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  1. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Mohammed and Danielle from 90-Day Fiance could offer insights into immigration and the Muslim ban ... Penny from My 600-lb Life could help profile the 400-lb person sitting on their bed who hacked the election, finally bringing closure to the Russia investigation ... the cast of Little People, Big World could help Trump deal with Little Marco, Liddle Bob Corker, and Little Adam Schiff ... you may be on to something!
  2. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Is it like a Mojo-rison?
  3. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Mika? What's a "high-rizon?"
  4. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I broke away from the show to read Scarborough's Washington Post piece. These reader comments amused me: "snarkqueen" writes: and immediately after that, from "cornan": and "majordeegan": LOL,
  5. S02.E12: AKA Pray For My Patsy

    Fuck you, Trish. All the good karma you brought to series 1? Just gone. Not enough to be beautiful, not enough to be famous, not enough to be wealthy, not enough to be successful, no, you have to have powers too. The only thing your sister has to call her own, and you have to claim it for yourself and fuck anybody who stands in your way. You're as greedy and vicious as your mother, even if you don't realize it. Hell, you're worse. Much worse.
  6. S05.E08: Eldorado

    In the space of just a couple episodes, the series stopped being about the rise and fall of Nucky Thompson and became the tragedy of Gillian Darmody. The synergy between the actress who played young Gillian and Gretchen Mol was amazing. The image of 12-year-old Gillian standing on the boardwalk in her parade costume, in her last hour of innocence, brings tears to my eyes.
  7. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    But who'll watch? Not me. I stopped watching Keith Olbermann's show the day Obama was elected.
  8. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Plus it fuels Trump's ego. And diminishes MJ's brand. The more they become dependent on Trump -- and it's now at 100% -- the harder they'll fall when the circus leaves town.
  9. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Maybe Trump tipped the scales. It's like she "got religion" and became as insufferable as those types. Which I could forgive. Because Trump has brought out the worst in many of us, whether for or or against.
  10. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I don't get any babeness from Mika. I don't know, maybe if I were stranded in a nursing home and watching TV ... but no. Underlying all my complaints, I think, is my disdain for Mika's pretentiousness. Instead of those stupid scarves, she should wear a sign around her neck that says "I AM BETTER THAN YOU." Her constant reminding the audience who her father was, her hypocritical delusion that she is uniquely qualified to speak about sexual harassment and female empowerment, her tongue-clucking response to pop culture, her "signature" look (again, the stupid scarves -- who else in cable news has a "signature" look? Oh, that's right, Tucker Carlson), her substitute teacher approach to moderating the show when the titular blowhard is absent ... all of it screams pretentious. Maybe that's why I prefer the show when Scarborough is on. Because he skewers her pretentiousness on a regular basis. He cuts it right down to size, even without meaning to. His presence alone discredits her because when you see them together you think, "There's Miss Know-Your-Value who's having a relationship with her boss." And you start thinking she probably wouldn't have the job, or book contracts, or anything if not for her association with that blowhard. When Scarborough's around, all Mika's airs go sailing right out the window.
  11. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    What irks me is Mika's complete lack of talent. She doesn't know how to read the news. It always sounds like someone trying too hard or doing an impression of how they think a newscaster sounds. Like a female Ted Baxter. Add to that the way she badgers over things she has deigned too-important-to-miss, i.e., the Brennan interview the other day, or the Sarah Sanders press conference. She is so amateur it drives me crazy, especially when I consider how much money she's being paid for such a poor performance. Of course then I remember what she's really being paid for: to be a sidekick/straight man/cheerleader. Which is fine as long as she sticks to that. But don't foist a side dish on me and tell me it's the same as the main course.
  12. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I don't get it. I find the show literally unwatchable with her alone. I have turned it off for the last two days.
  13. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    She's hoping the forecast will be "Stormy with a chance of Trump balls."
  14. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Biden said yesterday he would have kicked Trump's ass in high school. Maybe they can just settle it by seeing who can light the best fart.
  15. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Yesterday she pronounced ridiculed as ree-dick-yooled.