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  1. S09.E22 & E23: The Finale

    I started the episode thinking Gerron had little chance of winning, but by the time they got to his chess pie dessert, and noticed all 3 judges had eaten every bite, I Knew he would could win. So happy for Gerron!
  2. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    Hated the discussion about Hillary and Julie Chen. Neither owes anyone an explantation on why they decided to stay with their husbands. It’s really no one’s business. While it’s probably not a decision I would make, I know many people make the decision to stay with spouses who cheat or do other negative things for a variety of reasons. I also don’t think Julie Chan forfeits her right to discuss sexual harassment of others in the future, just because her husband sexually harassed someone and she chose to stay. Now she can’t pull a Melania and try to be a champion of the #metoo movement.....lol. But it shouldn’t prevent her from discussing the topic when it occasionally comes up on The Talk.
  3. S07. E.11 State of the Union

    I agree about Dave (probably because I have a similar personality). I also would also have concerns in dating a 36 year old who hasn’t had a long term relationship. It’s possible that Amber didn’t want long term relationships, wanted her freedom, focus on career, etc., but she didn’t say that.
  4. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    There’s compilation videos on YouTube of Federer breaking rackets, knocking stuff off a bench on the court and arguing with umpires throughout his career and as as recently as the 2018 Australian Open. I’m not judging him, his passion is what makes him the G.O.A.T. Same passion fuels Serena, yet she is called a brat, entitled, classless, etc. when she does the exact same thing. That’s the point Whoopi and Sunny were trying to make.
  5. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    And Federer has broken rackets when frustrated and argued with umpires. As has just about every top player. It’s not typically a big deal. It’s part of the passion of competitive sports. There is no nice in competive sports..lol Omarosa is not a republican. She worked for Al Gore at the White House. I don’t think she has any political leaning really other than the politics of self.
  6. "The View" Week Of 9/10/2018

    People rarely discuss men "being nice" when discussing competitive sport. This is what Serena is referencing regarding sexism in sport. Women are expected to be nice and pleasant at all times. While men get called passionate and are respected when they argue with the umpire or smash a racket. It's considered a joke not a character flaw. John McEnenroe has made a career of it. Nick Kyrgios is considered the bad boy of tennis and it's meant in a positive way. She recognized arguing with the umpire was not appropriate. Her point was male players would not have been docked the game. There is plenty of evidence of this. James Blake and Andy Roddick have both said they've done worse without penalty or got a warning rather than penalty. I have seen nothing but support for Serena from other tennis pros including the pros that were commentating during the match. That speaks volumes. The criticism is about rules that are unequally applied that negatively affected the match. It's not about Serena's behavior. I can see why Whoopi and Sunny defended her. Both are fans of the game, and know that what happened was highly unusual.
  7. "The View" Week Of 9/3/2018

    Whoopi has been very consistent in honoring her friends, despite what misdeeds they may have been accused of (i.e. Bill Cosby). However, if being accused of domestic violence/sexual harassment, etc years ago, disqualifies someone from being honored for a lifetime of achievement, then we'd honor very few people. While he was accused he was not arrested or convicted (that I know of). I don't think anyone's life should be entirely judged on any one thing they've done. Still reserving judgement on Abby. She seems likable enough, but I would have preferred someone a bit more intellectual (for lack of a better word) about conservative positions. We already have MM, don't need another conservative with the same views. I appreciate the variety of the opinions from the 3 "liberals" on the panel Also enjoyed the show more with just 4 cohosts. Or maybe just these 4 cohosts. Seemed everyone got a chance to speak and no one dominated the conversation.
  8. S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    In one the earlier seasons Nigel passed on a black male contemporary dancer and said he didn’t like effeminate dancers. The dancer’s routine included a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon. There was also a gay male ballroom team that auditioned that he made inappropriate comments about. He has made plenty of comments about preferring masculine contemporary dancers. Nigel was a dancer in England at a time when male dancers were mostly straight (or appeared to be). Times have changed and I’m glad he’s finally evolving on gay male dancers.
  9. S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    I’d guess at least a few of them may feel that way. For whatever reason this show has never had a black male winner that was not hip hop, even though there is at least 1 or 2 Black male contemporary or jazz dancers every season. It’s not a stretch to think race and/or sexuality plays a part. Will, Brandon, and Danny were all better dancers than whoever won their season, I was actually very happy to see both Jay Jay and Darius made it as far as they did. Usually one would be sacrificed in the early weeks. Both deserved to be in the finale. Jenson will probably win, but I just don’t get her appeal. She always dances heavy to me. No pep in her step. That was especially evident in the Tahitian dance. The choreographer gave her very little to do, I’m guessing because she was unable to do the same moves as Jay Jay. Nigel appeared to very careful with the words he used on Travis’s piece for a Darius. I don’t think his opinion has really changed regarding “effeminate” male dancers.
  10. S15.E11: Top Eight Perform

    Can’t say I enjoyed very many of the routines. Loved Travis Walls Broadway and loved Luther’s routine for the 4 guys. Everything else was just Meh. Was distracted by the rope and the pots and pans. Oh and loooved Darius’s strange fruit solo. Glad they brought the solos back.
  11. S15.E10: Top Ten Perform

    I've seen the show do elements of stepping in hip hop numbers before. and it worked. This did not. The sound was weird. The tried to mic their claps and stomps but it ended up sounding off beat to the music to me. Probably would have worked better of there was a small break in the music where they mic'd them to hear the stomps/claps/hits specifically, and then the music cuts back in for the rest of the routine. I have stepped and strolled as a member of a Black Greek Letter Organization on many occasions. I think they originally tried to bill this a stroll routine. It was definitely not that. In my day (90s) Strolling was a dance done in a line with more than 2 people. Mary used to give great technical critique specifically in ballroom dances between her shrieks and tamale trains. She still will throw in an offhand comment here in their (ex. Slavic's shoulders) but the majority of her time is spent giving praise. I like Magda and Darius, but that Bollywood was pretty average. I remember when they first started doing Bollywood and they dancers all talked about hand placement and how they had to get it exactly right or it might come off offensive. It didn't appear that either Darius or Magda put much emphasis on hand placement. Their hands were pretty willy nilly. Enjoyed Jenson and JJ's African jazz. But would have much preferred to see Chelsea dance with JJ instead of Jensen. She just didn't have enough power behind her movements to pull it off. I think the music and costume kind of camouflaged a lot of her limitations.
  12. S07.E06: Too Close for Comfort

    I took the whole weird editing of Mia's confession on last week's episode that she had basically told Tristan and the experts the whole truth. That she was guilty of identify theft and some type of stalking. But to protect her (and make the case go away) the show chose to edit it to be pretty ambiguous as to what really happened. I'm sure Mia still spun it, that she was hurt and wronged and did it to lash out, etc. I'm guessing Tristan has dated some crazy girls before and it didn't phase him. Plus he seems a bit of the Captain Save a Ho type, and Mia plays into it with her neediness and deference to him. They've been married for like a week, and already saying "I love you"? Although in Tristan's talking head he was careful to say that is was falling in love with her... . not that he loved her...LOL I thought Bobby was going to turn out to be creepy, but so far I'm enjoying him and Danielle. While $15k is a lot of credit card debt, at least it didn't appear that she had any student loan debt. The credit card debt is manageable but student loan debt can be a definite budget killer. If the biggest drama they could show for them is whether their dogs would like each other, then that's a good sign that they will be fairly drama free. I had positive vibes on Dave in the beginning, but it's looking like he may be the creepy guy of this season. He's a bit too uptight. Amber hasn't quite yet figured out how to loosen him up. She also said she is possessive and jealous by nature, I'm not sure how that's going to pair with the bros. ,
  13. S14.09 The Newest Star

    It so annoys when they take a bite of the food and try to describe the bite. It rarely is nothing but a list of the ingredients they've already talked about with their obvious attributes. The cheese, is so cheesy, the butter.... so buttery.... the saltiness of the bacon... the acidity of the lemon.....the heat from the jalapeno..... Just tell me it's delicious and make mmmm sounds. Just as effective. I thought Jess's was the weakest pilot. She is especially guilty of the non informative food descriptions, and found her pilot to be the most awkward, so was surprised she tied for the win. Manny was the most likable, but made too many mistakes to win. Christian seems most FN ready to me.
  14. "The View" Week Of 7/30/2018

    This is what the show needs. Someone to counter MM with logical facts. Logical facts are like krytonite to MM.. Flusters her every time. Doesn’t have to be Ana (although I would love it to be her). But someone not concerned about being balanced and fair with MM, and able to logically counter her. At one point MM was ranting about Avenati and Ana just turned away from her, talked over her to ask Avenati a question to change the subject. Loved it.
  15. "The View" Week Of 7/30/2018

    There are Americans that go to Mexico for dental work as well for the he same reason. Americans also go to other countries for cheaper plastic surgery or fertility treatments. Does that mean those other countries have better healthcare, or the American system is flawed?