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  1. "The View" Week Of 10/15/2018

    So, I looked up that atrocity of an accessory and it's $390. From where I'm sitting, it looks like it's an honorable mention ribbon bestowed by a 4-H Club at some state fair that someone found at an estate sale in a bin marked, "FREE! TAKE ME!"
  2. I saw that a new post had been made in the forum and immediately thought, "Oh, he's gotta be dead!" I hope he lives long enough to make it to the trial, gets convicted, then dies behind bars in a jail in BeverlEy Hills.
  3. "The View" Week Of 10/15/2018

    I find this to be quite hysterical given that both Meghan and Abby are beneficiaries of their own status of American "royalty" so to speak. Had it not been for their lineage, they'd probably be working the graveyard shift at a Verizon call center in the middle of nowhere instead of pulling in million-dollar salaries nattering about on a chat show whose hiring process of late seems to be limited to, "And to whom in a position of power are you related?" Have a seat, Meaghan.
  4. Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    Meghan McCain is a host on the View. She is not, regardless of how many of us would like her to be, a former host of the show. Until she is, she is not on topic in this thread. Also not on topic in here: political posts of any kind. Posts have been removed.
  5. Kidding All Episodes Talk

    I liked it but kinda felt the same way after watching two episodes. Then I forgot about it and watched three episodes back to back and really fell in love with it. I just don't think it's something I found interesting in 30-minute increments every seven days. I'm sorry if I caused you to delete it! Try to catch it On Demand! ;)
  6. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    That's not possible as I can't stop looking at her gross husband who looks like David Eason's slightly less attractive father.
  7. They might benefit from renaming the show to be something more reflective to the actual content because if I had just randomly stumbled on a show called "Teen Mom" and none of the women who were appearing it on it were teenagers, I might be inclined to turn it off, too. Like maybe, "Social Media Mommies," "Basic Bitches of Basic Cable," or "Tyler Baltlierra's Fourth-Grade Poetry Slam." Just a thought.
  8. Kidding All Episodes Talk

    LOL! I read it as cancelled. Because I cannot read ALL the words it seems.
  9. Kidding All Episodes Talk

    I really, really love this show and, having heard the news it's been cancelled, sincerely hope the last episode provides a closed-end ending instead of some cliffhanger intended to keep the audience interested until a second season starts. I really love Jeff's relationship with Vivian, too. Well, at least we had the Tarakeet.
  10. Still moving posts around, guys so this thread is gonna look a little weird. (As part of the process, I'm also reliving the glory days of Leah cheating with Robbie [again!] and her first go at rehab.) Good times! Thanks again for your patience.
  11. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Guys! I went to merge the Chelsea-related posts that were in Leah's thread with this one and wound up merging her entire thread into this one and causing her thread to go bye bye like all of her husbands. Working to correct it now! ETA: OK, in case Leah hooks up with Robbie again sometime over the course of the weekend, here's the thread where you can discuss it. Hopefully all the posts will be moved back by tomorrow night. Thanks for your patience!
  12. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    Feel free to quote your response and hers. You can also take a screenshot and post it as well.
  13. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    It is not. :)
  14. S07.E20: Unconditional Love

    Gender identity is not on topic in this thread. Please get back to the topic which is the episode of this show.
  15. @jumper sage It airs on Viceland (on cable) and I think, though am not certain, it might be on Hulu as well. I made it through three episodes and...meh. I mean, honestly, did Arnold's producer really travel all the way to Belarus thinking she'd waltz up to Sergei Millian's house and expect to find him there? Or expect his father to tell her where he was? Come on. What a waste of time. I like Arnold well enough as he seems like an affable buffoon with a good heart and a wicked addiction problem. But this show's pretty much a hot mess. Maybe it would have been better had it been an hour long special.