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  1. She gives the distinct impression that she's out of her depth on matters like this. She should stick to that annoying "call and response" bit she does with Scarborough where he says something, she interjects, he pretends to talk over her, she persists, until the whole thing is like a poorly rehearsed Fred-and-Ethel number from one of the less memorable episodes of I Love Lucy.
  2. WHAT is with the extended British soccer segment?
  3. Oh Mika, shut up with the rant about Bill Clinton. I'm sorry your pal Mark Halperin was exposed as a pervert but dredging up ancient history won't make it better.
  4. Weirdo Chris' wife is a natural beauty and seems intelligent. I can't imagine why she's with Chris, or why his eye's roving in Annie's direction.
  5. Is it an unpopular opinion to say the actress playing Frank's wife really lays it on thick throughout the whole "Hey, sleepyhead" scene? I'm fanwanking it by thinking what we're seeing is Frank's rose-colored, hyper-idealized version of that moment. With the angelic smile, the mewing voice and the gauzy lens, Maria's seems more a heavenly vision than a real memory.
  6. I was suggesting that he may have put himself in a position of power by announcing his departure before the showrunners have made any kind of decision. Objectively speaking, it's a good strategy. He's the star of the show. His character is the headliner. Now the show may have to make a choice: 1) call it a day, 2) go on without him (which seems very unlikely) or 3) fix the problems on the set (i.e. the accusers) and perhaps pay him additional money to return.
  7. Poor David Spain. Came all the way across the Atlantic to marry a high school girl, figured when he said jump she'd say how high and when can I come down. Putty in his hands. Now he discovers she has not only a strong will but a dream she wants to chase. No wonder he looks constipated all the time. I get that Evelyn may seem unlikable. But I don't think she's a bitch, or needs to be slapped, or body-shamed.
  8. Hopefully this will tank one of the worst shows I have ever seen. Good riddance, Pfeffermans. I don't know what to make of the allegations. Trace Lysette seemed credible until she said something like, "Hopefully this show won't be killed due to the actions of one cisgender male actor." That made me think "agenda" (since transgender activists have complained about Tambor's casting from the very start). Suddenly Trace's allegations were cast into doubt. At the same time, Tambor is not especially sympathetic. He comes off as a prima dona, and now he seems to be playing the victim, if not trying to capitalize on it: Bet it's nothing money can't fix, eh, Jeff? The fact that two co-workers have now accused Tambor also works against his denials. I have always condemned Tambor's casting myself, but for different reasons. He played a buffoonish, unlikable crossdresser in Hill Street Blues. I was a teenager then, struggling with my own transgender issues. Seeing Tambor's character on TV made me feel embarrassed about myself. I have never forgotten that. So it was a bitter pill when I heard he was cast as this supposedly ground-breaking transgender character in Transparent. It was a long time before I could bring myself to watch the show. In the end, I watched simply to be informed, since the show was making an impact. Wish I never had. Even if you set the whole transgender issue aside, the Pfefferman characters are annoying, self-absorbed and beyond insufferable.
  9. Dart dying beside the Three Musketeers wrapper bothered me a lot. He didn't mean to be a bad dog. As LittleIggy said upthread, it was his nature. I thought this series was better than the first, probably because Matthew Modine was absent for most of it. The soundtrack was pretty good but the song clips were far too short. If you're going to put "Whisper To a Scream" out there, you owe it to the audience to play more than just the first ten or twelve seconds. As something to pass the time, Stranger Things is okay but I still don't get all the fuss about it. Just not that special, IMHO. P.S. That boring Kali episode in the city really screwed up the flow.
  10. Incidentally, Mika's condescending introduction of Donnie Deutsch, replying "because you're reprehensible" when he asked why she introduces him like that -- totally out of line. Flip it around, envision Scarborough giving a sneering introduction to a female guest and then telling her he thinks she's reprehensible (even though she hasn't said anything yet). It wouldn't fly. I suspect Mika was attempting to be funny but it didn't play like that. It was awkward.
  11. Millennium is mad that Mika can sit on her high horse and call out Bill Clinton but has yet to say a WORD about serial groper George H.W. Bush. Millennium is also mad that Mika condemns everyone else by name but shields Mark Halperin with the gentle sobriquet of "a friend of the show."
  12. The first half hour of today's show was difficult to watch. Panel asked a lot of hard questions for which there seem to be no clear answers, but the discussion of Roy Moore's supporters just made me heartsick. Donnie asked the operative question: What have we become? Then came the reports of how partisan hacks, Donald Trump foremost, are using the Franken mess to score political points. Which naturally highlighted the grotesque hypocrisy of Republicans saying Trump's accusers are all lying. Mika and company are saying that this ongoing outing of men who molest/abuse/harass will effect a sea change in male behavior but I'm not sure I believe it will. Publicly shaming men is a short-term solution. What really needs to change is our culture -- movies, television, music -- which teaches boys from a young age that manliness is measured by conquest. Conquest in sports, conquest at work, and perhaps most important, conquest of women. I'm not making excuses, but as boys grow up they are culturally conditioned to see women as entitlements and/or personal challenges. The same programming leads men to believe they are failures if they do not "score." Is it really any surprise that so many of them get into trouble? I had a thought about the Al Franken pic that is making the rounds: if that were a scene from a comedy movie, it would probably get a lot of laughs and nobody would raise a fuss about it. We have this culture that is sending two distinctly different messages: and until everybody gets on the same page, I don't think anything will ever really change.
  13. Part of Warren's problem, I think, is that due to circumstances she is repeatedly put in the position of having to react to the words and actions of a raving buffoon who gets away with calling her "Pocahontas." It is always incumbent upon Warren to be the adult in the room. When contrasted with that particular brand of lunacy, of course she is going to appear dull.
  14. As a longtime Survivor watcher, I know that when someone's confident enough to take a nap (or sit out a challenge, eat a meal, etc.) while others compete, they're toast. I thought about that the instant they showed Brandon sleeping.
  15. Unfortunately, the bag was tied around Liris's waist.