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  1. I did. It made me ashamed of Bob Kane. An ego-maniac, a cheat, a liar, a thief. He only admitted the truth after Bill Finger was safely dead. What do you do when you finally find the best Batman yet? Retire him. Ben Affleck's Batman Future in Doubt as Warner Bros. Plots Franchise
  2. As of this episode they should change the name of the show from "Turn" to "Twist."
  3. The speechifying wasn't very inspiring. Rick's no Aragorn, that's for damn sure. Even in a trailer where Rick has a cane, Negan is still the lamest thing on the screen.
  4. While it's nice to see women match the pace of their male counterparts, I don't think it's incumbent upon them. Mika's gonna meek, you know? And it works for the dynamic of the show. Honestly, I don't think Scarborough could deal with a strong female co-host -- or a strong male one. He has to be BMOC (big man on camera). They're both flawed, but here I am missing them because without that particular flavor combo the show is bland, bland, bland. Barnicle, by God. Barnicle! Has there ever been a more appropriate name?
  5. This show is really dreary without Scarborough and Mika. It has no edge.
  6. Any commercial starring Jennifer Garner. But especially the Capital One commercials. What a terrible, terrible actress. She reeks of phoniness. Really just awful.
  7. They really did abuse that meme today, didn't they? They started looking stupid after about the third time. A sincere "God help us," would have been better.
  8. I bailed out of Season 5 after just a few episodes. The new recruits storyline annoyed me, in part because it was uninteresting but also because it asked too much suspension of disbelief. A hero who wears a hockey mask? Wtf? Has no one in Arrow world ever seen the Friday the 13th movies? If you're a person in distress and you see some weirdo in a hockey mask coming at you, well, probably relief is not the emotion you'll feel. Add to that Rene's generally unlikeable personality. Artemis' bland, vanilla persona. Curtis' forced quirkiness, parroting Felicity's early penchant for saying whatever she's thinking ... The clobber-you-over-the-head diversity casting was also a bit much, as if somebody checked off a list ... black, white, hispanic, jewish, gay, gay and married ... Ragman was the only one I sort of liked, but just as a regular guy not as the hero. If Oliver just fired them all I would cheer (but then he would probably be sued by the ACLU). I came back to finish the season after it landed on Netflix because I had finished The 100 and there was little else to watch. Overall the season was tiresome. If I never hear the word Bratva again I would be okay with that. Big Bad Prometheus had some interesting moments but was ultimately a letdown. Best thing about him was Michael Dorn's voice. In this season the ever-irksome flashbacks took on a bigger life and became a full-fledged parallel storyline, retconning Oliver's story in ways that seem contrived and phony. The Anatoly guy is a terrible actor, so his recurring presence was not welcome. And what would a season of Arrow be without at least one character swiped from Batman? Lexa Doig's Talia had no mystique, no elegance. Her rudimentary acting skills were better suited to playing Andromeda. I'm sick of Lance and his depressed drunkenness, his grief, his voice, his five o'clock shadow. Get rid of him already. He'd be better off with Laurel. Way too much gunplay from so-called heroes. Not good. Best part of the season was the minimal Olicity. I think those two really work better when they seem star-crossed. Second best part was Dinah Drake. Aside from the cheesy way she was shoehorned into the story, I think the character has potential. I hope the writers don't squander it. Third best was Dolph Lundgren. Unlike Anatoly, who comes off like some schlub from central casting, Lundgren has a natural menace, is bigger than life, and is already established in the public's imagination as a big, bad Russian thanks to Rocky IV. Special recognition to the return of Slade Wilson, Nyssa and Moira Queen. Slade Wilson as played by Manu Bennett was one of the high points of this entire series. I deeply regret that Bennett was not brought into the show as a regular cast member (not necessarily as Slade Wilson). He adds real gravitas to what is otherwise a pretty flimsy and silly script. Katrina Law as Nyssa brings the mystique so glaringly lacking in Lexa Doig's Talia. And Moira Queen was a strong and very classy lady. I miss her as part of the cast. I give Season 5 a C minus. The recruits and Bratva storylines did serious damage. It would be nice to think they will be abandoned next season. But I'm guessing they won't be. Just like I know everyone didn't get blown up on Lian Yu (although I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the recruits being sacrificed). One more pet peeve: How many times in this season did someone say "Can we have the room?" It could be a new drinking game.
  9. I think Ozzy was the phantom limb of a storyline that was amputated much earlier. They kept him on either because they had Leguizamo under contract or because they saw no good way to get rid of him. That's why they morphed him from con-man to crackpot. My WTF moment had to do with John's swim fins in the final scene. They looked about 3-4 feet long. VERY disappointed in Belle. The whole episode felt like the writers have lost the steering and everybody's just hanging on till the ride comes to a stop.
  10. Commander Koenig! How shall Moonbase Alpha survive now? I was a geeky teen who watched every episode of Space 1999 and even built a scale model of Moonbase Alpha on a piece of plywood in my basement with lots and lots of Plaster of Paris and a string of Christmas lights to illuminate the interior of the structures. In fact, I forgot all about that until I saw Martin Landau had died. I remember when I was a little older, how embarrassed I was for him and Barbara Bain when they appeared in The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island. It was their last appearance together. At least he was able to reclaim his dignity with Crimes and Misdemeanors.
  11. So Jaha commandeered the bunker in attempt to save the lives of all Arkadians, but actually endangered the lives of all Arkadians by commandeering the bunker. He then sought to save the lives of all Arkadians again by refusing to relinquish the bunker, which again endangered the lives of all Arkadians. Finally he tried to save all Arkadians by once again commandeering the bunker, only to facilitate the deaths of most Arkadians by commandeering the bunker yet again, this time with gas. But Jaha is one of the precious few who gets to stay in the bunker? WTF? I hate Jaha. He's one of the most annoying characters on any show I've ever seen. The actor who plays him doesn't help matters either. I'm glad the writers laid waste to most of the premises established in the past two seasons. The whole clan wars storyline had grown stale, They gave it a good send off with the final battles between Octavia, Roan, Luna, etc. THANK GOD Jasper is gone. Even just one emo asshole like him on earth was too many. The show was all over the place this season but the pace was good and each episode made me eager to see the next. I thought gassing the B-list Arkadians was a nice, humane touch. Far more realistic than 364 humans shrugging and agreeing to take one for the team.
  12. Jake Anderson is embarrassing to watch. The whole generation of new so-called captains, with the exception of Sean, has been a farce: Josh Harris, Elliot Neece, and now Jake Anderson. His ranting "I'M THE CAPTAIN!" shows how little control he really has. Don't know what anyone else's impression was, but I got the feeling Jake is on something.
  13. While I feel much of Scarborough's criticism of Trump is valid, and appreciate that he puts it out there fearlessly, it also seems like he has a stake in Trump failing. Scarborough was the outlier who said that Trump had a good shot at winning the Presidency. He got a lot of press for that. Now he wants to take the lead -- and later the credit, undoubtedly -- in forecasting Trump's downfall. He goes in for a lot of "I said it first" and "didn't I predict that right here on this show, Mika?" In a sense, Scarborough is Mark Antony, a strong supporter during Caesar's rise to emperor, who then uses Caesar's death to launch himself into a greater position of power. (Oh lordy, now I'm picturing Mika as Cleopatra.)
  14. Most evident this morning, when Scarborough and Mika basked in the afterglow of their reception at the Harvard Club Institute of Politics. Nice for them, but every morning for the past 9 months I look at the news before I eat breakfast to see what terrible thing has happened today, or whether this is the day my healthcare gets taken away once and for all. I'm not asking the show to pander to my unenviable situation, but jeez, half the country is in a state of panic or despair and the other half should be. Stop talking about how great your life is. I have zero patience for One-Percent bon vivant bullshit like the first five minutes of the show this morning.
  15. I think if my last name was Geist, I would have to change my first name to Zeit. Or maybe Polter. Which reminds me, if Willie were to marry Ann Coulter, she would be Ann Coulter-Geist.