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  1. I watched until 8 am when I decided I could not stand an encore of Scarborough reading aloud the rapture of Jason Peck of Holtsville, NY. I don't believe the NYT piece was an article per se. It looked like a propaganda sheet of testimonials from satisfied Trump customers. No one on set from the NYT to support it. I wonder how many people canceled their Times subscriptions today. They lost my $180/yr.
  2. He probably thinks meshugas is petroleum-based.
  3. Scarborough comes across as a reformed alcoholic suffering serious temptation to hit the bottle again. I don't get what it is about Trump that leads so many people to abandon their dignity and self-respect. (Any Angel fans out there? Remember Jasmine?) Mika did say "fully informed" but she corrected herself in the next breath and re-read the line correctly.
  4. I stopped watching CNN's New Day show at 6 a.m. due to Alisyn Camerota's frequent "Trump Voter Panels" because it normalized the viewpoints of those who would stand by and let our democracy be destroyed for the sake of a new factory job or two I don't appreciate Scarborough trying to squeeze some some mileage from that now, promoting the New York Times' ill-advised decision to give that faction of our society a prominent forum in today's edition. Pardon me now while I go cancel my subscription to the Times. I subscribed last year because I thought it was important to support the press at a time when it was under attack. But I'm not paying to read this kind of shit, especially on the morning after the "Fake News Awards."
  5. They do that fake what-is-this-that-I'm-seeing/hearing schtick a LOT. My favorite part of the SNL sketch was McKinnon riffing on Mika's Greek chorus act while Scarborough is talking.
  6. I wish Scarborough would stop describing cretins like Senators Cotton and Perdue as "good men" who also happen to be liars. You can't be a good man AND be a liar. Sorry if your affinity and prior loyalties to these brazen liars reflects poorly on you, Bunker Boy, but describing them them as "good men" doesn't mitigate it in the least.
  7. Having savored every moment of Gillian Anderson's original spin as Dana Scully, her work in The Fall, Hannibal, etc., I sadly found myself pitying her as Dana Scully 2018. My only comfort is knowing she will take on other roles after this, and they will not be embarrassments. Then, perhaps, to some degree, I can put this whole mess behind me. The writing was abysmal. The conspiracy stuff is just plain lifeless now. Secret science and clandestine government cabals no longer have the power to frighten or inspire the imagination. Today, the truly terrifying threats to the world are ignorance, lack of education, and blind loyalty. The conspirators do their dirty work right out in the open now, with 24-hour coverage on cable news. Carter has utterly failed to make an adjustment for our modern dystopia. I never cared for the CSM episodes (except for the one where he publishes a story in Roman A Clef). The part he plays in this revival is much more prominent than in the past. His original mystique was partially derived from a sparing use of the character. But it seemed like he was on camera this whole episode, babbling endless exposition. And what was with all the geriatric actors? It felt like an episode of X-Files She Wrote. As for CSM's reveal at the end, didn't Carter realize this was more likely to make viewers feel queasy and violated rather than intrigued? No magic at all in this episode. You really can't go home again.
  8. By way of Transylvania. Hollywood Squares sounds good. Is Paul Lynde still available? What confounds me is the way that the hosts regularly abandon the set for whole segments. Where do they go? I couldn't miss the irony of a commercial this morning, presumably for some IBS remedy, that showed a mom running out on her kid's basketball game because her stomach was acting up. The tagline: "Something is missing: It's you." Donnie won the day today. Evil indeed. From the Wikipedia entry on the book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil by Hannah Arendt:
  9. News is breaking all over TV and the web that Trump is now denying the shithole comment, so what do the dipshits at Morning Joe do? Tease the denial at 7:58, then return at 8 am with the rebroadcast and the day-old "news" that Trump called Africa and Haiti shithole countries.
  10. Scarborough's patronizing attitude towards female journalists -- for example, suggesting they need cutesy intros -- reeks of sexism. Has he suggested this kind of gimmickry for any male panel member? Heidi's a pretty woman, but somebody save her from that hairstyle. It's awful.
  11. How do I justify continuing to watch this show?
  12. She looks rough. Maybe she really was sick.
  13. Scarborough's fawning over Trump was as bizarre as it was disgusting. I sat here and thought, "Oh my God, all this time Scarborough's just been waiting for any opening to support Trump again and find a way back into his good graces." I turned the show off after the first ten minutes and didn't go back. Politics as reality show is exactly why crackpots everywhere are talking about Oprah as a viable candidate.
  14. While I agree with all the reasons Scarborough cited for why Oprah should not be given serious consideration for President, I think his greatest objection went unsaid: Because I'M the one people should be getting excited about! As he made his case for what kind of candidate is truly needed, I kept hearing the words SOMEONE LIKE ME!