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  1. I have tried watching this first episode twice already and have failed to make it to the end each time. I couldn't understand why. I watched both previous seasons and enjoyed them. But I think you put your finger on it: they ask the viewer to process too many names, too many players. Coming back to the third season, one might expect to have a handle on who's who in the show, but the only one I know is Javi. All the getting up to speed exposition, introductions, etc. -- not to mention the darn subtitles (yes, I am unabashedly a holdover from the days when everyone on TV, whether French, Spanish, German or from Alpha Centauri, spoke English) -- makes this episode feel like work.
  2. Most definitely. Larry has already promised her the 4-to-closing shift on weekdays after school.
  3. I have always felt that if you're going to present an outlandish appearance, you better have the skills to back it up -- otherwise you just look like an idiot. Aaron looked like an idiot. I still have both movies on VHS, lol. But no VCR anymore!
  4. I think the twins have worked it out that running in the workroom translates to camera time. The show rewards their obnoxiousness. Claire KNEW there was no way her refusal to thank the judges would end up on the cutting room floor. These two have designs all right, but not on fashion. They're here to make an impression.
  5. I can't believe they visited Lyndhurst and didn't go INSIDE. Talk about inspiration. The house was once owned by robber baron Jay Gould. The interior is a Victorian wonderland. I have been there several times. Lyndhurst doubled as Collinwood in the two Dark Shadows feature-length movies, House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows.
  6. Scarborough comes off like a 1% asshole talking about his 40 acres of land in rural Connecticut, presumably New Canaan. A plot of land like that in New Canaan would cost multi-millions. Only two weeks ago this report came out: Who does Scarborough think makes up his audience? The 1%? Or the 78%? Typical Republican, utterly tone-deaf to the real-life challenges ordinary people face.
  7. Aaron's monstrosity was proof positive that this show is not recruiting people for their talent but for the potential impression they might make on camera. Aaron will go down in PR history as being more memorable for his pervy bloomers than any of his designs.
  8. Thank you for making me laugh in the middle of the night. I would love to see them both led away by their nose rings.
  9. Kenya's design owned that runway. I don't think much of Brandon and his "I've never designed women's clothes" aesthetic. Tonight his colors were drab, his design nondescript. I haven't liked anything he's made so far, and his personal look is second only to Aaron's in absurdity, like bad '80s MTV. To see him win over Kenya tonight was painful, not only because her design was far superior but because her smile had been so bright and hopeful. Claire is not fair of face, and apparently far less attractive on the inside. The question I asked aloud this week is "Why is Liris thanking the judges?"
  10. The candiru, or "vampire catfish" doesn't just swim up. I first read about the candiru as a child, in a drugstore paperback called Sea Killers. This was back in the mid-70s, during the Jaws-inspired shark craze when you could find all kinds of cheap books about things waiting to eat you in the water. The candiru swims up the urethra and then deploys its spines to dig into the tissue and hold it fast. So you can't pull it out. Then it starts to gorge itself on your blood. According to Sea Killers, the agony is so great that men have begged others to kill them, or in sheer desperation have hacked off their own genitals.
  11. And he'll be bald inside of five years. It is glaringly obvious that Jesse has not even an ounce of affection for Darcey. He's approaching this visit like someone doing the very minimum to stay in the game. I can't figure out what his motive is yet -- to come to America, or to get TV exposure, or both. I don't believe they had sex. Darcey dresses like an aging Long Island whore. That choker looked like it was biting into her micro-neck. Paul makes me wonder exactly what this show is facilitating. It's not unreasonable to wonder whether the men seeking to bring just-past-pubescent brides from foreign countries are trying to satisfy pedophilic urges, and the scene in this episode, with Paul stopping just short of throwing Karine a "My Little Pony"-themed birthday party, seems to justify such misgivings. Not only that, his eyebrows are really fucked up and his fingernails are filthy. Asking the parents if he can bring Karine to a hotel demonstrates how out of touch with reality he is. I think the only reason they agreed is because they're hoping to eventually follow Karine to the U.S. Is Patrick blind? There's a beautiful woman right before his eyes, who just happens to be the mother of his child and from all appearances likes him and cares about him very much. Men are so stupid.
  12. I would agree Bedelia's character waxed Sunset Boulevard toward the end of the Florence arc, but of all GA's performances only one role has left me less than enchanted: her most recent turn as Scully on the X-Files revival. Maybe it was the writing, maybe it was the sense she was phoning it in, maybe it was just her affected raspy voice. but it didn't cut it for me. I liked her as Stella in The Fall, and loved her as Bedelia. Bedelia had more in common with Stella than Scully, I thought. (Just to add, as I watched The Fall I found myself wanting Scully to be more like Stella). I wish Bedelia had retained her defensive composure to the very end, although her deterioration better served the story. I have several episodes of the show left to watch, and I will be sorry when it is over. I agree there is more style than substance, but the audacity of the plots and the chemistry between Mikkelsen and Dancy keeps me coming back. If I had to put my finger on a single problem with this show, it's that I like Hannibal Lecter too much. Who wouldn't want to play head games with Mikkelsen? Okay, so every now and then he tries to give you a craniotomy, but otherwise sign me up! I never liked Anthony Hopkins, not in the least. Mikkelsen is beguiling, like a beautiful snake. He is Satan, trying to glamour Will into selling his soul. He would have made an equally formidable Dracula.
  13. I have never detected any sexual tension between Hannibal and Will. Kindred spirits, a shared soul, folie a deux, etc., perhaps. But sex? No. Nor have I understood viewers who feel cheated that Will and Hannibal didn't do the deed. Admittedly, I don't get the whole shipping phenomenon in the first place, or why there can't simply be a strong, non-sexual bond between individuals on a show without an insistence that it lead to romance or consummation. I like both characters a great deal, and while Will's flirtation with the dark side made for fascinating moments, I'm a bit relieved to see them retreat to their respective corners.
  14. It would be great if they had a snarky mirror that talked back to them, like some twisted version of "Mirror, mirror on the wall," even if all it did was Muttley-laugh at statements like "the Naomi of plus." ETA: Ideally, the mirror would be played by Michael Kors.
  15. This show has surpassed bad and is now beyond awful. I never thought anything could make me look fondly upon the days of the Benny Hill submarine, but here we are. I don't care about even one of these characters.