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  1. So I guess for the next few days at least it'll be Mourning Joe.
  2. The heart wants what the heart wants.
  3. I always preface my observations with the disclaimer that I don't like Scarborough much, but today during his "My Party Is Going to Hell" rant, he came off like a patriot. It was a powerful soliloquy.
  4. I'm not opposed to slow-burn dramas. But this season doesn't want to get off the couch. Remember the excitement of the Martha arc? I can't recall when or if the show has ever come close to that again. I blame Paige for everything. That storyline has tanked the show. There was a scene a couple weeks ago, where Paige is in her bedroom and Philip and Elizabeth knock on the door to have a heartfelt chat. It was like bad Brady Bunch. Then it occurred to me just how many scenes like that we've been subjected to in the past two seasons. Enough already. I know this is awful but this week when Paige threw the rope over the beam in the garage ... Anyway, I can't come up with a reason for tuning in next week let alone next season. I know I will, if only out of habit or obstinacy because I've come this far, but those are lousy reasons to watch a show.
  5. I find I have zero to little empathy for the secondary characters in this show. Pasha and his parents, Tuan, Sofia and Jacko, Philip's Russian son, Philip's Russian brother ... They're all just filler. I'd like to see more FBI, more Stan, more Jenningses ... even Oleg is more interesting than the second string. One episode after another of going through the motions. This season seems interminable.
  6. Abysmal finale. Anticlimactic battle. Stupid ending ("No, I won't make sure Quinn's really dead this time ..."). Not to mention Sunny carrying Henry off with no Pampers, no Beech Nut, and no breast milk ("Veil, don't die. But if you do, where do you keep the diaper bag?")
  7. She was outsold by Goodnight, Moon. Probably not a good idea to hold the book photo so close to the real face. Or neck.
  8. EXCLUSIVE: Caitlyn Jenner’s memoir is already on the discount rack From the article:
  9. Another tedious episode. Between the uninspired writing and Paige's presence casting a pall over all creation, I had a hard time staying awake. I think it would be nice to be friends with undercover Elizabeth. She seems like a lot of fun when she's grooming potential victims. Where does that come from? She's so dour otherwise. On the other hand, default Elizabeth is far more attractive than undercover Elizabeth. It's a shame default Elizabeth can't have undercover Elizabeth's bubbly personality. Still, I wouldn't throw default Elizabeth out of bed, even if she did kill me afterwards.
  10. Which reminds me, I really thought Debbie would ask during Final Tribal: Jeff, would you mind if I performed fellatio on Brad right here and now? The whole episode was difficult to watch, especially the scene in which Brad tries to strongarm Tai's idol away from him. Brad's expression was that of a sociopath. My other complaints include the jury acting like advocates for their favorites rather than deconstructing each of the final three. I hate that. Always have. Now it's become a thing and there's no stopping it, like audience sing-alongs at rock concerts. No more fucking puzzles. PLEASE! What happened to the mental challenges? The endurance challenges? Or was it just because Brad is good at puzzles? (IMO, the show all but gave him the win -- and he still blew it, lol). Hated the way Jeff kept pimping Varner outing Zeke. I mean, okay, it happened, but Jeff prattling on and on about it only guaranteed that Zeke would be outed to even more people. WTF? Jeff hyped it like it was the high point of the season when in fact, it was the lowest point in this show's history, IMO. Why do you hate LGBT people, Jeff? What happened to Ozzy's hair? Did he wander into that iPhone 7 commercial by accident? On the plus side, I don't like that Sarah won but it was way better than Brad. Aubrey is so quirky. She looked terribly ill at ease when she came out with the jury the first time, like she had raided her mom's closet for that outfit. She also seemed incomplete without her old school eyeglasses. They look like she's had them since 7th grade. That's all, I guess. Oh, and I have a wicked crush on Halli.
  11. It's like a scene from the show Black Mirror. Anytime there is the slightest disruption now, whether a full-scale tragedy or just a loud disagreement between a customer and a store clerk, someone records it as though it has potential value (and I think that is the true driving force, a hope of capturing something that can "go viral" or perhaps make the nightly news).
  12. The annoying part is they know they're monsters yet keep up the pretense of Patriot Woman and Sensitive Conflicted Guy for their own little audience of two. Anyway, I hate Paige more than P&E.
  13. There was a scene where Brooke is riding the bike, making sounds like a wounded water buffalo and a worker in a rice paddy looks up to see what the commotion is. I couldn't help but contrast scenes from Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter, Platoon, The Killing Fields, and other Vietnam war movies. I couldn't remember any where characters in those films complained more frequently or loudly than Brooke on her bicycle tour through the Vietnam scenery.
  14. Brooke is nearly unbearable but Scott is a dick. His smug bitchiness towards Tara and Joey at the mat made me wish for Scott/Brooke to go down in flames. I also didn't appreciate Scott's pontificating at the start of part two that the most important thing in TAR is building alliances. Wrong show, asshole. TAR (until the last couple seasons anyway) has never really been a social game. Add to that the broken promise from last week. I know there's no obligation to help other teams, but don't say you promise not to U-Turn on national television and then go and do that very thing. Overall I don't like the direction the show is taking.
  15. More to do with the Beatles, I think. Using the portrait mode on his iPhone, the barber takes portraits of the haircuts he has done, a la: