, typing this pains me), irritated me tonight. Way too cocky for the guy who full on sobbed at the audition round. Although in general I hate cocky, I know I did great, I’m wonderful types. Lastly, sorry to all that this is so long, after watching tonight’s episode I really have no idea what the reason is for the “team” aspect this season. The only difference seemed to be to try to make contestants feel extra bad for letting a specific person down? That makes the show worse to me personally.
  13. I liked this episode actually. But there were 2 things that bummed me out. First, I was hoping for some kind of always and forever...family, there for each other, love each other etc, that included Kol. Since he even mentioned being excluded and it hurting him in this episode(I also think he wasn’t originally included because his character hadn’t been imagined at the time haha) I know he was basically a murder is always the first answer type guy at first(sound familiar?). But I think there was some redeeming of him during The Orginals. Plus let’s be honest they’re all crazy me and mine first psychopaths. I also wish they had finally included Marcel as an “official” family member. He spent atleast 12 years( being generous on the low side considering how old he looked when turned lol) with them, and honestly his back and forth relationship with them is the same as the rest of the siblings. Yea the Rebecca love might be a tad weird, but that ship has long since sailed lol
  14. All Episodes Talk

    I’ve been watching some episodes on Hulu and appreciating the total soap opera that it is. I just got to the season where Brooke is assaulted in her store and keep wondering how anyone bought her, I fell down the stairs story. Maybe the split lip and black eyes would be believable although unlikely, but there were also very visible marks around her neck, and a clear bruise on her arm for atleast 3 episodes that was very obviously 4 fingers. Come on people, I think maybe Haley figured it out a little when she recommended a therapist, but it amazed me that no one else even hinted they knew she was lying, and that Peyton was legit surprised when told. How “in love” are you that u can’t see that? Then again I always liked it better when Haley was Brooke’s best friend. Even when the actress was still on the show Peyton could be a sucky friend
  15. I heard it like a little kid might say it, “I didn’t liked-ed it”. I could be wrong though. Those people were awful.