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  1. SS09.06: Trouble Brewing

    I thought Darrick would have been kept around longer so they could wrench some more tears out of him. I’m actually glad Gordon canned his ass, as he couldn’t cook and didn’t know what on earth he was doing there in the first place. I wonder how Chelsea’s popup steak restaurants are going now that the world knows she can barely cook chicken without a mental breakdown? First thing I looked for were the high heels. None. Yay. I think.
  2. Inconsistencies and Continuity Goofs

    Yes, I remember her being Bertha. Her last name changed a lot! Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Edwards, etc.
  3. S06.E02: The Casery 06.19.18

    I swear by Otterbox for my iPhones I’ve owned. Would never buy another case, I don’t care how pretty it is.
  4. I love this.
  5. The Judges

    Yes, it’s scripted. They know who the judges will be, they get a walk-through of the kitchen and pantry before filming starts.
  6. Comeback Kitchen

    He lists himself as an actor/character in this series: Movie Trivia Schmoedown (TV Series) The Silent Assassin - Team Action Vs. DC Movie News (2018) ... The Silent Assassin - DC Movie News vs Top That (2017) ... The Silent Assassin - DC Movie News Vs Above the Line (2017) ... The Silent Assassin - 6 Degress Vs DC Movie News (2017) ... The Silent Assassin - DC Movie News Vs Cinemablend (2017) - InnerGeekDom 5 Way (2017)
  7. All Episodes Talk

    One of several lawsuits Marcus has had filed against him. https://chicago.eater.com/2017/2/2/14484254/phil-tadros-bow-truss-marcus-lemonis-lawsuit-26-million
  8. S06.E02: The Casery 06.19.18

    Since it’s a two-parter, or a “to be continued” story, we’ll probably get another dose of Matt. I hope it’s him being handed his ass on a silver platter. I, too, want to know why Marcus wasn’t asking for all of his money back. Maybe because Matt has already spent it. Yes, Marcus got married recently. BRKN Heart is one of his fashion brands. http://www.mlfashiongroup.com/ Marcus and his wife. Does anyone remember her from a previous show? https://people.com/tv/marcus-lemonis-confirm-marriage-bobbi-raffel/
  9. S05.E01 Redemption

    I wear gloves when I fish, which is rare these days. But for the very reason I worried about getting hooked.
  10. S06.E02: The Casery 06.19.18

    I hate Matt with the heat of a thousand hells.....
  11. This is the only TV show he worked on, I think. Other than guest singing appearances. He was a Broadway actor/singer.
  12. S14.02: Destination Videos 2018.06.17

    I miss the vagina table. And Kermit and Medusa.
  13. Ben Sewell, moonshiner caught thanks to the Morrison sisters... AKA Rafe Hollister.
  14. Howard was multi-talented. You’ll find he was the voice of many cartoon characters.
  15. Mr. Hendricks, the butter & egg man Aunt Bee had a date with in “Aunt Bee’s Invisible Beau”.... LOL.... is now selling a church organ to Andy and Warren as Harlan Robinson. Woody Chambliss had a long career in TV.