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  1. Are you saying Scarborough and Mika are a thing?
  2. Mika seems okay. I don't get the scarves though.
  3. This article answers some of the questions I had above. In the end it just seems to come down to the fact that life can be cruel.
  4. That was a powerful appearance. She was steely and fiery all at once. I only started watching this show in the past several weeks. Mostly in clips on youtube. I have never liked Scarborough much, he being part of the "Mission Accomplished" mindset during the Bush years. What attracted my interest recently was Scarborough's seemingly realistic viewpoint regarding Trump and his administration. For awhile there he was very critical of all the right things. I began to think maybe his mind had become less narrow. But as the days wore on, I began to see articles stating that Scarborough has been taking regular phone calls from Jared Kushner. Things started adding up. The harsh criticism of Trump wasn't about Trump per se, but about the man behind Trump -- Steve Bannon. In other words, Scarborough was shilling for Kushner. And part of that was his hammering of Trump for positions that Bannon advocated, probably with a mind to turn Trump against Bannon. My suspicions were borne out in the last week or so after the Kushner/Bannon feud came to a climax. Bannon was removed from the National Security Council and the press started reporting that Trump had publicly put him in his place. Almost as soon as that happened, Scarborough shifted gears. He suddenly became upbeat about Trump (even though nothing had really changed) and repeatedly pointed out how Steve Bannon could never outwit/outlast/outplay Jared Kushner because Kushner was family. He talks about Kushner like he's one of the cool kids at school. It felt sort of gross when I realized what had really been going on. It puts Scarborough in the same league as Hannity. Not a journalist, not a pundit, not anything really but a partisan hack.
  5. I wonder how long those posters will be allowed to remain in place. From I suspect that if the posters featured a hateful image that denied or ridiculed someone's identity on the basis of race or religion, they would be gone in a flash, and not featured with a full photo spread in a publication like The Hollywood Reporter. Even the title of the article lends passive approval of the act: Caitlyn Jenner Spoofed ... I despise Jenner, but that isn't "spoofing," ladies and gentlemen. To publicly label a transgender person "IT" is a cruel, degrading and vicious attack. Stephen King and whatever studio is releasing "IT" ought to slap a cease and desist on the so-called artist and if possible seek damages, because now their movie and its imagery are linked to a vile and hard-to-forget display of hatred and bigotry.
  6. Caitlyn Jenner Spoofed as 'It' Clown in Ads Near Fox Studio Maybe this will jar Jenner into reality upon realizing that this is how fellow conservatives really regard her. The handiwork of a "conservative street artist": Ironically, this will probably buy her more sympathy than any of the finger-pointing she's doing in these interviews. The comments section alone is enough to make one give up on humanity.
  7. That's all Kathy Bates has ever been able to do. Wildly overrated as an actress, IMHO.
  8. Only in America could this woman go from being a beloved child star to a penniless, sometimes-homeless drug addict known for causing disturbances in trailer parks. In an interview, she once described the Happy Days cast as her "family." I wonder if any of the more successful members of that family ever tried to help her career in the post-Happy Days years. It looks like she crashed and burned shortly after the end of Happy Days, with only 6 or 7 one-shot roles between 1984 and 2010. Probably I'm being unfair but the "tweets" by Ron Howard and Henry Winkler sound obligatory and saccharine. They've known for awhile that she was in trouble. A couple-few years ago, after Erin Moran was involved in a fracas of some kind, Winkler remarked to an interviewer that her situation was heart-breaking. Couldn't Ron Howard, one of the most respected names in Hollywood, have helped her get her career back on track? Maybe they tried to help, I don't know. Maybe they didn't. Maybe they did but she refused their help. Maybe she was beyond help. It just seems so cold that she's dead and the only send-off she gets is a handful of empty cliches on Twitter from her big-name former co-stars.
  9. New Caitlyn Jenner Interview Brings ’20/20′ Ratings Down Compared to Jenner's "coming out" interview two years ago, viewership was down by 85%. Compared to 20/20's ratings just last week, viewership dropped by 11%. It should be noted that the previous week's 20/20 didn't receive any of the advance promotion given to Jenner's return interview, nevertheless it attracted a larger audience by double digits.
  10. "Kevin!" "Kevin?" "Kevin." "Kevin ..." "Kevin?" "Kevin!" "... Kevin" "Kevin."
  11. I remember how my estimation of Lucille Ball dimmed considerably when I learned that she was an intimate friend of Hedda Hopper. She even made Hedda Hopper the focus of an I Love Lucy Hollywood episode.
  12. That had every appearance of a stroke. I have been in the company of someone having a stroke and that's just how Sig sounded. In the end, I guess he was dreaming as walnutqueen suggested. It's the only explanation that seems to reconcile hallucinations and aphasia one moment and coherent thought the next (where's House when you need him?). It was scary. When Sig started talking about hedges and the weather man and the power man and then lapsed into baby talk, my alarm bells went off.
  13. Tucker Carlson books Caitlyn Jenner for first post-O'Reilly show Wow, Fox didn't waste any time filling O'Reilly's slot with another repulsive personality. And I can't believe it's not Tucker Carlson I'm referring to.
  14. Good article but for the author's view that Jenner was ever "beloved" or "beautiful."
  15. You just do. That's not to say it can't change over the years, but to ask an assistant to take care of it? That's just fucked up.