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  1. I've enjoyed reading this thread, about everyone, animals, and what people do or don't wear at home! Let me add that I see nothing wrong with wearing nothing, but personally I can't stand that... I wear socks in the summer because I don't even like bare feet, and a bra to bed! Anyway, let me ask you guys something. I get so mad when I watch Dateline or 48 Hours and it's SO OBVIOUS the guy did it, and their mom is like, "no way, not my son! He's perfect!" And you know what? I know my mother would say the same thing, about one of my brothers. When he got a DUI she said "Well, boys will be boys" (he was 31 at the time). And I know other mothers who are the same, always blindly sticking up for their sons no matter what they do. ...the thing is though, I notice a pattern. I actually have TWO brothers. The one who's married and lives in another city and has a normal life, my mom would have no problem throwing him under the bus. The one she "protects" and puts on a pedestal lives his life like a loser (works sporadically, lived at home for 12 years, now always needs rent $$, etc). It's like the more a son "needs" his mom, the more she puts him on a pedestal. IT'S SO GROSS. So here's the thing guys! I'm pregnant with my first child (due in May!), and it's a boy. Right now I presume he'll be an average human being with great things about him and also flaws, like anyone else. I just can't see myself being like a "Dateline mom", acting like he's perfect. Moms with sons, anyone?? HELP ME NOT TO BE A DATELINE MOM.
  2. Well, I didn't think this case was "strange" at all. How about "The Despicable Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld"? The guy murders his wife and manages to turn himself into a sympathetic folk hero at the same time by bashing/lying about the US, his own country. I wonder if they can charge him with treason as well, if (hopefully WHEN) the US gets him back for murder? WHAT AN ASSHOLE! Yeah, I dunno... Where to begin? It would appear that Kurt went to Argentina and started schmoozing HARD with the ladies, until he found one sucker to marry him...within 40 days!! How is it NOT obvious he was trying to stay in Argentina? That wife...wow. I was sickened by the picture of the little girls holding the "don't assassinate our Daddy" sign... How low can you go? And then she had her kids at the table while she was talking with Erin Moriarty! What was the point of that? Even if you want to "honest" with your kids (her version of honestly, anyway) what's the point of having them present while you talk to a television host? She called them "soldiers in this war"! She seemed brainwashed. Also, if Kurt had a drug problem, did he he just magically stop? Wonder if wife #2 has seen any of that. If only this case had ended like Friday's Dateline...with the loyal new lady figuring out her guy REALLY DID DO IT!! I really hope she does figure it out someday. Also, I was mad at Argentina for not sending him back because he might get the death penalty, even though apparently Colorado said they wouldn't. I think Canada has done this before (sorry guys, ugh).
  3. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Re: blood on the boat... He his her with a (presumably heavy) weight. If you hit someone with such a blunt object, there may not even be any blood, right? At least that's what I was thinking. It may not have even killed her, but could've knocked her out long enough to tie her up and throw her overboard, which would actually make it even more horrible :(
  4. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I remember seeing this episode on a weekend episode of TLC a long time ago. It was one of the best episodes/worst stories I can remember. Not exactly a spoiler, but I remember reading that tragically, Jayne passed away from breast cancer a few years later. Awful.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    OK so it was on 48 Hours! Thank you! I started watching it, and I was like, "WTF, isn't this a repeat from like 2 WEEKS AGO?!" November is a good TV month so that didn't make any sense...
  6. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I actually couldn't stop laughing at the 6-year-old who exclaimed, "OOOH, a GUN!!" and picked it up from the table. I know it was right after gun training, but what do you expect? I think that talking about safety is part of learning and it's a good thing...but the kid also has to have some maturity, a little more safety experience in life, impulse control that comes with age, etc. I remember in the gun scenario the 9-year-old grabbed her brother's arm and yanked him away, and then Natalie's Morales's son (about 11?) was like, "NOPE" to the video game guy. I'd be MUCH more worried if the 9 and 11-year-olds had fallen for this stuff.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Any "Storming out of the house after an argument" always sounds ominous to me whether the person actually stormed out I've always thought this! It seems the boyfriend/husband often says this when he's the killer. Why not say "She said she was going to go run some errands"? Saying there was an argument is only going to cast suspicion, right?
  8. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I get to this site and find, as always, so many things I thought of during the ep has been said by you guys! Great minds think alike. This is minor (especially considering all the tragedies in this case) but I was just stuck on the hours people were keeping. Susie went out drinking with friends until 11pm...and THEN went on a date? So she was out til 5:30am and so was Brad obviously, and Brad's ex was also out on a date until 5 something that night? I was exhausted just listening to this. Was that Marty's Mom on near the end, insisting Marty didn't do it? After ALL that evidence?! Having her on bleating that Marty was innocent=total waste of time, she just sounded ridiculous.
  9. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Regarding Trump...regarding editing the Hillary comment...what is WRONG with these people? Is this what they really think, or are they just being the tabloid of msnbc? I can't even stand to have this show on anymore.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    This episode hit a weird nerve with me, and I appreciate the comments above. I've been through the alienating experience with my mother (she managed to alienate my siblings from our father for years, but I was old enough to see what she was doing). As a result, I usually default to sympathy for the dads. OTOH, as a woman of childbearing age I actually did side with Andrea Canning on the "you planned to take a baby from it's mother?" comment. I did balk when Harris said he was going for full custody...not that I think a mother should have full custody, either. If the girl had been 6 or something, and the term "primary custody" was used, I think I would've been OK with it. I think a father would be perfectly capable of raising a baby, but the "full custody" thing bothered me. I get the feeling neither of those two were on their best behavior during the custody battle, losing sight of who really mattered...their child! Of course it was horrible and criminal what the mother did...poor Savanna/Samantha. Of course she's totally messed up from all the lies her mother told her. She only seemed to be 20 or so...hopefully in time she'll be able to develop a relationship with her dad. Hopefully there's still time for them.
  11. "Odo... THEY'LL PUT YOU IN THE ZOO!" I can't remember who said that or why, but it still makes me giggle 20 years later.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yeah, I always look at what the person they're interviewing is wearing (ie prison scrubs) and it gives it away! I was almost mad this time they pulled the "scarf trick". I mean, I don't actually WANT to know, but...?
  13. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    OH GOOD...someone started a thread about this ep! Thank you :) Same as above, I felt so bad for Cindy at first. Umm...I can only imagine the terror/rage someone in her position might feel, and how it might get to you and mess with your head. But while undoubtedly tempting, the price of "revenge murder" just isn't worth it...her son would've been better off with his mom around and his dad's killer loose! (if that guy even was the killer) And yeah, so many questions. 1) Why would a hairdresser start a pain management clinic? *cough* pill mill *cough* Totally shady. 2) Why would you tell the guy servicing computers at your new "business" THAT YOU KILLED SOMEONE? I wouldn't even tell my own sister/best friend that! And even if that guy wasn't a DEA agent who just happened to be wearing a wire...if he were a normal person you'd think he'd go running to the cops anyway. If I were Cindy I wouldn't have gone on Dateline at all. It was so freaking obvious she killed the business partner...I know she wasn't going to admit it, but watching her"re-interpret" her own words was pathetic!
  14. General True Crime Shows

    Oh...interesting, urlittledog2. Thanks.
  15. General True Crime Shows

    Without revealing your location andyourlittledog2, can you say the area/county the episode of Fear They Neighbor was? I'm on the west coast of Canada so I know Oregon on the 101/I-5 corridor fairly well (many trips!), and I was really shocked driving home through Idaho once on the I-84, BOY was that a different world...was it that side of Oregon? I hear you about Redrum, auntjess...it is rather disjointed, and I would also be happy to have the story done in the normal order...but then I guess it couldn't be called "Redrum"! I suppose I like that show for the same reason I like shows like Swamp Murders; it's not the cutesy take but simply stories I haven't heard of before. Lesser-known ones, usually. I like Paula Zahn's show for the same reason, it's not really Paula Zahn herself (!) On the other hand, I'm not terribly interested in the subject of Aphrodite Jones' shows, ie JonBenet Ramsay, the Memphis Three, etc. as I've heard them all before, but I enjoy the show because I like HER. She's so ridiculously detail-oriented and focused, she doesn't miss a thing...I'm always interested to hear her take on the crimes. I just can't deal with the "sexed-up" stories, like "Scorned: Love Kills" because I don't turn on ID to watch porn! Can't wait for grandma to catch that one, BTW! Sigh. Vanity Fair Confidential is just well-done, IMHO. I keep falling asleep during it, but so far I really like it!