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  1. S10 E02

    I wish they hadn’t switched to Sunday nights. I am on cable TV now, and I forget to watch.
  2. I love the extras in the background when Andy is trying to convince Barney to sing in a whisper into the special microphone. That one guy was cracking up!
  3. S10 E02

    My dog appreciates a sweater or jacket when we go out on cold days. But inside??? No.... the minute we get in the house, he’s standing still like a statue, waiting for me to take it off.
  4. S10 E02

    No, just a little sugar and cinnamon. :)
  5. S10 E02

    I just made three pints of applesauce today, in my crock pot. Probably cost me around $2.
  6. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    That reaction to the pass was pure jealousy. If one of them had it, they’d use it in a heartbeat. If he’d held it up and said “who wants it?” They would all have been clamoring to go.
  7. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    That’s borderline breaking her non-disclosure agreement.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I don’t believe him either. He should be in prison.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    He didn’t go on to be a criminal? Stealing a baby’s name, fake birth certificate, fake social security number, etc..... that’s criminal. He should have gone immediately to authorities, but he didn’t. He took the money and ran. At least now everyone knows his name and face in case he tries to fool another woman like the one with the blue hair.
  10. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    Trev. I couldn’t stand him the first time. He’s a whiny ass.
  11. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    I’d be worried about Jen’s hair getting in my food.
  12. S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    What’s in Heather’s left ear? A piercing or a hearing aid? I was watching online but it stalled out halfway through. Laat I saw, Jen was crying and the cowboys and cowgirls were making their movie.
  13. S10 E01

    What a lot of apt and condo buildings have here is someone at a desk at the front door to take in packages. Then you pick it up from them. Secure, safe, UPS guys love it. And no, they were not going to mess with a lockbox. They’ll leave a note.
  14. S10 E01

    Do a thorough background check first, to make sure he’s not a serial killer.
  15. Inconsistencies and Continuity Goofs

    He was on for 2 seasons. I guess it could happen. In Mayberry. :) Another thing that strikes me is the small one room courthouse/jail. My town is the same size (from what they have described as far as population, etc) and our courthouse is huge in comparison. Jail was in a separate section in the back, until a new detention center was built. https://www.cherokeecounty-nc.gov/325/Historical-Cherokee-County-Courthouse