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  1. From SA panel at HVFF-London today (mod is Aisha Tyler)...
  2. Video of portion of Arrow Villains panel (KC, JS, KA) at HVFF-London today - I only transcribed some of it (audio was bad in parts)... -- When asked what it was like to be able to do non-fighting scenes with Quentin and crew for once, KC: "It was fun... It was great, especially as an actor, and I'm sure you guys can relate, when they write for you, and you're not just coming in at the end of a scene just screaming... For me personally, it could be a little frustrating at the beginning of the season, 'cause I wanted to play with others, I wanted to, like, get to the, you know, story arc, get to [unintelligible words]... 'cause that was sort of the beginning, um, of her arc and maturity, and the transformation into her [unintelligible word] with Diaz." -- On how pissed Diaz is at Black Siren at this moment, KA: "Listen, man, we were a team and she betrayed the team. We could've, you know, taken over some stuff, could've had some little screaming babies." KC: "You killed my father - well, a version." -- On whether she was aware of the back story between Siren-X and Dark Oliver, KC: "Yes, we had discussed it. But I also think, for me, playing a villain... I love to play against what's written." -- On how he imagines Prometheus, JS said that he just "pictures him in the afterlife, super sad," because he failed. -- KC again said how it "sucked" to find out that Laurel was the one in the grave and that it was "hard on her ego and her confidence." But then she thought they might find a way to bring her back and, sure enough, "they found a way [to bring her back]... thanks to all of you guys." She definitely credits the online fans for bringing her back on Arrow.
  3. Spoilers Only Thread-Season 7

    From Arrow Villains panel (KC, JS, KA) at HVFF-London today... https://www.facebook.com/ArrowTheFlashIt/videos/2043504055872150/ -- On what she thought about the unrequited love between Siren-X and Earth-X Oliver, KC: "What do I think of that? I can't say anything... I like my job. I want to keep it." On whether she was aware of this backstory between them, KC: "Yes, we had discussed it. But I also think, for me, playing a villain... I love to play against what's written."
  4. Spoilers Only Thread-Season 7

    From SA panel at HVFF-London today...
  5. Arrow Stars in Other Roles

    Sounds like Corey Robson will no longer be working on Arrow... You can watch his Arrow cinematography showreel here: http://coreyrobson.com/
  6. I swear, are we even watching the same show?! Some of these suggestions are just eye-rollingly awful... 17 Ways to Mend the Broken Arrow Candice Horde May 24, 2018 https://www.tvfanatic.com/slideshows/17-quick-fixes-for-a-better-arrow-season/ 1. Bring Back Robin Hood 2. Cut Down on the Masks 3. Siren Backstory 4. Reclaim Irony and Satire 5. Stop Avoiding the History Between Siren and Oliver 6. Give Felicity a Story 7. Write Off William 8. Develop Supporting Characters 9. No More Revenge Tropes 10. Utilize ARGUS More 11. Build Strong Character Bonds 12. Give Laurel A New Wardrobe 13. Develop A Friendship Between Felicity and Laurel 14. Show More Hands and Fewer Guns 15. Retire the Black Canary Mantle 16. Cut the Olicity Drama 17. No More Villains with Past Vendettas
  7. I'm pretty sure that Greg Berlanti once said that comic books are soap operas. Some more from HVFF-London...
  8. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Hope this is true...
  9. This is TVLine's wish list casting (not spoilers)... Arrowverse's Batwoman, NCIS' New Abby, Riverdale Mom and 22 More Homes for Stars of Cancelled Shows By Vlada Gelman, Matt Webb Mitovich, Kimberly Roots, Andy Swift, Dave Nemetz, Ryan Schwartz, Rebecca Iannucci and Charlie Mason / May 25 2018, 12:45 PM PDT http://tvline.com/2018/05/25/priyanka-chopra-batwoman-new-tv-role-tom-welling-lucy-hale/