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  1. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Once again, Mika asks Representative Dean, "Can't you give the President some part of a win?"
  2. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Sherrod Brown says "Paul Ryan ends his ignimonious term as Speaker" and then adds "I've always wanted to say ignimonious on Morning Joe." Except the word is "ignominious." A bit like "ignoramus." Why are these people on TV and I'm not?
  3. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Mika just said "AOC." Am I the only person who hates texting shorthand finding its way into everyday speech? When did it become too difficult to pronounce people's name? AOC. MBS. RBG. And so on. It's not just that it's lazy, it arrogantly assumes that every listener is a politics or media wonk who immediately recognizes whom the initials refer to and leaves those who don't guessing.
  4. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    6:18 am. Mika does what so many annoying cable news hosts are doing these days -- calling on Democrats to concede on the shutdown because "we all know Trump won't budge," citing a Democratic congressman who's saying "Give Trump his wall," because of the human suffering. I can't stand how Mika and other talking heads proceed from the premise that Republicans are not expected to behave like caring human beings, so the burden of conceding things, of being "the adults in the room," of doing the right thing, is always placed squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats -- in essence, rewarding the Republicans politically for being craven and cruel. They would have the Democrats abandon their stance for the greater good while the Republicans hold a celebration in the Rose Garden. I knew from the start this is where things would end up, because this is how it always goes. Joe is a Moby Dick.
  5. S02.E02: Fight or Flight

    I wish this season was a fresh start rather than continuing the Billy Russo story. I had my fill of him last season and was thrilled to watch Frank smash his face into the mirror again and again. I don't understand why Russo is wearing a Halloween mask in the hospital. It's not exactly standard procedure, is it? Yet there was no explanation why. Maddie remains the bane of the season thus far, although the religious fanatic villain is running a close second. Why do writers think religious fanaticism is all that interesting? It's one of the biggest villain cliches out there, going all the way back to Night of the Hunter, if not earlier.
  6. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Perhaps year-end sales figures didn't live up to expectations. The downside of knowing your value.
  7. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Audashious? Guess Mika was rushing to get to the part where she attributes the surge of women in politics to them "knowing their value." Susan Delpercio looks very nice in red. Comrade Mika should take notes. Audashious? Guess Mika was rushing to get to the part where she attributes the surge of women in politics to them "knowing their value." Susan Delpercio looks very nice in red. Comrade Mika should take notes.
  8. S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    Aren't most teens annoying af? I know I was. Very satisfying episode. The fights in this show make Daredevil's look like interpretive dance.
  9. S05.E11: The Dark Year

    McDonald's Quarter Grounders. One-quarter pound of Grounder beef.
  10. S07.E03: Buckle Up!

    Seth Aaron's stubborn refusal to see the hideousness of his seatbelt dress was reason enough to send him home. It ascot to be one of the worst things I've seen on this show. Michelle's is the dress I'd want to wear but Jasper deserved the win.
  11. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    It's a new year, so they have a fresh new slate of "sick days," "vacation days," "on assignment days," "snow days," "mental health days," "morning after days," "viewer unappreciation days," etc. What is with Mika's obsessive adherence to navy blue? That one navy blue shirt she wears is starting to remind me of a communist uniform.
  12. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    Matt hasn't lived in the real world in a long time, if ever. He's completely missed out on the process of learning and maturing. The lessons of budgeting and prioritizing are alien to him. Caitlin wonders how Matt can't comprehend that he needs to get a job, any job, but it's like expecting an eleven-year-old to man up and do the right thing. Caitlin's childish herself. The patented drama queen reaction upon meeting her mother in the restaurant was OTT and never would have happened if a camera wasn't present.
  13. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    I think that they weren't guests per se, but simply patrons whose evening out was interrupted by a pathetic hyena-man in a tux being followed around by a camera crew. I wonder if that state has a Good Samaritan law because even though they were strangers one of them should have tried to save him when they saw Tracie come shambling in after five hours wearing that ill-fitting dress. She may have been more stoned than we knew. The "crime scene" photos of the, um, bridal suite suggest she was wearing two different shoes.
  14. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    I think they're under the delusion that it's like adopting a puppy from an animal shelter. The way the couples announce to perfect strangers that he/she just got out of prison reminds me of pet owners who gush "He's a rescue" when you take notice of their dog.
  15. S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    I don't know how Tracie goes on a crack binge and doesn't get sent back to jail. Or some of the others, for associating with felons, imbibing alcohol, etc. Most of them will probably never make it no matter what, but I wonder if this show is hastening their demise by placing them in stressful, unfamiliar situations surrounded by temptations.