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  1. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Thank you for taking the time. That was fun.
  2. Versailles in the Media

    I haven't seen Season 3 yet either. I have only one episode left in Season Two (I have been rationing them to one episode per week). I didn't go in with high expectations, so disappointments are few. Little things. Like how all the bad guys keep slipping away via the hidden panels and corridors behind the wall. And how exactly was the murdered priest's body hung from a vaulted ceiling 100 feet off the ground? The Dutch spy always seems to be fighting the urge to twirl his mustache. And where did the conspirators get those cool masks in Season One? Online? Know what's funny? I watched five seasons of Vikings, but had no idea that Louis was Athelstan. I'm usually very good at spotting actors in different roles. This one went right over my head. At first I thought the writers must be taking liberties with the character of Philippe, having him show up at the king's ball in drag, etc., but apparently the real Philippe was just as flamboyant.
  3. S13.E23: Let the Good Times Roll

    So Dean is one of the Peaky Blinders now? I don't know if I should be relieved that the writers didn't go the Dean/Michael vs. Sam/Lucifer route, with Michael and Lucifer playing Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots using Dean and Sam. That would have been annoying, but the ending they went with is annoying too. I was hoping for a two-birds-with-one-stone ending, where both Lucifer and Michael get ganked. I found it interesting that the show went meta by featuring Trump. In previous episodes, namely the one where the President is possessed, the President was a fictional character. Now the President in Sam and Dean's universe is the very same as ours. How does that work? Disappointing storyline aside, kudos to Jared and Jensen for giving us 110% every week. After so many seasons, plenty of actors would be phoning in their performances. Not these guys. No matter how disillusioned I am with the weekly stories, the acting and the chemistry between Jared and Jensen keep me coming back. I feel lucky we're getting another season, everything else be damned. Maybe unpopular opinion, but I found Lucifer amusing. A shame the writers couldn't find a decent balance between Lucifer's snark and malevolence.
  4. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    This season was worse than most. Biggest crybaby award goes to John Diggle. I have disliked holier-than-thou Diggle from Day One, but this season really cemented my disdain for the character. Waaaah! I wanna be the Green Arrow! You SAID I could be Green Arrow! Waaaaah! Guess being a whiny ass works -- Diggle got his wish, lighted suitcase and all. It seemed a terrible waste to me that Oliver was made to doubt his mission, his leadership and his own personal character by a group of navel-gazing, self-absorbed cosplayers. I thought at first Dinah had promise, but Ramirez and Curtis should have long ago followed the Ragman into insignificance (ironically, Ragman was a more interesting character than the other two). By the end, even Dinah was unwelcome on my screen. Diaz was a colossal bore. His final fight with Oliver was ridiculous. Who would ever believe that stiff, short-armed mushmouth could last a minute against the Green Arrow? Unpopular opinion: I'm glad Quentin Lance died. He's been a fly in the ointment from the start, repeatedly doing stupid things that endanger the people around him. He had zero charm. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Good riddance. It seemed absurd to me that in a previous episode Oliver could call the Flash for an uber Uber out to the city limits, but when the same city is literally being run by criminals, the lives of his family are imperiled, and the Flash could probably have found Diaz in a minute or two, Oliver doesn't make the call to Barry. No. Instead Oliver goes to prison. That makes a lot of sense.
  5. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    It was really quick, but if you didn't blink you may have noticed who's in the cell next to Oliver.
  6. Versailles in the Media

    Merde. I truly enjoy this series and have grown attached to the characters. My favorite is Marchand, the Batman of Versailles, complete with flowing cape. Philippe is very well-played, a good counterpoint to Louis, who's kind of a stiff. I was dismayed that some of the supporting characters were needlessly killed off in Season Two. I wondered if it was a budgetary consideration: terminate older characters to introduce new ones. I don't need every series I watch to be groundbreaking or riveting, must-see drama. Sometimes it's nice to have a show you can sit back and watch for simple pleasure and relaxation. I find Versailles' characters and plots to be interesting and amusing, while offering scenery and costuming like few other shows. I wish it had a future. Three seasons isn't enough, even if that's what the creators planned. It feels like the Penny Dreadful syndrome all over again.
  7. Season 6 Wish List

    I want a crossover show between My 600 Lb. Life and 90-Day Fiance where obese patients of Dr. Now recruit fiances from other countries to come here and change their bedpans, wipe their privates and buy take-out while trying to convince them it's really love.
  8. Saw the promo for this and I can't. I just can't.
  9. S02.E05: Seeds

    I can't help but draw parallels to all the publicly pious religious leaders of our own time who have been caught in sex scandals and other embarrassments. They play the part because it serves their purposes, but it's just a facade. Look at the Commander, quoting Scripture yet sneaking June away for illicit nights out. Frankly, any time someone tells me I'm not saved but they are, I wonder what sins they're trying so hard to hide.
  10. S02.E05: Seeds

    I think everyone realizes it's shit. The Commander and others playing golf, for instance. I think they all know it's a sham but the only thing that keeps them from saying so is they can't be certain the next guy isn't a true believer, because they're all playing the role to the hilt. No one except perhaps Aunt Lydia and the other Aunt sadists seem truly happy with the way things are going.
  11. S02.E05: Seeds

    Once again, Emily's story and the gritty performance of the actress immediately make me lose all interest in June Osborne and her Cabinet of Pained Expressions. Why is the land at the Colonies radioactive? Have they explained that?
  12. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I do miss the snark opportunities and the fun here every day. Mika's defense of Sarah Sanders (and p-whipped Douchebro's chiming in) was just more than I could stomach.
  13. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I've been MJ-free for about two weeks now and I'm doing fine. The days seem a little longer, less stressful. I'm not as engaged in the news. Trump's antics no longer set the tone of my day as they did when I listened to Scarborough ranting about them before breakfast. I know Scarborough and Mika are hypocrites but they seemed like useful hypocrites up until the morning following Michelle Wolf's appearance at the Nerd Prom. That's when I realized the rent was too damn high and shut them off for good. I highly recommend it to everyone.
  14. Lovecraft was not a virulent racist. He was an Anglophile who fantasized about being a subject of King George prior to the American Revolution. He frequently expressed irritation and dismay over the way poor immigrants took up housing in Providence's old Colonial homes and neighborhoods and allowed the properties to become rundown and blighted. His suspicion, distrust and attitude towards people of other races was no more or less pronounced than any other white man or woman of his time. We need to stop imposing today's standards on past generations. I might also add that Lovecraft, the alleged racist, married Sonia Haft Greene, a New York Jewish woman.
  15. S13.E22: Exodus

    They even forgot to use color film for most of the episode.