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  1. This perfectly encapsulates everything wrong with the show. It has always had horrible pacing but I stuck with it until dumpster gate. I haven't watched since and removed it from my dvr. I really do miss the show it could have been, though.
  2. S02.E03: Damsels

    I'll forever love Season 1 because it gave me the Angel Fight (in the hotel room). I could just sit and watch those scenes over and over again.
  3. Preacher Season Two Anticipation

    I'm so excited about tonight! I just love this show. Anyone know how many episodes there will be for this season? P.S. - I hope I find out whether the short angel is alive (can't remember his name). The tall one looked so sad and alone sitting on that bench.
  4. I sat on my sofa and cried with the man who was with the Guardians as he told his story. That poor man might have been shown forgiveness from the woman he went after but I don't think he will ever forgive himself. He is the type of person the Tom Cruises and Kirstie Alleys should be listening to because every word he spoke was so obviously sincere and heartfelt. His actions have really taken a toll on him.
  5. Fix The Show

    Same here. I really miss seeing camp life. My first season to watch was South Pacific so I'm surprised I stuck with the show. But the reason I did was because I binge watched old seasons and loved them. It amazed me how little food they had and how important the food providers were and I miss that. Oh, and have I said this before? Please, for the love of God, either do away with the idols or at least make them difficult to find.
  6. This season kinda went off the rails for me early on when Malcolm was sent home the way he was. I don't know, I really thought this would be his season. I also really hated, HATED all the idols and advantages. I would love an old school season with no idols. Khaleesi, as always, is a genius and I look forward to her eventually competing and RULING her season!
  7. I'm really hoping the spoiler isn't true because I just don't understand how this could happen. Although, I never expected the Beekman Boys to win, either. Please, please Amazing Race Gods.....don't let this happen!
  8. Oh, hell, not Scott and Brooke!! If this is the correct order then Scott deserves a solo win because he has almost literally carried Brooke the whole way.
  9. Khaleesi, youngest player ever to win Survivor!!!
  10. I really, really don't like Debbie but I would rather watch her on my TV over Sierra. I cringe when I see Sierra on my screen. I wouldn't mind seeing a Cirie, Michaela, Andrea final 3.
  11. Preacher Season Two Anticipation

    REALLY looking forward to the second season!
  12. Fix The Show

    I'm just so sick of the playing of the idol and then going out the next day and just picking one off the idol tree. I say you start off with one idol per camp and when those are played they aren't reburied. And please make them more difficult to find, even with one per camp. Actually, I would prefer no idols at all but that will never happen.
  13. S34: James "J.T." Thomas, Jr.

    I was on Survivor Sucks for a little while last night and BOY do they hate JT over there! I hope he never goes there because they don't just criticize his game play. I'm from the south and I hate to see people make fun of someone just because they have a southern accent and some of those people are brutal about it. JT made some bad decisions this season, no doubt. But he's not a stupid man. I could kill him for getting my eye candy voted out, though.
  14. Season 34 Spoilers & Rumors

    I agree. I hate the idols. Either stop re-hiding them or get rid of them completely. Just another thing I love about the early seasons.
  15. S34: James "J.T." Thomas, Jr.

    I just loved JT in Tocantins and enjoyed watching his friendship with Stephen. However, he definitely ruined his legacy by returning to the game. Diminishing returns, indeed.