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  1. S04.E13: Of Hardiness Is Mother

    I think that was on purpose. They were reading Push in the book club scene, which is the book Precious was based on. Someone said the mother was evil, but Cookie said something along the lines of the mother wasn’t evil just hurt.
  2. S02.E07: Champagne Papi

    I totally agree. The Tammy would not necessarily confront a Becky dating the guy on fries. But she would care. (And talk about it to her friends) My comment was in response to a post who implied that no one would care if a poor black man only dated white women. Also agree Van needs to let Earn go for good.
  3. S02.E07: Champagne Papi

    Short answer from a Black woman, YES! If dude on fries dated only White woman, there would be a “Tammy” asking the same questions. Which is one reason why I didn’t care for the scene. Id be surprised if it was written by a Black woman. It is a fallacy that Black women do not support black men when they are struggling, and only want them when they’ve made it. The second reason I didn’t like the scene, was that the Tammy character seemed to change from what we previously saw of her, lots more attitude, neck rolling and other stereotypical stuff. I felt like the actress was asked to amp it up. Although i I did think it funny that actor dude looked embarrassed shrugged his shoulders and mouthed Sorry to Tammy before getting up. Lots of ways to interpret that.
  4. S06.E14: Second Honeymoons, Part 2

    The therapist suggested that maybe Jon was emotionally immature, and maybe he is, but that definitely seems to be Molly's issue. It could all be the editing, but I really haven't seen anything in any of their arguments that would make her blow up the way she does, and immediately shut off and end discussion. All of the arguments appear to be relatively minor. In the therapist scene, she starts screaming about wanting to stop and de-escalate, but we hadn't seen anything escalate. At that point all we saw was the therapist calmly asking about what really happened and ask her why her story was different than the tape. Neither she or Jon seemed to be upset. So I wasn't sure what needed to be "de-escalated". Same thing with the 3-some fight. She immediately got offended, started calling Jon names and ended the discussion, (rather than be honest that her lack of attraction was not going to change). It appears to be her default that when people disagree with her to shut down and play the victim rather than listening and owning her part. That is not emotionally mature at all. We know that Molly is not physically attracted to Jon, and that's fine, but it doesn't appear that she's put much effort to get to know him in order to build an emotional attraction that my lead to more. I don't think we've seen her talk about learning anything positive about Jon specifically that isn't in relation to her. "We have so much in common, we are both adventurous...... etc." . The only example I can think of was the her learning he liked red heads and she wearing an awful red wig.
  5. S06.E14: Second Honeymoons, Part 2

    People don’t dislike Molly because she isn’t attracted to Jon or that she is thin and blond. They dislike her because she is obviously lying to everyone including the audience. The words she chooses to use towards Jon are cruel and not how you speak to your husband. If Jon had said similar things to her or mistreated her in any way, I’m pretty sure she would have used that as her excuse to exit the marriage. She and Ryan are 2 peas in a pod, living in their own alternate realities.
  6. S04.E18: Black Math

    I'm guessing the Elvis Costello song may be some type of writer's inside joke. I've heard of Elvis Costello, but not familiar with any of his music. I kind of associate him with "white hipsters" for some reason. However, I do love Barry Manilow : ). The show has a several running jokes that are either completely random or have to be insider jokes. Like Rick Fox being Zoey's real dad. This episode also had a couple of random mentions of a celebrity/comedian (I can't remember who) that felt very insider-y. I think the Costello thing was funny, for the same reason that the majority of the show's Black audience immediately got that baby Devonte was named after a member of the group Jodeci, while the majority of the white audience did not.
  7. S43.E17: Chadwick Boseman / Cardi B

    She’s a pretty big deal. Broke billboard records. Very hot right now. It’s been rumored for awhile she was pregnant by her fiancé who is a member of the Migos (who also performed on SNL recently). This was her confirmation of the pregnancy. Interesting enough the song she did in the white dress is also rumored to be her fiancé. So it appears she was making a statement. And I’m only mildly concerned that I’m over 40 and know all of this. I give Chadwick an A for effort. The show a C. And his outfit during the monologue an F. Certain skits he appeared like the pregnant man and Black Jeopardy, You could tell how good of an actor he is. But the rest you could pretty much tell were last minute, as he was reading cue cards and not nearly as good..
  8. S24.E13: Beauty is Commercial

    There's been nude photo shoots on this show before though. Once of the earlier seasons had a church going curvy girl model who refused to do a nude shoot.
  9. S06.E13: Second Honeymoons, Part 1

    Molly keeps saying that she and Jon have all these things in common and are so much alike, and I just don't see it. They appear to be nothing alike. If they were really 90% compatible as she says, except for the physical attraction part, you would see them laughing and joking, and enjoying each other's company like friends. That has nothing to do with physical attraction. She obviously does not even enjoy his company. I don't think either would consider the other a friend.
  10. S24.E13: Beauty is Commercial

    Nope. Not even a little bit. We were all thinking it. Loved the Pantene lady giving the breakdown of which girl would promote which Pantene product and when she got to Jeanna basically said, because wigs need to get washed too...LOL. Agreed 1000% with Law when he said Shanice's pic looked like a Dark & Lovely perm ad from the 90s. I thought the exact same thing when I saw it. But I didn't consider it a complement.
  11. NeNe's son was there as well, wearing the Freddy Kruger sweater NeNe bought a the costume store scene with Eva and Cynthia. Wouldn't have been surprised if Kim's daughters were there as well. She probably won't let them be shown without getting paid though.
  12. S36.E06: Fate is the Homie

    And don't forget about Sarge. He was pretty darn delusional. Oh and Debbie (I think that was her name) the model/gymnast/super spy from a few seasons back. She would be the female version. Production had a field day mocking both of them. The Chris mocking feels a bit more tongue in cheek to me. Some of his self absorption is real, like how he thinks he's emotionally bonding with people when in reality he's just making about himself. But some of it is for the cameras like the model talk, and last week's epic freestyle rap.
  13. S06.E12: Great Expectations

    Thought it was interesting that Molly said that her relationship with Jon is the first one where she actually talked through relationship issues. However, the show has only shown them discuss one relationship issues, their lack of sex life, and that issue has not really been resolved....LOL Ryan lives in an alternate universe of his own creation. Jepthe and Shawniece are the cutest.
  14. S10.E17: ReMarcable

    When someone asked him did he want to meet the other girls, something about the tone in his response of "after I see my wife" was a little off for me. But then after I read the Tamara Tattles article that he didn't sign the release until after everything had been filmed during post production, that I saw the scene differently. At the time everything was filmed, production were operating under the assumption they were going to have to blur or edit him out. It helps explain why all the interactions seem so awkward, and you barely heard Marc speak. Things had to be pieced together in post production, because the cameras weren't filming him at the time for the storyline.
  15. That’s kinda like saying racism no longer exists because Barack Obama was elected President. There is not a 1:1 correlation. Rupaul’s success does not negate bigotry in the drag community. People have already provided several well researched and documented examples that it exists. People can love the show and still have an irrational raced based hatred of some Black queens. It’s counter intuitive, but so is racism. I’m sure some drag historians can correct me if I’m wrong, but Black queens were instrumental in making drag popular and mainstream. A lot of current drag culture and slang is appropriated from Black culture. I’m sure some Black queens find this to be an additional level of frustration in light of the racial negativity the get from a small but significant part of the drag community. This may be part of the chip on the shoulder attitude some perceive them to have. And to to get on topic, Shangela was robbed!