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  1. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I see Tyler is carrying on his love for wearing sweaters designed for women. Nice cardigan, chief.
  2. Part 5

    Tilly, Tilly, Tilly...you got yourself wrapped up in a generic fantasy involving two quarantined bad boys who let you live out your previously stifled sexual desires and pretend, even for the shortest of times, that you were someone who was desired and desirable—as you saw (episodes ago) with the two beautiful women being escorted from a bar by a suave gentleman. And then, when the rubber was about to hit the road, and that fantasy life was about to be made real on the outside, whatever you had left of a conscience kicked into overdrive and you snapped back into the hard, cold reality of your life—a quiet comfort with a regular man who loved and cared about you but who couldn't provide any "excitement" to your own dreary daily existence. I don't know if Tilly was stunted by her intellect, her job, her town, her own ordinary looks, or if it was a combination of all of those things. I think she was looking for way out of all of it—in the same way that Matt and Sweat were looking for a way out of their own particular prison. That she couldn't commit to the final act is a testament to her own cowardice at not fixing the things she hated about her own life because she didn't want to do the hard work to change the circumstances of her reality. To me, she is both a loathsome and pitiable human. Patricia Arquette is just a complete marvel. I can't get over how this series is such a tour de force of her skills.
  3. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    Oh man. I read the expert posted on the Amazon site. Her prose reads like a Parade magazine essay.
  4. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    He was available and he's a fellow drug user. That's good enough for Janelle.
  5. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    He's such a lying bitch. There's no way in hell he told them "get the fuck" out of his house. He probably had to change his underwear after shitting himself when they showed up. I also don't think the Secret Service will take kindly to the threats he clearly laid out in that post. And was this ugly inbred goon really born in 1988 or was the '88' chosen for its ties to white supremacist organizations? MTV needs to drop Janelle's ass hard. By continuing to pay her and showcase her to a nationwide audience means they're actively contributing to and supporting this asshole's violent belief system.
  6. Shore Cast in the Media: The Cabs Are Here!

    It's amazing how the timing of all their various life events/criminal activities always coincides with filming. When the cameras aren't around, it's like they all cease to exist.
  7. Just saw a commercial while watching Family by the Ton: new season of My 600 lb Life starts January 2nd! The preview was very brief...seems like a lot of ambulance rides this year. ETA: I went looking on YT to see if TLC uploaded the preview I saw last night. They have not. On the bright side, YT "recommended" this video which is a bunch of clips from the show—accompanied by tuba music. Clearly, YT knows I'm on the path to hell anyway because I laughed rather heartily at some these:
  8. They are. They posted the casting notice for next season already on their FB page (I checked the other day!). So, it's just another case of TLC being TLC, meaning: they suck. Of course they are.
  9. Again, if you were so suspect of MTV's alleged intent to portray you poorly because of being on the "wrong side" of the "political spectrum," you could have said, "NO." And I'd say she hustles alright, but I'm certain how I define that word as to how she operates is far different than the way she does. And never fear, she'll be back next time to cash that sweet, sweet MTV paycheck. They all come running back to that trough since their prospects beyond it are nil.
  10. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    Jeffrey Dahmer was in the military, too. So, by default, she'd have to support him using this sort of "logic" as well.
  11. "The View": Week Of 12/10/2018

    I think posting this shit for the world to consume is a convenient way she can continue to publicly solicit sympathy. That way, whatever awful things she does and says can be chalked up to "grief" and her "bravery" in the face of it. A smart, and yet gross, PR move on her behalf. And that's not to say she isn't grieving, but that can also be done in private—and not as a way to "curate your personal brand."
  12. They usually start mid-January though I'm getting a little concerned that there's been no season preview released yet. Looking back in this thread, the season preview was released around December 13th of last year so hopefully we'll be getting a taste of what's to come soon!
  13. Part 4

    The bleakness that surrounds Tilly is endless—her house, her clothes, her job, her marriage. She seems to have latched on to Matt and Sweat because they gave her something, no matter how squalid it all seems, that added a little some spark in her darkness. I feel nothing but pity for her. And poor Lyle. He tries so hard. :( It baffles me how no one ever walks in on her and either one of her lovers during the act. I couldn't take anymore of that initial pipe scene. I was getting second-hand claustrophobia watching it and I'm not even claustrophobic.
  14. Season 6 Discussion

    I could not stop laughing at the sadness of that gypsy funeral! Bonus points for the dearly departed only being photographed in Bret Michaels cosplay. I loved the idea of how they were "cursed" by Terry having been cremated and not having a "proper burial" (which, I presume consists of depositing dollar-store Mardi Gras beads into a prop coffin because HELLO! I could see the brush strokes from the paint). Their idea of a "curse?" Stubbing their toes and having a branch fall on their trailer during a storm. Oooo! Spooky! I tried to Google how deal old Terry "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" died but came up with nothing. I'm content knowing it was likely from being stabbed, shot, or having OD'd. And will these folks kindly please stop trying to make "gorger" happen? (Even though I'm confident they get paid extra every time they say the word aloud.) That word was likely never used stateside until TLC introduced them to the British series. Because, sorry. This is the only acceptable gorger: They also need to stop repeating how "respectable" they all are when they their only sources of income derive from scamming the elderly for shoddy paving jobs and manufacturing meth. And oh god, this week's fake wedding. I could practically hear Lexi's mother thinking, "I have a line coming up...I have a line coming up...LINE!" right before the jumped up and hollered out about the "groom's" mother. I love this show so much.
  15. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    MANLEY!!! He was the worst—I barely think he could summon the energy to open his eyes let alone support those two kids. Caravan-girl Megan apparently is still married to that gross grifter and has had a lot of cosmetic procedures. I'll never understand why MTV didn't continue airing the show in the US. It was soooooo much better than the versions we get here.