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  1. Oh man, are his fingers dug into that big fat spongy ass or what?
  2. Artificial snow, used at ski resorts and the Olympics, takes longer to melt because of its chemical composition. It's super expensive, and fucks with topsoil and ground water supply.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/kim-kardashian-just-tweeted-that-psoriasis-has-taken-over-her-body/ar-BBRo4vv?li=BBnbcA1
  4. But? The article posits that New Day is the best morning show, MJ is second, Fox is third.
  5. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    She's on her third nose, for sure, which is a shame because #2 was perfect for her. LMAO at "contouring" and "shading" claims and LMAO at people who insist that you believe them when they lie.
  6. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I tuned in at 4:04 6:04 and the apology was over by then, missed it. They're out to distract with Brady Bunch boxes this morning, caught a shot with 7 of them. There were 4 faux Bradys squeezed into the bottom row and Joey was centered in an oversized box, hoping to take the heat off the Mrs (who does love her some optics).
  7. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    She's a chickenshit little thing, isn't she?
  8. https://strivewithjanelle.com/collections/health-coaching/products/health-coaching-with-janelle-brown-appointment
  9. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    Not a fan of Sorkin. With a few exceptions, not a fan of movie remakes either. Leave To Kill A Mockingbird alone. Write your own play, create your own characters, give them history and situations and motivations and reactions. Tell your story, your way. Fuck the theatuh and its adaptations. Eh-hew! Leave To Kill A Mockingbird alone.
  10. You could look into these sumatriptan rescue pens: Zembrace, Imitrex, Sumavel.
  11. Small Talk: This Just In

    Career as in lifelong, long-standing, of long duration - not that he punched a time clock at Langley. It appears to be well documented in Baker's book and after reading it I learned that his (side) career as a spook has been referenced and common knowledge for years. Which is why I wondered if I was one of the few who weren't aware and if it was mentioned in the podcast. A person's endeavors for Naval Intelligence are not bookended by their stint in the military. Deep Throat was at least three people; Woodward pinning the rose on Mark Felt (and writing a book about it) is just one example of his work with CIA/ONI.
  12. Post after post about how each wife and each set of kids does things, goes places, enjoys some things and struggles with others... and the husband and father is rarely seen or mentioned. Which I'm sure is about not causing jealousy but the wives also rarely (never?) post photos of or mention each other. Their posts document that they are single mothers, living separate lives. Yay, polygamy! If Kody is reading this he's doing shark eyes. ;-)
  13. Sad Cafe, table for one. LOL, the screen on my phone is sorta small so I thought it was a bowl of pork chops. I was expecting a marinade or rub recipe. I had to slog through two depressing paragraphs to find out that Maddie used to eat citrus every day in Wyoming. Kept going, thinking Aha, a citrus marinade for pork might be good. Nope. And now I'm craving pork chops and cornbread...
  14. I bet Kody was pissy for days because he had to do something about the slew of inoperable vehicles when the Vegas homes were being readied for sale. With his stringing-lights drama in mind, it was done at the very last minute and as half-assed as possible. The Browns continually remind me of what Tom Arnold said when he married Rosanne: "We're America's worst nightmare - white trash with money."
  15. Tori & Company In The Media

    Radar Online, dated 7 December, claims that T gave D the boot. Didn't post the link because I haven't seen the story anywhere else.